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This is THE podcast to find your fit in the GAMING INDUSTRY. Experts in the video game, board game, card game, and RPG space tell us how they made their start in their careers. Find out how to turn your passion for gaming into a rewarding career!

This is THE podcast to find your fit in the GAMING INDUSTRY. Experts in the video game, board game, card game, and RPG space tell us how they made their start in their careers. Find out how to turn your passion for gaming into a rewarding career!
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This is THE podcast to find your fit in the GAMING INDUSTRY. Experts in the video game, board game, card game, and RPG space tell us how they made their start in their careers. Find out how to turn your passion for gaming into a rewarding career!






TGC: 085 Game Based Learning from Kevin Ballestrini from the Pericles Group

We as gamers can all look back into our past and remember a gaming session that was truly EPIC. Something happened in game to challenge you in a way or forced you to think about a problem differently. Even though the goal was just to have fun, that game helped you learn something new and engage the world with new skills. Today we are joined Keven Ballestrini- the Co-founder of The Pericles Group, A company that publishes games to allow players to explore learning as a narrative. On a...


TGC 084- Making Your Own Convention with Sheena and Terri from Chupacabra Con

Do you want to know how you can turn your own gaming group into a whole blown out convention? Today we are joined by Sheena Vandevanter and Terry Whisenant from CHUPACABRA CON who talk to us about how they built a Tabletop Convention and how your can do the same. This episode actually captures another interesting aspect of the gaming profession- how relationships can turn into game career opportunities. Over the course of talking with Sheena we were able to work out a partnership with...


TGC Express: 083 Merging Publishing Companies with Geek Fever Games' Jason Miceli

Today we are joined by Jason Miceli of Geek Fever Games. We get the chance to talk about all the success Geek Fever games has had in the past several years. During the discussion we talk a little bit about how the company actually merges with another publisher in order to make their offering stronger. I think this is a really interesting idea to consider as an aspiring indie publisher. When starting out, people often want to focus primarily on the game and not the underlying business...


TGC- 082 All Things Tabletop RPG with Jason Walters from Indie Press Revolution

Today we are joined by Jason Walters, the general manager of Indie Press Revolution to give us an idea on the state of tabletop RPGs, how to make them, how to sell them, and how to get them into stores. Jason also gives us a huge storehouse of cutting edge RPGs and discusses the development of the Tabletop RPG Genre. I have to admit that I thought I had the tabletop RPG market figured out. Dungeons and Dragons was my gateway drug that got me started on this whole thing. I've played Rifts,...


TGC: 080 Powergaming Our Behavior with Maneesh Sethi- Founder of Pavlok

Introduction Today we are joined by long-time power gamer and founder of Behavioral Technologies and creator of Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, who has managed to use his gamer powers to Hack The System of Life. He’s here to help us unlock our potential. This is a really cool interview. I like to think of myself as a fairly productive person, but after talking with Maneesh are really need to step up my game. I have long believed that games DO have a transformative effect on behavior, and we as...


TGC EXPRESS: 079 Alisha Vokman from Bouncing Bomb Games- How to be and work with Artists

Gaming Careers EXPRESS- A new format Hello Hello All! This is the first ever Gaming Careers Express Episode. The idea of this content is that it is short, to the point, and gives you some concrete business and career advice to help you on your path. I look at it as opportunity to share additional interviews, recorded lectures, or musings that I wouldn't otherwise be able to share on the show due to length. Since this is the first segment of its type, I am really interested to get your...


TGC: 078 Avonelle Wing From Double Exposure on Networking, Inclusion, and Shaping Behavior

Getting people to take notice of your tabletop game is one of the toughest nuts to crack in the business. Today we are joined by Avonelle Wing, the senior vice president of Double Exposure, to let give us advice about how to get more table time for our games. On a personal note- This podcast episode is very special to me. I love the opportunity to share what the gaming industry has to offer, but most times I'm focused primarily on what the guest has to offer you as the listener. There...


TGC: 077 Christian Spicer from the DLC Podcast- On Human Networking

With ever increasing voices in the games space- being a games news and entertainment provider takes a ton of effort, talent, and “hustle” to succeed. Today we are joined by Christian Spicer- one of the hosts of the DLC podcast- a show dedicated to videogame and tabletop entertainment… To help us figure out how to crack that nut. I want to send a special shout out to one of my listeners: Hugo Vasquez! It was his enthusiasm and encouragement that caused this episode to come about. I...


TGC- 076 Chris and Susanne Zinsli from Cardboard Edison ON Game Design Contests!

Introduction Today we are joined by a favorite returning guest-duo and board-game resource powerhouse. Chris and Suzanne Zinsli ARE Cardboard Edison- A Boardgame Industry Resource aggregator AND Game Design Team - To talk to us about the importance of game design contests. On the show I try to have a great variety of different career options in the games industry as well as highlight great tools for gaming professionals to use. I would by lying if I said that a lot of the podcast content...


TGC 075 John Sommer on Making Indie VR Games Cheap, Fast, and Pretty

Virtual Reality in videogames is HERE- its new technology and everyone is trying to figure out how best to set up shop in the next generation of gaming experiences.… Today we are Joined by long-time Video Game Art Director and Co-Founder of Gyoza Games- John Sommer- to talk to us about how to make a quality games that are pretty- and VIRTUAL-- All on a shoestring budget. Resources: - Austin game Conference Unity Asset...


TGC: 074 Jeffrey Wolfe- Becoming A Boardgame Tester

They say a product never survives its first encounter with the customer- The point for game designers is that you will NEVER be able to work out your game to perfection in your head or with your prototype. You MUST test the game with someone outside your immediate circle of friends to make your game the best it can be. But how do you find or work with playtesters? Today we are Joined by Jeffrey Wolfe- who has been a playtester for a number of Plaid Hat games- to tell us all about what it...


TGC: 073 Nick Yee- Using Big Data to Design Your Videogames

Designing a blockbuster video game is an increasingly difficult proposition with all the games that flood the market daily. I think one of the true keys to success is really knowing what motivates your flavor of gamer. Today we are joined by Nick Yee- The cofounder and Analytics lead at Quantic Foundry- A consulting company dedicated to helping users identify gamer motivations! Resources: Get Your Board and Video Game Profile Here (VERY COOL:)Quantic Foundry Home SiteQuantic Foundry Twitter


TGC: 071 Joe Modzeleski Videogame Creator of Gun World 2

This is a really cool interview with Indie Videogame Dev Joe Modzeleski, the creator of Gun World and Gun World 2. This is a fascinating interview because Gunworld was NOT a popular title when it came out. Instead of letting it go and moving on to something else, Joe decided to double down and make another game based on the same intellectual property. He even used the negative reviews of the previous game as part of his Gun World 2 marketing campaign: The sequel no one asked for, to the...


TGC: 070 Dan Yarrington and Michael Michael Fox From Ship Naked Tell Us How To Solve Shipping Woes

Why do first time game publishers ALWAYS screw up shipping? Well, the truth of the matter is that there is a lot to it… especially if you want to do it right. Today we are joined by Dan Yarrington and Michael Fox from Ship Naked to help us navigate the murky shipping waters as well as let us know how they might be able to help. This is a great episode where we really dive in to all the different factors involved in shipping a tabletop project. I have been reading tons of information on...


TGC: 069 Tom Vasel and The Dice Tower Network

If tabletop game news had a not-so-secret headquarters- it would certainly be located in The Dice Tower. Today we are talking to Tom Vasel, The President of the Dice Tower Network- one of the main hubs for tabletop news, reviews, and events. The Dice Tower provides podcast and Youtube reviews on tabletop games,- they even organized a convention and cruise dedicated to gaming. This is a great interview where Tom shares his experience as a Tabletop Games Media provider. He offers great...


TGC 068 Rodney Smith from Watch It Played Shares Keys To His Youtube Channel's Success

In this interview I get to talk to Rodney Smith, the Host of Watch It Played. Watch It Played is an incredibly poplular Youtube Channel with over 80k subscribers that shows boardgamers detailed instructions on how to play their favorite games. Rodney's epic success has allowed him to produce games media as a fulltime career. In this episode Rodney shares with us how he got his start and how to ensure produce quality content. This has been an interview I have been looking forward to for...


TGC: 067 James Takenaka- Hitpoint Sales Can Help Get Your Game Into Distribution

This is a great conversation with James Takenaka from Hit Point Sales, a tabletop game consolidator that helps indie developers get their game into distribution. In this show we talk a lot about how different business models can work and how consolidators can act as an excellent bridge to give your game extra reach. I really appreciate how candid and helpful James is about game print quantities and sales figures. It really helps give a concrete frame of reference when working on the...


TGC: 066 Ivan Karmonov from Tabletopia- A New Digital Tabletop Platform!

Here is a great conversation I had with Ivan Karmonov, the head of marketing at Tabletopia, to talk with us about their new digital tabletop platform. I am constantly on the lookout for new tools that can help you take your Gaming Career to the next level and I see a lot of potential in Tabletopia. Their business model allows for some interesting revenue sharing as well as the opportunity for digital playtesting and online distribution for your games. I am excited about the potential...


TGC: 065 Dave Fennoy- Award Winning Videogame Voice Actor Shares Key Career Advice

This interview is really something special. Dave Fennoy is a true artist in the video game voice acting space. He is able to give hugely dynamic and compelling character performances that create the immersive gaming experiences we all crave. You can check out his substantial body of work here: IMBD I have an extremely close connection this subject matter as I have been an actor of sorts in another life. I find it absolutely fascinating how Dave can produce such rich performances with so...