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Elevate Your Energy with Evelyne Lambrecht is the resource for women who want to eat better, feel better, and live better. Join us weekly for an expert interview.

Elevate Your Energy with Evelyne Lambrecht is the resource for women who want to eat better, feel better, and live better. Join us weekly for an expert interview.
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Elevate Your Energy with Evelyne Lambrecht is the resource for women who want to eat better, feel better, and live better. Join us weekly for an expert interview.




Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

Evelyne Lambrecht from Elevate Your Energy interviews Nicole Jardim, women's health and functional nutrition coach at www.nicolejardim.com. Nicole's mission is to help women in their 20s and 30s reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. We talked about: - why women have been sold a lie about the benefits of hormonal birth control - why birth control is wreaking havoc on your real hormones - why ovulation is necessary - how to recover from being on hormonal birth control...


Get Relief from Pelvic Pain with Dr. Jessica Drummond

Dr. Jessica Drummond, pelvic therapist and integrative women's health specialist, joins Evelyne from Elevate Your Energy to talk about how to get relief from pelvic pain. What are the most common causes of pelvic pain? How can nutrition help with pelvic pain? What is unique about Jessica's approach to pelvic pain? Where can someone get help with pelvic floor issues?


Clean Skin from Within with Dr. Trevor Cates

Get a free copy of Dr. Cates' book Clean Skin from Within at www.elevateyourenergy.com/cleanskin. Get a free copy of Dr. Cates' book Clean Skin from Within at www.elevateyourenergy.com/cleanskin.


The Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin

Miracle Mindset is based on JJ Virgin’s experiences after her son Grant was the victim of a terrible hit-and-run in September 2012, he was 16 at the time. JJ is best known for her bestsellers The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet, but fighting for her son’s life inspired a new focus on mindset and the power of courage, strength, and resilience to help you not just survive, but thrive during life’s hardest moments. Watch the premiere of JJ's documentary You Are Stronger Than You Think at...


The Fibromyalgia Fix with Dr. David Brady

Evelyne Lambrecht from elevateyourenergy.com interviews Dr. David Brady from fibrofix.com about his book The Fibro Fix: Get to the Root of your Fibromyalgia and Start Reversing Chronic Pain and Fatigue in 21 Days. Dr. Brady answers: - what is classic fibromyalgia? - why is fibromyalgia so often misdiagnosed and how can you rule it out? - what other issues cause symptoms that mimic those of fibromyalgia? - what causes fibromyalgia? - what is the typical treatment for fibromyalgia? - what is...


God's Hotel: A Doctor, A Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine

Dr. Victoria Sweet, author of God's Hotel: A Doctor, A Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine, joins Evelyne Lambrecht on Elevate Your Energy Radio to talk about her journey as a physician at Laguna Honda Hospital In San Francisco. We discussed: what her thoughts are on personal vs personalized medicine, what she learned about premodern medicine and how it can be applied now, how slow medicine can be used today, even in hospital settings, the efficiecny of inefficiency, and more.


Transformation Starts from Within with Jenna Phillips Ballard

How does true transformation happen? Evelyne Lambrecht from Elevate Your Energy interviews Jenna Phillips Ballard about: Last week I interviewed Jenna Phillips Ballard about how true transformation happens. We talked about: - how an accident at age 17 permanently changed her outlook on life - what is transformational leadership and what led Jenna to open a center in San Diego to teach this work - why any transformation, whether it's body transformation or another type, starts from within -...


What is Functional Medicine with Dr. Kristi Hughes

Evelyne Lambrecht from elevateyourenergy.com interviews Dr. Kristi Hughes, faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Kristi answers: - what is functional medicine? - how is it different from integrative medicine? - why you may want to consider a functional medicine provider? - how to find a functional medicine provider? - what is the evidence for functional medicine? - is functional medicine affordable?


The Healthy Traveler with Dr. Robyn Benson

Evelyne Lambrecht from Elevate Your Energy interviews Dr. Robyn Benson, author of The Healthy Conscious Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel on how to stay healthy not just while traveling to different destinations, but while traveling through life. Robyn has traveled to over 70 countries and has not been sick during her 23 years in practice. Robyn answers: how to eat healthy on a budget while travelingwhich supplements to consider before and during travelhow much water to...


Love Your Skin with Rachael Pontillo

Rachael Pontillo is the bestselling author of the book Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, and co-author of The Sauce Code. She’s an AADP Board Certified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach, licensed aesthetician; and health, nutrition, and holistic skincare educator. She teaches a variety classes and workshops in the Philadelphia metro area and online. Rachael presented at the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners Fifth Annual Conference in October 2012, spoke at past Natural Products...


Methylation, Epigenetics, and the Power of Personalized Medicine with Dr. Oberg

Dr. Erica Oberg, physician and researched joins Elevate Your Energy to talk about epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Are you confused by genetic SNPs and what they mean? What is MTHFR? Is there a link between MTHFR and other genetic mutations? Dr. Oberg will also invite you to participate in a research study so we can learn more about the impact of treating some of these mutations. To be a part of this, you can contact research@epigeneticsrx.com. If you've been doing some of your own research...


Supercharge Your Fertility in 6 Weeks with Marc Sklar

Evelyne Lambrecht from Elevate Your Energy welcomes fertility expert Marc Sklar to talk about how to improve your fertility in 6 weeks. Are you worried about your ability to have children in the next few years? Frustrated by trying to get pregnant for months or years and tired of the heartbreak? Are you concerned that you’ll have to spend so much money getting pregnant that it will be a strain on your life and relationship? Ready for a natural, non-invasive option? Marc has helped women who:...


The Wahls Protocol: Treating Chronic Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is the author of The Wahls Protocol: A radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions using Paleo principles. from terrywahls.com: An integrative approach to healing chronic auto-immune conditions by a doctor, researcher, and sufferer of progressive multiple sclerosis whose TEDx talk is already a web sensation. Like many physicians, Dr. Terry Wahls focused on treating her patients’ ailments with drugs or surgical procedures—until she was diagnosed with multiple...


Mindful Conception & Raising Healthy Babies with Kim Schuette

Kim Schuette of Biodynamic Wellness joins Elevate Your Energy to discuss: - What does “mindful conception” involve? - Why is autism on the rise and can it be prevented? - What are the typical steps you young couples should take prior to conception? - What contributes to infertility? - What do you need to know about early childhood vaccines? - What are the best first foods for babies? - What are the best ways to keep young children healthy and thriving?


Eat Well for a Healthy Mind and Longer Life with Cookbook Author Rebecca Katz

Rebecca Katz, author of The Healthy Mind Cookbook, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, the Longevity Kitchen, and One Bite at a Time calls herself a “culinary translator” meaning she translates nutritional science to your plate, seasoned by wisdom and the alchemy of flavor. We'll discuss: - The top foods for a healthier mind - better memory and cognition, more stable moods and emotions - The best ingredients to add to your meals to elevate your energy - How to address common side effects of cancer...


5 Steps to Permanent Gut Healing with Christa Orecchio

Christa Orecchio, clinical and holistic nutritionist, joins Elevate Your Energy Radio to talk about the 5 steps to permanent gut healing. Unlike other approaches which treat diseases or even symptoms, Christa's Gut Thrive approach brings healing from the root cause. I personally went through the Gut Thrive program and wholeheartedly endorse it for anyone who's looking for permanent healing and change. In this show, you'll learn the 5 steps to gut healing including: 1) slashing inflammation...


Reset Your Body: Naturally Grow Younger as You Age with Terry Givens

Reset Your Body is the culmination of 8 years of nutritional, biohacking, time-reversing techniques & systems that Terry tried on himself and thousands of others through his blog. He describe the 13 Core Reset Steps and the 8 Reset Challenges that will trigger your body to “Grow Younger as You Age”. Get more energy, lose excess fat, have less chronic pain, turn back the hands of time! This is not about counting calories, voracious gym work outs – AT ALL. This is about a step by step system...


The Skinny on Coconut Oil with Joy Reese

Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% RAW & ALKALINE coconut oil available on the market. It is made with their internationally exclusive, patent-pending Nutralock System™ that crafts our oil without using any heat at all (yes that's right ZERO heat!) That is why Skinny is the closest you can get to an actual raw coconut and all you have to do is open a jar. Give it a try and find out why so many people are making Skinny their #1 choice for coconut oil. Skinny Coconut Oil comes from mature...


Testosterone: The Hormone Secret with Dr. Tami Meraglia

From an expert in integrative medicine, a thirty-day plan to help women lose weight and look and feel years younger. As they grow older, many women struggle to lose weight. Unlike many men their age, they may also suffer from sleep problems, osteoporosis, and depression. Many women may even feel like they age less slowly and gracefully than their male counterparts. Dr. Tami Meraglia knows that the magic word here is testosterone. While there is ample discussion in the medical community about...


Pleasurable Weight Loss with Jena La Flamme

Jena la Flamme is the author of "Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today.” Jena helps women worldwide lose weight, be at peace with food, and feel great in their skin. She takes a stand against all punishing methods of weight loss and is an advocate for a kinder, more loving and compassionate, feminine approach to weight loss and overeating. Jena works with women of all ages through her live Pleasure Camps, online programs, website,...