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Gifting Etiquette and Christmas Movies

Should you bring a gift to the host or hostess of your Christmas party? What should a grandparent give their grandchildren as gifts? Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? G and Miriam along with special guest Casey take a stab at these topics this week.


Baby, is it Cold Outside

Join Rachell, Miriam and G in a rousing conversation about the "Baby, It's Cold Outside" controversy. Is it Harmless or Harmful. Find out the results of their poll and get some commentary on Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kareem Hunt, the Me Too Movement and so much more. You don't want to miss this one.


Put Your Buggy Away: A Rant Episode

Today the 3 D's spend the episode sharing some rants - blocking intersections, returning shopping carts, bagging groceries. Listen in and find out if you make our list of people that grind our gears!


Holidays and How to Talk About Pregnancy

G, Miriam, and Rachell talk about the effect Christmas music and decorations have on our emotional health. G asks the question; Is Thanksgiving early this year? and there is some discussion about “who” is pregnant. Join the fun. Listen, comment, follow, share with your friends.


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Traditions

This week the ladies are reunited and discussing the holidays. Do you have any family traditions? Favorite food? Does Santa visit your house? Do you stay up to watch the ball drop? Join the ladies as they discuss these topics as well as what's new!


Lisa's 40 by 40

Miriam is out traveling the world this week, so Lisa joins Rachel and G to talk about her 40 by 40 journey. Have you ever made a bucket list? How did it go? Why did you do it? Lisa shares her answers to these questions and more. Listen in, and maybe get some good ideas for your own list.


Sick Etiquette, Halloween, and Scary Movies

Miriam, Rachell, and G talk through going to work when sick, the "right" age to trick or treat and some of their Halloween memories, movies, and things to do.


The American Dream, IC3.gov and Shekita

Rachell is off this week so Miriam and G are joined by Shekita, another of G's daughters. Join the ladies as they discuss the meaning of The American Dream, if you should eat before working out first thing in the morning, and internet crimes.


Margaret's Thoughts, Kavanaugh Take 2 and Pet Peeves

Today Georgette joins Miriam and Rachell from St. Louis to discuss some passionate feedback from a listener, re-visit Kavanaugh and the new accusations, and discuss some top pet peeves as well as some of their own. You ain't gonna want to miss it (please listen to understand the use of ain't)!


Kavanaugh, Human Life and Babies

Today the ladies cover a variety of topics, including the possible Kavanaugh congressional hearing, human life vs pet life, and everyone's favorite topic: babies. G, Miriam and Rachell drop their thoughts and knowledge on these issues, and the outcomes may surprise you.


G's Back, Serena and the Surprise Party

The original ladies are back together. G talks about her time off and the failed remote last week. Rachell gives an update on working, going to school and not sleeping and Miriam shares how she threw a surprise party for her mom. Oh and Miriam and her mom bought matching sweaters... awww how cute. Listen in, it's fun.


Pawternity Leave, Double Standards and Wiki-endings

Special guest Margaret steps in for Georgette this week as the ladies share their opinions on work leave for new pet owners and the clothing standards for women in tennis. Rachell reveals her teen crush and some huge life changes coming her way. Miriam shares about being guilted into paying in cash and Margaret tells about a new job!


Modesty, Cupping and Hair Removal

Rachell, Miriam and special guest Carla hold down the fort while G is away on business. The ladies discuss the skimpy fashion trends of today's youth and different types of hair removal. Miriam is challenged to get a Brazilian wax and report back on the pain level. Carla discusses the benefits of cupping and her first trip to Nashville. Rachell educates Carla on Apple Music and Miriam shares the best thing she ever put in her mouth.


#StopSucking, Kerri and Rules of Engagement

The ladies have a guest this week! Kerri joins to talk about going strawless, engagement rings (have the rules changed), and of course food is involved. Hear thoughts on Knox Mason and Kitchen 919.


1st Concert, Demi and a House Update

G and Miriam are joined by Anna when Rachell takes the day off. Anna brings a little younger teenage dimension to the discussion as the ladies discuss 1st concerts, Demi's struggles (does she have good friends or not) and walking apps. G gives an update on the kitchen reno and shares a very personal story.


The "Not So Painful" Politics Show

G, Miriam and Rachell have guests! Matt and Scott from the podcast Politicked join the ladies to talk about primaries. Why do they exist? Why should we care? What does it take to go and vote in them? This is a PACKED show - not only packed with people - there is some great conversation as well. Let's talk about the crazy of politics.


The Truth, Capsule Wardrobes and Bras

Join Rachell, Miriam and Granny as they talk through telling the truth to friends and family, or not; capsule wardrobes, and the struggle with bras and the effects of wearing them or not. There's a little lip gloss sharing too. Yep for real. Check it out.


Weekends, Dates and Nights Out

How exactly do you define a "date"? And how about the perfect night our or weekend? Find out what G, Miriam and Rachell think when you listen to this weeks podcast. One of the ladies thinks quite a bit differently. Can you guess which one? You may be incorrect. Listen and find out.


Non-American Football, Etiquette, Love Your Body

G, Miriam and Rachell talk about everything from sports to self love. Have you ever wondered what seat you should use when taking an Uber/Lyft? Listen and get the 3DWomen opinion. We share listener email about the great drink debate and give quick updates on the wedding, the kitchen and falling down stairs. It's a can't miss episode.


Snot, Movies and Some Random Questions

Ok, really the ladies discuss piercings but snot does work it's way into the conversation quite a bit. G shares her take on a few movies she recently watched and you don't want to miss Miriams random questions and the discussions that follow.