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Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.

Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.
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Five real-life sisters have the same parents but very different lives. The Dolans created the show in 1996 as a means of using radio, books and the web to explore the range of topics friends seek each other's opinions on: health, happiness and how to fix a bad dye job. They've earned the loyalty of listeners and readers by treating all their topics and guests with a mix of respect and humor.




Alan Alda Visits For The Holidays: How To Improve Family Communications

HOLIDAY BONUS: On this Satellite Sisters Family Dynamics Special, Alan Alda visits to talk about improving family communications. Listen more. Laugh more. He shares great communication tools with us here and on his own podcast Clear + Vivid. The Satellite Sisters always say "Not every conversation will change your life, but any conversation can." This conversation with a longtime favorite Satellite Mister proves how true that is. We are grateful to him for this great pep talk. Ho Ho Ho. Ha...


Chip & Joanna TV, Amazon HQ2, How To Peel An Egg, Travel Tips

High energy today! Advice for Chip & Joanna Gaines on their new Magnolia TV, our #staynoisy report on women in the midterm elections, opinions on the sham process by Amazon to pick their HQ2, thoughts on taking a golden gap year and instructions on how to peel a boiled egg. You heard us right. How to peel an egg. Thank you to our sponsors. Please use these urls to take advantage of their Satellite Sisters deals. FabFitFun Use the promo code sisters Salsa Basket Use the promo code...


Whitey Bulger, Legos, Pandas, Martha Stewart DIY, Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell

Today's topics include Liz on the murder of Whitey Bulger in prison, Julie's tale of the swallowed Lego while Urban Nana was on duty and some compelling panda facts Lian wants you to know. Plus we recommend the new Netflix series Bodyguard, are skeptical we can pull off Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving DIY Decorative Turkey and wish Joni Mitchell a happy 75th birthday. Joni, you're the best. We are also grateful to all the Satellite Sisters and Misters who are poll workers today all over the...


Kindness vs. Hate, Halloween, Book Club: If You Love Me by Maureen Cavanagh

So much sadness about the Pittsburgh Tree Of Life Synagogue killings. We look for ways to express kindness and find joy. Plus our monthly book club discussion: Maureen Cavanagh tells us about If You Love Me - A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Opioid Addiction. Thank you, Maureen, for your advocacy and all you do for others at Magnolia New Beginnings. You can reach Magnolia's addiction support groups on Facebook here. We have cool new Satellite Sisters products in the Satellite...


Justice O'Connor, Satellite Sisters Merch, Travel Trends, Snack News

On today's podcast, we remember the day we with spent with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the California Women's Conference hosted by Maria Shriver in 2010. Read Lian's original blog post from that day here. We are saddened to hear of Justice O'Connors Alzheimers' diagnosis. What a heartbreak. Also today, travel trends from West Texas - Julie recommends Marfa, the McDonald Observatory and Big Bend National Park. Lian wants to know what's happening in the milk aisle at...


Thank you Meghan and Harry! Plus Rent The Runway, College Admissions and Weak Butt Cheeks

On today's podcast, Meghan and Harry's happy baby news could not make us happier. Well done, Sussexes! Special Satellite Sisters Shout-Out to this meteorologist who wore a special accessory on her weather cast. Her baby! And if that's not your choice, try Rent The Runway. New details on your work wardrobe solutions. And one last clothing note, we hear from the New York Times that dirndls are coming back. But longtime listeners will know that Liz brought them back on this podcast episode...


Personality Quiz, A Star Is Born, Dogs, Share The Sisters' New Trailer

On today's podcast: Lian tries a personality quiz. And wins! Liz reviews A Star Is Born including the scoop on Charlie. That's Bradley Cooper's real dog! And some health and fitness talk, from strength training to CBD. Good luck to everyone on Operation Sea Turtle, our wellness discussion on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. Great pep talk and support! We dispute the New York Times claim that dogs are NOT exceptional. Clearly, Laura Holson did not interview Hooper OR Steffi! Plus, Lian...


Share The Satellite Sisters Trailer!

Women's humor, health and happiness. Satellite Sisters is a weekly pep talk , a respite from the cray-cray. Hosted by Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan, real sisters with very different lives, this award-winning podcast entertains listeners with lively, fun conversation, smart advice and positive support - like catching up with your own friends over coffee. What do the Satellite Sisters talk about? Current events, family/friends + pets, health + wellness, culture + entertainment, TV and...


Madonna Birthday Party, Emotional Self Care, Poldark Recap, Run Like A Girl

On today's show, we provide a complete recap of Sheila's epic birthday party including the perfect Madonna theme for our material girl, provide advice to parents about preventing credit theft of your kids' identities and suggest listening to Run Like A Girl podcast to get info on Nag The Vote. We also thank listener Susan who is a psychotherapist and posted advice for in our Facebook Group for listeners who may have been triggered by the Senate hearings last weeks about sexual assault....


Sheila Party Prep, Beyonce + Bitter Business Bureau, Saving Mayo

On today's podcast, we fill you in on the party prep for Sheila's birthday, Lian has Beyonce in the house and has a bone to pick with Ticketmaster’s secret platform for scalpers, we debate the Weight Watchers new name and strategy and present a call to save mayonnaise for millennials starring a recipe from Meghan Markle's cookbook. We are also excited about Michelle Obama's Book Tour. And have a Vermont Country Store Shocker!!! On Entertaining Sisters: We recommend a new podcast called...


Driving Through Fire, Mark Wahlberg, Emmys, Science Fair Film

Julie has a hairy drive through a forest fire in a rental car. Liz has one on Lyft. Lian is thinking that maybe retiring at half-time is a fine way to go. Good work Vontae Davis of the Buffalo Bills. When you know, you know. Julie has concerns on Mark Wahlberg's daily schedule. Liz has data emotional support animals on airplanes. Flight attendants think they are out of control. Do you? Entertaining Sisters: We highly recommend the new documentary Science Fair from National Geographic....


Tracking Your Teens, Retiring at 35, Serena's Open & 9/11 Remembrance

On today’s podcast, Julie breaks down the US Open Women’s Final like a tennis fan and a Serena fan. Plus, we discuss the pros and cons of tracking teens, whether we could ever retire on FIRE and a remembrance for September 11th. Framebridge Use promo code SISTERS at checkout Beach Body on Demand Text SISTERS to 303030 Harry's Use our code sisters at checkout. For more on our entertainment recommendations: check out these links: TV: Yellowstone Atypical Books: New Satellite...


Season Premiere! Tutus! Spies! Trumpets!

Our season premiere has it all: Serena Williams' tutu on Center Court at the US Open, spies using microwaves to cook our brains and a design trend in supermarkets that we against. Plus Lian takes in a night at the Hollywood Bowl with John Williams and Steven Spielberg and today's Washington Post has a story about Nike's Just Do It campaign that includes Liz and some of her perspective on why the campaign has been so notable for 30 years. The news story was prompted by Nike's latest Colin...


BONUS: Ask Us Anything LIVE in Santa Monica 2017

This podcast is the live audio from the Satellite Sisters appearance at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22, 2017. Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan, Sheila Dolan, Monica Dolan and Julie Dolan are all on stage for an Ask Us Anything session. The Satellite Sisters take questions from the live audience, reminisce about their favorite Satellite Sisters memories and share behind-the-scenes stories. Thanks to the Santa Monica Public Library for the great venue and to the Satellite Sisters listeners...


Ask Us Anything August 2018: Satellite Sisters Julie Dolan, Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan

We asked you to Ask Us Anything and you did. In this special BONUS podcast episode, you get a fresh installment of answers from Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan. We got to as many of your questions as we could, including a lightning round for each sister individually. What keeps us sane now? What's one thing we would do over? How do we produce Satellite Sisters? Were there times when we considered quitting? Do we ever fight? What are our hidden talents? Why did Liz step in and out of...


BONUS: Satellite Sisters "You're The Best" LIVE in Brooklyn NY

On this bonus LIVE show, we introduce you to the Satellite Sisters Next Generation, read from our book "You're The Best: A Celebration of Friendship" and give you our philosophy of friendship and Satellite Sisterhood. Plus, we answer your questions and introduce you to our brothers and cousins. This all took place at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn NY in October 2015. This very special show includes Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan, Sheila Dolan and Julie Dolan plus the Next Gen contributors to our book:...


Gwyneth: Nut or Not?, Communicating With Your Sons, Mission Impossible

Gwyneth Paltrow: Nut or Not? We ask that question today based on this story from the New York Times Magazine. Plus, how to stay connected to your adult sons, managing a house full of house guests and celebrating Julie's 40th wedding anniversary. This week's podcast sponsors are: Harrys Use promo code sisters Framebridge Use promo code sisters The New Yorker Use promo code sister Brooklinen Use promo code sisters Kopari We'll be on hiatus for the month of August but are releasing three...


Extortion Plot Against Liz, Travel Tips and Trends, Best Travel Movies

On today's show, Liz receives a threatening email that's trying to extort her. What should she do? Julie says "Call the cops". What's your advice? Julie has travel trends, plus Liz and Julie both share their personal top 5 travel tips. In Entertaining Sisters, we suggest 6 movies that will inspire you to travel. Plus Mamma Mia 2, of course! For more info on the internet scam Liz explains, go here. Then she went here to determine with data breach she had been a victim of. All of Julie's...


Satellite Sisters Weekends, Russia, Creativity, Mamma Mia 2

On today's podcast, Julie and Lian both recap the fun Satellite Sisters weekends they had. Julie is our resident Russia expert so she comments on the news of the week from Helsinki, Liz shares a story about how to engage your creativity to avoid a midlife crisis and Lian is super excited about Mamma Mia 2. It's going to help her get over the end of the World Cup and Wimbledon. Here's a link to the story on creativity by Laura Holson of the New York Times and a link to Lian Dolan's cover...


Thai Cave Rescue, Sports News, Food Trends, Film and Podcast Recommendations

On today's podcast, Julie has insights on the amazing Thai cave rescue. She lived in Thailand. Lian covers the World Cup (good riddance Russia!), Wimbledon (go Moms!) and welcomes LeBron to Los Angeles. Liz shares news on Smorgasburg and new food trends and provides film and book recommendations. Plus, travel news and trends. Julie says cruises are back! We are on board. Plus plastic straws are gone. Save the seas! Thanks to our sponsors this week. Here are links to our special urls for...