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Accent of Women is a show by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with a commitment to progressive politics. It is aimed at ethnic women and people interested in issues by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Accent of Women is a show by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with a commitment to progressive politics. It is aimed at ethnic women and people interested in issues by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
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Melbourne, VIC


Accent of Women is a show by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with a commitment to progressive politics. It is aimed at ethnic women and people interested in issues by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.






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Accent of Women - Free Speech and Social Media

Can you say whatever you want on social media? On today's program I chat to Tarneen Onus about the cost of speaking out against instituional racism. Later in the show Areej Nur sits down with me to make sense of our rights and responsibilities on Facebook.Areej Nur is a radio producer and educator Tarneen Onus is a Yigar Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Bindal and Torres Strait Islander. She has been a sexual health and consent educator, social worker, activist and rally organizer. Interview by...


Accent of Women - For Us By Us

For Us By UsThis episode is a recording of a keynote speech by Antoinette Braybrook, who's an Aboriginal woman and the CEO of Djirra. Antoinette spoke at the Tranforming Democracy conference organized by the Federation of Community Legal Centres. Antoinette discusses why Aboriginal led organizations are better placed to address complex and multilayered issues like family violence. Content warning :This episode contains descriptions of torture, sexual violence, rape, phsyical violence and...


Equal Pay for Early Childhood Educators

On today’s episode of Accent of Women, we look at the leading causes of gender inequality in the Australian workplace and why female dominated sectors are underpaid.We speak to Kara Keyes, the Australian Council of Trade Union’s Campaign Director, and Achut, who is an early childhood educator in Victoria.If you want to know more information about the Change the Rules Campaign, go to


Schools not Prisons

This week on Accent of Women we speak with Corallanne Pohlman, a proud Murri woman from Far North Queensland. Corallanne is a Youth Justice Worker in custodial settings whose late ADHD diagnosis as a young adult led her to question the effectiveness of the current education system for Aboriginal children.Corallanne looks at the way the current schooling system impacts Aboriginal children and reimagines a radical approach to education.


Stop racist reporting

On today’s episode of Accent, we ask the old adage: can sticks and stones break our bones?We look at the impact biased reporting has had on African youth in Australia. We also speak to Amy Maquire, a Darumbal/South Sea journalist and researcher about anti-blackness and lessons African communities can learn from First Nation people.


Newstart - is it a liveable wage?

Is Newstart a new beginning?On today’s episode of Accent, we ask, does Newstart allowance provide for a basic living wage - or should the payment be raised to meet the changing living standards.To help us understand the challenges faced by job seekers on Newstart allowance, we spoke to Gemma Mahadeo, a Melbourne-based writer and musician. Gemma's family emigrated from England to Australia in 1987. She's a committee member for the Women's Melbourne Network, and has performed her work with the...


New Trade Union Law Cambodia

The Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation has a newly elected President – Ou Tep Phallin who was formerly herself a beer promotions worker. Listeners might recall the major campaign run back in 2016, in defence of women in teh beer promotions industry in Cambodia – this is where women are required to encourage tourists in night clubs to keep drinking, and are compelled to drink themselves, putting them in very dangerous situations.


Stolenwealth not Commonwealth

The British Empire is again celebrating it’s world wide colonial conquests in the form of the Commonwealth Games, currently underway on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Indigenous activists and their supporters are conducting a protest campaign against the Commonwealth Games, under the title of the “Stolenwealth Games”. They are demanding land rights and recognition that Aboriginal sovereignty has never been ceded.


Palestinians and the Great Return March

Israeli troops killed at least 15 Palestinians and injured more than 1,400 on Friday 30 March, during demonstrations along Gaza’s border with Israel and in cities throughout the Palestinian enclave. The demonstrations were scheduled to take place for six weeks along the border of Gaza, and have been called the “Great Return March”. This area has been subject to an 11 year illegal blockade by Israel and Egypt. Today's program features visiting Palestinian activist and militant, Huwaida Arraf.


The economic crisis in Venezuela

On today’s program, we look at the economic crisis in Venezuela. Despite the billions of dollars available to Venezuela because of its oil industry, the country is in the throes of an economic crisis, resulting from US sanctions. Venezuela is heavily dependent on food imports just to feed the population. The media is reporting that hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the country into neighbouring Brazil and Colombia, in order just to eat.On today’s program, I speak with visiting...


No War on Syria

Eastern Ghouta, located just east of Damascus, has become the recent focus of a fierce offensive by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces. Health officials have also accused the Syrian government of using chlorine gas in their aerial bombardment campaign on Eastern Ghouta. The UN has called the situation in the enclave "hell on earth". Mariam Salameh, one of the women that has been organising rallies and marches in defence of the Syrian people is featured on today's program.


Manufacturing a gang crisis

Today on Accent of Women, we revisit the issue of African gangs and the vilification of Sudanese youth by the conservative media, and the Victorian state opposition.We feature the voice of Sudanese community campaigner, Nawal Ali, addressing a public meeting in Flemington – a western Melbourne suburb with a large Sudanese community. And then in the second part of the show, we revisit our interview with Sajda Yaccoub from the Peer Advocacy Team of the Police Accountability Project at...


Opium of the masses

This week's Accent of Women looks at apostasy – the practice of changing or leaving your religion.Apostasy is a critical demand for the international workers movement – it goes to the heart of collective consciousness, especially working class consciousness. It is about breaking the chains of religion that suppress and oppress, particularly women.But it is also an extremely difficult conversation to have, in this political climate. Atheism and the rejection of religion entirely, arises with...


Defend Public Housing

On Today’s Accent of Women, we will learn more about the Labor Victorian government’s plans in relation to the Public Housing Renewal project, and the social impacts that this will have.We hear from Yasemin Shamsili of the Public Housing Defence Network and Ayan Mohamud, a community activist and public housing tenant


#Abolish Australia Day

The 26th January, 2018 saw some of the biggest rallies across Australia in solidarity, defence and struggle with Aboriginal people. In Melbourne alone, 50 to 60,000 people marched the streets, overshadowing the official Australia Day Parade 50 to 1. This week's Accent of Women looks at the Abolish Australia Day campaign featuring interviews with Dtarneen Onus-Williams and Meriki Kalinya, and a speech by Jenny Munro


Of African Descent

Today on Accent of Women, we look at the supposed crime wave of African gangs that is sweeping Victoria.To discuss this issue, two young women are featured on Accent of Women, who in very different ways, are both working towards combating the media's racist rhetoric, and ultimately to ending this kind of racism. These two young women are Eunice Gabboyi, chairperson of the Afro Australian Student Association, and Sajda Yacoub ffrom the Peer Advocacy Team of the Police Accountability Project...


Bukjeh: Stories of home, and of having to leave it

In Melbourne, at the Immigration Museum Palestinian installation artist Aseel Tayah brings us Bukjeh: Stories of home, and of having to leave it.Bukjeh is an installation and a series of short performances created with people who have been forced to leave their homes, and in response to children's questions about refugees.


Hands Off Jerusalem!

US President Donald Trump's announcement to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is effectively an endorsement of Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem. The announcement sparked protests in Gaza and the West Bank and some commentators are describing the situation as a third intifada. But to understand the current provocation, what's happening in Palestine and what the future is for the Palestinian struggle, Accent of Women speaks with Palestinian activist, Samah Sabawi.


Korean Women Organising

On today’s Accent of Women, we look at women organising in the South Korean labour movement. In the second part of the program we will hear from Wol San Liem, director of International Affairs for the Korean Public Transport Workers Union, about a current strike in the railways, against privatisation. But first up on the show, we look at a significant labour movement event on the South Korean workers’ calendar – Jun Tae Il day.


PART 2: Shomi Yoon on Early Japanese Communists

On today’s Accent of Women, we conclude our exploration of early Japanese communist women.Shomi Yoon is member of the International Socialist Organisation in Aeteoroa/New Zealand. Shomi herself is from Japanese origins, and was a keynote speaker at the Marxism conference held in 2014.