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33 - Part 3 1997 - SAD GROAN

Do bushes grow up into trees? Everything was grey, on fire or dark blood. A big orbital grub. Leeloo multipass was the mom in the shining. Turok killed a guy! It’s a juicy ring of flavor, will you marry me? I find the road runner attractive. Hey, how big is YOUR blood? Wrong Barry you’re foyer.


32 - Part 2 of 1997 - Brandon missed the meme!

She turned his mushroom into a portobello. Gang fight: The Accidental Dreadlocks vs. The What’s This Foot Sores. Tubthumping IS gross. Chicka Cherry Cola. 10,000 hours measure a year? Pluck my feathers out of my vagina ass. I can eat a Fox for hours. He said “Croc just grew.”


31 - 1997 Part 1 - Gerbilcast 2018

I ___, you ___, we ___. It’s Kirby vs. NFL Blitz. Jeeze...calm down Donkey Kong. I’m gonna drink some of my gerbil drink. Oh wait whoaaaaaaaaaaa, it’s a boy. J-Bomb likes ass play. Take me, sweet mechanical god! Bad 90’s hot wheels. Abe is just a purple shaved gorilla with tortured face and feet.


30 - 1996 Finale! - Poor Gorby and his arrow ridden corpse

And Jesus said “April fools my sons!” Compilation of dumb things on one day. Did I say wipe it on the toast? I boiled my there’s that. Release the strongman! I played battleship against a kid in Australia and my mom saw porn. I’m just a ghost at 5 in the morning. Cubes of intestines.


Episode 29 - Part 4 of 1996 - I'm aware of my tummy!

Feral Lindsay Lohans return. You shittin’ liar. Did you know Matthew Broderick killed a guy? Btw he’s an amputee. He’s worse than a whispering Gandalf. Bucket List = Buy a wheel of cheese. Andre the Giant’s speech. More Randy Savage. Sega Saturn had a nightmare controller. Mortal Kombat in Twisted Metal?


Episode 28 - Part 3 of 1996 - Death screams and Falco

Turtle girdle. Picking up piss ants. I’m a real boy, and I pooped splinters! Zippy the Star Wars Hero. There’s a lot of Joeys. Well you weren’t good enough and now Sophie’s a dead body. It’s like Falco did downers. I’m gonna call these raptors. Fookin Chucky. Moon knights vs. the children of Zod. If ya like the show send us a toe(but really don’t)


Episode 27 - 1996 Part 2 - Frogmeleon.

5 windows dings out of 5. Chlorinated possum feces. Princess Diana was...pretty. Make me my pudding, chocolate or blood? Wtf is a Bandicoot business simian. Hey there dirty Duke. It’s Mr. pants. So many bad accents! The story of sonic’s irradiated nuclear wasteland. Grimace’s pregnant wife dressed up as mighty mouse for Halloween. Brandon thinks this episode is “good”.


Episode 26 - Part 1 of 1996 - Probably birds.

Pop my collar and get my d sucked. Instead of potatoes he uses chum to make his vodka. I fireballed my cousin to death. Gyarados de Laurentiis. Run over a shiny thing, it’s a weapon. Your trap chunk is in your foot. Benign Catholic girl.


I Challenge you to Glommy Chess!

It's like drinking bad memories. Cool Baby 500 in 1 Game! Americanunciation. Snipe hunting and drop bears. The next stuff is music. Six egg trail. Claymation James Woods. The Daytona Prophecy. Family Guy Tangent. Three Thorax and an Ass Part. I’ll take whatever for something Alex. Boom to the Moon!


Episode 24 - Part 3 of 1995 - Chauncey the Gopher is Canadian.

It was like a seahorse the flew around. It was a code word for put a penis in the clouds. Sweet Tooth was born on the Isle of Man. Juiced up Mario Kart with Marie. I want 9 toes and 16 fingers in a bag to go please. Blue alien bagina. Anime lady celebration! Energy garbules restore peach on earth. Luigi does what he wants when he’s at home! We missed storytime!?


Episode 23 - Part 2 of 1995 - If ya hate us, don't rate us!

This show gives you the shits 70% less than Taco Bell! Hand pies filled with mice and mold! This moonshine tastes like Larry Kings cigar. I follow the rebellion, I’m horde side, and I’m with bird poop! These are the Days of our Alliance.George Foreman was the Rick Steiner of boxing. FINISH HIM! Owen Wilson: Wow! Squitter is the sound when a spider scuttles. Don’t Pet the Gator! Let your lips wrap around, let your jaw go to work and your tongue go to town. Brandon shows his mom some porn....


This conversation...Burn it.

Spielbergs! Alternate Timelines, Chrono, Crono and Cronos, Secret Societies. Docking, Blue waffles, mung and smegma. Brandon raps. Italian racism. Neckin’ with my cousin. My face is stuck in my thorax! Nuclear Weapon available…Don’t Come! BEAR NOISE! Lube me up with Bacon Grease!


Episode 21 - A Decade of F.....un Things

Chlorophyll + lead = gold! Frontiers CEO was found in Alaska with a bear!? Mashup 2017! The S.S. Bigger Boat. Jellyfish can T1000 a cannonball. We put lowjack in Jaws’ dorsal fin. Guy, the French ninja. Mike loses his shit over spacemen. WAVE RACE. Stewie and the Fonz had a baby! When he said kill the ref, he meant it! Take good rest Brandon!


Episode 20 - 1994 Part 4 - Mash Your Cartridges Together!

Our intro is real weird! Feline Ragnarok. DB Cooper is a national hero! What if a series of tubes was also a cheese stick. It’s grandpa duck. Andy! I’m a guppy! It’s the N64 rabbit hole! Beefy Juggalos. Hey a game snuck on neither of us played. It's a late return, but Brandy Burps is back, this time he ate peaches.


Episode 19 - Part 3 of 1994 - Bobson Dugnutt

Vague alcohol™! Homeless mans dreads christen my feet. Surgical throat removal via hawk! Brandon dodges a baby chair. Little rocket man’s dad aka elvis potato. I like Ruebens, Ruebens are good. King K. Rool and the Kremlings sing: the Split, the Banana Split! Child Forrest Gump is an ape. Cindy, the diet coke fiend gives great HJs. Kidz Bop 1994! Ohhhh those names. Jaguar, Tiger or Leopard.


Episode 18 - 1994 Part 2 - Ohhh, You're my best friend

Sizzurp: what you need to know about cough syrup high. Yay, kids shows following a murder. NBC - Nipples Be Cold. The lake house - That mailbox time travels. Earl, The Baphomet is the manager at smoothie king. TERRY LIKES COMBOS! Hey, there’s a Doom game! Oh and Doom II in this episode.


Episode 17 - Part 1 1994 - I've always wanted a three-way

I’m gonna finger your hand. Oxford dictionary is a liberal conspiracy. Michael Jackson vs. Macho Man Randy Savage vs. President Reagan. Safe spaces in the Kentucky school system in 1994. Dave Grohl’s gay chicken game is level 1000. How many games can have fart humor in one episode?! He is hat. Make it less like the KKK, probably a good idea. Speaking of pus though. Ricks a badass, have a good day. His hymen’s intact.


Episode 16 - 1993 Part - It's Finally Over!

My eyeballs are sweating, no that’s called crying. Angelina Jolie came from my snake ;) Burn that baby at the stake! Butter the cat side up, then you divide by zero. MEATLOAF SCREAM. Nowadays everybody’s Hitler. Shoot the chimp off the mountain.


Episode 15 - 1993 Part 2 - POLYGONS!

Its Bill Kennedy Clavin on the Mason Dixon line. Let’s all go to the lobby and get a rabbit's foot. The hamster said it was consensual. Edison chopped down the tree, then he flew a kite, then he stole it from Tesla, now we have electric cars, done. What did you say to me Falco? Triangles and Rectangles. Do androids dream of electric gorillas?


Pentagrams and Danger!

Adulting is hard. The legend of peat and Pete. Top 3 crazy white religions? Snake Handlers, Mormons and Scientology. Brandon sets traps and does maths. Great job on the commercials, Mike. Magneets, How do they work? Whose stumpier, Jim Abbott or Kirby?


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