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85: How to Know It's Time to Stop Trying

How does it feel to watch your dreams fade away? It’s never a good feeling, but what if those dreams involve how many children to have or when to walk away and end your journey to conceive a child? Somehow, this dream cuts deeper than other dreams that may go unfulfilled in your life. Dr. Maria Rothenburger is a fertility therapist and coach who has been through infertility challenges. Her doctoral research focused on post-traumatic growth as opposed to PTSD. Though she still practices as...


84: An Insider's Guide to Surrogacy

When it comes to making decisions about your life, family, and children, the only sure thing is to follow your gut and trust your instincts. Many times the path you envision looks nothing like the journey that reality will bring. No one else--not even your doctor--can decide what’s right for you. Today’s show is my personal story of finding and holding to that very last ray of hope, even when I thought all hope was gone.


83: What Pediatricians Want New Parents to Know

Are you considering which pediatrician you should choose for your child? From personal experience, I know the importance of finding the right pediatrician who will not listen to the outside noise, but who will listen to you and make the best decisions for your child. Joining me on the show today is Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, favorably known as Dr. Jen by her patients. Dr. Jen is a nationally renowned parenting expert, board-certified pediatrician, and has maintained a successful,...


82: Control

The worst advice anyone can give a woman (or couple) going through infertility, fertility treatment or a high-risk pregnancy is, "You have no control". It is unhelpful and it is just plain wrong. Decades of research have shown the importance of believing in and maintaining control especially when it comes to health. Not only does it help you feel better emotionally, it creates physiological changes in the body, that during infertilty and a high-risk pregnancy, can increase your chances of...


81: How Her HRP Inspired Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Having a high-risk pregnancy can make you feel like your whole world is collapsing. So many women have to cut back on work or stop working all together. And once baby comes, depending on circumstances, you may be unable to return to career for years, if at all. It's stressful and heartbreaking but there is hope. On this episode, Meg shares with us how to create your dream career despite having a high-risk pregnancy so you can have your dream family and career and enjoy both too.


80: When You Avoid

We all know avoiding important tasks isn't helpful. And yet we all do it, because, let's face it, it's easier than making that doctor's appointment, returning that phone call or doing the bloodwork. Did you know, avoidance builds up anxiety and ends up leaving you more stressed than the actual thing you're avoiding? On this episode, I share with you how to end avoidance once and for all so you can get the health care and support that you need and deserve.


79: Lean Into Trauma

Thousands of women experience pregnancy and/or birth trauma every year. Without proper support, resources and information, trauma is often overlooked and women are left feeling alone as they navigate their healing journey. On this episode, I share the critical step that's involved in healing from trauma so you can experience joy and peace again.


78: Miracles During a High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is a uniquely difficult time because of the emotional and physical intensity. Within a short 40 weeks - sometimes less - you might hear difficult news, have to make impossible decisions all while feeling the weight of being responsible for another life. You hope for a miracle and yet you aren't sure if you'll be lucky enough to experience one. On this episode, I share with you why I believe everyone one of us has the power to create miracles during a high-risk...


77: Transforming Monster Mommy Moments

When you lose your temper on your child, it doesn't make you a bad mother. Every single mother on this planet has done it. But it is an opportunity for growth and self-reflection so you can continue to be the best mother and raise the best version of your child. On this episode, we talk about those rage-filled moments, what they are, what they mean and how to make them stop.


76: When Crying is Not a Sign of Postpartum Depression

With increased attention on postpartum depression in the media and in research, more and more women (and their loved ones) are becoming sensitive to recognizing the signs and symptoms early. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression, like crying, are not necessarily pointing to depression. Sometimes, crying is not a sign of a mental health condition at all but a sign of healing. On this episode, I share with you how to tell the difference.


75: Coping with Pregnancy After Loss

Experiencing a loss is heartshattering for any parent. Whether it's a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, due to prematurity, a stillbirth or any other reason, it is the hardest thing for a parent to survive. Getting pregnant again after a loss can bring up concerns about the health of the baby, fears of another loss and a tremendous distrust of your body. On this episode, Christine shares her personal experiences of pregnancy after loss, how she coped and how she turned her tragedy into...


74: How Stress and the Mind Body Connection Impact Pregnancy Health

The term "mind-body connection" can mean a variety of things to so many people. Some take it to mean mental health, others take it to mean nutrition therapy, others take it to mean something about the stars or hanging crystals by your bed. But most of us can agree that it relates somehow to stress. But does it have any impact on the health of your pregnancy? Absolutely. On this episode I share with you how.


73: When Your Body Needs You to Slow Down but You Love to Go Fast

When you're a Type-A, go-getter person who loves to be busy, it hard to accept when your body needs you to go slow. You feel unproductive, helpless and useless, none of which are good for your mental or physical health. On this episode, we talk about how to listen to your body when you need to go slow and how to slow down without feeling like you're stopping your life.


72: Secondary Infertility

When it's easy to have your first child, it's a pretty safe assumption that having subsequent children will be easy too. You start planning out how to space them apart, when to start trying and believe everything will go according to plan, just like it did the first time. When that isn't the case, and it takes much longer to have the second (or third or fourth)...or you have to rely on fertility treatment to continue building your family, it's heartbreaking and life-shattering. On this...


71: Why Labels Matter

The words and labels that you use during your family-building challenges matter. They inform what important anchor points define your story and they validate your experiences. The more you use them, the more others will follow. On this episode, I share with you why we should stop hiding from the terminology that makes us feel seen and heard so we can create a community of support around us as we go through the challenges and then heal after they're all over.


70: Financial Management for a Healthy Pregnancy

Financial stress is a tremendous source of stress for women with a high-risk pregnancy. Whether it's because you spent much of your savings trying to get pregnant or you ended up on bed rest and can no longer work, financial stress is very real and can leave women feeling even more helpless and anxious about their future than they already feel because of their pregnancy complications. On this episode, I speak with financial expert, Aisha Taylor, on how she empowered herself to take...


69: Toxic Chemicals and Infertility

Environmental toxins are all around us in our day to day lives. From what we eat to what we breathe to what we put on our skin and hair, all of these chemicals impact reproductive health and fertility. On this episode, I speak with Dr. Lora Shahine on how to reduce environmental toxins from your life without feeling like you have to burn down your house to do it. If you are trying to conceive, this episode is a must listen.


68: Essentials and Gifts for NICU parents

The NICU is an overwhelming, scary place that feels like a world away from the rest of the world. Whether you're expecting to spend time in the NICU or it came as a surprise, it takes time to adjust to the pace and the life of the parenting in the NICU. On this episode, I share some of the items that were essential for me to keep my sanity and help me through our 109 day NICU stay. Plus, I share with you ideas for gifts to give loved ones who have a baby in the NICU.


67: Listener Q &A

When you have challenges creating the family of your dreams, whether it's experiencing loss or infertility, a high-risk pregnancy or prematurity, it wreaks havoc on all aspects of your life. You feel alone and can have a million questions swirling in your mind that you don't know where to find the answers to. On this episode, I answer 4 of my listeners' questions as they navigate their journey to building the family of their dreams.


66: Expecting Triplets with Jenny Medlen

When I first started watching This is Us, the very first episode reminded me of a good friend I'd met during my high-risk pregnancy. Not long before I was pregnant, she had been pregnant after fertility treatment. Not with one. Not with twins. But with triplets. On this episode, she shares her experience of finding out she was pregnant with triplets, how she coped with her high-risk pregnancy and what her NICU journey was like trying to juggle three babies in the hospital.