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Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 103 | Super Troopers 2

Episode 103 The Studs are back at full strength this week as the wade through a mixed bag of trailers, laugh at the ill-fated bully hunters initiative, discuss the ambition Fallout New Vegas prequal mod ,and Recap the long awaited and excellent Super Troopers 2


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 102 | The French Giant

Episode 102 Kurt and Peter hit you with that hot retro studs action as they go through a biggish week in the trailer world as they discuss Incredibles 2 and Solo: A Star Wars story. A big week in gaming news including rumors of a new Bioshock title and new game modes for pubg get run down. The dynamic duo then Reviews the new Andre the giant HBO documentary


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 101 | A Sorted Podcast

Episode 101 The studs run through a quick show and flex their vocabulary muscles. As the review of the other guys rains down


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 101 | A Sorted Podcast

Episode 101 The studs run through a quick show and flex their vocabulary muscles. As the review of the other guys rains down


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 100 | The Room, Disaster Artist, and Holy Shit 100th Show!

Episode 100 ITS THE 100TH SHOW!!!!!! The boys do something special as they review the room for the first time ever. Discovering that the room really isn't all that bad, the take a look at the companion piece the disaster artist including its commentary track that features Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. The usual trae watch and follow up segments round out a huge milestone show that we can't thank you enough for helping make possible


Saturn Studs Podcast| Episode 99 | Voltron Season 5

Episode 99 Kurt makes his dramatic return to the podcast just in time to talk about the "Deadpool 2" trailer. The crew discusses the abomination that is Nickelodeon's rise of the TMNT and the rather miserable looking spy who dumped me. Did Black Panther continue its box office dominance and what's the deal with Isle of Dogs? All that plus Season 5 of Voltron and much more!


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 98 | Poop jokes ensue

Episode 98 Peter and Jake man the ship by themselves. However they can't be bothered to actually finish the job so Kurt has to do that for them. I assume they did Trae Watch, the follow up gaming news and shit.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 97 | The Podcast that Shags You

Episode 97 This week on the podcast the Studs run through a miserable gauntlet of trailers, recap the Oscars, dish on some gaming news, and review the fantastic sequel to Austin Powers.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 95 | Batman & Robin 90s winter

Episode 95 This week on the podcast Kurt,Jake, and Peter wade through one of the worst movies of all time in Batman &Robin. There are also some inspiring looking trailer's in this week;s tray watch. The guys have an idea for a christian cinematic universe, black panther dominates the box office, Konami wants you to pay for save slots, and much more on this exciting episode.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 94 | Whose Black Panther is it Anyway?

Episdoe 94 Today on the show the studs have a double review of sorts as they take a look at Marvel's Black Panther. Is it the greatest movie ever? We'll find out! The Crew also looks at the trailers for Incredibles 2 and the not as bad as you may think Uncle Drew. The Follow up shows the sad state of the top of the box office before the Black Panther bomb dropped, and there's some quick hits from gaming news including an update on the system shock reboot. Another can't miss show


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 93 | Men in Black 90s Winter

Episode 93 The studs are back to talk the super bowl, a shit ton of trailers, the short run on top for Maze Runner: The Death cure,MvCi not aperaing aty evo, Dragon ball fighterz selling like hot cakes, and the very well made Men In Black. All thta and more on a packed show you most definately don't want to miss.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 92 | George of the Jungle 90s Winter

Episode 92 Its the return of the Studs! this week the gang analyzes the rave early reviews for black panther as well as discusses thier thoughts on the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp. Also on trae watch , the crew takes a look at The First Purge and Skyscraper as well as the new Adam Sandler "comedy" The Day Of. In gmaing New DB Fighterz continues to be awesome, the switch had a monster, 2017 and Red Dead redemption 2 has a realese date. And in the 90s winter feature the crew...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 91 | Gargoyles 90s Winter

Episode 91 Peter is back this week as we discuss a swath of upcoming movies in this weeks trae watch. the box office report shows a slow week on the box office front. Gaming news talks about some changes pubg is making,Yugi Naka joins Square Enix, and more. in the 90s feature we examine the 1st season of the 1994 animated feature Gargoyles


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 90 | Scooby Doo: on Zombie island 90s Winter

Episode 90 It's just Jake and Kurt this week but boy do they ever have a show for you. The run down a full trae watch including, the new Tomb Raider trailer, Death of Stalin, Hostiles, and more. They discuss the revelation of Paddington Bear being the most critically acclaimed movie franchise of all time as Paddington 21 continues to hold a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. They discuss Nintendo Labo and the confirmation that Pokemon will be coming to the switch this year.and for 90s...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 89 | Anniversery Show, Year End Awards, and Mighty Joe Young

Episode 89 It's an absolutely packed show this week as we pop the cork on the third year of the podcast. We look back at 2017's success and failures, both our own and other people's, give you the lowdown on trae watch and gaming news, discuss Jumanji overtaking Star Wars the last Jedi at the box office, review mighty joe young and much more. Join in the celebration!


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 88 | Pokemon the 1st Movie 90s Winter

Episode 88 Welcome to another 90s winter edition of The Saturn Studs Podcast. This week n the show the Studs take a look at the trend of Creepypasta come to life movies coming around. The Switch claims another record. and God of War 4 may be very different than what we were used to. and in the Main Event, the crew takes a look at the 1st Pokemon movie and a version that includes 10 minutes of footage previously unseen by Kurt and Peter.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 86 | Terminate the Holidays 90s winter

Episode 86 This week during 90's winter the crew reviews what Kurt considers to be one of the 50 greatest movies ever made and one of the 10 best sequels ever made Terminator 2: Judgement Day. They also discuss the swath of female-led reboots and remakes populating tray watch. In gaming news microtransactions for the mobile version of injustice could cost you $150 and PUBG leaves beta...Kinda. A good show as usual so check it out.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 85 | The Last of the Jedi

Episode 85 This week on the show it's Star Wars nothing but Star Wars with just a quick trae watch and follow up separating you from our Last Jedi review which is just as expansive as the review of the force awakens that started this whole podcast.


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 84 | SoOo 90s winter

Episode 84 90s winter continues here on the podcast with a look at TMNT II: Secrets of the Ooze. The studs also discuss the new Jurrasic World 2 trailer and its many eerie similarities to Jurassic Park 2. Will Megaman 11 just be Mighy No.9 2? or will it actually be a good Megaman title? All this and more this week on the podcast so check it out. check out our new website,


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 83 | Power Rangers in Space 90s Winter

Episode 83 As 90s Winter Begins the Studs take a look at an amazing season of power rangers, dish on the new infinity war trailer, and discuss the "socialist values" edition of PUBG. All this and more on an exciting edition of Saturn Studs.


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