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Show 17: Creep on these Peeps!

It's all about community in show 17. I talk to Amanda from the Geek Herring about the Warcraft community and of course you all send in your answers as well. If you want to follow Amanda you can find her on twitter as: @falamoyacrava and her podcast https://geekherring.com/ You can contact the show on twitter: @whispers_of_war email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com or www.whispersofwar.podbean.com/


Show 16: Podcasting Legend with Rho

In show 16 I talk to podcasting legend Rho who created many great podcasts. We talk about how WoW has grown over the years, the changes, the anniversary and Blizzcon 2018. There are many whispers about 8.1 and beyond. If you want to follow Rho, you can do that on twitter: @RhoWoW And be sure to check out his shows RealmPodcast, RestartCast, Hearthcasual, Plus5toHit If you want to follow Whispers of War, go to twitter: @Whispers_of_war email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com or the...


Show 15: See no Evil, Hear no Evil....

On today's show I have @PoetCorb joining me to discuss the big baddies we have encountered in World of Warcraft. What makes a good villain for us? I also go into my week in Warcraft and I start ranting a bit about the Mag'har orc questline. If you want to get in touch with Corb you can find him on twitter: @poetcorb or @GIDpodcast Or on the website: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Abbendis-Corbenik If you want to contact the show, you can find me on Twitter: @Whispers_of_war email:...


Show 14: Expansions, Past & Present

Finally! It is all working as it should and with that I give you show 14 in which I talk all about the expansions of the past, where I was for the launches, if I bought all the collector's editions for them or not and how I'm feeling about the current expansions. Of course you guys have given me your opinions as well, so we dive into all your answers! If you want contact the show go to: Twitter: @whispers_of_war email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com or the website:...


Beep boop! It's a quick message!

Just letting you all know why show 14 will be a week late. Massive sorry for that :(


Show 13: Blizzcon 2018

Of course show 13 had to be all about Blizzcon 2018. It's not just going to be Warcraft talk today. I will give my opinion on the other games as well, but I will mostly talk about Warcraft 3 and the changes in World of Warcraft. No show would be complete than having a rant about my pc, and trying to play a baby warlock in WoW. You can follow the show on: twitter - @whispers_of_war email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com or go to www.whispersofwar.podbean.com


Show 12: My Giant Hippo Mount with Taliesin and Evitel

Welcome to show 12! It is a long one this time. I had a great interview with Taliesin & Evitel. I will already warn you that there are some sound issues, but i will explain all of that at the start of the podcast. it's all about Blizzcon and the predictions and wishes we have around it, ow and something about Vashjir...Vajina... You can find the show on: www.whispersofwar.podbean.com twitter: @whispers_of_war email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com


Show 11: The State of the Game

Show 11 is finally ready! A little bit later than normal, but the it was not just me who was ill, but also my computer. Luckily, things are sorted for now and there was a recording! As you can hear from my voice i'm still quite poorly, and I apologise that this is affecting the quality of the show. Hopefully I will be all better for show 12. Today I talk to @Jordrend about the State of the game. Are we still loving BfA or have the first cracks begin to show? What do you love more than you’d...


Show 10: Dark Lady watch over you

Show 10 is here, finally we are in double digits! This week I talk to Grand Nagus (@GrandNagus1) from @CorpseRunRadio and @CtrlAltWoW about his favourite races, least favourite and what he thinks about the Allied races. Of course i couldn't help but ask about the Dark Lady as well. If you want to be an amazing guest, then please contact the show! www.whispersofwar.podbean.com/ twitter: @whispers_of_war @McMonkeyz email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com


Show 9: Timezones are the new raid bosses

Welcome to show 9 of Whispers of War. i am joined by most amazing gnome ever: Frazley @frazleytastic (go to Frazley.com and FrazlCast.com). We discuss quests in wow but also dive into other games and how they handled their quests. My throat is not the best this week, so if I sound a bit like Genn Greymane, I am blaming it on the lurgies. Where to find the show www.whispersofwar.podbean.com/ twitter: @whispers_of_war @McMonkeyz email: whispersofwarpodcast@gmail.com


Show 8: Drustvar scared the crap out of me!

I will give you a warning now, show 8 has some ranting in it. It's not all sunshine and unicorns in the world that is Warcraft and I have something to say about the Blizzcon ticket and the Goodie bag.... or box. I also have a great interview with Kristen and we discuss how our way of playing Warcraft has changed over the years. I am still looking for more great people to interview, so if you have an hour spare, give me a prod on: twitter: @whispers_of_war @McMonkeyz email:...


Show 7: Tradechat Dirge

Little bit of a different show this time. I'm catching up with Fascha about patch 8.1 and we discuss our feelings and thoughts on Tides of Vengeance. Of course I will talk a bit about what I did in world of Warcraft or also how my male troll shaman is being chatted up every time he sets foot in Oggrimar.... Question next time: How has your gaming changed since you started playing wow? Any war whispers you want to share? Where to find the show www.whispersofwar.podbean.com/ twitter:...


Show 6: Undercover Horde

Today I talk to Michael (@Acidtears) from The Blue Recluse Podcast about all things Warcraft and we dive into the topic of How we started in the world of Blizzard games and Warcraft itself. You can find Michael on twitter @Acidtears, The Blue Recluse Podcast (@ Make sure to also check out: Dragonpoweredstudios.com Question next time: How has your gaming changed since you started playing wow? Where to find the show www.whispersofwar.podbean.com/ twitter:...


Show 5: Ruling by Courage, Fear & Power

Show 5 revolves around the strong ladies we have in BfA. All the way from Japan I’m talking to Kevin on this week’s interview. You can connect with Kevin on twitter: @ageris Topic of the week: What is your opinion on the gender roles and the motivation behind some of the lore characters? Think of all the women in the warbringer videos, do we have seen a surge of more female characters in the story of bfa? Is this good or not? Is there such a thing as a moraly grey Sylvanas? Question...


Show 4: Grinding Tentacle Rep

Show 4: Thank you for all the kind messages regarding what happened in my personal life. This podcast is a place about warcraft and happiness however! -What have I been up to in Warcraft this week? - Interview with the wonderful Thom from the Blue Recluse. You can connect with Thom on: The Blue Recluse; http://thebluerecluse.eu/ and @TheBlueRecluse_ Nerd this: https://nerdthispodcast.com/ and @NerdThisPodcast Topic of the week: have you ever fallen out of love with wow and what...


Show 3: Because I'm stunned, you twat!

Welcome to show 3 of Whispers of War. In this week's show I'll be talking about the latest Warbringer video: Azshara, what I have been doing in Battle for Azeroth, and discussing the Question of the week; how did you pick your main for bfa? I'm also joined by the lovely Fascha for an interview. If you want to contact her, you can find her on twitter @famplified and she will be running around in game as Fascha. ps. I'm still tweaking the audio settings at times, but hopefully it will...


Show 2: With Marty from the Blue Recluse

Show 2 I want to thank you all so much for the love and support! It really means a lot that the first show was so well received and that you all welcomed me back into the podcasting and wow-community. You guys are the best! This week I talk to Marty from The Blue Recluse podcast about all things warcraft and we talk a lot about bfa. If you want to know more about Marty and his podcasts, go to: https://dragonpoweredstudio.eu/ And you can follow him on twitter: @unamithil How was my...


Show 1: Humble Beginnings

Welcome to Whispers of War! A brand new EU-podcast about World of Warcraft. The show will contain interviews, topics of the week, listener tweets and emails and much more. In show 1 we start of with the who and the what of this podcast. Our topic of the week: how do you prepare for BfA?