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Choosing the Best Wedding Suppliers- Validating your Vendors

Planning a wedding and choosing a wedding supplier can be overwhelming! There are a sea of vendors and suppliers in each category all vying for your business and attention and it can be super confusing trying to navigate where to find the best suppliers and how to determine if a company is trustworthy or legit during your decision-making process. This episode will take you through that process and point you in the right direction!


How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Let's be realistic....Weddings are expensive, even a so-called budget wedding can still come at a high price point! Most couples when walking into the early stages of planning a wedding will have no idea what the average Australian wedding costs ($50000-$60000 that is!) yes wow! In this episode, we take you through some cost-saving ideas and how to plan to create the budget wedding of your dreams.


How to plan for extreme wedding weather.

In light of the extreme weather, we have been having (think bushfires) it is time for an episode on how to handle extreme wedding weather conditions. From flooding or severe rain, freezing cold, extremely hot days through to bushfires, crazy winds and the in-between we need to consider a wedding back up plan for all potential scenarios, as let's face it they are a reality in Australia! If you have plans, you are more prepared for the wedding to face things that are out of your control and...


DIY Wedding Vs Hiring a Professional Planner

In this episode, Vanessa was in Las Vegas for the massive Wedding MBA conference and had the opportunity to sit down with a real wedding planning pro! We have a chat with wedding planner Amber Anderson, owner and planner of Heavenly Day Events and educator and founder of Refine for Wedding Planners to discuss all the considerations, the pros, the cons and everything in between of the DIY route versus hiring a professional planner. Listen...


Should you have your pet at the Wedding?

Apart from having your best friends standing alongside you on your wedding day, for animal lovers having your furry pet bestie included in the wedding is often just as important. There are many pet-friendly wedding venues and couples that want to ensure their dog or other beloved pet is included in a part of their special day. Listen in to today’s episode where we share ideas for how you can go about this! Cue today's podcast guest…. Your pet fairy god mather, the lovely Amy from Wedding...


Josh Withers from The Elopement Collective

In Today's episode', we have a chat with Josh Withers, celebrant and founder of The Elopement Collective, a group of wedding industry leaders that conduct elopements all across the world. Josh is an expert in his field and also has two podcasts The Celebrant Talk Show (aimed at celebrant to celebrant) and The Rebels Guide to Getting Married (aimed at couples getting married), all with super useful and interesting content. We chat through what the heck elopements are, is an elopement the...


The 3 Planning Documents You Can't Live Without

As a wedding planner and coordinator, there are three main templates we take to a wedding and honestly cannot live without! If you are going to DIY your own wedding, I highly recommend listening to the advice in today's podcast, so you can use them too, they are a lifesaver, trust us! Download our ultimate DIY wedding checklist HERE


How to plan an eco-friendly ethical, low waste wedding.

The term zero waste wedding has been in my head a lot lately and is such a topical subject in this podcast, we delve into ways you can have elements of an ethical, low waste, eco-friendly wedding as possible. Listen in for some hints and tips and how you can potentially implement into your own special day, together we can reduce wedding waste as a collective! Download our Ultimate DIY Checklist HERE


Wedding Bands with Ellie from Oberon Lane

Today's podcast is all about wedding bands and we sit down for an interview with the lovely Ellie from Oberon Lane. Choosing the right music for your wedding day can really set the scene for an epic or….boring reception! You want to ensure you have music that gets your guests up and onto that dance floor and enjoying the best part of the evening after all those formalities are done. This is the part of the wedding that will have your guests raving about for years to come. In this...


All there is to know about Wedding Invitations with White Cherry Invitations

On today's episode, we are diving into the world of wedding stationery, when to send your invites, what to include on your invites and all of the details in between. Wedding invitations are one of the first things that your guests will see and often set the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day itself. Your wedding invites can help showcase the vibe of your wedding day and also build excitement and anticipation in the lead-up. On this episode, I sit down for a chat with...


What is the role of a Wedding MC? Interview with MC Adam Straney

Apart from having an amazing wedding coordinator on your day (aka my company of course) it’s so so important to have a killer MC that works together with the venue to help the wedding both run on time but also flow beautifully to keep a fantastic wedding vibe. An MC is someone that can cue all the key areas of your wedding and provide fantastic wording to help flow and connect your formalities and introduce all those special moments. We often find that our couples really struggle as to...


All About Your Wedding Photography- An Interview with Red Berry Photography

On today's podcast episode we are talking all things wedding photography. Having gorgeous professional photos from your wedding I think is so important, the day goes so quickly and a good photographer will often capture those moments that you may have missed or in the whirlwind weren't fully present for. Things like details of the styling you worked so hard on or candid moments hugging with your dad can all be documented for you to look back on. On today's episode, I interview Chris...


The 10 Step Process to Planning your Wedding

We have couples come to us to help in their wedding planning at all stages, some are yet to choose a venue, while others are deep into the planning process, but have found themselves overwhelmed and time poor and need some help with the next steps. There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding, well there are some do’s and don’t to try and stick to but everyone plans a little different. I have also put together a basic checklist in order from the start of your planning to the big day...


Children at Weddings- Yay or Nay?

To have or not to have kiddies at your wedding...that is the question We are coming across more weddings that are having children incorporated into certain portions of the wedding day. A lot of our lovely couples are actually blending two families with previous children or already have children together or their close families children they want to include in the wedding. Whatever your choice is about deciding to have children at your wedding or not, it's good to have some input from...


Venue Spotlight; Seacliff House, Gerringong

We will be doing some venue spotlight podcasts to find out details about some of our amazing local wedding venues. On today's podcast episode I sit down for a chat with Brendan the owner of Seacliff House in Gerringong. Seacliff is a gorgeous property that hosts weddings of up to 150 guests and we have done many events at the venue before. The property has stunning rural and ocean views- across dairy pastures and to the sparkling sea beyond, making it a unique property on our south coast...


Our top 3 ways to style on a budget!

Everyone wants the epic Pinterest and Insta worthy wedding, but reality is not everyone has the hundreds of thousands to drop on that. In this podcast we have come up with some savvy way to be smart with your wedding styling Tune in to hear our top 3 ways to Style on A Budget


How to create the ULTIMATE wedding reception!

Most wedding receptions go for about 5 hours, which is the majority of your actual wedding day, so making sure your reception has an absolute killer vibe is key to the best wedding day ever! Think back to the last few weddings, parties or nights out that were awesome for you- what made them stand out? Good drinks, the venue, maybe the company you shared it with? In this episode we delve into some key factors in making your wedding reception absolutely amazing! Tune...


Wedding Dessert Ideas

Let’s talk wedding desserts- so many ideas so little time! Just do a google or Pinterest search and you can get the ideas flowing. Here are a few wedding dessert ideas and inspiration we will talk about in this podcast: Gelato and Ice-cream (including our new venture The Gelato Bike)Dessert BuffetsCheese Cake TowersDessert CanapésPlated CakeMake sure you subscribe to our Podcast & follow us in Instagram (@wedeventcreators) Learn more about The Gelato Bike HERE Read our blog on this topic...


Ways to save money on your wedding!

Todays episode gives you some helpful hints on where you can save money when planning your wedding. Check out more blogs at Get a FREE $30 Hire Discount Voucher when you signup to our newsletter HERE


What does a wedding coordinator do?

People often get confused between all the different terms and who does what so I thought it might be a good idea to run through the role of a wedding coordinator. Read our full blog post HERE