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Finding Your Professional Passion

Hey Real Talk Ladies! In this ambition episode of the Real Talk Ladies podcast, guides Karen and Kim talk through finding passion in your career including: Whether it's tasks you do at work like Kim, or your entire career like Karen, we spend a lot of time at work and finding something that makes us want to get up and go to work each day is key. We'd love to hear your stories of how you have found your professional passion. Connect with us @rtlsocial on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or...

Best Way to Stash Some Cash

Hey Real Talk Ladies! How are you at saving money? In this earnings episode of the Real Talk Ladies podcast, guides Karen and Kim talk about not only their savings struggles, but also how they are setting out to be better at it. They are doing this by: Reach out to us on our social media @RTLsocial on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter or our website to tell us how you are stashing cash. We are always looking for ways to improve, and learning from others is key to that....


Surviving Divorce

In this episode of the Real Talk Ladies Podcast, Kimberly Deann discusses the journey she took to heal from her divorce. Today, she says it seems like it was a different person who experienced that pain, anguish and sense of failure. If you're going through a divorce or separation, this episode is meant to provide you with a guide of ideas on how to: Many women are facing this heartbreaking time in their lives, so we would love to engage with you and hear how you've survived and,...


Be Our Guest - Not a Mooch

In this episode of Real Talk Ladies, guides Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann tackle their first listener request who had a guest with a case of alligator arms -- where they didn't even attempt to pay for a thing. The guides also talk about some bad guest experiences and ways we can be a good guest and happy hostess, including: For Guests: Be grateful & reciprocate now For Hostesses: Be generous but don't be a pushover As always, we'd love to hear from you on our social media pages --...


Having Vulnerable Conversations (at work)

Hey real talk ladies! In this ambition segment of the Real Talk Ladies podcast, guides Karen & Kim talk through how to handle having vulnerable conversations at work -- you know the ones where you have to stand your ground. Of, if you're like Kim the ones where you have to address something you've been avoiding because you don't agree with what's happening. The takeaways to help you conquer these situations are: 1. Set it up well 2. Prepare for crying ... if you're a crier 3. Position...


Budget or Bust

Real Talk Ladies guides Karen & Kim get vulnerable about budgeting and how they wish they were better. As they discuss ways that have helped them and items to be sure to include in a budget, they provide the following takeaways for all listeners. This earnings episode is one where the Real Talk Ladies guides don't have all of the answers, and they would love to know how listeners budget and stick with it. Reach out on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - all handles are @rtlsocial. We're...


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In this romance episode of Real Talk Ladies, guides Karen & Kim discuss how, while breakups don't ever get easier, there are some steps you can take to aid you in communicating effectively why you're just not into a particular guy you are dating, including: As always, we would love to hear from you, our tribe, to learn some of the ways you've conquered break ups. We certainly don't have all of the answers on this rough subject, and are always open to learn from others. Chat with us on our...


Travel Hacks

Hey Real Talk Ladies! Now that vacation season is in full swing, guides Karen & Kim are sharing their secret hacks for finding good deals on flights to determining what to pack and how to get home without a major faux pas of buying another ticket for that must-have souvenir. Here's a peek at what you will takeaway from the episode: "Travel changes you. As you move through this life you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return life -- and travel --...


Getting Fired: Why It's a Good Thing

In this episode of Real Talk Ladies, Karen & Kim discuss getting fired, and how to learn and succeed from it ... even though it feels like you just got your ass kicked. The key takeaways are: Tim Tebow said, "Everybody's gotten fired from a job or gotten cut. People learn more about you in those lows than they do in the highs."


How to Get out of Debt

In this episode of the Real Talk Ladies podcasts, your guides Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann discuss ways to help us all get in the black and out of the red. The key takeaways for the episode are: "You can't get out of debt while keeping the same lifestyle that got you there." - Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey's words definitely hit home for Karen & Kim. Listen more to hear how they have been trying to change their lifestyle this year so they can get out of debt. Join the conversation on our Facebook...


It Doesn't Take a Decade to Commit

In this episode of the Real Talk Ladies podcast, guide Karen Dear shares the story of her last long-term relationship and how she was left feeling that she wasted her time after he told her how he came clean about how he really felt about marriage and kids. Karen & Kim dive deep into the "why" and discuss how to help women who are in similar, stagnant relationships either get theirs moving forward or move on. The takeaways from this episode are: "You'll never get what you truly deserve, if...


Making the Big Move

Hey Real Talk Ladies, In this podcast episode, guides Kimberly Deann and Karen Dear discuss the big moves to new states they've made in the past, and how for Kimberly it took awhile for her to get to a point of making the big move she's always wanted to make because of family, career and a little bit of fear. Whether you're in high school with your bags packed ready to take on the world or in your 30s looking for a change, this episode's takeaways will help guide you through settling into...


When to Upgrade Your Career

Hey Real Talk Ladies! In this Real Talk Ladies podcast, Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann talk about when its time to move on up or out of your current job -- especially when dread to go to work and be at work is prevalent or if your work issues are seeping into your personal life on the regular. Listen to hear your Real Talk Ladies guides talk it out on how to prepare to upgrade your career -- they even talk through "finding your passion" and how an attitude change may have to sustain you...


Are You Living Outside Your Means?

Hey Real Talk Ladies! In this Real Talk Ladies podcast, Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann talk about a CNBC segment by Ester Bloom discussing the percentage of women who are living paycheck to paycheck. Also, did you know that you should have 6 months to a year of your salary saved for an emergency fund?!? Listen to hear your Real Talk Ladies guides real talk it out on how we can begin the process of living within in your means -- as well as learn how to negotiate your rent AND about Karen...


How to Get Over The Break-Up Blues

Break-ups: We've all been there, and it's painful. But, we can come out on the other side. In this episode, Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann tackle how to get over the blues in a healthy way, and come out on the other side stronger and smarter - about yourself and/or about what you want ... or don't want ... in the next guy who comes along your path. Because we seek to make each episode very tactical, here are the takeaways: Listen to hear some personal stories of how your RTL guides have...


Real Talk Ladies Intro

Hey Real Talk Ladies! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your hosts: Karen Dear and Kimberly Deann. We are raw. We own our crazy. We color outside the lines. We are dangerously hopeful. We are on a journey to find a life fulfilled. We know we don't have the answers. But, we are seeking them. We are here to be a sounding board. We speak the truth. And we have real talks. Let's dive in together