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Episode 13: Where the heck ya been?

Episode 13 is dedicated solely to letting our listeners know what has been going on in our lives since our unexpected hiatus. This episode's got everything: babies, Bibles, Air BnBs, beautiful slutty islands, and much much more. Welcome back to the Cult, our children. We have missed you, one and all.


D&D Order of Three: Carnival of Corruption

In this episode, the guys play a little D&D in the Retroverse! A taste of things to come, Tyler DMs while Brock and Josh tried to survive this D&D one-shot adventure.


Interview: Chris Lock #2, Lead Designer of The Retroverse

Lead Designer of The Retroverse and founder of Lasers & Liches Chris Lock is back for round 2 as he and Tyler Lee sit down to talk about the growing nostalgia phenomenon known as The Retroverse. Chris talks about how far he and his project have come in such a short time, Kickstarter details, the trails and tribulations of creating something, and much more on this special interview episode of The Nerd Cult.


Tales from the Crits Ep.2: Angels & Demogorgons Chapter 2 - Kids are a Bitch

Out of the goodness of our heart, here is Episode 2 for free! For all future episodes, check out our $3 tier on our Patreon. The adventurers follow the mysterious children into their quiet, empty home to see what help they can provide--much to the annoyance of Caius. Inside, they find more than just a spooky house with odd walls and paintings.


Episode 12: Pacific Rim Uprising, Dragon Ball Super, Pessimist Vs. Optimist Trailers, & GUNDAM!

Episode 12 of The Nerd Cult kicks off with Tyler praising Pacific Rim: Uprising, which quickly spirals into an Andy Serkis praise war. Then, the boys talk about their love of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super--spoilers abound. Then, it's another round of the Pessimist Vs. Optimist movie trailers segment with Tyler judging Josh and Brock on their takes with the latest trailers for Ready Player One and Avengers: Infinity War. And Josh doesn't know the different between a Gundam and any...


Tales from the Crits Ep.1

It's here! Our first episode of our D&D play podcast, Tales from the Crits. Josh takes on the roll of DM and starts out Tyler Lee, Matt Wagner, and Aaron Hennen on his campaign Angels and Demogorgons as they work their way through a spooktacular fog and creepy village. Future episodes will be available on the 1st and 15th of every month, and will be available to our $3 Patreon subscribers a full month ahead of this podcast feed. Subscribe here at


Episode 11: Video Games, Gun Violence, & Special Announcements

In this episode of The Nerd Cult, the guys talk about just how ridiculous it is to blame the recent (or any) gun violence on video games. After they rant, they give a few more details on a few upcoming special episodes, and reveal a very special project. All this and more!


Episode 10: Black Panther, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Thirteenth Tale, & Gothic Literature

Disclaimer: Tyler knows he sounds like he is recording from a metal tube. Audio issues. Fun. We made it 10 episodes! On this special occasion that the guys make absolutely no mention of, they talk about their love for Marvel's latest film, Black Panther. Then, Tyler discusses the woes of playing Warehorse Studios' Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Finally, Brock discusses his time with The Thirteenth Tale, a modern gothic novel that he can't recommend enough, which is followed by a short...


Episode 9: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Venom, Kingdom Hearts 3, & Solo A Star Wars Story Trailers

*Disclaimer* Apologies for the less than stellar audio. Technical difficulties suck. Anyway...on this episode, Tyler talks about his time with the full version of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Then, the boys break out a new segment and talk about the three big trailers from the past couple of weeks: Venom, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Episode 8 - Monster Hunter: World, Video Game Balls, Dragon Ball Super, and Arrow and Flash

With Super Bowl Sunday approaching, 'tis the season--according to Josh--to narrow down just what is/are the best balls in video games. Join Tyler, Josh, and Brock in this deep and meaningful discussion, sprinkled in with Tyler discussing his beloved time with Monster Hunter: World, the rumored ending of Dragon Ball Super, Josh's surprise at how much he is enjoying CW's Arrow and The Flash, and the awesome giveaway where you can win some super nerdy prizes!


Episode 7: Sans Josh, Life is Strange, Dragon Ball FighterZ, VR Chat

The trio is a man down this episode, but Tyler and Brock attempt to keep the ship on its normal, unplotted, convoluted course. Brock breaks down his time with the Life is Strange prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Tyler talks about his time with the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta. Brock also discusses the odd world that is VR Chat before Tyler shows what humor he found at the depths of Reddit. All this and more on Episode 7 of The Nerd Cult!


Interview: Chris Lock, Lead Designer of The Retroverse

For our very first interview episode, Tyler R Lee interviews game designer and fellow nerd Chris Lock, Founder of Lasers & Liches and Lead Designer of The Retroverse. For your amusement, Tyler grills him on all the finer details on his upcoming, nostalgia driven adventure in tabletop form, and finds out just what kinds of nerdy and geeky things drive Chris and his creation.


Episode 6: Best of 2017 - Video Games, Tabletop, Comics, TV, & Movies

It's a New Year and The Nerd Cult is going to help you ring it in with a look back as Josh, Tyler, and Brock talk to you about their picks for the Best of 2017. From video and tabletop games, to TV and movies, and more, listen to your boys discuss what they loved about 2017 and why they loved them.


Episode 5: Disaster Artist, Netflix's Dark, Of Dice and Men, and Net Neutrality

This disaster of an episode starts off with Brock talking about his unnatural love for the film The Room, and how much he enjoyed the biopic The Disaster Artist. After that, he continues with his recommendation of Netflix's surreal sci-fi series Dark. Tyler talks about the book Of Dice and Men, which chronicles the history of D&D, along with the history of its author. Finally, the boys rail against the attempt to repeal Net Neutrality and urge you to take action. All this and more on The...


Episode 4: Infinity War, Rule of Rose, SNES Classic, Xanathar's Guide to Everything

And we're back in just plain audio world for episode 4 of The Nerd Cult. Listen to us all gush about the release of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Then, Brock takes us a spooky tour of a PS2 classic, Rule of Rose. After that, Josh and Tyler discuss how amazing their Super NES Classics are while Brock stares jealously from the corner, and how much help the new D&D rules expansion, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, can be to DMs and players alike. As a bonus, hear about the absolutely...


Episode 3: Nerdy Birdz

In our third episode we break down why Justice League (and seemingly most DC movies, in general) is just so... meh. We take a look at one of the most affordable and versatile Android phones on the market. And we try out a role-playing/world-building tabletop game. Also, in the Thanksgiving spirit we debate and discuss our lists for the all-time top birds in nerd culture. You are almost assuredly going to be surprised with our choices. Plus, we take a look at some listener questions.


Episodes from the In-Between: Stranger Things 2

For our first episode from the In-Between we take a look at the second season of the critically acclaimed Stranger Things--or Stranger Things 2, if you prefer. Tyler, Josh, and Brock talk about character development, the introduction of several new and exciting kids and adults, the D&D inspiration behind the monsters, Bob, and much more. Step into the In-Between and have a listen.


Episode 2: Folklore

In episode 2 of The Nerd Cult Josh, Tyler, and Brock dive deep into folklore and learn the terrifying truth behind Amazon Key. Also, Josh talks NBA 2K18 and how much he loves microtransactions in video games. Tyler and Brock discuss the already critically praised Thor: Ragnarok, and Tyler gives a glowing recommendation to Sloclap's Absolver. Finally, Brock dives head first into the strange and horrifying Petscop.


Episode 1: Welcome to the Cult

Welcome to the Cult! Specifically, the first episode of The Nerd Cult podcast. Join hosts Tyler Lee, Josh Forrester, and Brock Parsons as they yammer on about all the most nerdy bits they enjoy in their lives. After a hilariously shaky intro, Brock discusses his acid trip-like journey through the video game Cuphead and how it connects to Daffy Duck and WWII. Then, Josh discusses his love of Dragon Ball Super and the ups and downs of the latest episodes. Tyler takes over to praise Netflix's...