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Ep. 23 - VGM: Top 6 Western Tracks

Back by popular demand Dave and Sol return to video game music to discuss their top 6 VGM tracks written by western composers Japanese composers tend to get all the spotlight with video games roots and greater cultural impact stemming from the Land of the Rising Sun but plenty of excellent composers with western origins have taken a crack at it as well with some exceptional resultsArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome introoutro music here...


Ep. 22 - Final Fantasy VIII

This episode Sol and Dave discuss perhaps one of the most controversial games in the Final Fantasy series in the form of Final Fantasy VIII Coming on the heels of the series biggest hit up to that point in the acclaimed FFVII how did VIII try to mix things up and build off of what it had going Did it emphasize all the best or all the worst of what the series had to offer Listen in to hear the guys thoughts shaped by very different perspectivesArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the...


Ep. 21 - Pokemon: The First Movie

On this episode Sol and Dave discuss a crucial part of their childhood Mewtwo Strikes Back aka Pokemon The First Movie From nostalgic stories of seeing it in theatres almost 20 years ago to all the peripheral merchandise it inspired them to partake in especially the soundtrack filled with popmusic nonsense the guys discuss just about every topic they can think of Eventually begrudgingly coming around to how well or perhaps not so well the movie holds up todayArt by...


Ep. 20 - Kung Fu Panda

The guys return to Dreamworks to discuss arguably their most successful franchise in recent memory Kung Fu Panda It was a concept that seemed destined to fall into ridiculous kids movie obscurity but it somehow managed to garner critical acclaim and spawn two sequels that are worth full episodes in their own right What was it that made this film surpass expectations and how do Dave and Sol rate it among their animated favoritesArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of...


Ep. 19 - Pixar's Ratatouille

It took nineteen episodes for some reason but this time Sol and Dave finally discuss a Pixar movie taking a look at the 2007 film Ratatouille Considered by some to be something of a black sheep of the Pixar filmography due to focusing on a topic many find offputting namely rats this film happens to be one of Sols favorite animated movies of all time What makes him love it so much aside from its focus on cooking and how does Dave feel about his partners unrestrained love for this sometimes...


Ep. 18 - Video Game Music: Our Favorites

On this episode Dave and Sol combine two of their biggest passions video games and music and run through each of their top five favorite video game music tracks Ranging from the days of the NES all the way to the PC in 2015 their selections definitely run the gamut Some you may recognize Others probably not so much but hopefully youll enjoy the guys taking a trip down Nostalgia Lane so you too can enjoy some of their favorite songs from video games of all timeArt by...


Ep. 17 - Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

Its finally happened After a long series of agreements Sol and Dave have finally found a topic they disagree vehemently about and of course it would be Star Wars The Last Jedi There seem to be no easy lines to draw among the many differing opinions about this movie as casual and hardcore fans of the series alike cant seem to agree about this movie What is it that sets the guys views against each other and can they even figure out a way to express it in the midst of their disagreements...


Ep. 16 - Super Mario Odyssey

For the first time in a long time thanks to a generous mutual friend Dave and Sol have a game in common to discuss Nintendos blockbuster hit Super Mario Odyssey The game has received almost universal praise and now its time for the guys to weigh in From the view of one man with extensive experience with Mario Dave and another more familiar with the platformers of the PSPS2 Sol how would they rate what many have called the best 3D Mario game ever madeArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can...


Ep 15 - "Open World" Games & Superhero Movies

On this episode Sol and Dave discuss a pair of burning questions that have been rolling around in their minds for some time how is the sudden shift towards open world games affecting the gaming scene and game design and if or perhaps when the comic book movie bubble is set to burst Both of these questions were originally submitted by Dave and Sol to the Brothering Around podcast If youd like to check out their takes on these questions you can find their video here...


Ep. 14 - The Jungle Book (2016)

On this episode Sol and Dave tackle Disneys 2016 liveactionCG remake of the beloved classic The Jungle Book And boy do they tackle hard In the mid 2010s Disney decided it would be super cool and totally not lazy or uncreative at all to remake all of their most beloved animated features as live action films and The Jungle Book was one of the more hyped examples The critics loved it but what do the guys think of this treatment of one of their alltime favorite Disney filmsArt by...


Ep. 13 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This week Dave and Sol excitedly jump head first into one of their favorite movies Scott Pilgrim vs The World The movie may have technically been a boxoffice bomb but it remains a cult classic that introduced thousands to Bryan Lee OMalleys beloved graphic novel series turned multimedia franchise How well did the movie represent the books from the perspective of people who saw the movie first and love both and what is it that makes Scott Pilgrim stand out from your typical nerd culture...


Ep. 12 - Epic Mickey

In honor of the seventh anniversary of its release Dave and Sol revisit a strange little piece of video game history Epic Mickey This Wiiexclusive title was supposed to herald the beginning of Disneys major commitment to the video gaming scene Instead it led almost directly to the shuttering of its development studio What exactly went wrong and how do the guys feel today about this strangely nostalgic piece of their pastArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our...


Ep. 11 - Pokemon Sun and Moon

On the eve of the release of Pokmon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Sol and Dave return to Pokmon Sun and Moon the games that kicked off the 7th generation of Pokmon Gen 7 was undoubtedly one of the biggest shakeups in the history of the series What worked and what didnt And what did the guys think overall about the latest direction of the Pokmon franchiseArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome introoutro music here...


Ep. 10 - My Neighbor Totoro

For their tenth episode Dave and Sol decide to do something a little different watch and review a movie that neither has ever seen before Namely My Neighbor Totoro The guys have always been interested in watching more Studio Ghibli films so the classic that gave the company its mascot seems like a perfect fit What are the differences between traditional western and eastern movie storytelling and how do the guys feel like it works in this movie specificallyArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou...


Ep. 9 - The Road to El Dorado

Its finally time Following episode after episode of constant ribbing Sol and Dave finally tackle Dreamworks The Road to El Dorado head on Have the constant complaints from their audience and a fresh viewing helped to change the guys views on this quirky animated film Or are things just as bad as they remember from before Spoiler prepare for some serious rantingArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome introoutro music here...


Ep. 8 Addendum - A Christian's Perspective

As if they hadnt talked about Final Fantasy X enough the guys specifically Dave felt like they left some things yet unsaid in their longest episode to date In this short side episode Dave with the assist from Sol talks about the often negative religious imagery in FFX and what it means for Christians to react to and redeem this and other video gamesArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecom


Ep. 8 - Final Fantasy X

On this episode Sol and Dave get into a long form discussion on one of the few games in the Final Fantasy series both have played Final Fantasy X The guys discuss the gameplay storytelling emotions and music of one of the most unique gamechanging and perhaps controversial games in this legendary seriesArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome introoutro music here...


Ep. 7 - Disney's Tarzan

Sol and Dave return to Disney animation to discuss Tarzan a movie that has divided the Disney fanbase for over a decade and a half It turns out the guys have some differing opinions on it too Widely considered the last movie in Disneys groundbreaking Renaissance Era was it really so bad as to be called the movie that ended it all Or is it merely a scapegoat bearing the sins of the mediocrity that followed after itArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome...


Ep. 6 - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sage

In honor of the games remake for the Nintendo 3DS Dave and Sol take a look back at one of their favorite RPGs Mario amp Luigi Superstar Saga Among other things the guys discuss how the original game feels after some time away their opinion on the state of Mario RPGs and how motivated they feel to pick up one of the best RPGs the Game Boy Advance has to offer a second time around


Ep. 5 - Moana

On this episode Sol and Dave decide to dive into the latest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios Moana Somehow the guys neglected to talk much about it when considering the 2nd Disney Renaissance Does that mean they dislike it Are they just sort of indifferent Tune in to find out their thoughts on the music characters storytelling and moreArt by httpswwwdanihuvaerecomYou can find the full version of our awesome introoutro music here...


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