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Sūmatoo: empowering & encouraging young girls to know their worth

Who is the Sumatoo Girl? She is smart, she loves school, and loves to read. She is an athlete. She is an artist. She may be a girly girl but, she isn't afraid to get down and dirty. She can go from sweats and sneakers to a dress and shoes in a heartbeat. Her fashion sense is classy with an edge. She is a sweetheart with a little bit of sass! Sumatoo was founded in 2016 By Nicole Benjamin with the intention of encouraging young girls to love themselves, discover their potential, and realize...


Teaching girls to find their inner toolkit with GiRLiFE Empowerment

Our guest today is Melody Pourmoradi. Melody has been coaching women for over a decade on how to create a vision for their best life. She thrives on sharing her message of self-empowerment and a wellness-centered living through her writing. As the creator of the GiRLiFE Empowerment, she has created a digital course that teaches women how to create girls empowerment groups in their own communities. Her greatest goal is for every young girl and women to find her own voice and live a life...


Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Marian Bacol-Uba is a transformation coach, holistic health and wellness expert, and a certified pranayama and meditation teacher. She empowers women to transform trauma into triumphs, heal themselves from within, and create a thriving life in mind, body, and soul with clarity and confidence. Years ago, although Marian had a great marketing career, she still felt unfulfilled, unhappy, anxious and dealt with her PTSD and depression through alcohol and substance abuse. It wasn’t until an...


New Generation Parenting | Honoring the child and their spirit

New Generation Parenting transcends that gap between boys and girls in terms of how we relate to them. Purely because it honours the child as a living being, as a soul, an equal with their own feelings, opinions and so on. Our Guest today is Paulina is the founder of New Generation Parenting which is an online Tribe for moms wishing to parent more consciously; find more connection with their child and with the Universe, and to use spiritual tools and insights for their family to thrive....


The Empowered Voice: Why tone matters and why yelling doesn't work

Our Guest today is Pam Johnson. Pam has been singing since she was able to talk, which was somewhat frustrating for her mother when she would try to sing her to sleep and she would instead sing along. Pam started singing lessons when she was 16 and continued through college, gaining a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance As a mother to a daughter as well, Pam thinks it is essential that girls’ voices are heard. The doors that were just being opened to women when she went into the...


Women Empowering Women - Why Women Entrepreneurs can't succeed without Community

For many women we have been told how to think, what to wear and how to behave from a very early age and so many of our current beliefs and ways of thinking have been ingrained in us from early childhood. These social parameters placed on us, even the most subliminal ones, have created behaviors and ways of thinking for women that has chameleon-ed us into alternate forms of ourselves unable to fully express our true authenticity because it goes against everything we have been taught as a...


Powerful Girls - Meet Megan Grassell founder of Yellowberry

Our guest today Megan Grassel. When Megan was 17 years old she took her little sister Mary Margaret shopping for her first Bra. They scoured the mall to find a product that she was excited about, but ended up being completely appalled at all of the bra options that were not only available for her little sister, but also marketed to her and girls her age. Padding, push-up features and underwire galore… Megan could not believe that these were the bras that girls were supposed to wear! She...


Into the Woods - Building Resiliency and Confidence in Nature

The middle school years, we know from experience and research, are the most trying times. It’s where we can lose site of our inner self, our dreams and desires. Girls leave after 5 days of GEMS Camp with confidence and compassion knowing more about themselves and how to interpret and interact with her world. Each girl is encouraged to explore and express her felinity without scarfing her rugged strength. Curiosity is encouraged as she embarks on challenging activities as learning...


Positive Media for Girls: STRONG- The Magazine for Girls

Our guest today is Sarah Beach, founder, editor and publisher of “STRONG The Magazine for Girls”. Beach was brought up during the Thatcher years in the 1980s in the UK. With a woman in power, Beach believed she could do or be anything she wanted to be. At age 22, with a degree in Politics and History from the University of Keele under her belt, she moved to London where she became one of the youngest Parliamentary Advisers in Westminster. Now a mother to three kids, a boy and two girls,...


Parenting teens through Crisis a look at teen suicide

Our guest today is Cat Stack. Cat grew up in Long Island, New York and moved to Portland in 1994. She is a single mom of 2 kids, who are 20 and 17. After majoring in Spanish at Arizona State University, she became a flight attendant and had a 21 year career, with Pan Am and then Delta. IN 2009, unnemployed and divorced, Cat moved through several career changes until finally realizing her dream of becoming a life coach. She brings 9 years experience volunteering with a personal growth...


The Waverly Project: Passion Based Learning for Global Change

Molly Wills is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion towards the arts, fashion, travel and, most of all, empowering and mentoring girls. She founded The Waverly Project in 2012 after being inspired by many female mentors in her life that helped realize her own creative passions. The Waverly Project connects young girls and women through creative projects and experiences called “Tours” with a mission to empower girls to find their passions, build confidence and think globally. The Waverly...


Music for the Soul: Music Therapy for Practical Life

Music Therapy is a highly accessible medium for active, goal-oriented engagement in a fun and empowering way. Music therapy activities led by a board-certified music therapist provide children with opportunities to practice non-music-related skills in all developmental areas, including cognitive, motor, communication and language, social, behavioral, psychosocial, and emotional areas - regardless of musical skill or experience. Research-based music interventions are designed and...


Authenticity and Empowerment through Fashion

Hadley Pollet is a contemporary American designer from New Canaan, Connecticut known for her timeless accessories that inspire kind, powerful women to shine strong. Hadley’s signature belt designs sprung from inspiration while at Rhode Island School of Design. Her unique style caught the eyes of many when she wore a belt made of vintage ribbon and a buckle out to a birthday party in Boston where several people asked where she got the belt. Since then, her line has exploded with extensive...


The True Meaning Behind Leadership and Girls

Here is the scary reality. Most girls do not want to be leaders. RESEARCH INDICATES MOST GIRLS DEFINE LEADERSHIP AND BRAVERY AS SOMETHING ‘HEROIC.’ IN FACT, ONLY 1/3 OF MIDDLE-SCHOOL GIRLS TODAY BELIEVE THEY CAN BE A LEADER.THE NUMBERS GO DOWN AS THEY GET OLDER. UNFORTUNATELY, THE DATA PROVES GIRLS HAVE AN UPHILL BATTLE. RESEARCH PROVES: -Girls pride themselves on perfectionism and, therefore, avoid taking risks that could help them grow. -They hate conflict, so they do not end up...


Body Image in a Media-Centric World

We live in a media-centric world where popular culture tries to dictate the norms in values, beliefs, and body image. A distorted picture of your body and negative body image contribute to low self-esteem, depression, obsession with weight loss, and risk of eating disorders. According to Research “girls become increasingly aware their appearances are a barometer of their self-worth in our media-intense culture.” We need to teach girls how to reject toxic media messages and how to listen to...


Just Be - Navigating PTSD, Assault and more while Raising Powerful Girls

How do you navigate raising a girl today as a survivor or abuse or severe PTSD? What if your daughter witnessed you being very ill, losing a sibling or tragedy striking? Join me on this incredible conversation where we dive into topics such as surviving sexual assault, Hyperemesis gravidarum, loss of a child, still birth and more. Lindsay Gibson is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Birth Psychology and Maternity Health Specialist. She is the author of "Just Be: How My Stillborn Son Taught...


Love your Body, Love yourself

We are inundated with negative messages about our bodies. Diet culture has brainwashed us into thinking that our bodies aren’t thin enough, firm enough or (fill in the blank) enough. The message of Positive Body Image is KEY to implementing confidence and self-esteem for our daughters. My Guest today is Marla Mervis-Hartmann. Marla is passionate about this message changing the lives of women by promoting health and self-worth built on character. Women are powerful beings. When we focus on...


How to respond so they keep talking

Raising teen girls is not always easy but learning how to respond and react in a manner that keeps the lines of communication open are critical. Join us as we discuss some of the common challenges moms face when raising teen girls today. Our Guest on this episodeis Erin Taylor. Erin is a conscious living thought leader, PCI Certified Parent Coach® and educator, public speaker, author, co-founder of Building Connected Communities and co-host of the Maximizing Life in the Middle Podcast that...


More alike than different- a chromosomally enhanced journey

When we talk about raising powerful girls, it's important to recognize that girls come in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Just because a girl has a disability, it does not mean she cannot or should not be mentored in how to be strong, smart, independent and powerful. On the contrary, these girls need guidance more than ever to overcome the challenges and prejudices they face on a day to day basis.


Breaking away from "the norm" and why time outs don't work

Raising girls is not easy and many of the behaviors and practices we currently use today are based off of how we were parented as children but this isn’t always the best way. When we know better we do better. Our guest on this episode is Sue DeCaro. “Having experienced some challenging years raising her daughters, she realized that her passion and calling was to support parents and families in every way that she could to create the family life that they envisioned, deep connections with...