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Season 2: Episode 11 | Titanic the Video Game | Blackout Beta | The Giveaway!

In this week's episode we take a deep dive into Titanic: The Video Game...or at least if there was a video game that we got to design. We also get into some Blackout Beta discussion and first thoughts. There is definitely some 24 Hour Stream Hype as well! Don't miss this week's episode of the Bro Seriously Podcast!


S2 : E10 | Bro V Bro "Superheroes Vs Villains"

We dive into a bro v bro battle where Evan and Dustin debate and argue hypothetical "teams" of superheroes and villains! Master Chief Vs Captain America in a fishing tournament, Powder Puff girls vs the Sinister 6, and more!


S2: EP 9 Interview with Seth Mattox, Co-Founder of OPSeat

Hosts Evan and Dustin get a chance to sit down with Seth Mattox, co-founder and owner, of OPSeat. We learn how he started to make a name for his self in the gaming community and how he turned that passion into a business that he makes his living off of. Entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, gaming, and more are discussed! Learn more about OPSeat and what they company believes in and why they are one of the best "gaming furniture" companies on the market!


S2 : EP8 Interview with Twitch Streamer TimmyBDuh | Huge Announcement

Hosts Evan and Dustin interview TimmyBDuh about his journey with Twitch! We learn about how he got started streaming, what he wants to accomplish, and much more! We also takes a dive into the Call of Duty Black ops 4! We announce a big event that Bro Seriously will be hosting on October 6th, 2018! Be sure to listen until the end to get all of the details! Bro Seriously:


S2 : E7 | Fortnite Tutors| Atlanta Overwatch League| Call of Duty: The Movie

Hosts Evan and Dustin dive into some news this week with the emergence of Fortnite tutors and an Overwatch eSports team coming to Atlanta. Both Bros pitch their idea for a Call of Duty movie and let you decide which you would go see. Strap in and kick back as they take you down a fun filled episode this week!


S2 : EP6 | Interview with Crickey | Product Review of Rogue Energy

Regular Host Evan has a special guest come in to be his co-host, Cale! They have a deep, one-on-one interview with fellow Twitch Streamer Crickey! Listen in as she runs the gauntlet, answers the crazy questions, and discuss her experience with Twitch! We do another gaming product review on another gaming energy supplement, Rogue Energy. Take a listen as we talk about our experience with the product and what our initial and conclusive thoughts are!


S2 : EP5 | Conker's Bad Fur a Day Spotlight | "Whiplash" Video Game

Hosts Evan and Dustin are back to do a video game spotlight where we take a look at "Conkers Bad Fur a Day" on Nintendo 64. We discuss our memories playing it at OG member Schubby's house and also the gameplay! If you have ever seen the movie "Whiplash" then you should enjoy where we turn it into a video game! We talk a little bit about the movie and what it is about, but then we take turns giving our pitch on how we would turn it into a video game! @TheBroSeriously...


S2 : EP4 | Gamer Goo | Interview with Sushi Fish Ninja!

Hosts Evan and Dustin do a product review for Gamer Goo! They also interview Twitch Streamer SushiFishNinja! They deep dive into how to use this special goo and what it may make you think of when you see it. Strap in for a funny romp as we get to know SushiFishNinja and figure out what he loves to do, his routine, his passions, and what he did before streaming.


S2 : EP3 | Zombies Ate My Neighbors Spotlight | New Netflix Series : Rocket League

Hosts Evan and Dustin do a retro video game spotlight on "Zombies Ate My Neighbors!" They also introduce a new segment of the podcast where they turn a video game, Rocket League, into a Netflix inspired series! They dive deep into the video game and talk about their experiences playing it and what to expect when playing the game! In the Netflix series they give back story to their ideas if they were to pitch this idea studio executives! They also talk about who they would cast as their...


S2 : EP2 | G Fuel Product Review | PhinnLive Interview

Bro Seriously takes a deep dive into the energy drink formula for gamers known as "G Fuel" and also interview Twitch streamer PhinnLive. Learn about how G Fuel affected gameplay, did it live up to the product description, and more! PhinnLive goes discusses his views on community, streaming on Twitch, and his own podcast as well! You can find Phinn on Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter @Phinnlive! If you would like to listen, read, or watch more content you can find it at


S2 : EP1 | The Green Mile Video Game? | Anthem Spotlight

Host Evan and Co-Host Dustin start Season 2 off with 2 new segments! The first one is turning the movie, "The Green Mile", into a video game. Follow along as they describe the plot , characters, missions, and more of what the video game would be like of this classic movie! The 2nd segment a video game spotlight of the upcoming release from EA and Bioware, Anthem. Bro Seriously discusses some of the details of the game, their thoughts, and have some fun creating a crazy commercial for the...


Episode 7: A Quick Announcement

Hosts Evan and Dustin reflect on the past few episodes of the podcast and make an announcement!


Episode #6 Toxicity in Streaming | Interview with AlwaysUnreal

This week we take a closer look at the Toxicity displayed in the Streaming world. We look at not only toxic viewers, but toxic streamers and the impact it has on the community. Stick around for the interview with full time streamer AlwaysUnreal as he gives us his insight into toxicity, streaming, and what it's like to stream 7 days a week.


Episode 5:Toxicity in Gaming | Interview with Spencer

Is Toxicity in gaming just something that happens? Do we accept it? Where is the line? On today's podcast we talk about Toxicity and where we stand with it in regards to gaming. We also interview fellow Bro Seriously member Spencer.


Episode 4: Twitter Networking | Interview with Covak

Hosts, Dustin and Evan, take a deeper dive into Twitter and how they utilize it as a networking tool. They go into hashtags, retweets and more! The interview portion of the podcast is with Covak, a streamer they met through Twitter networking and who happened to become a good friend! Learn more about Covak's inspiration and goals for streaming and a look at who he is off of Twitch as well. You can find Covak on social media here:


Episode 3: The Tangibles and Intangibles of a "Community" | Interview with Jarrod

Hosts Evan and Dustin discuss the intangibles and tangibles of a gaming "community". They break down culture, support, and vision and how those "intangibles" are crucial to the success of a community. An interview with the blog writer of "Bro Serious", Jarrod, goes into the his inspiration and goals for his blog series "The Revolution" and "Signal Boost".


Episode 2: "What is a typical gamer?" | Interview with Calebrin93

Evan and Dustin discuss what most people see as a "typical gamer" and what that looks like for most people. They dive into how being a "gamer" is beginning to be accepted into society and the mainstream. Social media, sports and other media outlets are all starting to turn their attention to video games. The 2nd half of the episode is an interview with another member of Bro Seriously, Calebrin93. They talk to Cale about his thoughts on the future of gaming, his experience streaming, and a...


Episode 1: The Tutorial

Hosts Dustin and Evan dive into the world of Twitch, Twitter, and Video Games. Join us as we discuss our personal struggles, successes, and what we've learned streaming and becoming a part of the gaming community. Take a dive into the minds of Bro Seriously and what the community is all about.