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The Cartridge Family 061 - Santa's Salt Gun and the 19 Q Magoo

The end is approaching! Well, the end of 2018. End of the year episodes are known for deep reflection, reminiscing on memories and getting into intense arguments about what is the true definition of a video game mascot. On this episode join us as Andrew and John talk extensively about Super Smash Ultimate and all of the good Fire Emblem characters, Chris’s salt gun and Joe being Santa all along. Thank you so much for sticking around with us during 2018 (and if you are just joining us,...


The Cartridge Family 060 - The Real Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards were last night (and, for some, this morning), and in the middle of all the pomp and circumstance (who was Christoph Waltz wearing?!) was actually a pretty cool show! It took five years to get Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to take the stage together, but that was nothing compared to the controversial decision over Game of the Year. It’s safe to say John is in full Red Dead fanboy mode on this one. We also talk Basketball. Not NBA 2K, not NBA Live, but…Basketball. Is it any...


The Cartridge Family 059 - Obsidian's Tease, Games in your Tesla, Playstation Classic

Happy last day of November to you on this final Friday of the month. We've got just a few more weeks in the year left and, as a result, we're winding things down on the podcast in antipation of an exciting, new year. Before we take a short, holiday hiatus we'll be bringing you a few more festive (not really) episodes to wrap up the year. Today, we finally make some real headway in Red Dead Redemption II. John and I are absolutely enamored with the game and the level of polish that went...


The Cartridge Family 058 - Soylentgiving, Pokemon Lets Go, Game Awards 2018 Chat

On today's show we learn that John is a pig murderer. We also, however, talk about games on today's show. It's a lighter week as far as news goes, but we discuss the release of Battlefield 5, learn about Andrew's early impressions with Pokemon Lets Go, and catch up on our progress with Red Dead Redemption 2. We round out the back half of the show by going over the upcoming Game Awards 2018 and how our personal opinions compare to the list of nominees. It's an odd show but a fun one. Thanks...


The Cartridge Family 057 - High Resolution Pokémon + Lets Go Pikachu, Nintendo of Russia Stream Issues

I have some mixed emotions on Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is objectively amazing. It is sometimes, however, at odd's with itself. Of course, if you're curious about my feelings here, my recommended method of ingestion is podcast but, in short, I have some qualms with how certain bugs affect the experience. Why did mounting my horse in Saint Dennis result in unarmed assault of a passerby? Why does this sort of thing happen so frequently? In other news, it is snowing here in New Jersey....


The Cartridge Family 056 - Smash Direct Recap, Diablo III on Switch, Red Dead's Realism

It's been difficult to make time for Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that demands your attention and deserves to. It's a big, beautiful world out there, and if you've only got 45 minutes a day to set aside for gaming, it'll be tough to get through this one. But, that's what weekends are for. Here's to hoping this coming weekend is filled with lots of lazy games of dominoes, sunset viewings, and elk skinning (gross). Not only is the fam having trouble making time for RDR2, they're having...


The Cartridge Family 055 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Release, Rockstar Exposé, John at the Airport

I've never been much of a mainstream guy. I'm no hipster; I shop almost exclusively at Old Navy. When it comes to gaming, though, I'm not usually the one reaching for Call of Duty or Fortnite. This isn't a protest or commentary on those games, I just tend to like a certain type of game (JRPG) that tends not to be super popular compared to the aforementioned titles. Despite all that, however, I find myself salivating at the prospect of digging into the lush, vast Wild West that Rockstar...


The Cartridge Family 054 - Discord Nitro Games, PS4 Bricked Consoles, Rockstar Games Crunch

John and I spent a day or two in Ohio with the Janitor (proper noun) himself, Asif Khan, this week. While we were there, we discussed all sorts of things including the state of the games industry, the housing market, and the likelihood of the All-Time Caveliers defeating the All-Time Knickerbockers (zero percent). But, what we failed to properly address was the concept of Broccolli as a meat substitute. Fortunately for the listening audience, the fam took up the helm and managed to define...


The Cartridge Family 053 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review, Star Citzen

Sometimes my father brothers travel long distances to do work outside of the country. Right now is one of those times. They're all away. All of them. So, I'm left here to fend for myself and somehow put together a podcast with no father-brothers. Luckily, I'm surrounded by talented and interesting colleagues of all kinds, and so putting together a last minute show was easy as pie. On Today's show, my good friend Vin Genova joins me to discuss his initial (but exhaustive) impressions on...


The Cartridge Family 052 - Bungie's Matter, New Switch Hardware, Harry Potter RPG, Journalism Ethics

It's that time of the year again, folks! Things are moving quickly and getting more interesting with each passing day. We've got patent news from industry giant Bungie indicating a potentially new IP they're working on, Nintendo's plans to refresh the Switch's hardware as early as next year, and an alleged peak behind the curtain at what appears to be a new, unnanounced Harry Potter game. It's only the first week of October, so who knows what's in store for us next week as games continue...


The Cartridge Family 051 - Sony Learns To Share, Nintendo Online Cloud Storage, Telltale Woes

It's nice to be back into the swing of things here. Needless to say, the fam wasn't getting their much-needed chator gamingfix until we got back on our usual podcasting grind. Onto today's episode: If you're anything like me, it was difficult focusing on games this week, what with the Kavanaugh stuff going on and Dragon Quest XI being super over-rated. It sure does warm my heart that I'll be lending Andrew my copy of the game - takes some of the guilt out of the equation, ya know? Anyway,...


The Cartridge Family 050 - John Platinums Spiderman, Joe Sucks, Vigilante Buffa, Same Old Andrew

So, first of all, many apologies for the multi-week gap in our content schedule. I would like to formally say that "We're Back" and things should be running smoothly again. For the record, this is what happens when you replace your old trusty iMac for a Macbook Pro with literally no useable ports on it so all of your audio equipment you've been hoarding for over a decade is now obsolete. My bad, ultimately, but can't a guy complain a little? See below for a list of topics covered on...


The Cartridge Family 049 - Gamescom, Vin is Back, LG Robot Legs, Octopath Pt. 4

Its been about a year since we started this podcast. Last summer, myself, John Benyamine, Chris Buffa, and Vin Genova took control of your ears and haven't let go since then. In that time, Vin has moved on to other ventures while the fam here gained an exemplary new member in Andrew Zucosky. It goes without saying that having extended relatives over for supper is everyone's favorite pasttime. The same is true for this family. Welcome back Vin. We missed you and we'll miss you again after...


The Cartridge Family 048 - Dead Cells, Smash Bros, Red Dead II, Game Preservation

We’re coming up on fifty episodes of The Cartridge Family, already. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were digging into our very first show, green as can be, naive and ready for anything. Yet here we stand, on the precipice of a major numerical milestone, gazing back at our past work and all I can think is (cue music) “looks like we made it”. I’ll save the reminiscing for later this month, though. On to today’s show! It was certainly a busy week for games. We received...


The Cartridge Family 047 - Toxicity in Gaming, Apple Affiliate Program, Octopath Traveler Pt. 3

The Cartridge Family, if you're new to the show, is a podcast where four (long-time and short-time) games industry fellas get together every week to talk about what's going on and what used to be going on. We try and keep things light but sometimes we get a little heavy, like today. We do not take ourselves too seriously, so if you're in the mood for a sterile, by-the-numbers deconstruction of the latest Street Fighter's mechanics then you might want to look elsewhere. That said, sometimes...


The Cartridge Family 046 - New Labo, No Man's Sky NEXT, Octopath Traveler Game Club Pt. 2

After last week’s mayhem, we’re finally settled and back in our usual groove. Half the family is still neck deep in Octopath Travelerwhile the Father-Father’s are busy with other less important and interesting games. Today we discuss the newly announced Nintendo Labokits, The release of two older Silent Hillgems on Xbox Backward Compatibility, the latest game releases of the week and much, much more. Stick around after the show for Part 2 of our Octopath TravelerGame Club. We spoil things...


The Cartridge Family 045 - Octopath Traveler Game Club Pt. 1

John’s fault. He messed up. So, this week you don’t get to enjoy our usual, gaming-drenched banter. Instead, Andrew and I dive deep into Octopath Traveler, a game that is shaping up to be my favorite of the year. Andrew and I played all the character’s first story chapter. We also unlocked all the base jobs. It took us each over 25 hours to do this, so if you’re in the same general area of game please join us! Thanks for listening and it’s back to our regular programming next week!


The Cartridge Family 044 - Robot John & The Worst Episode Ever, Octopath Release, Dying Light 2 Chat

Brace yourselves. Today’s the day you’ve had marked on your calendar for months and months. No, not because you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming JRPG, Octopath Traveler, but because you’re childishly supertitious and today is Friday the 13th. The family had the clairvoyance necessary to dodge this supernatural bullet earlier in the week by scheduling their recording a day before their usual Friday show. The Time Demons were wise to us though, and strengenthed their curse on our...


The Cartridge Family 043 - Amy Hennig's New Studio, Ubisoft Nonsense, Anthem Gameplay

Today marks only one more week until Andrew and I are neck deep in Octopath Traveler. It just occurred to me that they never actually named the game; they simply removed ‘Project’ from the front of it. I’m hoping that’s the worst thing I have to say about this lovely looking JRPG. Also, if this previewis to be believed, the wait has been well worth our time. On this, the forty-third episode of The Cartridge Family, I’ve had enough. Ubisoft is at it again saying things they’ll regret saying...


The Cartridge Family 042 - Andrew Hosts, Witcher 3 Complete, Kojumbo Does it Again

When you live in the presence of genius, it’s allure and power are undeniable. When a true artist creates, unhinged from the confines of Big Brother, the results are irrefutable. When you play the new Kojumbo game (can we even call it that), the effect it has on your soul is nothing short of a miracle. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. Its that day of the week again (Friday) (which is the best day), and so here I am offering another blood sacrifice to the Podcast Daemon in .mp3...