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An unconventional look at classic and modern gaming.

An unconventional look at classic and modern gaming.


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An unconventional look at classic and modern gaming.








TFPS2E5: Back In Black

We're back after some technical problems, personal issues, life changes and a whole slew of things. But, still, we can talk about video games till our hearts explode. Also, a special announcement happens at the end of this episode that even Chanse didn't see coming, so pay attention!


T.F.P. – S2-E4: Castlemania Undead Redemption

This is a big one, folks! This massive spooktacular episode hits right in time for Halloween and we spend quite a bit of time talking about the wonders of Castlevania: Requiem which includes Symphony of the NIght and Rondo of Blood. We also dish on Read Dead Redemption 2, the state of "special editions" and "collector's editions" in gaming, managing expectations and lots of other ridiculous stuff. Join us for our longest and biggest episode, yet!


Tanks For Playing – S2 – E3: Je Ne Sais Quoi

Ah, yes the undefinable quality that makes something great. What makes it resonate with you? What takes something to the next level? Well, we sure as hell don't know what it is but we know it's in some great games like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Blazing Lazers, Final Fantasy 4 and so many other games that we talk about in this episode. What's wrong with modern gaming? Why are things just not sticking out to us like it used to? What justifies the purchase of a game on day 1 versus others...


Tanks For Playing – S2 – E2: The J Stands for Japanese

This episode has a lot to unpack! We talk about the awesome #PlayNYC, Let It Die on the PS4 and we begin our talk about music in games, starting with some of our favorite JRPG soundtracks. We also get into the nitty gritty about the PS4's store, the upcoming interface update and more!


Tanks For Playing – Season 2 – Episode 1: Final Fallacy

Oh, a lot of things have happened since E3, but let's rewind before that. Way before that, in fact. This episode spends quite a bit of time talking about retro gaming, emulators, roms and the legal ramifications of such things. Are publishers doing their most to satiate our wants and needs? Are Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft doing what they do with consumers in mind? We also talking about the upcoming Play NYC, indie gaming and listen for our very first giveaway featuring "Boxing Apocalypse!"


Tanks For Playing: The E3 2018 Special

All the major E3 Presentations are done and, well, we've got a lot to say about it. What were the highs? What were the lows? Where were some of our favorite franchises? What's up with feudal Japan being all the rage now? It's all in here, our E3 2018 Special!


Tanks For Playing: Episode 5 – The E3 Pre-Cum Show

This is a good one, folks! Chanse and Rene can't keep their excitement in about E3! It's coming and so are we! We cover the highs and lows of our hopes and expectations of the 2018 E3 conference, from all 3 major consoles and everything in between. We also talk a bit about State of Decay 2 and Owlboy, but really, just listen! It's all over the place!


Tanks For Playing: Episode 4 – Lamethrowers and Pisstols

We've all had that experience: "Ooh, a new weapon!" Then you go and try to use it and it's just a hunk of hot garbage. Well, we've devoted an episode, mostly, to talk about those big ole disappoints that pop up in even some of the best video games we have ever played: useless weapons. And yeah, we know, for some of you we're going to mention your favorite weapon ever. Well, you're weird or a genius and figured out something about that thing that we couldn't. Still, listen, laugh, enjoy and...


Tanks For Playing: Episode 3 – Depression Gaming

This episode we talk about the best games to play while you're unemployed, our favorite survival horror titles and how gaming can get you through some of the worst times in your life. Whether it's depression, bad breakup or near starvation poverty, gaming has the power to help!


Tanks For Playing: Episode 2 – God of Warmth

From video game companions, failed consoles and yes, of course, God of War, we talk about everything we can think of relating to these subjects and just gaming in general.


Tanks For Playing: Episode 1 – Power-Ups

Our first episode, Power-Ups is really mostly about just that: power-ups! Of course, we talk about a bunch of other things likes remasters, remakes, the state of gaming right now and how gaming is like a form of therapy for many of us. Anyhow, stop reading this and just get listen to the episode! If you like it, chime in, ask questions in the comments field here or on Facebook! Just let us know what you think!