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Gaming With Relative Ease - The Gaming Lovers Episode 17

The Gaming Lovers are joined by their relatives in this special episode of the podcast. Brendo’s dad Alan and little sister Rhiannon have their teamwork put to the test with various games from Death Squared, Snipperclips, Mario Tennis Aces and more. Jem and Rhiannon chat about their favourite childhood video games, share embarrassing stories about Brendo as a kid and play Overcooked 2 for the first time ever!


The Board Gaming Lovers - The Gaming Lovers Episode 16

When one of The Gaming Lovers’ favourite games, Horizon Zero Dawn, recently announced a canonical board game is in the works, Brendo and Jem get inspired to look deeper into the weird and wonderful world of board game adaptions of video games. From the detailed and lengthy versions of Fallout and Dark Souls to a quirky take on Portal. Mmmm… cake anyone? The married duo start speculating on what video games would work well in tabletop format, looking at classic RPG’s and even Pikmin! What...


Guilty Pleasure Games - The Gaming Lovers Episode 15

Guilty Pleasures. We all have them. From food we know we shouldn’t eat to movies we don’t want to admit we watch. Brendo and Jem admit their guilty pleasure video games including commercial flops and plain embarrassing ‘I hope no one sees me playing this’ games. The Gaming Lovers also share a few stories of how gaming has crossed paths with their work life from cosplayers catching Brendo’s train to voiceover jobs casting Jem in the perfect role. Will your video game guilty pleasures...


Video Game Movies (from bad to worst) - The Gaming Lovers Episode 14

Movies based on Video Games have become a running joke in the gaming community. The kind where you start laughing at it… and then cry because they destroyed your favourite childhood game on the silver screen. Brendo and Jem sort through the rubbish and reveal the diamond in the rough, the hidden gem of video game movies! What movie actually did it’s game justice? Plus, The Gaming Lovers gush about the fan film of Uncharted recently uploaded on YouTube starring Nathan Fillion! Perhaps...


Totally Addicted to Games - The Gaming Lovers Episode 13

Brendo and Jem answer a question from a listener about good games for beginners and how to avoid video game addiction. It’s a touchy subject of late but important to address. The Gaming Lovers give some simple and practical advice to prevent gaming overtaking your life. They also run through various games perfect for newbies ready to get their feet wet in the gaming world! If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, seek professional help or contact Lifeline.


Teens React to Retro Video Games - The Gaming Lovers Episode 12

This week Brendo and Jem are joined by 3 special guests - Geoege, FattyBin & Jedi. Teenage girls who love video games but haven’t experienced the classics. Time for a gaming history lesson! Hear them play and react to iconic games from Atari, NES, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64 and the original Sony Playstation. What will they love? What hurts their eyes? What did they say about Sonic to make Brendo cry? Hear all their reactions to these retro games in episode 12 of The Gaming Lovers...


The Worst Video Game Villains - The Gaming Lovers Episode 11

Some video game villains make us cringe with their terrible dialogue or poor programing. But this episode is not about those - no - this episode of The Gaming Lovers podcast, Brendo and Jem list the video game villains who need to re-think their career path. Whether it’s Dr Eggman and his many failed attempts against Sonic or Albert Wesker from Resident Evil and his ‘brillant plan’ to get stabbed through the chest… they all need to see a guidance counselor stat! What video game villain...


Making Money in Gaming - The Gaming Lovers Episode 10

Ever wanted to be paid to play video games? Making money in gaming is much easier and more common than you might realise. In episode 10 of The Gaming Lovers podcast, Brendo and Jem sort through the various ways to make moolah with your favourite hobby. From live streaming to eSports, gaming journalism to the shady underworld of gold farming; there are a multitude of ways to rake in the cash. But which options are the best for making a living through gaming? Ahh, what a wonderful time we...


The Best Female Gaming Protagonists - The Gaming Lovers Episode 9

There are many memorable female characters in video games but few have the honour of being the main character in their game. As more strong, intelligent women steal the show in gaming, like Ellie in The Last of Us or Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the trend of female protagonists is on the upswing. Brendo & Jem have complied a list of their favourite top 10 female gaming protagonists (with a few honourable mentions). From cult hits like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft to the fiery Fetch in...


E3 2018 part two - The Gaming Lovers Episode 8

In this bonus episode of The Gaming Lovers podcast, Brendo & Jem cover the second half of E3 2018. Ubisoft continue their annual tradition of the weird and wonderful while Sony’s conference hit a few bumps. Square Enix let down a lot of it’s fans with the absence of Final Fantasy VII and Nintendo focused heavily on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Plus Jem reveals her inner wrestling nerd talking about WWE’s The New Day going head to head with NJPW’s The Elite in Street Fighter on the show...


Gaming Lingo and E3 2018 - The Gaming Lovers Episode 7

In episode 7, Brendo and Jem answer a question from a listener about video game lingo by providing a ‘cheat sheet’ of gaming terms for beginners. E3 2018 has kicked off and The Gaming Lovers are dizzy with excitement! New games from Bethesda, Bioware and Square Enix bring much anticipation (and a few questions). There is so much gaming news it didn’t fit into one podcast! Be sure to listen out for the special BONUS episode with more E3 highlights and classic awkward moments. Coming...


Games That Have Aged Well - The Gaming Lovers Episode 6

What is it about a classic video game that helps it stand the test of time? Graphics? Music? Gameplay? Story? All of the above? Join Brendo & Jem as they reflect on games that have aged well and what sets them apart from those that have not aged gracefully. Can we trust our nostalgic childhood memories or are we blinded by rose-tinted glasses? Also, in Episode 6 of The Gaming Lovers podcast, with E3 right around the corner, Brendo & Jem list their predictions, hopes and wishes for the...


Episodic Gaming (+ DLC) - The Gaming Lovers Episode 5

Since Jem is playing through Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the married Aussie duo talk about other episodic games and discuss whether the wait between chapters helps or hurts the gaming experience. Will chopping the Final Fantasy VII remake (an already complete game in its original form) upset it’s rabid fan base? In a similar vein, Brendo is excited to share his favourite expansion packs and downloadable content plus some of the worst DLC the gaming industry has to offer. Jem...


Gaming Gimmicks - The Gaming Lovers Episode 4

Game developers have a history of using gimmicks to bring in new gamers and more cash. From utilising new technology to strange controller design and game play, some ideas work while others… not so much. Join Brendo and Jem as they break down various gaming gimmicks like VR, motion detection like the Kinect, Wii or Move and 3D. What will stand the test of time? What gimmicks make us sigh and shake our head? Find out in episode 4 of The Gaming Lovers podcast!


The Gaming Lovers Episode 3 - When Games Feel Like Work

Welcome to The Gaming Lovers Podcast! Not all games are created equal. Sometimes, it takes an iron will to finish a game or get that Platinum Trophy (we’re looking at you Danganronpa V3). In this episode, Brendo and Jem discuss games that felt more like work than fun as they take on a special challenge to beat a friend’s score on Overcooked. Can they beat the record? Can their marriage survive 48 hours of Overcooked chaos?


The Gaming Lovers Episode 2 - Party Games We Love

Welcome to The Gaming Lovers Podcast! In this episode, Brendo and Jem put together a list of the best party video games, from retro to recent. Classics like Mario Kart to new favourites such as Gang Beasts or JackBox! Party games are great for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Find out if your favourite made the list! Got a great party video game we should check out? Let us know!


The Gaming Lovers Episode 1 - Intro to Gaming

Welcome to The Gaming Lovers Podcast! Join Brendo and Jem in their very first episode as they discuss their favourite video games, set gaming goals and share how their love of gaming has brought them closer together in married life. Based in Melbourne, Australia.