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Bryan Norcross Podcast - Wrapping up the end of the hurricane season with the NHC's Dr. Mike Brennan

The National Hurricane Center's Dr. Mike Brennan joins Bryan to help wind down the 2019 hurricane season on this episode of the Bryan Norcross Podcast


Bryan Norcross Podcast - The challenges of communicating local weather with Robert Molleda

In this episode of the Bryan Norcross Podcast, Bryan and Luke discuss the challenges of communicating local weather in a high-tech era with Robert Molleda of the National Weather Service.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Covering Florida during hurricane season with Jeff Huffman

Jeff Huffman from the University of Florida joins Bryan to discuss the issues facing weather forecasters covering hurricane season for the entire state of Florida.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - The NHC's Matt Onderlinde talks the tech behind forecasts

The National Hurricane Center's Matt Onderlinde joins Bryan and Luke on the Bryan Norcross Podcast to talk about the technology and science branch of the NHC and his Weathernerds website.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Finding the truth from the myths of 1888 hurricane

This week, Bryan and Luke welcome Local 10 Hurricane Specialist Max Mayfield to the podcast to discuss the 1888 hurricane that reportedly brought 18-foot tides to South Florida. But is the legend of that storm more fiction than fact?


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Great storms, great books, great authors

Willie Drye, author of "Storm of the Century, and Les Standiford, author of "Last Train to Paradise" join Bryan and Luke to discuss their renowned South Florida-centric books and the history behind them on the Bryan Norcross Podcast.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Dorian's devastation with Local 10's Jenise Fernandez

Local 10's Jenise Fernandez shares her eyewitness accounts of Hurricane Dorian's devastation in the Bahamas when she joins Bryan and Luke on the Bryan Norcross Podcast


Miami Sports Pod - Ugly as it gets in Miami

Could the sports weekend in Miami been any uglier? The Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro look at brutal losses by the Dolphins and 'Canes and see if things can really be this bad. :18 Ugly football all weekend long 1:00 Did you expect it would be THIS bad? 4:30 This is going to get old really quickly 6:20 These guys are putting bad plays on tape for other teams to see 7:39 Part of Will feels bad for Brian Flores 11:11 He is the fall guy even though he has nothing to do...


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Dorian's track changes a bit, so what does it mean?

Local 10's Bryan Norcross and Betty Davis explain the slight changes to the Hurricane Dorian forecast and whether South Florida could be in the clear on the Bryan Norcross Podcast.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Betty Davis and the future of Hurricane Dorian

Local 10 Chief Certified Meteorologist Betty Davis joins Bryan Norcross to talk about a wild day for Hurricane Dorian and what it all means for the chance of a direct hit to South Florida.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Thursday Afternoon: Dorian predicted to be Cat. 4

Local 10's Bryan Norcross and Brandon Orr discuss the very latest on Hurricane Dorian and which models are the most successful in predicting where a storm may head.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Dorian threatens Florida, what you need to know

Local 10's Bryan Norcross and Luke Dorris have the very latest on Hurricane Dorian as it strengthens and targets Florida.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Where will Dorian strike after the Caribbean? Plus, Leslie Chapman-Henderson

Local 10's Bryan Norcross and Luke Dorris discuss the future path of Tropical Storm Dorian and how it could affect Florida after it makes it's way through the Caribbean. Plus, Leslie Chapman-Henderson from FLASH joins the Bryan Norcross Podcast.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Talking storm chasing with the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore

Bryan and Luke are joined by the legendary and fearless storm chaser Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel on the Bryan Norcross Podcast.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Something brewing in the tropics; hurricane tracker Mark Sudduth

Local 10's Bryan Norcross and Luke Dorris discuss what's brewing in the tropics after a slow start to hurricane season, and they're joined by hurricane tracker Mark Sudduth on the Bryan Norcross Podcast


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Chasing storms with "Hurricane Man" Josh Morgerman

Local 10's Bryan Norcross talks to the "Hurricane Man" himself, Josh Morgerman, about chasing storms around the world and his new show that debuts September 15 on the Science Channel.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Forecasting the rest of the '19 season with Dr. Phil Klotzbach

Dr. Phil Klotzbach joins Bryan and Luke on the Bryan Norcross Podcast to discuss Colorado State's updated forecast for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - How prepared is Florida for a big hurricane?

On the podcast, Bryan and Luke discuss how prepared the Sunshine State is for hurricane season with Jared Moskowitz, Director of Florida's Division of Emergency Management.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - TD3 comes & goes, and the story behind Michael's upgrade

On this episode of The Bryan Norcross Podcast, Bryan and Luke discuss the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't history of Tropical Depression No. 2. Plus, Dr. Jack Beven of the National Hurricane Center joins the podcast to discuss the upgrading of Hurricane Michael to a Category 5.


Bryan Norcross Podcast - Barry strikes and remembering Apollo 11 with author James Donovan

Along with talking about the surprising Hurricane Barry on "The Bryan Norcross Podcast," Bryan and Luke discuss the continued impact of Apollo 11 with "Shoot for the Moon" author James Donovan on the anniversary of the historic moon landing.