A podcast about pairing wine with art and culture! Every other week, Emma, your host, talks with various guests about how to pair wine with the things that they love- and they're not talking about food! Learn more about wine and which bottles to look out for through a discussion of art, books, movies, music, theater, and more.

A podcast about pairing wine with art and culture! Every other week, Emma, your host, talks with various guests about how to pair wine with the things that they love- and they're not talking about food! Learn more about wine and which bottles to look out for through a discussion of art, books, movies, music, theater, and more.


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A podcast about pairing wine with art and culture! Every other week, Emma, your host, talks with various guests about how to pair wine with the things that they love- and they're not talking about food! Learn more about wine and which bottles to look out for through a discussion of art, books, movies, music, theater, and more.




Episode 79: The West Wing (with Mike Schubert)

Mike Schubert, aka Schubes, returns to Pairing to talk about an oddly appropriate show for this moment: The West Wing. Emma and Schubes talk about their favorite characters, and Emma drags them for their choices in drinks. Plus: emails from Bradley Whitford, Mike's on-point cocktail game, making a fancy Fresca cocktail, Mrs. Landingham, signature wedding cocktails, and our love for Allison Janney. Check out Mike's newest project Modern Muckraker, and support the kickstarter at...


Episode 78: Sherlock Holmes (with Sara Ghaleb)

Emma is joined by local genius Sara Ghaleb (Arden, Historical Hookups) to discuss one of the most iconic figures in modern literature, Sherlock Holmes. We cover everything from Sara's top 5 Holmes stories, to critical literary analysis, to salty takes on TV adaptations, to using wine knowledge to solve a murder. If you're not a fan of Sherlock Holmes before this episode, you will be after. Plus: Sherlock Holmes: successful freelancer, Wicked Women, doing drugs for science, House M.D., Mormon...


Episode 77: Dragon Age (with Wil Williams)

Emma continues her journey through BioWare content with Wil Williams, as they discuss the Dragon Age games. We focus on the third game, Inquisition, but we do discuss all three games, our favorite characters, and our least favorite writing choices. We agree that mages are the most fun, and they would also all be wine snobs. Plus: accidentally dirty wines, softies who are a mess of trauma, polyamory, racist writing choices, appreciation for Freddie Prinze Jr., precocious chaos man, and a...


Episode 76: Clue

In this episode, Emma and Winston discuss the 1985 zany comedy, Clue! We also discuss the game, and which character we would always play as. Listen to hear us gush over Madeline Kahn, Tim Curry, and the rest of the amazing cast, and Emma explains a bit about Cognac (whether or not it was poisoned). Plus: murder mysteries for children, theatricality, quarantine wine recommendations, recasting the film today, and the most iconic roles of Tim Curry. Content Warning: Brief mention of sexual...


Episode 75: Pan's Labyrinth (with Eli Barazza)

Emma is joined by Eli Barazza (The Whisperforge) to discuss one of their favorite films, Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno). Eli brings all sorts of insight and knowledge to the table, while Emma talks a little bit about Spanish history and Spanish wine. They discuss Guillermo del Toro's unique imaginative storytelling and how terrifying Captain Vidal is as a villain. Plus: liminal spaces, appreciation for Doug Jones, magical realism and anti-colonialism, color theory, the Spanish...


Episode 74: Mass Effect Part II (with Philippa Werner)

Emma and Philippa Werner continue their discussion of the original Mass Effect trilogy, this time delving deeper into some of the larger themes and bigger questions of the trilogy. We discuss the ending(s) and the relationship between organics and synthetics in the game, as well as in the wine world. Plus: our favorite moments, defending Andromeda, the scariest monsters, Emma's mistake in 2, reverence for the voice cast, and Elcor Hamlet. SPOILER WARNING: THERE ARE MANY SPOILERS FOR MASS...


Episode 73: Mass Effect Part I (with Philippa Werner)

We're back from hiatus, and Emma can't wait to talk about her newest obsession: Mass Effect! She is joined by author Philippa Werner (who writes under the names Moira Katson and Natalie Grey) to discuss this utter masterpiece of a videogame and storytelling. In this first part of our conversation, we discuss our favorite characters, squad members, romances, and more from the original Mass Effect trilogy. Plus: the logistics of Turian Romance, being Team Kaidan, the perfect pairing for Tali,...


Episode 72: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Part Two

Emma and Winston continue their discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We focus on the last three seasons of the show, which cover some pretty dark themes, but we also talk about the fun. Emma gives her top 5 (ish) episodes, and Winston defends Dawn and rants about the Watcher's Council. Plus: Xander love, plot holes that bother us, wine nomenclature, Vampire Therapy, redemption arcs, toxic masculinity, and Winston's time in a hell dimension. Spoiler warning for all of Buffy. Content...


Episode 71: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Part One

At long last, Emma and Winston sit down to discuss one of their favorite television shows of all time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In this first part of our discussion, we talk about our complicated feelings about Angel and Spike, as well as our favorite (and least favorite) villains, seasons, and Winston shares his "Top 5 Episodes." Plus: justice for Charisma Carpenter, Sauvignon Blanc v. Pinot Grigio, disappointing finishes, dream episodes, and our love for the Mayor. Content warning:...


Episode 70: Birthday Party!

It's Emma's birthday, so let's talk about birthdays! Emma and Winston have a birthday chat, and are joined periodically by some of our past guests, John-Paul Cirelli, Michelle Agresti, Emma Cohen, and Sarah Wolfe, to talk about their favorite birthday traditions and experiences. Featuring: "Babanukah," internet scavenger hunts, board games, kicking off Halloween in August, talent shows, tattoos, bowling alleys, the beach, and strategic birthday cake. Want to buy Emma a birthday coffee?...


Episode 69: Star Wars Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker (with Danielle Shemaiah)

Emma is joined by the marvelous Danielle Shemaiah (The Whisperforge) to discuss the last film in the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker. We critique it with love, as we lament what might have been if Carrie Fisher hadn't passed, and if J.J. Abrams were better at ending things. Featuring: our love for Daisey Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran, Karens against Aperol Spritzes, embracing your inner Chardonnay lover, Kylo Ben, representation, too many unnecessary white men, and Danielle's killer wine...


Episode 68: Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Jedi

Emma and Winston discuss one of their all-time favorite Star Wars films, The Last Jedi. They try to play Devil's Advocate and understand why people would not like this movie, but mostly focus on its strengths as the most spiritually challenging of these films. Plus: Rey: unfined & unfiltered, changing opinions and changing palates, sacrifice, corruption, and moral ambiguity, Italian wine (for some reason), funny puppets, and the cruel tutelage of Luke Skywalker. Find Us Online: If you...


Episode 67: Star Wars Episode VII- The Force Awakens (with Chad Ellis)

Emma is joined by podcasting extraordinaire Chad Ellis to discuss the first film in the most recent of Star Wars trilogies, The Force Awakens. We share our love for this movie, and our stories of first seeing it (Chad's is way cooler). Plus: characters and world-building, Kylo & wine bros, Byronic heroes, sacred texts, appreciation of Adam Driver, the superiority of practical effects, shipping Poe and Finn, and Droids for millennials. Follow Chad on Twitter @ChadManic, and make sure to...


Episode 66: Avatar: The Last Airbender

"There can be no peace without justice." -Avatar Kyoshi knew what was up, and there's a lot we all can learn from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Winston and Emma discuss what they love from this show, why it's important, and also the problematic cultural appropriation involved in making it. Plus: Zuko & rosé's parallel redemption arcs, wine in China, martial arts and bending styles, alternative ships, winebending, and the importance of representation. Find Us Online: If you enjoy Pairing,...


Episode 65: Star Wars Episode VI- The Return of the Jedi (with Anthony Pinggera)

Anthony Pinggera returns to Pairing to discuss Episode VI of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. We agree that this movie somehow holds itself together despite having many moving parts, but we disagree on Jedi Rock. Plus: Harrison Ford's deathwish for Han, possible other directors, C-3PO: sommelier, the racism of the ewoks, Aaron Sorkin-style walk and talks, Roman Emperors, and a heartwarming story about Warwick Davis. SPOILER WARNING for ALL the Star Wars films. Anthony runs SpellTheory- a...


Episode 64: Star Wars Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back (with Christopher Dole)

Happy 40 Years of The Empire Strikes Back! Christopher Dole returns to Pairing to discuss the sequel that redefined sequels, Episode V of the Star Wars saga. We talk about why this is our favorite Star Wars movie, how it was received at the time, and the difficulties they faced in making it. Plus: the great Frank Oz, deleted music, wines in balance, Han & Leia, the importance of taking risks, iconic lines, and incredible production design. Follow Christopher on Twitter @chrisdole86, and...


Episode 63: Star Wars Episode IV- A New Hope (with Sarah Shachat)

The great Sarah Shachat returns to Pairing to discuss the film that started it all: Episode IV- A New Hope (aka, the original Star Wars). Sarah, Emma, and Winston share their thoughts, love, and occasional criticism of this iconic film, and talk about how it came to be, and the alternative universe we would be in if Bill Murray had been cast as Han Solo. Plus: Wookiepedia, hot takes on Joseph Cambell, intellectual zeniths, inevitable Lord of the Rings references, and the wines of Tunisia (or...


Episode 62: The Witcher

It has happened: Emma has started playing video games! So, we decided to take this opportunity to talk about the Witcher Game and Television Series. Hear some stories about Emma's journey so far, learn a little bit about Czech wine, and hear a preview of Winston's version of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher." Plus: gruff voices, Winston's History corner, Video Game Shoulder, nonlinear storytelling, Slavic fantasy, and Henry Cavill's abs. Emma's First Audiobook, Shadowborn: Book 1 of the Light &...


Episode 61: Your Wine Questions II: Quarantine Edition

Emma and Winston talk about what they've been drinking while they practice social distancing in quarantine, and answer some of your wine questions! Listen to find out what it is that makes a wine not vegan, the difference in the fermentation processes between wine, beer, and spirits, and the Legend of the Black Rooster. Plus: tequila is an essential employee, finding love through a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, Ales vs. Lagers 2020, the Pope's New Crib, a Hamm's family, and wine for the...


Episode 60: Podcasts (with Meghan Fitzmartin)

Emma is joined by Meghan Fitzmartin (Supernatural, Red Rhino, Wine & Comics) to discuss one of our favorite mediums: podcasts and Audio Drama! Meghan shares some wisdom on what it's like to work in the entertainment industry, and some of the differences between writing for audio and visual mediums. Plus: kids dealing with superpowers, our love for villains, creative control in wine and television, and Red Wino. Follow Meghan on Twitter @megfitz89 and be sure to check out Red Rhino, Wine &...