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Empowering Your Career with Leadership and Branding Tips

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand interviews Stefan Werdeger of Career Sharma. Not only a seasoned career coach, Stefan is also a leadership coach and a healthcare executive recruiter. Noticing more and more of his clients have a desire to position themselves for advancement in their career and/or considering a consulting side hustle or full time leap, Stefan has partnered with Grace to deliver a full-service solution to his clients. Listen to Stefan's interview to gain insights on his...


Authenticity and Purpose - Essential Elements to a Great Personal Brand

A personal brand is about who you are, what you have to offer and how you express your values, skills and personality around your name and career. This is why it is important to maintain your authenticity in personal branding and be reminded of the deeper reason behind why you do what you. Grace Lanni of All About That Brand had a worthwhile conversation with Ruoyun Xu, the founder, CEO of C3nami – a digital marketing firm in Austin, TX. Ruoyun and her team of creatives and analytics...


Patience – How a Digital Marketing Firm Rocks Their Client Success

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand raps on Guns n Roses with Cindy Brummer, the founder, CEO of Standard Beagle – a digital marketing firm in Austin, TX. Cindy and her team are like dogs with bones creating expert websites that delight their client’s customers. Clever graphics, opt-ins and messaging ensures folks who land on their sites engage. Check out Cindy @ & Listen fully to get a sneak peak from Cindy’s expertise on branding, infringement and her ideas for the...


Dribbling to Score – Adell Harris of Refuse to Lose Nails Her Adversity Expertise

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Adell Harris – The Nation’s Top Adversity Training Expert & CEO of Refuse to Lose. Launching her basketball career on the court with her adopted brother and on the heels of being her Mom’s primary caregiver, Adell is now inspiring audiences to reach for their greatness. Adell reveals how basketball became her family and her passion for personal development led her to launch Refuse to Lose. Check out Adell @ & Listen fully to get a...


Facebook Live & Bots Boost Your Program

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand Interviews Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer. Molly’s first program was coaching vocal instructors & Camera Confidence. Through this experience, she became known as a Facebook Live Influencer delivering musical keynotes. Most recently, she launched the Molly Bot – a DIY or done for you messenger bot platform to grow your facebook engagement. Molly’s clients love the boost to their online programs by engaging her.


5yr Old Cher Enthusiast Blossoms into a Rock n Roll Personal Stylist

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Rock n Roll stylist, Thea Wood, Co-Founder of She Spark – The Online Magazine for Women Over 40. Learn Thea’s philosophy of style and how it expands from the clothes you choose or wear. Hear Thea’s story of her choice to move into Professional Styling from hitech to a Cowboy Hat Wearing Real Estate Agent to Mom to Professional Styling. Check out Thea’s ebook ‘The Intentional MakeOver’ on


PR, The Rolling Stones & Resonance Repatterning – A Trifecta

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Mary Schneider, a resonance repatterning therapist who studied with the founder of the work. Though Mary was a PR person 20yrs ago – updating her business and personal brands has been an accomplishment this year paving the way to her global business delivery. Go to Mary’s website to download a powerful free paper:


Achieve Brand Message Clarity Before Your Launch to Ensure Success

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by B2B Brand Profile Creator: Daisy McCarty. Daisy’s firm, Brand Message Clarity, digs deep with her clients to profile their products, market, competition and value add to their clients to ensure their messaging is on point to attract their best client. An expert at leveraging LinkedIn along with a powerful brand message, Daisy’s clients are able to reveal the secret sauce of attracting revenue. Go to Daisy’s website to download free training:...


Travel Editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine Shares Her Journey as a Media Maven

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Media Maven, Marika Flatt, Travel Editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and CEO/Founder of PR by the Book. Marika’s firm, PR by the Book, supports experts, authors, speakers and promotes their genius. Shifting from columnist for Austin Lifestyle Magazine to founder/editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine provides Marika with clarity of both side of the media/PR conversation. Check out Texas Lifestyle Magazine on Facebook and catch the best of our...


From a Coffee Shop to 500,000 Raving Fans Enabling 1 Million Women to $1M

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand highlights Sandra Yancey – Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork – and her early days as a startup entrepreneur, her roots on CBS radio and growing her listenership to followship online and offline with 500,000 members internationally. Learn her first brand attachments, her first personal branding star crush and secrets from Sandra’s newest influencer marketing programming. @AllAboutThatBrand

Duration:00:55:43 Graduates from QVC to a National Network of Zymbologists

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand spends the morning with Dane Short – founder of – a unique jewelry symbol that went viral via QVC and inspired > 70 permanent tattoos! Celebrating success leading the business with his Mom, Sally, Dane is actively recruiting new Zymbologists around the US. Crafted to initially represent the sentiment ‘love is all you need’, Zymbol is able to contain a personalized message on many different jewelry settings. Follow Dan on Facebook...


Wonderwoman of the Mobile App Industry Shares the Ups & Downs of Authenticity

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by President of Rocksauce Studios, Michael Robin. Passionate about personal branding, authenticity and creating happiness, Michael and Grace talk about the evolution of Michael’s business and personal brands. Clear that it isn’t always sweetness and light, Michael shares challenges with social commentary, reviews, and how authenticity can worry elder members of her family. Stepping into her role as president allows Michael the opportunity to...


Capture the Wisdom & Beauty of Business, Elders and Storytelling

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Carmen Buck, Legacy Photographer, Author & Storyteller. Fascinated with the connections that emerge from allowing seniors and their families interact, Carmen shares how her background in senior health let her from ‘someone has to tell these stories’ to ‘I’m going to write these stories’. Also a powerful business/personal branding photographer, Carmen’s unique ability to tease the essence of her subject forward allows her to empower her clients...


Learn How a Personal Stylist Can Dance with Your Personal Brand

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Laurel Kinney, personal stylist. Recently highlighted on NBC: “I hired a stylist – and it taught me so much more than how to dress myself”, Laurel shares with glee her first brand crush – Peaches & Cream Barbie. Learn how she promotes her personal brand and works with men and women to create their perfect style with clothes in and out of work.


Girl Geek Shares Her Journey from Web Developer to Digital Branding Strategist

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Donna Galassi of Blue Zenith in Denver, Colorado. Pulled into branding via the Web Development world, she now supports subject matter experts designing their web presence as well as their back-end operational systems to support a compelling online, revenue-generating platform. Listen to her talk about discovering her differentiation and zone of genius from attending a local trade show. Don’t miss Donna’s free gifts to our audience in the...


Warren Carlyle of Octonation Speaks as The Community Building Strategist

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Warren Carlyle – an industry leading influencer in the art of building online communities that work. Warren sharing the basics of how pages differ from groups and the nuances of creating engagement online leveraging on and offline activity. His story of becoming known by the top influencers in the fashion world and being called in as the industry shifted from hiring ‘brand ambassadors’ to ‘influencer marketing’ makes Warren the perfect person...


Listen to How This Marketer Embraced Video for His Client’s Brands

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Mark Wonderlin of Mosaic Media Films. A marketing person trained in the sports industry, he’s now providing videos for entrepreneurs and businesses to tell their 3 minute ‘why us’ story. If you haven’t thought about video – now’s the time to explore. ?Understand the key components needed to produce a video that converts. Listen to get a free video guide, 5 ways video can grow your business and an opportunity to get a strategy session from Mark.


Disney Hack Podcaster Gives Tips & Tricks for Online Reputation Mgmt

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Marketing Expert and movie enthusiast Joey McGirr to share real-life stories of companies battling unjustified social roasting. Get Joey’s secrets on personal branding and learn how to make the most of your online time. Listen to get the beta invite to his next entrepreneurial venture – a new online networking/mastermind platform, NVYT.US


Launch Your Online Program to Seven Figure Success

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand interviews Kimberly Alexander of The Results Map and The Grow Grid Fame sharing her secret brand crush as a young girl. Kimberly led corporate field teams to big success and has successful launched her 7-figure online platforms to Speakers, Authors & Subject Matter Experts. Listen through to get a special offer for our All About That Brand Listeners!


Listen to an Empowerment Entrepreneur as She Talks About Her First Product

Grace Lanni of All About That Brand interviews Maruxa Murphy, CEO of, to talk about how community is the foundation of her empowerment brand. "Good branding heightens all the senses" shared by Maruxa from the time she heard the velcro wrrrrip of a Trapper Keeper as a kid to the power of the smells of a fabulous am cup of coffee to fire up her day. Known for reenergizing worn out entrepreneurs and reconnecting them with a value-based why for their business, their tribe and...