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The Gamers’ Inn Presents: Summoner’s Call, a Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast! The latest news, thoughts, and concerns about Nintendo’s third smartphone offering.

The Gamers’ Inn Presents: Summoner’s Call, a Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast! The latest news, thoughts, and concerns about Nintendo’s third smartphone offering.




The Gamers’ Inn Presents: Summoner’s Call, a Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast! The latest news, thoughts, and concerns about Nintendo’s third smartphone offering.




SC 113 – Hel of a Time

Avast, ye landlubbers, a new FEH Channel has sailed into port… mere hours AFTER we recorded this week’s episode, so we will not be covering it this week. But keep an eye out for such amazing predictions as (not exact quotes) Hero Fests returning and a FEH Channel sometime in August. Our friends from Two […]


SC 112 – Traveling Through The Wall

A light week this week as we bring you the details we didn’t have for the new banner and GHB last week as well as the next Resplendent Hero. Then we grab Chekov’s Ritual and dive into Abyss and meet the weirdos of the Ashen Wolves… Oh! And if you wanted to check out the Three Houses Anniversary streams that Eddie mentioned, you can find a great write up on Serenes Forest.


SC 111 – Mystery of the Mystery of the Emblem

Before we jump into FEH content, we wanted to address the recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment being made within the Fire Emblem community. Please check out this sub-reddit link for more details. This week we discuss the new banner with heroes from Fire Emblem 12, wait no 1, or was it 3… maybe […]


SC 110 – Summer Break at the Beach

The second round of Summer Special Heroes washes in from Fodlan with a whole bunch of new Three Houses units. We also quickly discuss the returning banner and the poll for the next one to return. Finally, we go over our thoughts on the reveal of a hero dressed in clothes from Hel…


SC 109 – Echoes for Seliph Please

Another short episode this week, but we do have Legendary Seliph to discuss as well as the new update. We cover a bit of speculation on the new summer banner a mere few hours before the trailer comes out. Game Club goes on hiatus until July 26th where we will be starting Cindered Shadows in […]


SC 108 – Demon King and the Stone

We have a shorter episode this week as we have no FEH news other than the new Resplendent Hero. We do however have the finale of Sacred Stones to discuss and info on the next Game Club and when it will start. Related to the intro of the show and discussions on abuse, harrassment, and […]


SC 107 – Summer Fun with Sacred Stones

Summer is here… No wait, it will be back later tonight with a FEH Channel THEN Summer is here. We discuss that fun drama from last Monday as well as the new type of hero and the summer units. All that and the penultimate chapter of Sacred Stones! DiscussionStart – FEH53:00 – Sacred Stones Summoner’s […]


SC 106 – A New Not an Alt Anna

Ryan and Eddie return with a new batch of Awakening heroes and a surprise Mythic. We also discuss the event that came with it and the next chapter of Game Club. Just a few chapters left in Sacred Stones! If only we had more heroes on the way from that entry in the franchise… DiscussionStart […]


Time to Listen

This week is not a normal episode of Summoner’s Call. We have re-posted the June 3rd episode of The Gamers’ Inn to the feed. Jocelyn and Ryan highlighted two podcasts that share the experiences of Black Americans, which is what we should all be open to hearing right now. Time to Listen – DTNSFeaturing Lamarr […]


SC 105 – Will Mila Duma Us All?

We return with the new Mythic Hero to discuss as well as news on the next update. We also discuss the surprise Forging Bonds Revival that happened this last week. Plus another two chapters of our Sacred Stones play through, nearly to the finish line! DiscussionStart – FEH31:20 – Sacred Stones Summoner’s Call is a […]


SC 104 – The Wedding Bells of Battle

After a bit of delay due to life, and a lack of anything to discuss, we return late in the week to cover the new Bridal Banner as well as a slight hiccup in the game code. We also go over not one but 2 chapters of Sacred Stones so sit back and enjoy and […]


SC 103 – Out of Character Burdens

This week evil reigns as we discuss the new Fallen Banner as well as the tweak to the formula Fehnix promised at the beginning of the year (I knew is was dangerous to trust a random new owl). We also have a new calendar just this morning and go over the next chapter of Sacred […]


SC 102 – Edelgard Spoils In More Ways Than One

This week we return to go over the coming update as well as the new Legendary Edelgard. We also go over the Golden Week … I guess we can call it a Celebration. We also have a quick bit of speculation about Claude and Dimitri before winding down with the next chapter of Sacred Stones […]


SC 101 – Not Who Immediately Comes To Mind

This week we return for a “massive” discussion of the lack of much going on in FEH this week. Stuck between an anniversary banner and Golden week we go over the new Resplendent Hero announcement, the results of the Voting Jubilee and the Dragalia Lost crossover event. We also do another chapter of Game Club […]


SC 100 – New Kids on the Banner

This week we return to celebrate a long awaited anniversary… The 100th episode of Summoner’s Call!!!! Oh yeah, also the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series as well, in honor of that more important anniversary we have a new banner of young version of characters from the original Fire Emblem game to go over […]


SC 99 – Rinkah’s Quarantine Workout

After a week off we return to cover not one, but two FEH channels, plus 6 new heroes and the new update. We take a quick trip for a bit of news about Fire Emblem Cipher and the Dragalia Lost Crossover as well as the 30th anniversary celebration and the lack of pants that it […]


SC 98 – Fire Emblem Evil Face

Lockdown blurs our (well Eddie’s) sense of time and we record a day late, yet there is still not much to talk about. We go over the Dragalia Lost crossover news, as well as the new Resplendent Hero and the new Mythic Hero, straight from Blazing Blade. Finally, we continue down the separate routes of […]


SC 97 – Bunnies Will Save Us All

After life gave us lemons last week (and a crazy insane world) we hop back into the spring of things with the new Bunny Banner. We also have a quick chat about FEH Pass on our way to discussing the next chapter of Game Club. We have the first of the split paths to discuss […]


SC 96 – Ferdie, Bernie, Lysie and Annie

Fighting through hotel Wi-Fi while Eddie is in Atlanta, which actually wasn’t too bad, we return to go over the new Three Houses banner as well as a few surprises in the update. We also return to Game Club where a decision must be made… Discussion:1:25 – Fire Emblem Heroes30:30 – Sacred Stones (Game Club) […]


SC 95 – Blazing Past the Dread Isle

We return after we had to skip a week due to life throwing us a curveball to cover the Blazing Blade banner as well as the new Legendary unit who very much takes after his daughter… We also cover the info on the new update we got and give our continuing thoughts on the FEH […]