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"If at first you don't succeed, create a Podcast and Community that revolves around your failures."

"If at first you don't succeed, create a Podcast and Community that revolves around your failures."
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"If at first you don't succeed, create a Podcast and Community that revolves around your failures."








Data Drop 97: Into the Sunset

It’s not good-bye, it’s so long…for now.


Data Drop 96: MCC Relaunch!

This week I had to drag myself and my multiple old man issues into the caster chair for the podcast. The Master Chief Collection Relaunched this past week to mixed reviews. From the 8/27 73GB patch to the release to everyone on GamePass on 9/1, we’ll talk about all the changes that were made. I also put some people to task on their need for patience and understanding into the scope of this ONGOING PROCESS to fix this massive endeavor. We also take a look at some of the changes to Halo 5’s...


Data Drop 95: Politics, How Tiresome

Recording on the day of a horrific tragedy in Jacksonville FL. Prayers from the Tazzman family to the family and friends affected by this horrific incident. We also talk the HCS 2K and upcoming teams headed to London. The “Go Fight Covenant Challenge” is still taking sign ups via the Discord! Go check it out and sign up. We got an announcement on the retail update for MCC and date it’s coming to GamePass (hint: it’s the same day). We take a look at the behind the making of Fireteam Raven,...


Data Drop 94: Are Button Combos Cheating

Very very very slow week of news. But there was quite the debate on Twitter about button combo glitches in Halo. Are they cheating or are they not? I weigh in on what I think. That’s the majority of the discussion in what I believe to be the shortest podcast to date! Don’t forget the Go Fight Covenant Challenge and you can sign up on the Bad At Halo Show discord. Twitter @BadHaloShow & @TazzmanLive Discord:...


Data Drop 93: Where Have All The Spartans Gone?

After a week off, I’m back in the hot seat talking all sorts of different Halo goings on! Including the TeaBag Tazzman Tournament, announcement of hte next tournament, MS Store tournaments now a year old, and why I don’t care about the HCS anymore. The Halo TV show news has split the community…again. Yet another new Halo novel was announced, and we have a LOT of homework to complete before Halo Infinite. The MCC Insider program opened up to EVERYBODY…and they’re having population...


Data Drop 92: Is That A Tumbleweed?

Not a lot going on in the world of Halo news. Thankfully I still have the Halo Legendary Loot Crate review that I missed from last week to hold us over. How does series 2 end with “Truth Foretold?” Also talk a little HCS and how it’s really lost my interest and why. Also take a look at some of the playlist shake ups this past week and why they aren’t good, but were needed. Somehow we get a regular length show out of that Follow on: Twitter: @BadHaloShow &...


Data Drop 91: Games and Gaming Disorder

I bring in Dr. Kelli Dunlap aka former Grifball Hub exec. Goosechecka! Dr. Goose is a doctor of Psychology with a Masters in Game Design. A great guest to address some of the stigmas and sterotypes of gamers, gaming disorder, and what that means for those of us who enjoy gaming! After that I go over the previous week in the HCS, including the return of a logn time Halo pro to the competitive scene. We go thru some community content, and then I bring back the running riot segment. If you...


Data Drop 90: HCS NOLA Recap

On this weeks show we review the HCS MLG NOLA event and discuss all the story lines that took place over the weekend. From a record setting finish for an international team, drama between 2 top Halo pros, and an announcement on world finals that fullfills a “Dream.” I also discuss the recent MCC Insider Flight and why it’s implementation was a total disaster. And finally we talk about the new Community Slayer playlist and it’s positives and negatives. Don’t forget to enter the Tebag TLOCK...



Consider this episode ESSENTIAL listening prior to this weekends HCS Lan event in New Orleans. I sat down to shoot the breeze with esports expert and just all around awesome guy WARDOG. We break down the groups, give our thoughts on the teams, the matchups, make some predictions, and WD gives us an education on Gears esports. We also learn a few things about the nicknames of the city of New Orleans and famous people who call Louisiana home! Jazz Introduction: Crawfish Boil: Suck Heads,...


Data Drop 88: MCC Insider Campaign Crazy

A rather slow news week this past holiday week. I do announce a new place to find the show, welcome iHeart Radio to the stable of platforms to find the show! But we did get the last Gamebattles 2K tournament before MLG New Orleans. MCC Flight #3 began which now includes Campaign, Custom Games, Forge, and Theater. I’ll recount my experiances in the areas that I attempted this past week and find they still have a long way to go. Also a quick run down of the very small Community Update and a...


Data Drop 87: Breaking RTS Habits w/ Breaking The Clutch

A special podcast this week as I welcome Slick and Nick from Breaking the Cluth to give us the ins and outs of Halo Wars 2! We talk strategy, we talk tactics, we talk competitive Halo Wars. I even play a game live with a critique from some of the best. We also recap this past weekends Gamebattles 2K HCS tournament with a top dog going back on top. And there may have been some news dropped on the upcoming Halo TV series as well. Follow: Please be sure to follow my awesome guests Slick and...


Data Drop 86: Back In The Saddle

It’s been a tough week personally, but the show must go on! And there is plenty to talk about this week! We’ve had our first Gamebattle 2K tournament, some HCS team changes, and a Halo Wars 2 league crowns a new champ. We dive into some of the highlights of the MCC Insider recap, look into the community update, and discuss the Gaming Disorder discussions from the past week. Follow On: @BadHaloShow and @TazzmanLive Discord:


Data Drop 85: Halo Infinite Reveal!

So there was this little known thing that took place on Sunday called “Microsoft E3 Briefing” and it may or may not have had something Halo in it! We’ll talk about what we saw, what does it mean, the questions it poses, and a hope for a more positive future for the Halo Community. We also had the conclusion of the MCC Insider Flight #2 and I give some of my thoughts of my experiences. We had a lore filled Community Update and the HCS Settings for the season are set in...


Data Drop 84: HCS Silly Season Craziness

Silly season has started and we take a look at all the latest team jumbling over the last two weeks. Matchmaking rules and maps are set for the next season and we take a look at the changes that have been made. We talk the changes to CSR/MMR and how those will start getting closer together. We say goodbye to two very popular 343 staffers, and I Run Riot on people who want to claim Halo to be “dead.” Follow on: Twitter: @BadHaloShow & @TazzmanLive facebook:/badhaloshow Bad At Halo Show...


Data Drop 83: New Halo Game! HCS News! & Halo Loot Crate!

This week we’re back and talking a BRAND NEW Halo game to be released this summer…but it’s not in any way you would think. We also got a major HCS bomb dropped and a brand new Halo Loot Crate! Time Stamps: Pre Game Lobby: 53 seconds HCS News: 6 min 40 seconds New Halo Game Announcement: 28min 20 seconds Arena Theme Loot Crate Review: 1 hour 3min 45 seconds Last Shot: 1 hour 34 min 22 seconds Links to stuff: HCS Season Announcement:...


Data Drop 82: What Have U Done W/ My Armor

Plenty of things to discuss despite no Community Update. Something always seems to find a way to irk the community, and 343 has found a way to do it again! This time making changes to Chief’s signature look. But we’ve also got HCS settings updates, difficulty finding Halo stuff, and people not understanding that Trueskill2 is working exactly as it should. Timestamps: 1m11sec: Pregame Lobby 7m33sec: New HCS Settings 18m43sec: Review of Forge Maps for HCS consideration 42m32sec: Spartan...


Data Drop 81: Halo: Online/Eldewrito Controversy

I’m joined this week by CMT member Masterz1337, DH Happy Hour streamer TheLosBurger, and Mixer streamer DaddyTrax to discuss the Eldewrito controversy with 343 and the recent Twitch bannings for those who streamed it. What is Halo Online? Is it shut down? Was it ever legal? Where does Halo go from here? We discuss all this and the upcoming Summer 2018 season updates. Videos that helped with the research for today’s show: Forge Labs video on Halo Online:...


HaloWC 2018 Collab-Cast

We’re joined for this special episode of BAHS by Duststorm from Podtacular and JKFire from HCS Pro Talk to run down the first 2 days of Halo World Finals competition. We break down the results of all 4 groups, who came out on top, who got sent home early, and the first round of bracket play. THe second half of the podcast cover Championship Sunday will be broadcast on Podtacular! Follow: HCS Pro Talk Podcast on all major podcast aggregators (except Spotify) @HCS_ProTalk on...


Data Drop 80: HCS Preview and Playlist Perfection

We’re a few days away from the 2018 Halo World Finals in Seattle. Let’s take a look at the remaining two groups and make some predictions! Tom “Tsquard” Taylor stepping in it again. The Matchmaking Update shows that the competitive fans aren’t the only ones keeping Halo alive. We take a look at the rotational playlists by hours played and find some rather surprising results on which lists are most popular (it’s not H3 Classic BTW). I take a look at the latest rotational list, H2 BR, and tell...


Data Drop 79: Yap Wars 2 & HCS Preview

We’re 2 weeks out from the HCS World Finals in Seattle. This week we go over the first two of the four groups for finals. Unfortunately we got ghosted by Caster Butters, but I make some predictions on who places where in each group. A lot of Halo Wars 2 stuff from this past week, including the Yappening playlist from the weekend. We take a look at some of the insanity that resulted. The return of Oddball to the Team Arena Playlist, and one classic playlist is traded for another. All that and...