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Grand Theft Auto

It's Grand Theft Auto 1 on The Retrograde this week! Andrew and Mikey take a look at the PC classic which spawned a mega-franchise. We also discuss then next steps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the ongoing issues at Rockstar Games including questionable labour tactics and potentially mistreating local game stores. Was this game worth writing home about, or was its subject matter the only thing keeping it in canon?


Wave Race

It's Wave Race 64 this week on The Retrograde! Andrew and Mikey take to the open seas to review the original 3D racing title for Nintendo 64. We also take some time to discuss the stellar sales of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, James Gunn joining Suicide Squad 2, and the Overwatch Halloween Event! Is this old school title, like the throttle of a Jet Ski, worth holding onto? Or should we let this memory drift down to the bottom of the ocean to be forgotten forever? Find out this week, when...


Mario Party

It's Mario Party this week on The Retrograde! Andrew and Mikey take a look back at one of Nintendo's classic multiplayer games to determine whether or not it was ever worth playing! We also dig into the most significant Russian attack on American culture: Star Wars Episode 8, the unreasonable success of Venom, and the potential crash of the videogame industry as a whole! Will this game crap out, or is it worth rolling the dice on once again? Find out this week, when Andrew and Mikey...


Twisted Metal

It's Twisted Metal this week on The Retrograde! In 2005 it may have seemed reasonable to risk life and limb, climb into a modified car which conveniently embodies everything about your quirky personality, and fight to the death, but can the same be said today? We also discuss the recent closure of Telltale Games, the potential for a Marvel Videogame Universe after Spiderman, and the upcoming Fallout 76 beta! Is this Twisted entry into early Playstation lore worth restoring, or would the...


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

It's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater this week on The Retrograde! Andrew and Mikey throw on our tank tops and turn up the Ska with a look back at one of gaming's biggest trend setters from the 90's. We also take some time to discuss the Overwatch World Cup, gush over Captain Marvel, and question why Venom is being made! Can this game still "kick" it with the best of them, or should we "flip" it the bird and forget about it? Find out this week when Andrew and Mikey Retrograde: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


Wolfenstein 3D

It's Wolfenstein 3D this week on The Retrograde! Mikey and Andrew simultaneously explore one of World War 2's most famous fictional prisons and the newly pioneered 3rd dimension in videogames! Andrew also gives an in-depth review of Spiderman, and we pitch movie executives on casting choices for the new Batman and Superman. Is this game's return worthy of a hero's welcome? Or is it best left to wallow in the forgotten pages of a dusty history book? Find out this week, when Andrew and Mikey...


Street Fighter 2

It's Street Fighter 2 this week on The Retrograde! That's right, Mikey and Andrew are Back with Another One of Those Balrog'n Beats! We also take some time to discuss the new Spider-Man game, hype up NBA 2K19, and even perform a draft of our favourite Street Fighter characters! Was one of the original, most notorious games which put two people toe to toe actually a piece de resistance, or should it be left to collect dust in the dark corners of your childhood arcade? Find out this week,...


Mario Tennis

This week, coming at you faster than an Andy Roddick Ace (circa 2003), The Retrograders dust off their N64 to take a look at Mario Tennis! Will it be a SMASHING success, or did Nintendo serve up a double fault? Join Mikey and Andrew as they discuss this, E3 predictions, the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate lineup, and more!


Star Fox 64

This week The Retrograders are leaving on a jet plane to take a look back at the Nintendo 64 classic Star Fox 64! Will it be smooth sailing, or will the introduction of the Rumble Pack make this an altogether bumpy ride? Join Mikey and Andrew as they talk about the lost art of flight shooters, the inflated difficulty of old control schemes, and the mysterious beginnings of Wario! Plus, an ad from our sponsor Don't Assk, a company which no one truly understands.


Cruis'n USA

Mikey and Andrew Cruise into the 1990s as they re-visit the classic arcade racer Cruis'n USA on the Nintendo 64. Is this trip across the United States worth sitting through, or will we opt for a faster mode of transportation this time around? Only one way to find out!


BONUS - Pokemon Fantasy Draft

Mikey and Andrew battle it out in a once in a lifetime Fantasy Draft to select the greatest team of Pokemon this world has every seen! The rules are simple: One starter each, no legendaries, and no holds barred. Each combatant selects 10 pokemon to represent them in the field of battle. Who will emerge victorious? If you think Mikey, let us know on Twitter with #TeamMikeyCmon or #TeamAndrewCmon !


Pokemon Snap

It's Pokemon Snap week, as Mikey revisits the game which changed his life and Andrew makes fun of him for it. The Retrograders (TM) take a trip back to Pokemon Island to see if Professor Oak's plan to catalog all of the Pokemon using an on-rails camera vehicle make as much sense now as they did back in 1999. Is Pokemon Snap as picture perfect as they remember it, or is this picture worth 1000 curse words? Will Andrew finally learn how to pronounce Pokemon? Why don't ALL trainers visit the...



Andrew and Mikey can show you the world in this look back on one of the most iconic movie-based video games of all time: Aladdin! Put down your magic lamp, and pick up a bunch of apples to chuck at scimitar wielding baddies in this cartoonish platformer. Is it actually a wish come true, or will we just wish that it were a better game?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time

It's Mikey and Andrew In Time this week, as the Retrograders (TM) take a look back at the hit Arcade and SNES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time. Will this be as enjoyable as reheated leftover pizza, or or will our memories of this childhood treasure be Shreddered to bits?


*BONUS EPISODE* Marvel Cinematic Universe Rankings

On this special bonus episode, the spiritual successor to last week's Avengers Spolercast, Producer Elliot gets on mic to join Andrew and Mikey in ranking the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in order of least enjoyable to most enjoyable. If you're a fan of well thought-out ranking systems, diligent debates over quality and expectation, and well formulated sentences, you'll probably hate this! Enjoy!


NHL 94

On this week's episode, Mikey and Andrew discuss whether or not "realism" was attainable in video games from the 1990's when they take a look at one of the highest rated sports games of all time: NHL 94.


*BONUS EPISODE* The Avengers: Infinity War Spoilercast

On our very first BONUS episode of The Retrograde, Producer Elliot joins us to break down The Avengers: Infinity War, and to build up our broken hearts which were crushed by Thanos. Bonus episodes will be released occasionally on Fridays and will allow us to break our mould and discuss all sorts of unrelated, but also sort of related, topics!


Mortal Kombat

On our INAUGURAL episode, we take a look back at Mortal Kombat. Will a tried and true fighting formula be able to keep this game playable in a much more fast-paced era?