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ToG 2016 Year in Review

The 2016 Year in Review Extravaganza We don’t really have show notes for this as they would prove to be full of spoilers. So let’s just say that in this very special episode, Jared and Todd talk about mobile gaming in 2016. We start with some big news stories/trends. We then create some categories and award some games prestigious titles. […]


ToG #250 – the End of an Era

Editor’s Note: Well this is a sad day indeed. It’s with great sadness that I have to announce that the Jared and Todd era of the ToG is now over. I started this little podcast in September of 2008 right around when the App Store was first announced/hunted. I was regularly blogging about gaming at the time and was insanely […]


ToG #249 – Hero Generations and Mr. Robot

In this epic, long (and 2nd to last) episode we talk about: A few upcoming games we are excited for. A bit of sad industry news. New games we didn’t try (it’s been a busy couple of weeks for mobile gaming!) We then did a few “brief updates” on games we did try. Jared tried 3 games: Primal Legends (Free, […]


ToG #248 – Severed Reigns take a Journey Below

In this episode, Jared and Todd chit chat a bit and then deliver some very sad (potentially) news about the podcast… We then talk upcoming releases and some Pokemon GO news. After that, we mention a few bigger games we did not play (but that we might have purchased). And then it is on to the games we are playing…and […]


ToG #247 – Guild of Dungeoneering, Dots and Co., and Dead Shell

In this episode, Jared and Todd talk some news and game updates and upcoming games they are excited for. We then talk about a few bigger games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Pokemon Go (Free, iOS & Android, Niantic) – Jared is still playing and enjoying the game. He is taking things […]


GO and Play episode #000 – REZDtv’s Pokemon GO Podcast!

Welcome to the intro episode of’s Pokemon GO podcast! With this game being such hit being played by a wide group of people, many who haven’t played or don’t regularly play video games, we thought that this would be a fun show to put together! Listen in as your hosts talk about the latest Pokemon GO updates, latest news, […]


ToG #246 – Super Stickman Golf Pokemon: GOes on a Dead Venture

In this episode, Jared and Todd push the big, big, big news to the end of the show – just in case you are burned out on it. We then talk about a few bigger games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Smash Squad (Free, iOS, WG Cells Limited) – this is a […]


ToG #245 – Teeny Titans, Rodeo Stampede, and Smash Squad

In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news and the latest Humble Android/PC Bundle. We then talk about the games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Adventure Co. (Free, Foursaken Media, iOS/Android). Jared likes, but does not love, this party-based action game. There is some […]


ToG #244 – Lost Frontiers meets BlazBlue RR

In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news. We then talk about the games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Star Billions (Free w/IAP $3, James Cockerham/Catch and Release, iOS/Android) – Jared sort of digs this little game. It is similar to Lifeline as it […]


ToG #243 – Pixel Cup Soccer 16 and Tiny Tower (again!)

In this episode the lads find that things have been BUSY in the mobile gaming world of late. They talk some game updates that have recently rolled in. They then talk about upcoming games. And they wrap up the section with some industry news. Moving on to games they are playing… Jared – Tiny Tower (Free, iOS/Android, Nimble Bit) – […]


ToG #242 – Titan Quest and Imbroglio

In this episode we catch up a bit, we talk about some game updates, some upcoming games, and some interesting news items that are part of the mobile gaming world. We then touch upon a few games we did not try before launching into games we did try. Todd talked briefly about 2 games he tried…Mekorama (Free – pay what […]


ToG #241 – Inks and War Tortoise

Hello and welcome to Touch of Gaming #241 recorded for the week of May 9, 2016 In this episode the lads discuss a few game updates that have hit and they also dig into the news…and there is a decent amount of it again this time around. After that, it is time to discuss the games “we’ve been playing”. Jared […]


ToG #240 – Yakin’ and Warbits

Hi everyone. In this episode we talk about some recent or soon to be arriving updates and games. We then divert to talk about Todd’s issues with Gamecenter…namely; he cannot open the app anymore. After a bit of other random chit chat (our Miitomo debate continues), we get into new games: Todd – Yakin’ ($.99, iOS & Android, Two Fish […]


ToG #239 – Motorsports Manager and Disney Crossy Road

This is quite a long episode featuring quite a bit of info. As usual, we start with lots of upcoming games and news talk and part of that involves a Miitomo battle royale. We then move into games we didn’t play (spoilers…but it turns out one of us did…) Finally we get to the meat of the podcast and focus […]


ToG #238 – King Rabbit and 7 Mages

Touch of Gaming #238. For the week of March 28, 2016 We talk about a few updates. We talk about a lot of news…it was a good couple of weeks for news. We talk about a few games we did not play. We then get right down to games we did play: Jared: Dictator 2: Evolution ($1.99, iOS and Android, […]


ToG #237 – Clash Royale and Legacy Quest

ToG #237 for the Week of March 14, 2016 Jared: Clash Royale (Free, iOS & Android, Supercell) – Jared went in ready to really dislike this new game from Clash of Clans creators Supercell. Instead he found an extremely fair, easy to get into, and novel take on the MOBA genre. There are a lot of things to love about […]


ToG #236 – Futurama: Game of Drones and Super Tribes

This is ToG #236. Recorded for the week of Feb. 29, 2014. Happy Leap Day! In this episode we announce some big news regarding the format of the podcast and how it is going to evolve moving forward. We then talk game updates, news, and mention a few of the bigger game releases that we did not try this week. […]


ToG #235 – Tennis Champs Returns and The Swords

In this quick and efficient episode, Todd and Jared talk gaming news, some updates to games, “out now on Android”, and a bunch of news. We then touch upon a couple of the bigger games we did not try this week. Then we get into the games we did play… Todd – Fantasy Mage ($2.99, iOS, Illogical Games) – this […]


ToG #234 – Tomb of the Mask and _Prism

This was a big week with a lot to talk about. First we talk about some upcoming games, some game updates, and some swell iOS games that are now out on Android. Then we talk about a few big games we did not try this week (hint: RPGs) Then we talk about some new games. Jared – Kung Fu Panda […]


ToG #233 – Avengers Academy and Splash Cars

It is that time of the ToG month…game of the month for January. Todd’s pick was Dungelot: Shattered Lands ($3.99, iOS, Red Winter). Fun game. Good times. Jared’s pick was….you guessed it….Crashlands (act surprised): ($4.99, iOS & Android, Butterscotch Shenanigans) After our game of the month talks, go into a fair bit of gaming news and game updates. Lots going […]