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Interview: Karen Willis Holmes

We were privileged to sit down with highly acclaimed dress designer Karen Willis Holmes in her Sydney home. KWH dresses have been featured across a range of high profile media through the years from blogs like Hello May, Green Wedding Shoes, through to print magazines like Vogue, Cosmo Bride and Modern Wedding, just to name a few. In this episode Karen shares her insight on everything from how to choose the right dress for your body, who you should take dress shopping, how far in advance...


Interview: Faye of Faye Cahill Cake Design

In this episode I sit down with the talented cake decorator Faye from Faye Cahill Cake Design in her Sydney Studio. Faye is highly regarded for producing stand-out amazing quality wedding cakes, with her detailed work and gorgeous designs that have been featured across a wide range of media and magazines over the years. We have a chat about everything and anything wedding cake related and is a must listen for any couples on the hunt for a wedding cake. You can find Faye at her website:...


Including loved ones in your wedding

Wedding days are meant to be shared with your family and friends, and including them in the lead-up and on the day of the wedding can be part of that journey and make it all the more fun, albeit sometimes stressful (depending on your family of course). I think including family members is pretty awesome, as long as it makes you comfortable and you control the level of involvement. This episode is all about how to include your close family and loved ones in your special day. Check out our...


Breaking Traditions

You can take on board as many or as little traditions that you want, at the end of the day, we live in modern times and we have seen it all. Some couples choose to keep each and every one of the original wedding traditions from first dance, bridal party, bouquet and garter toss and so on. Whilst other couples maybe choose 1 or 2 that means a lot to them they want to keep and toss out the rest. In this podcast we discuss a range of traditions and alternatives you may or may not want to...


Interview: DJ Nana Blade

A wedding DJ can make or break the DFloor at your wedding, so it's super important to make sure you ask all the right questions and lock in the perfect DJ! This episode we sit down with DJ Nana Blade and discuss everything couples might need to know on how to choose a wedding DJ. We discuss what you can expect to pay for a DJ, how to qualify good from not so crash hot DJ's, what songs you need to start choosing for your formalities, what you may or may not need to hire in for your DJ and...


Interview: Cath from Coastal Ceremonies

Finding the person that will conduct your ceremony is such an important step in your wedding planning journey. Choosing a celebrant that reflects you both as a couple, is super important as it sets the scene for your life together and the rest of your wedding day! In this episode we sit down for a chat with Cath from Coastal Ceremonies and she shares her experience and insight to answer all our celebrant questions. You can find Cath at her website: Coastal Ceremonies Check out our...


Interview: Megan from Makeup By Megan

In this episode, we sat down with the lovely makeup artist Megan from Makeup by Megan to have a chat. Megan is an absolute wealth of knowledge and the absolute master in luminous lightweight natural makeup Megan has over 15 years experience and has trained under the best of the best in the industry. During our interview, she gave us a huge amount of insight into how to prep your skin in the lead up to your wedding, what to expect on wedding morning and answers many pressing questions...


Why you don't need a bridal party

Do you or Don't you? Ultimately the choice is yours if you do decide to have a bridal party, and that is absolutely fine, but this episode we discuss reasons why you don't have to feel like you HAVE to have a bridal party and valid reasons behind deciding not to. Check out our latest blogs full of tips for your DIY wedding: 5 Reasons why you Don’t Need A Bridal Party


How to write your own wedding run sheet

A wedding day run sheet is one of the most important things to have on your wedding day! It's our absolute bible as a coordinator and you most definitely need one! This episode we delve into the depths of run sheets and wedding day timelines. I give you all my insider knowledge about what makes a fantastic run sheet, what you need to include (and not forget), who needs to receive your run sheet and how more importantly to lay it all out. Check out our latest blogs full of tips for your...


Interview: Jess of Henry Clive Caravan Bar

We sit down with Jess from Henry Clive Caravan Bar, Jess was a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what alcohol to buy, how much booze to purchase, and where to get said Booze! We have included a very useful alcohol calculator and summary in our show notes so be sure to check out our blog on the website. About Henry Clive; Henry Clive Caravan Bar is a classic caravan bar that oozes elegance, class & sophistication. The Henry Clive Crew will arrive on site to your wedding or event & take...


Why having a backup plan is an absolute must!

A bride’s worst nightmare it pouring rain on their wedding day but having a good back up weather plan in place will ensure it doesn’t all end in disaster. Often we dream of balmy weather, a nice breeze and the perfect outdoor wedding by the beach or beside a tree in a beautiful garden. Reality is (especially on the south coast!) the weather can be unpredictable. This doesn’t mean that with a bit of forwarding planning your back up plan can’t be just as beautiful as the original one. We run...


How to pick the perfect wedding venue!

Choosing the right wedding venue that ticks all your boxes is the first step to your wedding. The overall flow and vibe of the day are most certainly dictated by your venue choice. Some vendors or styling ideas simply won't work at some venues so its important to make the right choice for a venue and consider all aspect to help in the decision process. Check out our latest blog full of tips for picking your perfect wedding venue: How to pick the perfect wedding venue!


Interview: Jo of Garnish Creative Catering

We sit down for a chat with the lovely Jo from Garnish Catering for all things catering! We discuss everything you need to know about organising a caterer, types of food service, the pros and cons of cocktail vs sit down and everything you need to consider when planning your wedding, food-wise! You can find Jo at her website: Garnish Creative Catering Garnish Creative Catering on Facebook: Facebook Garnish Creative Catering on Instagram: Instagram Check out our latest blogs full of...


Important Things to Consider When Having a Beach Ceremony

Beach ceremonies are super popular, especially over the warmer months in Australia, everyone loves the beach! Here are some important things to think about when deciding if a beach ceremony is for you, and tips on how to host your ceremony on the beach. Check out our latest blog full of tips for your beach wedding ceremony: Important Things to Consider When Having a Beach Ceremony!


Cocktail VS Sit Down Weddings

I wanted to run through some considerations for a sit-down meal and what you might need to think about, we can then move onto what to expect or think about when having a cocktail wedding. Visit our website for our blog on Sit down vs cocktail style weddings and Sit Down Wedding Checklist: Cocktail VS Sit Down Weddings


Interview: Florist Elyza from Ivy Lane Collective

We are always asked by our brides for help in choosing a florist and how to go about choosing their gorgeous wedding florals. In this Podcast we interview Elyza from Ivy Lane Collective, an amazing florist who we adore working with during wedding season. Our chat with Elyza covers some useful topics that will help guide brides out there on their wedding floral path including; You can find Elyza at her website: Ivy Lane Collective Ivy Lane Collective on Facebook: Facebook Ivy Lane...


5 Expert Tips for Planning your Wedding

The week before your wedding can be a stressful and busy time, suppliers are needing last minute queries answered, the venue may be ringing to confirm your guest numbers, the family is arriving, things need to be picked up and dropped off and it’s all a little crazy! Check out our latest blog full of tips for your DIY wedding: 5 Expert Tips for Planning your Wedding


The Top 5 Things Forgotten at a DIY Wedding

The week before your wedding can be a stressful and busy time, suppliers are needing last minute queries answered, the venue may be ringing to confirm your guest numbers, the family is arriving, things need to be picked up and dropped off and it’s all a little crazy! Being as organised as you can with a good checklist in advance means you can feel more at ease knowing nothing has been overlooked. Any style can apply to Winter Weddings of course, but it really lends itself to going wild...


Tips for having a winter wedding!

We always suggest having an earlier ceremony time during non-daylight savings and the cooler weather months to the advantage of the beautiful afternoon. Why not do something different and instead of Pims or a chilled cocktail for your post-ceremony drinks, adding a warm or Wintery style drink to your bar menu. Any style can apply to Winter Weddings of course, but it really lends itself to going wild with Winter and Autumn colour tones. Winter is often overlooked for weddings as it...