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Your Wound Becomes Your Womb

Natasha Haddad is a psychotherapist and a Mindfulness teacher with Mindful Schools Australia, an initiative she founded with the goal of reducing stress levels in our youth. Her important work with students helps to create greater peace, focus and presence for them. Natasha also facilitates a monthly Goddess circle, in which a group of women hold space together free from judgement, to create connections, to heal and to meditate.


The publishing journey of an erotic romance writer

Rhonda Ryde is an Australian Erotic Romance Writer. Her first book, Stella’s Awakening was released in 2015 and built a strong fan base. Since then, Rhonda has released book two, Stella’s emancipation and her audience are eagerly awaiting the third book in the series which she is working on now. We chat about the self-publishing process, the magic of writing and the courage it takes to share your story with the world!


From Discovery to Recovery

Cass was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 30 years old. She was planning the holiday of a lifetime with her young family when she found a small lump on her breast while preforming a self-examination in the shower. After some difficult testing, Cass was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The trip was cancelled and many months of intense treatment resulting in physical and emotional hardship followed. Ten years later, Cass is an advocate for the Cancer council, sharing...


Striving For Balance Amongst The Chaos

Emma took a leap of faith in her twenties, moving to Dubai to work as a flight attendant for Emirates. It was during this time she developed her independence but also realised how important family was to her life path. Emma has since forged an impressive career in Sydney as Commercial Director for a medical devices company. We discuss how she strives to balance this high-pressure job with her young family, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Growing up with spiritual awareness.

Hannah grew up in rural New Zealand with her parents and two brothers. We discuss the effect childhood experiences have on our life journey, the difference between growing up with brothers and now raising daughters, along with Hannah’s fascinating spiritual up-bringing.


The connections in our life is what it’s all about.

Madison, a mother of two girls, believes that in the end, love is all that matters. It is the connections with the people in our life that makes our journey what it is. We discuss the difference in relationships between women and men and how friendship can guide us through the toughest of times.


From Personal Trainer to Marriage Celebrant (and the journey getting there).

Suzie overcame the fear of being judged to embark on a career in the fitness industry. After ten years of running her own training business, she is pushing herself further – releasing her first book for brides and becoming a Marriage Celebrant. We talk about the importance of self belief when running your own business and the freedom in 'going for it' when deciding on your path. For more information about Suzie visit www.suziecrozier.com


The magic of energy and our own intuition.

Cassandra is a gifted psychic energy healer and change artist. She has worked with clients for over twenty years on healing their pasts and creating positive change for their future. We discuss the discovery of her gift and journey to becoming a healer. We also examine common problems women face today and how by finding our authentic self and opening our heart to our own intuition, we can live a happy and fulfilled life. For more information about Cassandra's work visit spiritandsoul.com.au