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Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.

Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.
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Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.




Stunt Sister Kate Casey, Royal Wedding Review, Sheila + Monica do Tuesday Trends

Welcome to our Stunt Sister Kate Casey and our real sisters Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan. Kate Casey is a comedian, author, and host of the wildly entertaining Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. She is considered the Diane Sawyer of reality television interviewing reality stars of the past and present and forcing a varied group of guests to watch and review an episode of a reality television show. With Kate, we discuss the season finale of Dancing With The Stars (Tonya's redemption?),...


Katie Couric Joins The Satellite Sisterhood

Katie Couric in the house! The Satellite Sisters Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan welcome Katie Couric to the podcast to talk about her Nat Geo series America Inside Out, her podcast Katie Couric, and the importance of having thoughtful conversations about important issues. Amen, sister! You can watch America Inside Out on Hulu and Facebook as well as on Nat Geo TV. Special guests Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan also join this episode with the latest news from their lives. Thanks to our...


Robot-Proof Your Kids, Lian's Travel Plans, Movie/TV/Book Recommendations, Bras

Julie on how to robot-proof your kids, Liz on what Big Pizza thinks about the new laws about posting calorie counts + facial recognition software at the Royal Wedding and Lian's prep for her big trip next week to Rome and Paris - it's all on todays podcast. Plus our health and wellness recap Operation Sea Turtle and recommendations on movies, television shows (Jane The Virgin on Netflix) and audiobooks you will enjoy (The Hellfire Club by Jake Tapper and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee). Finally,...


#staynoisy Nike Women, Photo Contest Results, Entertaining Sisters

On today's podcast, we tackle the news about the revolt of women at Nike, debate the divisive issue of brunch and discuss Julie's brewing war with a new neighbor. Lian rounds-up some tips and trends from magazines: O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple and Health. Julie recommends a new book The Kites and two TV shows: Being Serena and Dancing With The Stars. Liz reports on her night with the cast of The Crown and her day with Ronan Farrow. We also announce the winners of our "You're The...


Baby Name Announcement, Safe Salad, Travel Tips, Lian's Very L.A. Day

Urban Nana Julie Dolan is back from caring for her new granddaughter in Brooklyn. Big baby name announcement plus discussion of how Princess Kate managed to pull herself together for that royal baby photo. Lian has news about the e-coli outbreak. Liz has information about how to test for implicit bias. Try the test yourself. We announce our book club pick for the month of May. It's Where The Peacocks Sing by Alison Singh Gee. Plus, dogs museums to visit. To enter our Satellite Sisters...


Beyonce, Baby Girl TBD, When Meghan Met Harry: A Royal Weddingcast

Urban Nana is on assignment in Brooklyn today with her new granddaughter. We are joined by very special guest Kristen Meinzer, co-host of the wildly entertaining podcast When Meghan Met Harry: A Royal Weddingcast. Plus Satellite Sisters in the News: Beyonce, winners of the Boston Marathon, Pulitzer Prize winners Caroline Fraser, Jodi Kantor, Meghan Tuohy and Emily Steel, and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Lian suggests growlers as Mother's Day gifts and Liz reviews health and wellness...


Bitter Business Bureau, Royalty Report, DNA Results, Golf TV

On today's podcast, we subpoena Zuckerberg to appear before the Bitter Business Bureau. Liz's data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, through no fault of her own, and Julie wants to give him a good talking to. Lian has a bone to pick with Jim Nance about the CBS Sports coverage of Augusta (It's just golf, Jim!). Julie's Royalty Report, Liz's latest on her new dog Hooper, and our health and fitness report Operation Sea Turtle. We've got some DNA results to share and some great pep talks...


We Praise Difficult Women and Announce "You're The Best" Contest

Karen's Karbo's In Praise of Difficult Women is our March book club pick. Karen joins Lian, Julie and Liz to talk about some of our favorite feisty, kooky, relentless, inscrutable, exacting women. Thank you JK Rowling, Kay Thompson, Helen Gurley Brown, Angela Merkel and Nora Ephron among others. Also on today's episode, we announce our April "You're The Best" photo contest in our Facebook Group and on Instagram. Details on our website www.satellitesisters,com including the scoop on prizes...


Thanks/No Thanks Facebook, #staynoisy report, National Ravioli Day

Thanks for nothing, Mark Zuckerberg. In the Bitter Business Bureau, Julie has a bone to pick with Facebook and Liz finds a few odd things on her Facebook settings page. Want to check yours? Follow these instructions on how to lock down your Facebook privacy settings from Wired Magazine. The Overlooked Project at the NYT finally writes obituaries for notable women whose passing was never noted. Charlotte Bronte. Ida B Wells. Sylvia Plath. What do we have to do around here to get an obit?...


Safe For Work: Listen to Liz's new workplace advice podcast

In addition to Satellite Sisters, Liz hosts a new workplace advice show from Wondery called Safe For Work. Get more info On Safe For Work, she's on a mission to make your work life better, happier and more fulfilling. Episode 1 includes an interview with Rainn Wilson from The Office. Along with co-host Matt Ritter, Liz wants to hear your burning workplace questions and try to help so call in to get advice directly from us at 424-224-5711 or email us your question...


Co-Secretaries of State Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan!

We've got two qualified candidates right here for Secretary of State. Lian is a citizen diplomat who works on the International Women of Courage program. Julie lived in Russia, has been to North Korea and seems to know quite a bit about poisons, nerve agents and the South China Sea. Together they host Satellite Sisters Talk TV, a recap of the CBS drama Madame Secretary so they are totally read in on the latest global hotspots. On today's podcast, we propose an innovative and historic job...


Russian Spies, Pep Talk for New Moms, Book Club Announcement

Spies, Seduction and Poisoned Cheesecakes - Julie has SO much Russia news this week. Plus her review of Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence. Plus, Lian has a New Mom Pep Talk for Satellite Sister Jennifer, Liz has a Operation Sea Turtle Health and Wellness Update and we share some of your posts from our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. Thank you to sponsors Warby-Parker, BarkBox, Thrive Market and Away. Our Satellite Sisters Book Club pick for March 2018 is In Praise Of Difficult Women...


Broadway, Oscars, Dogs & Laura Ingalls Wilder

It's Support the Arts Day on Satellite Sisters! Urban Nana Goes to Broadway! Lian dances Way Way Off Broadway! Liz mulls over Oscar Movies to See Before the Oscars! And we go deep on children's literature with our Satellite Sister Book Club pick: Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser. Here's what you need to know about Half Pint: the Prairie kills; it was a hard knock life; but Pa truly was a great guy. Today's episode sponsors are CBS Drama The...


Florida Mom and Stoneman Douglas Grad Write To Satellite Sisterhood

Parkland Florida Mom Heather Curcio Hutchison is a longtime Satellite Sister and mother of Emaleigh Hutchison, a graduate of Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, site of last week's horrific school shooting. We open today's show with words that both Heather and Emaleigh want to pass along to the whole Satellite Sisterhood about the spirit in their community and what you can do to help them heal. To write a letter that will be given to one of the 3000 Douglas students when they return...


Olympic Round-Up, Breast Cancer Research & Huge Dog News

Let's hear it for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics! Lian breaks down 8 Truths about the Olympics Games. Julie follows-up with an International News Round Up featuring her fave foes: Russia and North Korea. Then Liz brings it on home with HUGE dog news. Also, an update on breast cancer pioneer and fave Satellite Sisters, Dr. Susan Love. Join her ArmyofWomen and aid breast cancer research. Plus, Royal Wedding, Crazy PR pitches and National Tortellini Day. Today's podcast is brought to you...


Winter Olympics, Super Bowl, Teens Girls, Friendships

The Winter Olympics will take our minds off the stock market, thank goodness. We also discuss a few Super Bowl highlights (Justin Timberlake, Chris Hemsworth, @BarkBox twitter feed, Doritos), studies of the relationships between teen girls + their mothers. Plus Lian's "Broadway" dance debut. Today's Satellite Sisters podcast is sponsored by Away (Use promo code sisters20) Cool Jams (Use promo code sisters for 10% off sleepwear.) Max (Get a free box of Omax3 Ultra-Pure Omega-3) Honey...


Great Barrier Reef + Australian Open Report, #StayNoisy Gymnastics

Australia Report: Liz and Julie return from their fantastic trip to Australia and have loads to report to Lian: Yes, the Great Barrier Reef is as great as you think. No, Australia is not really as far as you think (3 movies and a nap). And Maybe. Maybe you won't actually die from the venomous animals and plants Australia excels in. Plus, the sisters take in tennis' #happyslam: the fabulous Australian Open. Liz takes part in a women's summit in Melbourne with Billie Jean King thanks to an...


Special Guest Sisters Sheila Dolan & Monica Dolan, Plus Anne Bogel of What Should I read Next

The JV Team is Reunited. Happy to welcome Monica Dolan and Sheila Dolan back to the podcast. We catch up with both of them by a lightening round of questions- about new household members, new Starbucks drinks, new resume skills. And then get their Top 5 Positive Aspects of Aging. All hilarity, very little substance. Plus, a BONUS CONVERSATION with writer, podcaster and reader Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy and the What Should I Read Next Podcast. Thanks to our sponsors: Beach Body...


Tina Brown on The Vanity Fair Diaries, plus Advice for Meghan Markle

Tina Brown, editor extraordinaire-author-longtime favorite guest, joins Satellite Sisters Lian, Liz and Julie for a lively, thoughtful, personal discussion about her new book The Vanity Fair Diaries. Plus, she offers advice to Meghan Markle, the American woman about to marry Prince Harry. Brown, who was very close to Prince Harry's mother Diana, has a unique take on this transition from Hollywood TV star to British royalty and a little bit of a warning, too. Vanity Fair Diaries is Tina...


Oprah 2020, Figure Skating, Upcoming Guest Hosts, Food Trends

Thanks to today's sponsors BarkBox (promo code sisters), Harry's (promo code sisters) and (promo code sisters) Another BIG announcement today. Guess who will be co-hosting with Lian while Liz and Julie are in Australia? The JV's back together! That's right. Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan behind the mics for the podcast we release on January 23rd. Are you subscribed??? In other news, we discuss Oprah's boffo Golden Globes message, the U. S. Figure Skating team for the Olympics,...


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