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Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 176 | Hobbs and Shaw

Episode 176 This week on the show we've got an eclectic mix of trailers, highlighted by the bizarre horror film The Countdown, a second trailer for Queen and slim, and a Roland Emmerich War drama with Midway. Gaming news covers several stories including new Pokemon, more countries outlawing loot boxes, how NBA 2K 2020 became one of the worst-reviewed games of all time, and financial troubles for GameStop. We also discuss how It:Chapter 2 ran away with the box office title and a more...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 175 | Jack in to the Matrix

Episode 175 The Matrix is 20 years old and our intrepid crew of movie enthusiasts discusses the film's legacy and whether or not it holds up today. All other departments are represented including trae watch with the new Bad Boyz 4 Life trailer, Gaming news with a Pokemon discussion that goes off the rails, and the follow-up where the box office remains weak. A fun show as always so check it out Visit for links to all of your Saturn Studs side projects,social media, and...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 174 | Hush DC Animation Department

Episode 174 This week on the show there is a slew of inflammatory trailers including Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Terminator: Dark Fate. Hope springs in the form of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal on adult swim. Another week box office recap is highlighted by a deep dive into the interesting Christian movie genre leader board. Gaming news discusses some info on borderlands three, some divided industry opinion on the steam v epic game store conflict, and Projared's solid rebuttal to the...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 173 | Dreddful D23

Episode 173 This week the Studs are back with a shit load of trailers from the D23 expo, some good, some bad, and the one movie that will get Kurt to subscribe to Disney+. Adam driver has a new movie that will hopefully do better than what's currently running at a dismal summer box office, Ninja gears up for his second Family Feud appearance and Pokemon sword and shield have trains. Paddington crossover when? And in this weeks feature a look at the 2012 Action thriller Dredd starring Karl...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 172 | Playing with the boys

Episode 172 There are a bunch of trailers this week on trae watch as Kurt and Peter battle illness to bring you your Saturn Studs. Jake the healthy member of the trio is bullish on Eddie murphy's newe picture dolomite and down on a bunch of romcoms. The trio is intrigued by Zeroville and wonder if it'll fair better at the box office than it's Hollywood twin. Gaming news covers a bunch of pokemon news as well as improvements to the Epic game store. This week on the show our boys expand on...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 171 | 15 years of Ron Burgundy

Episode 171 This was a light week for everything! 1 interesting trailer for the Addam's Family movie that left a sour taste in the stud's mouths, a weak box office, sparse gaming news, and a hectic week that left little time to get a review together. Facing these long odds the studs put together another excellent show featuring many entertaining stories and asides, interesting conversations, and a look back at the 15th anniversary of one of the defining comedies of this generation...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 170 | Licensed to Bore

Episode 170 Peter is back this week for another hot round of action fe3atureing a traewatch with MORE ZOMBIE MOVIES!!!!! as well as a Wayans Brothers travesty coming to NetFlix and a picture with 4 Oscar winners also coming to NetFlix. Gaming news discusses two big gets for Microsoft's streaming platform of Mixer and ta release date for the Ghostbusters game remake. Peter has a series of short reviews, Lion king fights off Tarantino, and we review the third and sadly worst so far ninja...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 169 | Paddington is a Good Bear

Episode 169 This week on the show it finally happens! After months of waiting and hype Kurt and Jake finally, watch Paddington 2! is it deserving of its 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes? Listen to find out. The dynamic duo makes up for peter's absence with humorous takes on Jojo Rabbit, Zombieland: Double-tap and A beautiful day in the neighborhood. They discuss a lot of doom related news and the very sad and untimely passing of Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson. A show packed full of humor...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 168 | Dawn of the DaveBautistaCU

Episode 168 This week on the show the studs are at ComicCon where Kurt is for sure not filling in for Conan O'Brien. There are a shit-ton of trailers ranging from the nightmare fuel of Cats, to the way too late sequel of Top Gun: Maverik, to the family movie schlock of Playing with Fire. Was spider-man unseated as the top movie? Did Endgame catch Avatar? Was Stuber any good? Find out all this and what's going down in the gaming world this week on the Saturn Studs Podcast! Visit...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 167 | Pokemon The Raise of Dark Dungeons

Episode 167 Things are back to normal this week on the show as the Studs return once again to shoot the shit. Discussing all the hot news such as the new trailer for the live action Mulan movie, the Switch lite, an update on who is king of the box office, and all the usual banter you've come to expect from the Saturn Studs. You aren't going to want to miss out on our epic review of a completely random pokemon movie in Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai. Visit for links to all of your...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 166| Never too far from home

Episode 166 The holiday weekend has scattered the Saturn Studs all across New York state. and while the audio quality might be sub-par the content is still average at best. This week trae watch details the new Jumanji trailer, as well as trailers for spies in disguise and what Peter refuses to believe, is a real movie The Escape Plan: Extraction Team. The box office report shows continued dominance for Toy Story and miserable failure for everything else. Gaming news talks about so stuff and...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 165 | X-men Save the Show

Episode 165 This week it's a 2 and a half hour extravaganza as the Saturn Studs return for another fantastic episode full of laughs and cheer. They recap a week of trailer low-lighted by another awful looking attempt to resurrect Charlie's Angles as well as some movies about people who have killed cops, and there's that little thing about the OG TEEN TITIANS RETURNING!!!! Gaming news covers some sad news this week with a death in the community and other top stories for the week. Toy story 4...


Saturn Studs Podcast |Episode 164 | Peek under the Red Hood

Episode 164 Illness and Strife can't stop the Saturn Studs from marching into your eardrums to bring you so trailers including some Peanutbutter Falcon action and a look at the Killerman. EA says Loot boxes are like kinder eggs and calls them something dumb. Endgame falls down the box office chart ahead of its re-release and MiB international and Shaft Disappoint in their debuts. and in their quest to recommend stuff of DC Universe online the boys review the really good Batman: Under the...


Saturn Studs Podcast |Episode 163 | E3 Don't Die

Episode 163 This week on the show the studs provide a gruesome double feature recapping both E3 a The Dead Don't Die. E3 highlights include the Dexit controversy and several new games including Uncanny Vally avengers and the news that the FFVII remake will be multipart and Shenmue III won't end Ryo's Story. Find out if Godzilla remained King of the Box office or if the number 1 spot was taken by a new movie. Don't miss the studs review the Goulish comedy The Dead Don't Die which featured a...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 162| Godzilla King of the Box office

Episode 162 This week on the show the boys discuss everything from food taxonomy to gimp fashion. The Sundance film festival explodes all over trae watch with some interesting capers and some no interesting capers, Brad Pitt flies through space and Matt Damon makes a fast car. Gaming news devolves into a rant about the Imac Pro and recaps what we learned from the Sword and Shield Pokemon direct/ Finally capping off with a NOT SPOILER SAFE review of Godzilla: King of the monsters Visit...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 161 | Pokebellum

Episode 161 This week on the show the Studs riff on everything from deers and goats to Will Smith's presidential campaign. In between these tirades lay discussions about this week's trailers which include a new offering from Pixar and Tiffany Haddish in a dramatic role. Aldain unseats John Wick at the box office as Endgames inches ever closer to Avatar. Gaming news includes Xbox game pass coming to PC and a pokemon focused Nintendo direct offers great segue into this week's somewhat random...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 160 | Parabellum

Episode 160 All the studs are here to discuss the week that was. The crew dish on the new Terminator trailer and discuss Kurt's conspiracy theory about why the Sonic movie is ACTUALLY being delayed. Avenger's Endgame finally falls at the box office to this week's feature John Wick Chapter 3, can it still catch Avatar? Xbox continues to artificially influence the way players conduct themselves and the lootbox ban gains some steam ion the united states senate Visit for links...


Saturn Studs Podcast |Episode 159 | Ninja Operation: Mickey Mouse Edition

Episode 159 This week on the show it's just Kurt and Peter but boy do they have a lot to cover. A look at some new Offerings from Dc including Thought on Swamp Thing, R-Pat as B-man, and this Wretched Batwoman Trailer. Netflix continues to push its favorite comedian Ali Wong, and the Dead don't Die still looks amazing. In Box office, land find out if Endgame remains number one against a strong opening weekend for detective Pikachu and some news and notes from the gaming world in which no...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 158 | Rhyme City Crimes

Episode 158 The crew dives into a week of big trailers and unsavory gaming news, capped off with a review of the very neat detective Pikachu. a fabulous show as always so be sure to check it out Visit for links to all of your Saturn Studs side projects,social media, and more. Join the Saturn Studs discord server at Follow @StudsSaturn on twitter or visit to stay up to date on the latest news episode releases and the quote...


Saturn Studs Podcast | Episode 157 | Cobra Kai Never Dies

Episode 157 This week on the show the studs dish on and diss the absolutely atrocious Sonic the Hedgehog along with uninspiring trailers for both Late Night and Crawl. They also discuss the absolute domination of Endgame's record opening week and recap the week that was in gaming including stories about Borderlands 3 censorship and an actual Razer Toaster capped off with a review of the consistently excellent Cobra Kai. Visit for links to all of your Saturn Studs side...