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Carol & Wayne Tamarelli, Tamarelli Vineyards

Carol & Wayne Tamarelli are private vineyard owners from New Jersey who have become great friends of ours over the years. They are truly great adventurers, traveling literally all over the world. In fact, they found The Vines on one of their many trips to Antarctica. We talk about travel, their 53 years of marriage and their philosophy on winemaking. Their wines are available at


Perry Boyle, Ring's End Wines

This week we speak with Perry Boyle, who planted his vineyard in 2011 and has made three vintages of wine — but is unique in that he is our only private vineyard owner that has never visited the property!


Mariana Onofri, Zenith Nadir, Alma Gemela Wines & The Vines of Mendoza

This week we talk with Mariana Onofri, a private vineyard owner who is also the amazing wine director of The Vines, guiding all of our owners through the winemaking and blending process. Mariana talks about her philosophy on winemaking and how it has developed by working with our diverse group of owners. She also shares stories about the wine she makes and sells, two wonderful white blends.


Jacqueline Holdbrooks, Integrity Wines

Jacqueline is a private vineyard owner who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. We discuss how her falling in love with wine in Tuscany led to her vineyard in Mendoza, which is called Integrity -- and how that concept plays into her life and wines


Chani Wiggins & Paul Steinhauer, TBD Wines

Chani Wiggins and Paul Steinhauer recount how just one perfect day in Mendoza at our old cabins got them started on a winemaking adventure that has led to travels to wine regions around the world and the creation of their "TBD" wine.


Pablo Gimenez Riili, The Vines

Pablo Co-founded The Vines in 2004 and has his own private vineyard and makes wines with his wife, 2 sons and daughter. We discuss our first visit to what is now The Vines, his love for white wines and his philosophy on the intersection of wine and life.


Adolfo & Mikhail Klassen, Klassen Argentina Wines

Adolfo and his two sons Mikhail and Tobias live in Canada. Both Adolfo and Mikhail are engineers and they discuss applying that background to making their wines together. As Adolfo says, "winemaking is an extension of who you are". We talk about the different levels of wine they are making, the Uco Valley terroir and how Cab Franc and Petit Verdot are starting to really shine as single varietals.


Marguerite & Randy Ransom

Randy and Marguerite live in Miami and purchased their private vineyard in 2014 and discuss the experience of tasting their first wine - a white Rhone-style blend. Marguerite also talks about her journey to become a certified sommelier and how that has helped her create and blend their wines.


Sergio Weitzman, Serca Wines

Sergio is a private vineyard owner from Argentina, who has lived in Houston for many years. Sergio and his family make and sell Serca wines from their six acres of private vineyards, featuring Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. You can check out his wines at


Kim & Phil Asmundson, Lakawa & Deep Sky Vineyards

Kim and Phil purchased a vineyard with The Vines in 2007 and during their first visits to Mendoza realized that the climate and terroir in Mendoza is strikingly similar to their home in Tucson, Arizona. So they decided to expand their winemaking beyond Argentina, creating a Malbec and other wines in Tuscon. We talk about the differences in terroir between their northern and southern vineyards and how the process of learning about winemaking and farming has inspired them during their...


Michael Simon, Consenso Wines

My guest this week is Michael Simon, part of the Consenso group of private vineyard owners. Michael is a data analytics consultant and lives in NY. We discuss how he bought his vineyard sight unseen and how he applies his professional expertise as a data analyst to make his wines. He also offers some interesting advice for new private vineyard owners.


The Vines of Mendoza: Our First 10 Years

The first 10 years at The Vines of Mendoza as told by our management team.

A Beer and a Conversation with The Vines

A discussion of grape growing, winemaking, and the Uco Valley with The Vines' Co-Founder Michael Evans, Consulting Winemaker Santiago Achaval, and Chief Agronomist Francisco Evangelista.


The Vines of Mendoza 2013 Harvest Update

2013 Harvest outlook from The Vines founders Michael Evans and Pablo Gimenez Riili, plus Mendoza wine legends Santiago Achaval and Marcelo Pelleriti. With a special guest appearance by Pedro Aznar.

The Vines Resort & Spa Wine Experience!

Listen here to The Vines Resort & Spa's live discussion with Santiago Achaval and our winemaking team. Santiago, consulting winemaker for The Vines, has wines that consistently rank among the best in Argentina by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator, who called Santiago the "master of Malbec". Learn all about: - Santiago Achaval's experiences and view on what makes the terroir in the Uco Valley ideal for producing world class wine - The wine experience at The Vines Resort & Spa...

Argentine Wines in the European Market | The Vines of Mendoza

Argentine Wines have had a huge impact in the European Market in the last few years. Michael Evans and Pablo Ginenez Riili, co-founders of The Vines of Mendoza, along with Eduardo Pulenta of renowned Bodega Pulenta Estate, Mauricio Llaver of Revista Punto a Punto and Andrew Maidment, PR manager for Wines of Argentina in Europe, talk about the presence and trends of Argentine wines in the European and Global Market.


The Vines of Mendoza | Interview with Michael Evans, The Vines of Mendoza C

Set amidst 500 acres in the prestigious Uco Valley, a limited number of professionally managed Private Vineyard Estates are offered in three to ten acre parcels. Owners produce wine with internationally acclaimed winemaker, Santiago Achval, of Achval-Ferrer fame.