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Show X is a technology and video games inspired podcast hosted by Wayne and Ken. Show X is comprised of segments dedicated to discussing games and technology, our experience in geekery for the past week, and as always our wide and varied tangent section: Dysfunctional Deviations.

Show X is a technology and video games inspired podcast hosted by Wayne and Ken. Show X is comprised of segments dedicated to discussing games and technology, our experience in geekery for the past week, and as always our wide and varied tangent section: Dysfunctional Deviations.
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Show X is a technology and video games inspired podcast hosted by Wayne and Ken. Show X is comprised of segments dedicated to discussing games and technology, our experience in geekery for the past week, and as always our wide and varied tangent section: Dysfunctional Deviations.




Show X - Episode 307 - A Summertime Gamefest - 2017-08-20

GAMEFEST everyone. Unfortunately Wayne is toooo damn hot on the mic this week, but things are made up for by being joined by Tabaxion live in house as well as guests Zenko, Akko, and Hide. Audio Link: Video Link: Show Notes:


Show X - Episode 306 - Freaking Guns and Roses - 2017-08-06

Wayne is solo this week. He talks more cosplay, Zelda, laser cutting and Voltron. His family came to visit. There was an epic concert, and Wayne has a new cosplay page, Predictably Ham. Audio Link: Video Link: Show Notes:


Show X - Episode 305 - When Lightning Strikes - 2017-07-30

Ken booked a flight to Geneva Wayne tries to recover from a lightning strike. Audio Link: Video Link: Show Notes:


Show X - Episode 304 - Help the Nets remain Neutral - 2017-07-23

Ken doesn't like Linux at home and has booked his flight to Geneva. Wayne experiences the challenges of owning a home, preps for family, and does Ninja stuff. Ken has been playing Trimps, Rimworld and finishing up Star Trek. Wayne played some Wii-U, Overwatch, League of Legends, and notices some 3d printing issues. Lots of news on trailers for upcoming entertainment and much worry over Net Neutrality. Audio Link:...

Show X - Episode 303 - Dapper days - 2017-07-09

Lots of birthdays this week. Ken plays some "traditional games" Wayne looks dapper for a party, shares movies with friends and gets fabric for Jefferson Audio Link: Video Link: Show Notes:


Show X - Episode 302 - DCC and Things - 2017-07-02

Technical issues at the beginning, but the guys get it together and Ken kicks things off with Dysfunctional Deviations. Ken had a business engadgement, did some First aid, and thinks everyone is a terrible driver. In Geek Cred, Ken has been watching Star Trek, while Wayne spent the weekend an is still at Denver Comic Con 2017. Audio Link: Video Link:


Show X - Episode 301 - Flying Tits - 2017-06-25

Ken and Wayne are back and ask you all to join in both our art contest and our creative writing forum. In Dysfunctional Deviations, Ken and Kitten Features played with a lovely yellow tit first thing in the morning. Wayne and Ken dissagree on how to speak words. Ken got dwarfed by a shorter man. Wayne has imbued faaaar too much too early in the show... Ken tries to get serious and discuss UK politics, while Wayne falls off the show and breaks everything. Ken says that he and KF are...


Show X - Episode 300 - A Tribute

Wayne remembers our friend Dr. Genkidesho who passed away this last week. He was an amazing friend, gamer, and geek. He was generous with his time and his heart. Wayne hopes to have him honored in game by reaching out to Psyonix to see if they would add a bot in Rocket League in his name. Wayne also went to A-Kon last weekend. His cosplay group did its first run at characters from Tales of Zestiria. Wayne played the part of Dezel. Zenko.Akko cosplay provided all of the costumes and kept...


Show X - Episode 299 - Wayne's new 3d printer

Ken shares much knowledge at school, UK politicians assume too much, and Ken needs advice on a new computer. Wayne is living the homeowner life and has to fix his lawn and instructs La Camp-Et in driving. In Geek Cred, Ken gives his thoughts on the new Alien Covenent movie, excells at Catan amongst friends. Wayne is editing all of the photos while watching more episodes of Super Natural and No Game No Life, and Wayne has unboxed a new 3d printer!!! The Geek-0-Scope has the guys talking...


Show X - Episode 298 - Northern Geeks

Wayne is in the great Animated North this week as Show X is hosted from Canada. Kur0 got Ken a sweet Doge runner game, Montero, he has finished teaching for the term, but is about to start teaching even more over the summer. Wayne is at Anime North again, he and Kopii help introduce MelonDreamsCosplay to some classic Canadian foods and culture. In Geek Cred, Ken is throwing back to the original Alien movie. Ken is still trying to make his way to torment levels on Diablo III. He is looking...


Show X - Episode 297 - Dub a wub wub

Ken and Wayne are back and ready to party in spite of a broken SAM broadcaster. Ken went for a bit of a walk about with his mates around Scotland. He road tripped, camped and had some adventures. Wayne shares his opinion of the newer Disney live action Beauty and the Beast. He also injured himself dancing to all of the Dub Steps with La Camp-Et. For Geek Cred, Ken brings up Prey 2 for discussion, he is still playing Diablo III and is still waiting for the difficulty to kick in, and Ken is...


Show X - Episode 296 - Challenges of technology and pets

Show X wishes all of the Mothers a very happy day today. Ken spends his free time mending his new pup, deciding to take on a new job, and post all of the questions on Reddit. Wayne is feeling green, ministerly, technologically challenged, nearly waterlogged, murderous, and oddly supportive and geeky. In Geek Cred, Wayne has been researching some Tales of Zestiria and Pokemon for his upcoming cosplays. He got to see Guardians of the Galaxy, recommends it, but desperately avoids any...


Show X - Episode 295 - Catastrophe

Show X goes through the ups and downs of Cats. Wayne is busy taking more photos, exploring a castle, and having a birthday. Ken has rediscovered sleep and climbed a hill to get closer to the sun. Wayne is reserching for his next cosplay by exploring other people's childhoon in Pokemon. Ken is able to remember the most odd numbers, but not anything important. Ken has learned the ease of starting to play Diablo III. Show Notes:


Show X - Episode 294 - Jet Lagged and too busy to recover

Whoops, Something failed and Wayne had to restart the feed to be heard. Wayne and Ken are back on together and Wayne is still suffering from jet lag due to his trip to Japan. Wayne went to the mountains to help celebrate the love of his friends Patrick and Jaime. Ken has acquired a new puppy! Show Notes: Video Link: Audio Link:...


Show X - Episode 293 - How was Japan?

Wayne invites his travelling companion Amy from Melon Dreams Cosplay and Matthew and Ondine from Zenko Akko cosplay. We discuss Amy and Wayne's adventures in Japan and try out a load of treats that they imported into the US. Show Notes: Video Link: Audio Link:


Show X - Episode 292 - Ken shares the news

Ken is running things again today and starts things with a lot of music to sooth the soul. Wayne doesn't make it this week as he didn't wake up in time for the show. Ken takes the time to discuss many random articles for your entertainment. Show Notes: Video Link: Audio Link:

Show X - Episode 291 - Show X from Japan

Wayne stays up very late to check in from Japan and keep things going while Ken is busy working. He gives everyone his first impressions of travel to Japan and his first week's experiences. He also defends the new Scarlett Johansen movie, Ghost in the Shell. Show Notes: Video Link: Audio Link:


Show X - Episode 290 - Ken's Factorio life (take 2)

Ken goes Solo so that Wayne can travel the world Show Notes: Video Link: Audio Link:


Show X - Episode 289 - Ken's Factorio life

This show, Happy UK Mother's day, Ken was almost killed. Tank goes slightly viral and Ken may get rich. Wayne is getting things ready to leave for Japan this week! He still has much to do to get ready. Hopefully he will manage to get on Show X while on his travels. Ken has finally found time to start playing Factorio... and suddenly found more time... and more time... and also fit in some Duck Game with Octale. Wayne went to yet another convention, this time the Colorado Anime Fest. There...


Show X - Episode 288 - Wayne's Busy Life

Wayne and Ken are back on the air together after Wayne's couple of weeks off. Ken says he hasn't been up to much, Wayne on the other hand has been doing all kinds of things. Wayne's martial arts group demoed at a Japanese festival, then Wayne traveled across the wide plains of Kansas to hit up the anime convention, Naka-Kon. He shares many photos as he describes his adventures. Not only did he go to an anime convention, he also attended the final AnomalyCon just before the show. Ken tells...