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PWICU™ strives to catapult their audience in taking full control of their destinies.

PWICU™ strives to catapult their audience in taking full control of their destinies.
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PWICU™ strives to catapult their audience in taking full control of their destinies.






Spiritual Surgeon: Carolyn R. Owens

Not all coaches are created equal. Not all coaches specialize in the same area and of course not all coaches are certified; above all else not all coaches are qualified to help you take COMMAND of your life path. Journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews Certified Career, Leadership and Life Coach Carolyn R. Owens, visionary and founder of Infinity Coaching. Owens is a U.S. Navy veteran, has earned various certifications to include Professional Coach (CPC), Senior Professional in Human...


Spiritual Surgeon: Corey Northington

According to a 2013 report by Javelin Strategy & Research every two seconds another American becomes victim to identity theft/fraud. In 2013 there were 13.1 million Americans affected; an increase of 500,000 from 2012. Now n 2015, with the advent of Apple Pay, Apple Watch and other means of using cell phones to make payments and/or deposits it has become more apparent for the consumer to protect their identity all the more. Think you can't be a victim just because your account maybe under...


Spiritual Surgeon: Jeanette Hill

Do you know what it takes to be an award winning playwright? Do you known and/or understand the business side of being in the theater? Journey with Tabitha Vinson as interviews award - winning Jeanette Hill, playwright turned actress, but still a playwright. They will be discussing Hill's award winning plays Picking Up the Pieces and soon to be seen at the Atlanta Black Theater Festival The Best Lesson. About Picking Up the Pieces: This story of three women from three generations loving,...


Spiritual Surgeon: Apostle Dr. Marino

March Madness is here, but it's also Women's History Month. Discover who was Perpetua and Felicity? The rebel with a cause Joan of Arc; and who in the world was Apostle Margery Kempe? Come journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, author of Surrounded by So Great Cloud of Witnesses to discover these remarkable women who were the game changers in biblical history.


Spiritual Surgeon: Yejide Kilanko

Journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews story teller and novelist Yejide Kilanko about her release Daughters Who Walk This Path. About the books: SPIRITED AND INTELLIGENT, MORAYO grows up surrounded by school friends and family in busy, modern-day Ibadan. An adoring little sister, their traditional parents, and a host of aunties and cousins make Morayo’s home their own. So there’s nothing unusual about her charming but troubled cousin Bros T moving in with the family. At first Morayo...