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Fostering Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in Girls so they can change

Fostering Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in Girls so they can change
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Fostering Independence, Leadership and Strong Personal Identity in Girls so they can change






The Fear of Change and Power of Self Love

Girls are impressionable, especially when they're in their young adult years. Teaching them the value of self worth is one of the greatest gifts as parents and supporters we can give them. When you teach your girls that they are the most valuable asset they have, they treat themselves with respect and love. They will in turn share that with their friends and so on. Krista Rizzo is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and the Creator of the #WhyAmIYelling? Brand....


Screen Obsession and Addiction | Creating an Empowering Online Experience

Honored with the distinguished “Emerging Leaders” award for her groundbreaking work and thought leadership in education from the prestigious organization, Phi Delta Kappa, Intl., Dr. Carroll teaches parents how to unglue their kids from video games and social media and participate in the real world again! Dr. Carroll delivers actionable steps to parents in a simple format that even the busiest parents can follow and implement to make incredible progress in ending screen addiction at home....


Food as a Coping Mechanism | Feel Amazing in your Body

Amanda Walker's mission is to empower women (mostly mother's) to have the confidence to love, trust and feel amazing in their bodies. Much of the work she does in her group and podcast stems from helping women take a stand for themselves in their health and mind. This is KEY to setting an example for the young women in their own lives. Amanda is a health coach (and longtime fitness instructor) that teaches women how to take back their power from food and live a full life. So many women use...


Not Just a Princess | Smashing Gender Bias

Jennifer tolls lives in Oxfordshire in the UK with her husband Ed, their daughter Rosie and dog Leo. She started Not Just a Princess when her eyes opened to gender stereotyping for babies and children. She wanted to create a business that addressed that imbalance. Rosie her daughter has a dinner plate set with a fairy princess on it. Over breakfast one morning, she wondered why she didn’t have a plate with a scientist, surgeon or plumber on it. Research showed Jennifer that those visuals...


Living your best life | Creativity, Expectations and Modeling Powerful Behavior

Michele Lamoureux is an entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, and mom. She is the author of "Design a Life You Love: A Woman's Guide to Living a Happier and More Fulfilled Life" which is a book about self-love as the gateway to all you that desire in life. As the host of "The Good Life Coach" podcast she elevates the lives of women through inspiring interviews to awaken a woman to her full potential so she can create success on her own terms. A former corporate international brand director, Michele...


Taboo Money Talks and Girls

Do you cringe when people start to talk about money? Is it one of those things that make you squirm in your seat, makes you uncomfortable and maybe even makes your stomach flop? For many people, women especially talking about money is a taboo thing but this can be a huge problem for your girls who begin to develop unhealthy money stories that can cause them some challenges later in life. Is there a correlation between your confidence and self worth and money? Tina Marie is a Mindset and...


How Clean-and-Jerks can Empower your Girl

What do you think of when you hear the term Olympic weight lifting? Would you think a team of cheerleaders hanging in a gym who can clean and jerk 141 pounds or how about snatch 112 lbs. Do you even know what this means? Coming from a university degree in biology and biochemistry, Chandler walker has developed a practice devoted to creating unique opportunities for young girls to develop athleticism without specializing in sport starting as young as 6 years old in olympic weightlifting....


Exploring Emotional Intelligence a How-to approach

The concept of Emotional Intelligence is one that we talk about a lot over here at Raising a Powerful Girl and our new platform for girls the Empowered Girl App. I thought today I would do a quick podcast geared to parents of boys and girls on what emotional intelligence is, the importance and how you can foster it in your home! With rates of anxiety, depression and even suicide rising for children these days a huge contributing factor is that children do not have the coping skills they need...


Girls and Navigating Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous in girls' lives. Too often, parents are not sure what parenting technique to use, opting for a to much or too little approach, or brush social media off entirely- demonizing it or tells their daughters it doesn't matter. These misunderstandings can cause friction between parents and daughters. Informing parents can only benefit them! Lindsey Turnbell, founder of Miss Heard Media, wants to live on a planet with teen girls who feel understood and appreciated, coffee...


The Empowered girl. The Power in Vulnerability

Join Founder Maria Fuller as she shares her story of NYC paramedic turned Entrepreneur and how over 10 years of work with women and girls and her own journey has led her to the creation of the Empowered girl. She talks about the mental health crisis affecting children younger and younger these days, prevention strategies and how her own mental health journey has helped to cultivate some of the materials inside of the app. Maria talks about the importance of teaching girls vulnerability...


The power of really good questions

We all have a set of default questions we ask - "how are you" or "what do you do" or "how was school" - and it's important to realize that the questions we ask shape the answers we get. On top of that, we need to teach girls that relationships are a cornerstone of their happiness, and that they're responsible for helping to nurture these relationships. If we want to raise happier, stronger, more authentically connected girls, we need to, first, make them aware that lots of default questions...


The Princess who didn't need to be saved and the powerful woman who created her

Did you grow up reading the classic fairy tales of the princess being saved by the prince or kissing a frog to find their true love? Or how about how in most fairytales either the mom dies or you are stuck with a nasty step mother that locks you up or tries to kill you? Well not in this fairy tale and not this princess. Jody Smith is a first-time author and longtime believer in fairytales. A former interior designer and store owner, this now present mama, dreamer and explorer is telling...


Language and the Power of Global Awareness

Being multilingual can make a world of difference at any age. From understanding games on the playground, to navigating a crowded airport and communicating in the global workforce. Learning a foreign language has been linked to higher test scores, better executive functioning and overall advances in IQ. It’s a resume builder, but more importantly, a confidence booster. Caryn Antonini ’s mission is to see that our future generations become multilingual and globally aware. Caryn began speaking...


Mompreneurs Raising Girls | Impacting girls and business

Many of the business skills that women in business learn on their entrepreneur journey that have a large impact on their success can also be used in raising confident, independent and empowered girls! Find out how this mompreneur once "boy mom" who recently had a girl is seeing not only herself but her business in a new light! Allison Hardy is a Business Strategist for Mompreneurs. Through infusing their business with a hearty dose of automation, authentic social media driven by Facebook...


Raising Girl's Voices - Building Leadership Skills

To Raise a Powerful girl we need to teach her to not only know who she is but also how to use her voice and in a manner that people will receive her message, these are leadership skills critical for a girls success later on in life and we are going to dive in deep during todays interview. Alexa Bigwarfe is a wife, mother of three, dog owner, and advocate for those without a voice. She started blogging as an outlet for her grief after the loss of one of her twin daughters to Twin to Twin...


Empowering the Brilliant Mind - Journey of a Kidpreneur

Her daughter was that baby who you didn’t want to talk to much about because it felt like bragging. She walked early, talked early and it was clear she had a brilliant mind so when this brilliant little girl started kindergarten and totally flopped and was kicked out of school in the middle of first grade what was her mom to think? Meg Brunson is a former Facebook employee, who left the corporate world to be a more present mom to her 4 young daughters. An entrepreneur at her core, she's...


Un-Masking the Girl - Finding your Authentic Self

Knowing your authentic self is so important but with the layers and masks put on us by society and our own upbringing it can be hard to uncover who we really are at our core? So how do we raise girls to really know what hey are and not allow these layers and masks to be put on in the first place? Belkis Clarke-Mitcham is a motivational speaker and spiritual life coach who helps women over 25 who have lived through trauma to identify their prisons, break free, and unleash their unique light....


Finding a Good Fit - Navigating the College Search like a Pro

The hunt for the perfect College or University can be a stressful one for parents and girls. Trying to navigate between big name schools or the lesser knowns, large universities or small, how do you find the perfect fit? 1 in 3 college students transfers at one point of their college career. Find out what your child should be looking for in a school and hear this one insiders tip on the one thing that can set your application apart from everyone else’s! Shannon Evans is not your...


Women Who Sail - Empowering Girls in a Male Dominated Sport

It's far too easy as women (as mothers) to dismiss the power we have. It's easy to think that our daughters will do what we say and not pay attention to what we do or how we are in the world. When we realize how much they watch us, how much they want to emulate what we DO, it can unleash a desire to ACT in the world in ways we've been too timid to before. Nica Waters lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband and 2 teenagers. A lifelong teacher, she lives her life by the principle...


I Am Initiative

If you don't love yourself and live confidently into your thoughts and feelings you can not impact positive change in the world. A powerful girl is a girl who loves herself and lives confidently as herself. Even if she doesn't feel confident in everything she does she is confident in WHO she is! Lisa VanAhn is all about teaching girls self-protection and self-confidence. She works with younger girls (and their mothers) to teach the power of Think-Feel-Act and how to live into your purpose...