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Episode 18: Run it like a girl with Marlo Taylor, owner of Gage Communications

For her entire life, growing up in Sarnia, Ontario, Marlo Taylor thought she was going to be a lawyer, right through to a degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, before discovering that the legal business wasn’t for her. On this Episode of Run it Like a Girl, the owner of Gage Communications talks about the importance of finding your passion, mentorship and how being authentic is key when running your own business.


Episode 17: Run it like a girl with Dr. Jodi Kearns, university librarian

For Dr. Kearn the idea of a work / life balance doesn’t really exist as she says they have been intertwined since her daughter was born during her undergraduate degree. In this episode Jodi talks about the importance of mentorship and why being a mentor is such a fundamentally important aspect of her life.


Episode 16: Run it like a girl with Ainka Jess, Founder of She's4Sports

Ainka Jess is an avid sports fan and became concerned with the decreased involvement of girls in sports when they reached their early teens. On top of that Ainka was hearing from women who reported being shut-out of any sports-related discussion where men were involved. In response, Ainka formed She’s4sports, an organization that advocates for more equitable representation of women in sports, by, among other things, profiling women involved in a wide variety of sport related careers. In...


Episode 15: Run it like a girl with Dr. Marlene Bagatto, audiologist

Dr. Marlene Bagatto is an audiologist at the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in London, Ontario where she spends most of her time in the child amplification lab. Dr. Bagatto’s specific research is focused is on fitting babies for hearing aids, which is something that should happen as soon as possible after a problem is detected. Dr. Bagatto says her work can be all consuming, and she says finding an appropriate work-life balance can be a challenge, but is something that...


Episode 14: Run it like a girl with Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, President of Loyalist College

Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan had two challenges as she progressed through student leadership at Memorial University in her home province of Newfoundland. Not only was she female, but Ann Marie was always the youngest. She started university at 16 and ran for student government in her third year. By the age of 21, Ann Marie had advanced through to president of the largest student union in Atlantic Canada, the third woman to hold that role. Ann Marie is now the president of Loyalist College in...


Episode 13: Run it like a girl with Betsey Chung, SVP & CMO of TD Canadian Banking

Betsey Chung is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for TD Canadian Banking, but her career path has been anything but a straight line. Following her graduation from the University of Toronto Betsey worked for a time in Canada and then headed to the United Kingdom to work as a consultant with KPMG. While in the UK Betsey got her Masters of Business Administration from the London School of Business. Once back in Canada she entered the corporate world, working in executive...


Episode 13: Run it like a girl with Betsey Chung, SVP & CMO, TD Canadian Banking

Betsey Chung is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for TD Canadian Banking, but her career path has been anything but a straight line. Following her graduation from the University of Toronto Betsey worked for a time in Canada and then headed to the United Kingdom to work as a consultant with KPMG. While in the UK Betsey got her Masters of Business Administration from the London School of Business. Once back in Canada she entered the corporate world, working in executive...


Episode 12: Run it like a girl with Hannah Taylor, Founder, The Ladybug Foundation

Hannah Taylor was only 5 when she saw a homeless man searching for food in a dumpster on a cold winter day in her hometown of Winnipeg. Even at that young age, the experience was so profound for Hannah, that she began fundraising to help out. By the age of 8, she had formed the LadyBug Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at fighting homelessness and poverty. At 22, Hannah’s foundation has raised around 4-million-dollars to support shelters, missions, and food banks across the...


Episode 11: Run it like a girl with Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO, CivicAction

Sevaun Palvetzian heads up Civic Action, an independent organization in Toronto that uses a collaborative approach to come up with solutions to some of the most pressing urban challenges. Civic Action has been around for nearly 15 years, starting as a Toronto-specific city building organization and expanding to cover the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. CivicAction is considered to be the premier civic engagement organization in the country. Following her achievement of a Masters in...


Episode 10: Run it like a girl with Megan McDonald, fundraiser with True Patriot Love Foundation

Making the transition from the military to civilian life can be challenging in the best of circumstances. But for those suffering from the physical and mental scars of their service to Canada making that transition can be a mountainous challenge. That’s where Megan McDonald and the True Patriot Love Foundation come into play. The not-for-profit fundraising organization supports currently serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families. Megan is in charge of fundraising...


Episode 9: Run it like a girl with Sharon Haywood, body image activist

After a 15-year career in social work and adult education, Sharon Haywood decided she needed a break from the daily grind, not to mention the winters of Toronto. That break turned more permanent while she was travelling South America, and fell in love with Buenos Aires, Argentina. But Sharon, who had suffered an eating disorder earlier in her life, noticed some of those negative behaviours returning, and started, once again, to become uncomfortable with her body. This was the spark that...


Episode 8: Run it like a girl with Colleen Smith, Arts Executive

Toronto’s entertainment district is familiar territory for Colleen Smith who has held senior roles in some of the country’s most cherished arts institutions. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Colleen started out her work life as a teacher sharing her passion for the arts with middle and high school students in Halifax. Colleen is passionate about getting youth involved in the arts, and says that giving young people the opportunity to perform and be on stage helps build strong and...


Episode 7: Run it like a girl with Dr. Amanda Parriag, President, Media Action

Dr. Amanda Parriag is the president of an Ottawa-area organization called Media Action. It was created to respond to the sexism and bias that many believed were misrepresenting women in various forms of media including advertisements. The organization now runs workshops, through their program, Informed Opinions, aimed at teaching women how to write Op Ed. pieces to ensure their ideas and opinions are heard in the media. Media Action also runs a program called Ask Women Anything, where female...


Episode 6: Run it like a girl with Catherine Langlois, Owner, Sandbanks Estate Wineries

It was during a chance visit in 2000 that Catherine Langlois fell in love with Prince Edward County, a rural peninsula that pushes out into Lake Ontario about an hour west of Kingston. Catherine had also fallen in love with the art of wine-making while working in the world-renowned vineyards of Burgundy, France, an opportunity she took while studying hospitality management in Montreal. Catherine, who grew up on the south shore of Quebec City, got a Farm Loan, sold her home and bought 15...


Episode 5: Run it like a girl with Orlena Cain, Morning show radio host, author, comedian

Orlena Cain is a woman who can’t sit still. On top of her full-time job as a morning radio show host in Belleville, Ontario, Orlena is a budding stand-up comic, an author, and an entrepreneur. She’s been involved in modelling and voice over work. She’s had acting roles in commercials, worked on ET Canada and was a host on the Shopping Channel. But life was far from rosey growing up just outside of Belleville, where Orlena says she faced daily abuse; mental, physical and sexual. On this...


Episode 4: Run it like a girl with Rhiannon Traill, President, CEO & Owner, Economic Club of Canada

As a student at Ryerson University, Rhiannon drew the attention of a founding board member of the Economic Club of Toronto, a prestigious hub for the who’s who of Toronto businessmen. She was invited to meet the Club’s president to talk about an entry level job. After six months on the job, Rhiannon worked up the courage to approach the club’s CEO about some ideas she'd been working on to modernize the organization. The re-brand from the Economic Club of Toronto to the Economic Club of...


Episode 2: Run it like a girl with Sheri Meeks, Police Inspector

Inspector Sheri Meeks was given the advice to not change who she is to take on a role, but make the role change to fit her. In this episode Sheri talks about rising through the ranks as a woman in a predominantly male field. She discusses the importance of having mentors, and not being afraid to be yourself. Sheri talks about her career, her struggles to maintain a healthy work-life balance and the specific challenges women have traditionally faced in policing.


Episode 3: Run it with Karen McCrimmon, MP, Kanata/Carleton & military pioneer

Karen McCrimmon, a military pioneer-turned-federal politician, discusses her 31-years of distinguished service in the Canadian Armed Forces, during which time she broke barriers. Karen was the first woman in Canadian history to serve as an air navigator, and the first woman to command a squadron. She talks about effective leadership, and compares it to a bank account, by pointing out that you build trust like you would build money in an account. Karen tells host Bonnie Mouck about making the...


Episode 1: Run it like a girl: Why we started Running it like a girl

In this episode Bonnie and Brian talk about why Run it Like a Girl means so much, the remarkable women they will be featuring and the importance of going for your dreams. If you want to make a difference all you have to do is start. Listen in to hear stories of how women from a variety of careers and paths are not taking no for an answer and are breaking barriers to make it to the top.