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[Ep 113] Life Therapy Pt.2

Sometimes in life you get thrown curve balls. Sometimes in life you are able to dodge bullets like Neo. Find out on this episode which one of the Raiders may be expecting a new kid and the others will attempt to weigh in on vasectomies, contraception techniques, and life in general. It is a heavy heart warming tale of drunken baboonery all presented in a neat little audio package. Thanks for listening! Follow the pages, tell a friend!


[Ep 112] 4 Guys & a Gong

J, Mike, & Tom return & this time welcoming back after a long absence- Matt B. This time the reunion show takes place back in Sarasota and a celebratory bottle of Game of Thrones whiskey is cracked open and great stories of debate and argument ensue. We unexpectedly tackle the challenge of "what is the greatest movie trilogy of all time", as well as attempting to sort out the songs that define our lives, and for a first time ever...we attempt to not drop any F-bombs in order to bring you a...


[Ep 111] 8-Track-DrunkOgraphy

Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, 50 Cent helps Ja Rule sell some tickets, 8 track audio porn, and many other unexpected and derailing topics that are sure to leave you in stitches or very angry with us. Join Mike, J, & Tom as we are back and this time somebody brought 153 proof grain alcohol to the occasion.


[Ep 110]Spooky Pixels

Join us on the latest episode as we are joined by Joe from Project Pixel Art on the dawn of his last con-Spooky Empire. We started this episode with a certain agenda and within 5 minutes of recording we ran it right off the rails. So join us we attempt to discuss some Halloweenish type of topics unlike any that you have heard before. J, Tom, Mike, Joe, Slinky Dog, Connor McGregor, even Arnold are all here to help you get through the day! Thanks for listening! Share the page, tell a friend,...


[Ep 109] Birds & a Joker

On this episode we cover: Birds of Prey recent casts & wishlists Joaquin Phoenix's Joker teaser and footage release X-men Dark Phoenix & Captain Marvel reactions and buffoonery All that and always more


[Ep 108]Life Therapy

Oh, I don't even know what to tell you about this one! You will either love it as you laugh your butts off or you may need therapy yourself after the guys unload about life and some other things too. Join Mike, J, and welcome back after a brief absence, Tom. Thanks for listening!


[Ep 107] Games, Shames, & a Dame

Join us on this game heavy packed episode with J & Mike as we discuss online gaming and the toxic environments of some big league franchises such as; Overwatch, League of Legends, & Rainbow 6 (to name a few). And we close the show with the origin of Bowsette and yet another reason to cherish Ms. Nigri. As always thanks for listening, share the pages, & tell a friend!


[106] Food Therapy

Join us on our latest episode as we discuss a ton of things relating to food and road rage! A beautiful disaster of a combo that has to be heard to be believed. Enjoy!


[Ep 105] Superswerve

Join us on a most unexpected journey where we ponder the mysteries of the movie world after a week of unprecedented movie news and internet swerves. Some of the topics tackled are as follows: Henry Cavill hanging up the cape, Black Superman, 007 rumors and casting, and the question that could flip middle earth upside down- who sold Gandalf his pipe weed in Lord of the Rings?! All of that and of course always more! Follow and share the pages! Tell your friends, tell your baby mama, tell a...


[Ep 104]Call Of Duty - Attitude Adjustment

On this heavy video game episode which is unofficially brought to you by Mortal Kombat beer. A sincere re-evaluation of a Raiders attitude about Black Ops 4, a trip down memory lane with the Halo franchise, a long overdue Overwatch report. Also, fresh impressions of the Blackout game mode for Black Ops 4, Nintendo online, and GTA V fact drops. All samples or music used in accordance with fair play acts and done so with the upmost appreciation and respect for makers. Thanks for listening.


[Ep 103] Freaky Florida

Join us on our latest episode as we sit around the old Arcade campfire and get freaked out as excerpts are pulled from- 'Freaky Florida', the newest book written by Mark Muncy & Kari Schultz. Some of the stories you will here are; Haunted Disney, Black Water Haddie, The Haunted Swamp, A super turtle, and the sham and shame of the suck-town of Brooksville. We also cover some of Freaky Florida's most recent con visits and Mark shares a few stories involving Elvira- Mistress of Darkness & when...


[Ep 102] If We Could Turn Back Time

Join the Raiders this episode as we welcome back Joe from Project Pixel Art and we run down a gauntlet of great topics and controversy ranging from; Con catch ups, Deadpool 2, getting Goldblum-ed, Return to Oz, Married with Children, Hollywood diversity castings, and more. Also, some big controversies return as we attempt to end the long running Goldeneye-Oddjob and Mario Kart feuds. What comes after a cougar? We love you Elvira & Cher. This episode was shot a few weeks ago on the eve of the...


[Ep 101] The Inbetweener

Welcome back! On the first half it is very game heavy as a member of the group has fallen back into one of the most *cough-addictive games of all time. On the back half we dig into some movie news, reviews, and a mind-blowing classic film revelation. Quite a bit of content crammed in this one folks!


[Ep 100] Street Fighter The Movie- "It was a Tuesday"

Hard to believe but here we are at episode #100! As promised, we finally tackle quite possibly the Greatest Bad video game movie ever made= Street Fighter the Movie which starred; Jean Claude Van Damme, the late and beloved Raul Julia, and Australian pop-princess Kylie Minogue. Dedicated to Dutch Dogg- Rip Thanks for listening, follow and share the pages!


[Ep 99] A Little Hey How Are Ya!

J, Mike, & Tom are back and without a plan! First this happened- Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta boo-hoo's... Then this happened- Black James Bond, Ruby Rose & Batwoman, Mike vs the Wifi, Hangover dilemmas, Star Trek and the case of multiple Kirks, DBZ game, anime pop shots, Black Canary diversity cast, Kane becomes a mayor and unfortunately The Cosby shows up. Unofficially brought to you by Fireball Whiskey! All of this and more on Episode 99! Thanks for listening!


[Ep 98] El Escandalo

A classic tale of derailment, conspiracies, scandals, bad movies, awful graphics, a ton of cocaine, and Jean Claude Van Damme. We got sharks in the dark, Sly & Arnie, and some great movie pitches. There is a bunch of other stuff in here including the final word on Die Hard and whether or not it is a Christmas movie! All complaints, issues, and all those who are offended; feel free to address US either on our FB or Twitter pages! Thanks for listening!


[Ep 97] Dumbkirk

Join J & Tom as we welcome newcomer to the Arcade, Josh. We discuss a smorgasbord full of topics such as: Insider McDonalds Monopoly scam, fecal salads, & latte sabotages, man stages murder-suicide, the case of the high-school track pooper, and the random list returns as we tackle=Alternate movie endings. Also, someone continues to have problems with the Nolan-verse and others are having none of that! Thanks for listening! Follow and share the pages!


[Ep 96] Orlando- Las Vegas (Vacation Edition)

This episode here is a doozy! J and Mike are back from vacation with many a great stories to tell! Join us as Mike tells us all about his trip to Universal Studios Islands and J spills almost all of the beans on his impromptu Las Vegas adventure! From Burlesque to Bamboozle we cover it all! Dont forget to follow and share the page! Send all comments, questions, inquires to our email and as always thanks for listening!


[Ep 95] 26 Minute Animated Offensive

Welcome back! On this episode we journey back to some nostalgic cartoons from our childhood: Rambo, Robocop, Captain N, Snorks, Shirt-Tales, Starcade, and much more! It is pretty amazing that some of this stuff was even green-lit to be made!!! Thanks for listening!


[Ep 95] Having A Bad Week!

Join J & Tom as we dive into some of the current events that are unfolding around us and some topics that are pretty close to home! We weigh in on the James Gunn controversy as well as updates on the Chris Hardwick situation. We also cover the Aquaman trailer and some of the recent movie teasers. A mind-blowing Batman fan theory is discussed and the Streetfighter gauntlet continues to be thrown down...all of this and much more! Follow and share the pages! As always, thanks for listening!