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Episode 23: Skyrim: Special Edition

On today’s podcast, Kody and Jake Fus-Roh-Da their way through first impressions of Skyrim: Special Edition. Battlefield 1 has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, making it the first game in the series with better reviews than the last. And, continuing to get better is Rainbow 6: Siege with a major announcement on the way in... Read more


Episode 22: Nintendo Switch!!!

Kody and Jake take us one step closer to the world of Tron as Microsoft announces a new VR platform with many advancements compared to current systems. In game news; the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer came out exhibiting the RAGE engine’s power, and making us want it that much more. Nintendo released more about... Read more


Episode 20: Oculus of War

This week, the triumphant return of the Description writer makes Kody and Jake’s lives a little easier. Released on the 11th of October, Gears of War 4 seems to be functioning well with cross platform playability, and updates for the game rolled out Tuesday. Oculus made announcements on where they think VR will be heading... Read more


Episode 18: Sony not again…

This and more, with Kody and Jake on, The Gamepad! This description might need an overhaul. Speaking of overhauls, Steam’s UI will get one soon according to a SteamWorks post that came out this week. The Minecraft twitter announced that Minecraft may be the first universal platform game, sadly Sony may have other plans. A... Read more


Episode 16: No Mods for you!

Description: As the sun sets on Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods for the PS4; Jake and Kody once again host The Gamepad. In other news from the realm of gaming: The NESBox has been approved. Sega takes some shots at Nintendo and does some fan game promo. Destiny is getting a new round of DLC,... Read more


Episode 15: PAX Wrap ups

On the docket tonight for The Gamepad: PAX coverage including; D.O.A 5 news from new characters to the platforms of release. Gameplay from Sonic Mania, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Hob, and Chasm. An Apple event showed off Super Mario on iOS and Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch. The NESBox may be compatible with the XBox, Nintendo probably won’t like that. Red Dead Redemption may be getting a remaster, completely undermining backwards compatibility of the game. Paid DLC was released for an...


Episode 14: Resident Evil 4 remastered

Jake and Kody disapprove. In other news PS Now is officially available; The new Legend of Zelda game is being loaded with some interesting weapons; Resident Evil 4 came out yesterday (Aug 30th, 2016); The Witcher 3 continues to be updated and expanded upon; Reggie Fils-Amie, President of Nintendo America, had an interview where he explained the future of Nintendo and his hopes for what those plans include; and much, much more. This week on the Gamepad! This Weeks Notes! Where to get or...


Episode 12: No Free Slots the game, Space Talk and Gamescon Lead up!

This week, Mr. K and Mr. J talk about trailers this week: A Battlefield 1 gameplay teaser, Monster Boy, and Oceanhorn. In games and development: The RPG Surge has gameplay showing it’s melee focus, and some story elements; The possible spiritual successor to Mega Man, ReCore, is being released in September; People are complaining about No Man’s Sky having some technical issues; and the Enderal mod for Skyrim is almost as good as Mass Effect some say. In gaming rumors: Soul Calibur 6 art...


Episode 10: Lawsuits and Updates

Jake and Kody didn’t know how far away the podcast was this week, after Niantic removed their tracking feature, so they start this late edition talking about DOOM updates and DLC; then they move to more Pokémon news, this time not just for PoGO players. From there it is the NVidia false advertising lawsuit; World of Warcraft: Legion news; a Starcraft 2 MMO mod; the Ghostbusters game developer going broke; an underwhelming No Man Sky leak; and more! This Weeks Notes! Where to get or Support...


Episode 9: Overseeing Comic Con and Sonic’s 25th

Today Kody with a “K” and Jake with a “J” talk about Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary; more Pokémon GO news, from their Comic-Con announcements to new hacks. Plus information about the Nintendo NX; Valve releasing an official statement about CSGO gambling; The Xbox One’s most recent price cut, and what it might say about the consoles success; New Overwatch heroes going live; AMD pro GPUs having a 1TB SSD; Telltale Batman, and other news from the gaming world! This Weeks Notes! Where...


Episode 8: NES Mini and Pokemon GO First Impressions

Poké-fans everywhere rejoice; This week Kody and Jacob talk about Pokémon GO: from Poké Stops to Gym battles, to the social and economic impacts of the game. After that, they compare notes on the release of I am Setsuna, CS:GO lottery site takedowns; Breeding Simulator’s community getting screwed; the update to the NES; No Man Sky hype; Namco Bandai getting a new IP; release info for a few things; Persona 5 in under 20 minutes; and much, much more. This Weeks Notes! Where to get or Support...


Episode 07: Pokémon GO and the 1060

On the show today Jake and Kody talk about Pokémon Go and it’s impact on Nintendo and people’s wallets; Microsoft dialing back on what will be available on “Play Anywhere”; G2A trying to go legit; DLC for Fallout 4 and updates for Fallout Shelter; dollars per hour in games; the GTX 1060 technically outperforming the GTX 980; new game releases including Starbound 2, Adrift, etc.; The GTA:O Update and a new GTAV graphics mod; and other gaming headlines from the past week. This Weeks Notes!...


Episode 6: S̶G̶D̶Q̶! CSGO Lotto Fraud!

This week Jacob and Kody talk about the biggest story this week, CS:GO skin gambling and Valve’s involvement; as well as: Diablo 2 turning 16, and the new Diablo project losing a game director; the Bioshock collection and remasters coming to the latest generation of consoles; whether game reviews should be updated with the games updates; Summer Games Done Quick; Microsoft putting all games they publish on Xbox Play Anywhere; The new Quake being only on PC; and more stories from the past...


Episode 5: G2A vs TinyBuild!

This week on the Podcast Kody and Jake celebrate the 20th anniversary of QUAKE. From there they talk about developments in the TinyBUILD/G2A story from last week; two (good?) games with poor advertising; ARMA’s birthday; Steam killing off Flash Sales; No Man’s Sky legal debacle; The travesty that is Mighty No. 9; and much more.


the Gamepad – Episode 4: E3 Aftermath

This week Kody and Jake talk about more E3. The show is completely over so it's time to reflect. Link Dump: E3 Recap Website again because it's awesome G2A Facilatating Fraud E3 Best in Show: Zelda Shovel Knight getting new campaigns! Xbox One S will be more powerful unlike what we first thought. New God of War not a reboot Steam Sale June 23rd Pokemon Go coming in July CSGO Sound Update Microsoft going to use Steam alongside Windows Store Mighty No 9 failing to deliver Mega Man joy Limbo...


Episode 3: E3 2016 discussion

Jacob and Kody give you the details from the conferences at E3. Starting off with Microsoft and Sony; Infinite Warfare; Titanfall (eventually); Nostalgia with Quake; the Xbox One S; what High Dynamic Range is; Gaming and the Uncanny Valley; and see who they thought won E3 this year. Link Dump: E3 Recap Website which is awesome That's really the only link you're going to need! Where to get or Support the Show? Our Patreon if you chose to support us! You can watch the podcast live, Tuesdays...


Episode 2: Mirror’s Edge, GOG Connect, and AMD’s RX480

This week Kody and Jake talk about the new big release Mirror's Edge Catalyst, GOG's new GOG Connect feature, AMD's new RX480, and E3 rumours! Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a reboot. A little rant about parenting and gaming at the end. Link Dump: AMD RX480 Skyrim Remastered Rumoured GOG Connect Xbox Summer update Batman Telltale game and Walking Dead season 3 Steam Machine’s dead Skywind Update Sims 4 removed gender boundaries Yooka Laylee Gameplay The Falador Massacre Overwatch 7 million...


Episode 1: Welcome!

This week Kody and Jake introduce themselves for their new weekly video game live podcast! We'll talk about the news happening in the gaming world with our perspective and commentary on it. This week we talk about Witcher 3's new patch, the Battlefield 1 multiplayer reveal, Lionhead's secret game, the release of the GTX 1080 and 1070, Payday 2's acquisition, the future VR gaming, the xbox one price cut, E3 speculation, and much more! Link Dump: Witcher 3 Patch notes Battlefield 1 MP reveal...