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The Veteran Gamers Episode 445 - This Show Is All Over The Place!

Welcome to show 445 This week’s show is backwards way round, upside down and generally all over the place, Stu just decided to mix things up a bit for who know’s what reason, he just did! We did play quite a few games this week, had some news and Derek provided us with another great quiz there were also emails and iTunes reviews. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter


The Veteran Gamers Episode 444 - Normal Service Resumes

Welcome to show 444. This week we are finally back together, and we were ready to talk games and obviously other stuff other than games, as Stu wanted to waffle on about his holiday…yawn! There was also news and the usual social stuff. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions or questions, send e [...]


The Veteran Gamers Episode 443 - The Real Chinny

Yeah yeah yeah it’s late. It’s late because Stu didn’t tell me I had to upload it this week. I didn’t know how long he was going away for. Anyway, Stu is off and I (Chinny) had to go to A&E but it wasn’t anything serious it just meant I had to miss the show. Never mind though because we found the real Chinny, the true Chinny, the OG Chinn. Antonio also joins us as well to make the podcast a trio. Enjoy, or not who cares, no one reads these things anyway. And if you are reading this then...


The Veteran Gamers Episode 442 - Post Stag Baby!

Welcome to show 442 This week Stu and Chinny are back from Amsterdam and they are a little bit tired after all the fun and frivolities of the weekend. Stu had no time to play games as he was sleeping but Chinny did manage to play more of The Witcher 3 and Duke, well he played loads of games! Of course there were emails and speakpipes and thats about it! Enjoy Send Speakpipes to


The Veteran Gamers Episode 441 - Pee Into A Bucket!

Welcome to show 441 Stu and Chinny were away, games were played, news was read and emails were done! Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions or questions, send emails to: Gamertags


The Veteran Gamers Episode 440 - E3 2018

Welcome to a special show covering everything from E3 this year. We give our unique take on all of this years announcements and that’s about it. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions or questions, send emails to: Gam [...]


The Veteran Gamers Episode 439 - A Sweaty Hotbox Of A Show!

Welcome to show 489. This week for once it is sweltering in the UK, so much so that Stu presented the show naked, lucky it’s only sound! As for games, Chinny is continuing his way through The Witcher 3, Stu is loving Forgotton Anne and Duke got his rewards for Rocket League and branched out to a new island in Ylands. Chinny was back to his usual job of providing us with this week’s news and we had a surprise visit from Chad Warden. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to


The Veteran Gamers Episode 438 - While Chinny’s Away Stu And Duke Will Play!

Welcome to show 438. This week Chinny had better things to do, so Rob from The Bosswave joined us for the show and what a great job he did, he’d played lots of games, made witty jokes and generally fitted right in! As for games, they were to numerous to mention but Duke did still manage to get some Skyrim and Rocket League in of course. Stu did the news this week and we finished off the show with emails and all the usual social stuff. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to


The Veteran Gamers Episode 437 - I’ve Got A Giant D**k!

Welcome to show 437 This week Chinny’s experiences with The Witcher 3 were in two halves but did the good outweigh the bad or not? He also played more God Of War. Stu played Forgotten Anne along with more God Of War and the demo for Pixel Junk Monsters 2 and Duke played more No Man’s Sky and of course Rocket League and Skyrim. As always we brought you all of this weeks gaming news and we rounded out the show with a quiz from the man himself Derek Siaens. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to...


The Veteran Gamers Episode 436 - Man Down!

Welcome to show 436 This week Chinny continued his quest in The Witcher 3 and may have started a little game called God Of War, whilst Duke purchased No Man’s Sky and tried to decide if it had improved since the last time he played it, as for Stu he is still ploughing his way through God Of War and tried out Gforce Now on his PC Duke brought us this week’s news as Chinny was too busy blowing the snot out of his nose to be able to do it! That’s about it Enjoy Send Speakpipes to [...]


The Veteran Gamers Episode 435 - Sausage Goat

Welcome to show 435 This week Chinny did the unbelievable and finally started The Witcher 3, but what did he think, was it Stu or Duke he agreed with? As for Stu and Duke, Stu continues to make his way through God Of War, played Marie’s Room and Duke played Miscreated and finished Super Meat Boy for the second time Because we had so many games to talk about, we only had time for Super Quick News™, but we did have time for emails and Speakpipes and boy there were plenty Thats about...


Spoilers Ahead - Far Cry 5

Chinny, Duke and Mark talk in depth about Far Cry 5. SPOILERS This episode features spoilers for the game Far Cry 5 don’t come crying to me when you didn’t listen.


The Veteran Gamers Episode 434 - Dancing Shark

Welcome to show 434 After the come down from all the meet-up shenanigans last week, we didn’t get depressed, we just played more games! Including God Of War, Detroit Become Human, Far Cry 5, Maries Room, Subnautica VR, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Duke is back on Skyrim. This week there was time for news and we finally had the quiz. As always we rounded out the show with emails, Speakpipes and all the usual social stuff. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to


The Veteran Gamers Episode 433 - Meetup Baby!

Welcome to episode 433. The day of the meetup finally came and what a great day we had at the Arcade Club in Bury, but we didn’t get to eat Black Puddings, but we did play lots of retro arcade games oh and PUBG of course. Duke had his own meetup in the US of A and also played some cool arcade classics. We did play other stuff, but had no time for news, but there were emails. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follo [...]


The Veteran Gamers Episode 432 - A Walking F**k Up

Welcome to show 432. This week Stu couldn’t even get the show number right, but he did play some games, including Outlast 2, Yakuza 6 demo and Enigmatic 3, Duke finished Far Cry 5 and played some more Rocket League and Chinny also played Far Cry 5 and A Way Out. Chinny as always brought us the gaming news from around the world and we gave you an update on the upcoming meetup along with emails and speakpipes. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to


The Veteran Gamers Episode 431 - Super Quick News

Welcome to this weeks show This week we played too many games to mention, so many in fact there was no time for news, but we did have time for social stuff and emails. That’s about it. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions or questions, send emails to:


The Veteran Gamers Episode 429 - Grand Old Duke

This week Stu is off boning sheep or whatever so we had Chris from the Bosswave to join us. The show is crap as ever so don’t hold your breath. It’s not like Chris saved it or anything. I guess if you hate Stu then this is the episode for you. The soundFX’s are still here though so I’m sorry about that. Look on the bright side it’s not that long of a show so if you play it at like, 4x speed it will be over. ANYWAY The show.


The Veteran Gamers Episode 428 - Duke Ain’t Nobody’s Monkey!

Welcome to show 428 This week we checked out Standout - VR Battle Royal, Arizona Sunshine, The Golf Club 2, Starbound, RocketLeague and Chinny is still trying to get a solo chicken dinner in PUBG and isn’t for giving up, so much so that he has vowed to only play PUBG until he gets it! As always chinny brought you this weeks gaming news from around the globe and we finished off the show with emails, speakpipes and all the other usual social stuff. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to...


The Veteran Gamers Episode 427 - If Chinny’s Brain Was In A Jar!

Welcome to show 427. This week we checked out The Turin Test, Super Flight, Starbound, The Sims 4, Golf Story, Thumper, Bully and Stu took a trip down memory lane and played Red Dead Redemption and God Of War 3, but do they still hold up today? Chinny brought us all of this weeks gaming news and we rounded out the show with emails and Ginger Balls gave us another quiz challenge! Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow [...]


The Veteran Gamers Episode 426 - Croaky Stu!

Welcome to show 426. This week Stu had a bit of the man-flu so you’ll have to excuse his not quite up to his usual high standards but we did play a lot of games this week, including Rules Of Survival, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, Gravel, Bully, Starbound and Wolfenstein 2. Chinny brings us all of this week’s news and Chinny senior brought us another quiz, we round out the show with emails and Speakpipes. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to