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[ep 83] Deadpool 2 Review

On part 2 of our Deadpool double feature we finally crack open the movie itself and go full spoiler in. There were plenty of highlights to discuss as well as a time-line altering conundrum to ponder. We also get into a light convo of the post-Infinity War hero future as well as Fast and the Furious underwater=Aquaman. Thanks for listening! Share and follow the pages!


[Ep 82] Zazie - Time!

On part one of the Deadpool 2 double feature, we dedicate episode #82 to Domino (played by Zazie Beetz). Yes, we were supposed to talk about the movie as a whole yet; with all of the hoopla and controversy surrounding "her" the episode was expanded upon. If you disagree then send us line and we will gladly discuss all the reasons why you are wrong. Great job Zazie!


[Ep 81] Raiders of the Arcade- ThunderNO!

Join the guys as we find out all about the new re-launch of a 80's classic in Thundercats Roar and witness yet another great moment of our childhood get destroyed. Also, the new Han Solo a Star Wars Story is about to launch and we get "great" news about the smoothest hustler in the galaxy Lando. Also, the great game debate continues as the Witcher 3 goes head to head against Zelda TBW. Thanks for listening, follow and share the pages!


Episode 80 - Lando's America

On this weeks episode we are leading into the release of Disney's second one-shot film series; Solo- A Star Wars Story is discussed. Also covered is the recently released "controversial" video from Lando/ Donald Glover's alter music ego-Childish Gambino titled: This is America. Lord of the Rings vs the OG- Star Wars best trilogy seeds of war have been planted. As always thanks for listening! Follow pages to stay up to date with new sounds.


(#79) Raiders Of The Arcade- Nostalgic BS

We are back in a GAME HEAVY loaded episode! J, Mike, & Tom discuss a ton of different gaming topics and somehow are still feeling the after effects of Infinity War. *God of War *Tom bought a Switch *J is still Nintendo-hating *Zelda *Paladins *RTS games and a bunch more! Thanks for listening and follow the pages to stay updated with new episodes.


[78]Raiders Of The Arcade - Infinity War Joy

Join us on wrapping up our 2 part episode; spoiler filled review of Marvel's Infinity War. J & Tom are joined by newcomers to the Arcade, Rob & Chris. After our new guests nerdification status tests we proceed to all of the positive and highlights from the IW film. Also covered in this episode: Black Panther & light Wakandanomics Discussions on the best trilogies ever made A lightning round of 'One must go', as well as a few other laughs and surprises. Thanks for listening and follow the...


[77]Raiders Of The Arcade- Infinity War Pain

Join us on part 1 of our spoiler filled review and dissection of Marvel's recently released- Infinity War. Mike & J tackle this movie's shortcomings, fubars, and epic dissapointments in grand fashion. Deadpool 2's impending release is also discussed as well as Mike still trying to explain what is the deal with Vibranium. Thanks for listening! Follow the page to stay up to date on casts and be sure to check the next episode for part 2 of the Infinity War review!


Raiders Of The Arcade (76) Welcome to the Arcade

Welcome the Raiders of the Arcade! On our first podcast since the big Frak-Off, Mike & J are supposed to reviewing Marvel's Infinity War but of course in grand fashion we are derailed by a trip down memory lane! *God of War *Dragons Lair *Sinistar *Gorf *Wizard Movie *Cloak & Dagger the movie *J's first cop of some boobies And much more! All of our websites, url's, and content have been updated so make sure you hit that follow button to stay up to date with all of the new content. Thank you...


Ep 75 - Final Frak To Give

In our 75th and final episode as The Frak podcast we attempted to bring you a game filled cast. It did not go as planned! Featuring- Mike, J, Tom, & a special bonus story from Eerie Fl's own Mark Muncy (the Ex-King of Kong & Gyrus) *CW's Allison Mack and the sex trade biz *the Venom trailer *Mario on a Sony VR *the Prologue to Infinity War and the bet of it all. Dont change that feed! The Next cast... Welcome to the Arcade.


A Last Matter Of Frak- Freaky Florida

In our final podcast as Matter of Frak J & Tom welcome back Mark Muncy, co-creator of Eerie Florida to discuss the follow up book- Freaky Florida! What do they have in store for us this time around? Some of the topics discussed: *Solomon Castle *I-4 Dead Zone *Jacksonville's Devil House *Miami's circle of stones *Ybor's haunted Cuban club We also cover some unfortunate news about Ash vs Evil Dead, some nostalgic stories about the days of old, and much more! Thank you to all for the support...


Episode 56- Ready Player Some

Episode 56- Ready Player One (full spoiler movie review) featuring J, Mike, & Tom. The highly anticipated and deeply revered book to screen adaption has finally arrived! Is this finally something that all of us can finally agree on? A unofficial sponsor of the evening debuts & stay tuned at the end for The Ready Player Prologue with special surprise guest. Lots of good stuff in this one! Thanks for listening! Visit and follow the pages to stay updated and connect with your fellow Frak-ers!


MoF Epidose 55 - Jaws of Marvel

After a brief absence we return with quite the unexpectedly explosive showdown between Jsun & Tom. Featured on this episode; Star Wars TLJ dvd release the flu DMX back in court with unbelievable defense angle Jaws franchise vs the Marvel Cinematic Universe Dunkirk The Nolan universe and top 11 fyi facts WWE Daniel Bryan & that Bella and a bunch of other stuff I forgot! Thanks for listening! Follow the page for updates! Visit the pages to connect!


Episode 54- Back From The Future

The unexpected Back to the Future list show, which is 100% officially-unofficially brought to you by Kraken Rum featuring- J, Mike & Tom. On this episode the following goes down; *10k to have your brain uploaded online *35k annually to test sex robots *Solar werewolves of Japan *Jim Ross destroys Mike's work space *My Blue Heaven *returning segment= The List featuring Back 2 the Future *Elizabeth Shue comes to dinner and much much more! As always thank you for listening!


Episode 53- To Wong Fortnite

Featuring Mike, J, & Tom On this rapid fire quickie of a episode the following goes down; Mike plays Fortnite mobile for the first time The trials of Wesley Snipes To Wong Foo & The Birdcage Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider & a whole lot of drinking! As always thanks for listening!


Episode 52- Podcast With No Name

Episode 52- Podcast With No Name by The Frak


MoF Ep 16- Black Meh'ther -Redux

Featuring J, Mike, Tom, & Freddy Emotions run high on this one where "surprise!" not everyone present enjoyed the Black Panther film. Side note-this cast has been re-edited and reposted due to some copyright violations and is the second half of the review process...the ugly stuff. Ep 17. is currently [shelved] and will be discussed on future episode. Thanks for listening. Follow the feed to stay updated. Drop us a email if there is something you want us to cover or interested in a future...


MoF Episode 17- Blacker Panther Love

Featuring J, Tom, Marcus, & on his final week in civilization Isaac. This is the other side of the story..the Yin to the Yang of episode 16. In this episode we discuss all of the highlights from the Wakandian epic that is Black Panther. From the tech to the gadgets, the car chases, to the Dora Milaje; it is all here! Also covered are some speculations on the impending Infinity War film and a few choice words about the films of Christopher Nolan. As always thanks for listening!


MoF Episode 15- Stupid People & Their Accents

On this episode J & Tom kick off the first half with some news from the world of strange, odd, and downright insane. 60 Tons of Beads, Foreign Accent Syndrome, and a Vegan who has made some really questionable life decisions & more. On the back half of show Mike joins us and the segment of THE LIST returns as we discuss the biggest hyped game franchises that took a big nose dive after release....kinda like Ronda Rousey...yeah, we talk about her too. As always, thanks for listening and...


Ep 51 "Like A Switch"

Welcome back to the Frak. On this episode J & Mike are back and things get derailed pretty quick. We did experience some serious technical difficulties that took us into the future as well as opening up some unexpected topics such as; Mike discusses one of his childhood favorite movies=Over the Top, greatest game of ever involving League of Legends, we discuss our feelings on the new Solo trailer, J reviews Geostorm and dredges up some bad memories on Olympus has Fallen and 50 Shades. We...


The Frak Episode 50- Back To Bidness

Its finally here! Episode 50! J & Mike are back after a long absence and get back to the business of=games! In this episode we cover some of the following; Nintendo's Labo cardboard factory (the Frak get brutally honest with this one), the impending and highly anticipated God of War 4, Fortnight & the 100 man battle royal, Sony VR, and much more... Of course in true Frak fashion we cover some of the big entertainment stories such as: Black Panther hype (as you may assume Mike is...


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