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Healthy You—Healthy Planet: Marian Carroll

Have you found yourself lacking energy and a sense of wellbeing? Do you suffer from uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing digestive issues? Do you want to help to prevent or reverse the most dreaded diseases of aging? If you answered yesto any of the above, you are going to want to hear from our guest, Marian Carroll. Marian is a certified Holistic Health Counselor and an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach. In other words, she acts as a guide and mentor who empowers her clients by...


Barbara Hannah Grufferman: LOVE YOUR AGE

Barbara Hannah Grufferman is a true role model for making the years after 50 the best they can be. Moreover, Barbara knows whereof she speaks. She is an author, frequent guest on radio and TV, regular contributor to AARP and Huffington Post, and the Bone Health Ambassador of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.And these are just some of her numerous accomplishments. Most of all, Barbara ison a mission to share the latest science-backed information into ways we can make the most of this...


Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body!

Do you suffer from chronic headaches, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, gut pain, or autoimmune conditions? We may think these and other all-too-common modern maladies are due to aging, gluten intake, too much sugar or too little exercise. But there is another missing piece to the health puzzle:Proper hydration. JoinDr. Dana Cohen and cultural anthropologist Gina Bria, two experts in the field of nutrition and health, as they share all about their brand new book, Quench. It’s a...


Kelly Glazer Baldwin: Familial

Growing older brings many rewards. Yet there are some undeniable facts we need to consider—one of them is that we’re not going to be around forever. As the visible signs of age begin to leave their mark, it’s time to start thinking about our life stories, our families and how we want to be remembered by our loved ones. That’s where our guest, Kelly Glazer Baldwin,can really help. Kelly has over two decades of experience working in the field of aging, focusing on the mental health and...


The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5th Edition

The feisty side of fifty is just the time to focus on making improvements to your health and wellbeing. Each of us wants to maximize our energy, keep our thought processes sharp and live lives of meaning and fulfillment. And Dr. Dr. Scott C. Litin, medical editor ofthe Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5thEdition, is just the person to answer any health concerns we may have. Join this highly regarded physician as he shares how you can make better nutrition and lifestyle choices that will...


Sharon Wilharm: Summer of ‘67

If you love watching a moving story that will bring back memories of your youth and touch your heart,you are going to want to catch this show! Sharon Wilharm is a female filmmaker who is getting ready for the theatrical release of her latest film, Summer of ’67.It’s coming to theaters on June 29thand is a Vietnam War love story told from the perspective of the women left behind. Sharon is joining us to share all about the film and how the subject matter reflected the lives of her parents...


Stroke Awareness: What You Can Do For Your Health!

May is stroke awareness month and it is critical that we understand more about the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S. today. Join Mayo Clinic neurologist and stroke specialist Dr. Bart Demaerschalk as he shares the latest scientific research on strokes and stroke prevention. If you care about aging well, maintaining your good health and spending many more years with your grandchildren, you won’t want to miss this one!


Barbara Hannah Grufferman: Love Your Age!

LOVE YOUR AGE: The Small-step Solution To A Better, Longer, Happier Life belongs on the nightstand of every woman in midlife and beyond. If you’re a boomer, you won’t want to miss the chance to get some great tips from the author! It seems the older we get the stronger the messages become: you’re no longer attractive, you’re invisible, your body and brain are on a downward slide, you’re woefully out of style and definitely over the hill. But Barbara Hannah Grufferman has delivered a book...


Janelle Hanchett: I’M JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE

As revolutionary as our generation has been, younger women are inspiring us with their honesty, courage and fierce attitude in challenging social norms head on. Our guest today, Janelle Hanchett is just such a woman. Janelle found herself pregnant at twenty-one and spiraled headlong down the hole of holding too much responsibility at a very early age. In her just released book, I’M JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE: A Memoir Of Renegade Mothering,she openly shares a confession that many mothers are...


Over 50? It's Time To Get Financially Fit!

Are you over 50, thinking about retirement and concerned about your financial fitness and wellbeing? If so… you will want to be sure to take a listen to what Gary Foreman has to say Gary has been providing personal financial advice for over 35 years. He began as a stockbroker with Smith Barney in 1982 and founded TheDollarStretcher.com website in 1996. He currently edits "After 50 Finances" a free weekly email newsletter dealing with baby boomer financial issues. Gary joins us to share...


You Are Not Alone

Despite the many upsides of age, one of the hardest lessons the years bring is the need to face significant grief and loss. Death affects each and every one of us, but the process of mourning is still deeply misunderstood. That’s where today’s guest can really help. Debbie Augenthaleris a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. She also has a story of her own to share. Debbie’s husband, Jim, died suddenly in her arms when she was only 36 years old. Now Debbie has written the...


Sara Bendrick: Gardening With Your Grandchildren

If you’re a grandma, no doubt you know there’s no greater fun than sharing time with your grandchildren. Few activities hold more joy or potential treasures than digging in the dirt together to plant a vegetable garden. Our guest, Sara Bendrick, is a nationally recognized gardening expert and host of DIY Network’s shows “I Hate My Yard” and “Lawn and Order.” She is joining us to help celebrate Earth Day and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s new movie Peter Rabbit byencouraging families...


David Baldacci: The Fallen

Few writers can claim to keep millions of readers eagerly turning pages like bestselling author, David Baldacci. His novels have been heralded as “gripping,” “spellbinding” and “thrill producing.” Now David has added another soon-to-be bestseller to his already impressive list. In The Fallen readers reconnect with one of David’s most popular heroes, Amos Decker, as he goes about solving four bizarre murders that have the police stumped. If you love a great tale told by a master...


Jeffery Deaver: The Cutting Edge

Few writers can claim to keep millions of readers up at night eagerly foregoing sleep to keep turning pages like bestselling author, Jeffery Deaver. His novels have appeared on bestseller lists around the world and have been translated into 25 languages. Now David has added another soon-to-be bestseller to his already impressive list. In The Cutting Edge, readers reconnect with one of Jeffery’s most popular heroes, Lincoln Rhyme, as he and Amelia Sachs investigate several murders targeting...



Nathan Turner is a design and entertainment expert who is a well-known author and a frequent guest on national TV. He’s made several appearances on the Today Showand also starred in Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Decorators. His designs, parties, and products have been featured in such major publications as Architectural Digest,Vogue, Town & Country, House Beautifuland Food & Wine. Nathan joins us to share all about his visually stunning and information-packed new book, I LOVE CALIFORNIA. So...


Cheryl Benton: Can You See Us Now?

Without a doubt, boomer women are reinventing the spirit and style of aging. To these ends, our guest, Cheryl Benton, has created the most wonderful website, newsletter and go-to resource for boomer women called The Three Tomatoes. Now, she has added to her numerous offerings aimed at our age group by authoring an inspiring look at growing older as a woman in today’s culture. And, although the book takes into account the struggles and slights suffered by those of us of a certain age, it is...


Mary Higgins Clark: I’ve Got My Eyes On You

America’s #1 best selling “Queen of Suspense,” Mary Higgins Clark, comes to Feisty Side of Fifty Radio for another lively interview. She’ll be sharing all about her latest book, I’ve Got My Eyes On You as well as some personal aspects of her life and the various ways she gets inspired. If you love a great mystery (and who doesn’t?) you’re in for a real treat. You won’t want to miss hearing from the woman who has gifted us with memorable twists and turns for more than forty years!


Food Sanity: How to Eat In a World of Fads and Fiction

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stave off the years, feed your body what it needs and maintain your health and vigor? Wouldn’t you love to be able to separate fact from fiction and understand the real science behind food? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to be told the truth about what you put in your mouth? These concerns are why this show is especially important. Our guest is Dr. David Friedman, a holistic practitioner and health expert who has hosted numerous radio and TV shows focusing on...


John Medina: Brain Rules for Aging Well

Each of us over the age of 50 holds concerns about the health of our brain and cognitive processes. We can’t help but notice how names escape us, how we lose our train of thought or when we stare blankly into the refrigerator wondering what we had wanted in the first place. That’s why this show will prove especially helpful to any boomer out there. Our guest, Dr. John Medina is a developmental molecular biologist. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of Brain Rules and has just...


Karen Karbo: In Praise of Difficult Women

Not willing to settle for the 1950’s female role models of our youth, we boomers put our hearts, souls and youthful energies into mounting the women’s movement of the 1970s. Now I like to say we are… “Embracing life, as we grow older. There are no invisible shrinking violets here, we're an amazing and bodacious group of women who are revolutionizing and reinventing the spirit and style of aging.” And speaking of bodacious, bestselling author, Karen Karbo, is especially beloved by those of...