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My mission is to help women understand they aren't at the mercy of their hormones. Food for Thought will provide tools from myself and my leading expert guests to help you create smart choices.

My mission is to help women understand they aren't at the mercy of their hormones. Food for Thought will provide tools from myself and my leading expert guests to help you create smart choices.
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My mission is to help women understand they aren't at the mercy of their hormones. Food for Thought will provide tools from myself and my leading expert guests to help you create smart choices.






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Careers, Babies and Botox: Pressures On American Women To “Do It All”

Careers, Babies and Botox is about the trajectory of American women to “do it all”. Women today are expected to get an education


The Link Between Our Physical And Emotional Pain- How Do We Heal?

Our muscular skeletal structure is like a shield of armor, protecting us from physical and emotional "hits" experienced in daily life. What if TMJ, sciatica or heartburn is our body’s way of expressing emotional ache? My next guest, Mackenzie Chambers- Pilates teacher and body coach with over 25 years of experience, will help us understand how today's stressors create a myriad of physical symptoms. Mackenzie’s believes, “Stress is a vague word but any time we feel we must defend ourselves,...


Food For Thought With Meg Richichi- Information That Feeds Your Body, Mind

My upcoming guest, Alina Frank is considered the leading EFT-Matrix Reimprinting trainer and coach in the United States. I've studied with her and as a practitioner, I found Alina's work exquisitely profound and life changing. She will be sharing in her knowledge by showing you the mystifying connection between your libido, health, and having an outrageously passionate life. Alina believes, "...many women experience lack of interest in physical intimacy at various stages in their lives...


Just… Girl Talk!

I thought it might be fun to switch things up a bit on Food For Thought! Over the years, I’ve had the honor or working with extraordinary clients. Their issues ranging from “unexplained infertility”, adrenal burn-out, hormonal imbalances, including disordered eating. The outcome for many of these women, resided in the awakening and birthing of a new-self. Their way of “being and self-nurturing” became pivotal in how they continued to move through daily life. These clients were no longer...


The Causes of Recurrent Miscarriages, Repeated Failed IVF & Unexplained Inf

Anyone working in the area of infertility- whether it’s a physician or some one, like myself – our every intention is to help women or couples, achieve their dream of having a child. I believe it’s important to consider various perspectives and avenues, while addressing the challenges of infertility. Frequently, it’s a combination of practitioners setting a woman along that path to become a mother. My upcoming guest, Dr. Jonathan Scher, MD, is one of those extraordinary individuals. He...


Can Gluten Sensitivity Provoke Learning and Behavioral Disorders?

Something as seemingly innocuous as a child’s bowl of cereal can trigger fidgetiness or acting out at school. 18 million people have gluten sensitivity (protein found in wheat, barely, rye, spelt, kamut and oats). The link between gluten sensitivity and problems with brain function- learning disabilities and behavioral issues such ADHD, are rising. My guest, Ron Hoggan, Ed.D., was diagnosed with Celiac in 1994- his subsequent research brings deep understanding to the gluten crisis. Dr....


Has Your Libido Lost Its Luster? Meet Tierney Salter- Seattle’s “Herbal Que

Do you feel like your sex drive is stuck in low gear? Are you feeling tired and a bit frazzled around the edges? According to a recent survey published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, more than one in three women admitted to experiencing low sexual desire in the past month. That translates into 40 million, not so happy goddesses. Many factors can influence a woman’s libido and age is NOT the only deciding one! My next guest, Tierney Salter is one of the leading Herbalist in the U.S....


The LInk Between Mental & Physical Health: Can A Saliva-Based Genetic Test

Psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disease or autism are complex- environmental and biological factors are part of the picture. These biological factors include genetics, neurotransmitter and receptor activity, as well as medical conditions mimicking psychiatric disorders. Imagine having tangible and specific bio-markers in psychiatry as clinically useful as any standard tests. My up coming guest, Dr. Jay Lombard believes we’re almost there! He is the Chief Scientific...


Society’s War on Germs May Provoke Your Immune System To Mistake YOU For th

We all know someone who suffers from an allergy or autoimmune disorder. The prevalence of these maladies has increased recently to levels never before seen in human history. We seem newly, and bafflingly, vulnerable to immune system malfunction. My upcoming guest is the renowned science writer Moises Velasquez-Manoff and author of An Epidemic of Absence. He will explain the latest thinking about this problem and explore new treatments in the works. According to Moises - in the past 150...


Understanding Disordered Eating- Discerning Between Your Physical and Emoti

Early winter of 2005, I attended a “Red Tent” event in NYC, where women gather to rest, renew and share powerful stories about their lives. I also, happened upon one of the most prolific books written on being female in our society and the prevalent struggle of disordered eating via storytelling. Anita Johnston Ph.D. is the acclaimed author of Eating in the Light of the Moon and my next episode’s special guest. Over 30 years ago, I reached out to my doctor, “I’m bulimic and need your help...


Hypothyroidism: Why Do Doctors Ignore The Obvious?

Is your doctor telling you that you’re thyroid is in normal range with a TSH of 4.8? But, are you fatigued, experiencing severe pms, irregular cycles or pcos? Do you still feel cold when others are not? Are you gaining weight and noticing hair loss? Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Are you at your wit’s end? Welcome to the insane world of hypothyroidism! An epidemic that is plaguing over 30 million American women and counting. It is grossly misunderstood, under diagnosed and...


Keeping Your Breasts Healthy- A Lifestyle Program

In light of Angelina Jolie going public with her decision to have a preemptive double-mastectomy to potentially lower her risk for breast cancer, I felt it timely for lifestyle medicine expert Dr. Robert Rakowski to join me in discussing women’s breast health on my next installment of Food For Thought. According to the National Cancer Institute, the lifetime risk for women developing breast cancer is 12.8% or 1 in 8. Another interesting statistic is that approximately 10% of breast cancer...


Demystifying Women’s Hormone Imbalances-Connecting The Dots

We live in a culture with little regard for “self nurturing”. Women of all ages are traveling at a velocity that is truly out of rhythm with who they are. We’re not wired for modern day stress! On today’s Food For Thought, I'll show you how to buffer the impact with smart lifestyle choices to slow down the tiger and keep your fight or flight response in check. Women are modern day warriors caught in a vicious battle. Years of chronic pushing and pulling on the adrenals, 10+ hour work days,...