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Episode #18: Jenn T. Grace – “The Professional Lesbian” On Founding Her Innovative Company, Publish Your Purpose Press

Jenn T. Grace, in her own words, is “a get shit done kind of gal” and she excels at recognizing an opportunity that’s right for her, and going after it. Jenn even named her company, Publish Your Purpose Press, accordingly. She’s purpose-driven, purpose-centred and has a lot to teach those of us looking for how to master this discipline. She has a fabulous blog post on her site called The Power of Commitment, if you want to know more about what makes Jenn awesome. Jokingly referring to...


#17: Leading diversity & inclusion expert, Jennifer Brown, on the power of sharing our diversity stories

Jennifer Brown's personal diversity story isn't obvious at a glance. A blond, white woman, she admits people are often confused to find out she's the diversity & inclusion keynote for the day and they wonder why she was hired to speak about the challenges people of colour or other visible minorities have in the workplace. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Jennifer says she separated her true self from her work until she couldn't anymore. Jennifer believes everyone has a diversity story -...


#16 - How Diverse is Your Network? With Amy C. Waninger, Author of "Network Beyond Bias"

Have you ever wondered how many opportunities you've missed out on because your network is too small? I'm willing to bet most of us have. But have you ever considered the diversity of your network and how it's impacting your work, your business or your opportunities? Amy C. Waninger is the founder of Lead at Any Level, LLC, and the author of the new book "Network Beyond Bias - Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career". In this episode, she helps us see the risk associated...


#15 - Women Need Mentors, Not Rescuers - with David G. Smith, PhD, co-author of "Athena Rising - How and Why Men Should Mentor Women"

When I started this podcast, I imagined all my guests would be women. But David Smith breaks the mold in a unique way - as a much needed expert male voice in the gender equality conversation. I couldn't wait to meet him and hear about his work helping men learn to be better allies and more effective mentors for women at work. David and his co-author, Brad Johnson, wrote Athena Rising - How and Why Men Should Mentor Women when they realized many of the gender equality policies and programs...


#14 - Mary Chaney - Lawyer, Cybersecurity Professional and Former FBI Special Agent on Diversity & Inclusion in her Male Dominated Industry

Mary Chaney is Vice President of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP), founder of her own law practice at The Law Offices of Mary N. Chaney - The CyberSecurity Law Firm of Texas and a former special agent with the FBI, working in the cyber crimes unit in Los Angeles. She has also had a successful corporate career in information security for companies like Discovery, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson and GE Capital. The combination of all this experience and...


#13 - Dana Bookman, Founder & CEO Canadian Women's Baseball Association and Co-Founder Girl Expo Canada

Dana Bookman, Founder and CEO of the Canadian Women's Baseball Association (including Toronto Girls Baseball, Manitoba Girls Baseball and Nova Scotia Girls Baseball), and co-founder of Girl Expo Canada. This is an amazing story of a mom who couldn't find a girls-only league for her baseball loving daughter and didn't let that stop her. With zero baseball experience, she has created a blossoming league of over 600 players in three provinces that in two short years has caught the eye of the...


#12: Money mindsets and finance lessons for women from Bola Onada Sokunbi of Clever Girl Finance

Bola Onada Sokunbi is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), a money expert for women and founder of Clever Girl Finance and “Clever Girls Know – a podcast for women on all things money”. Bola decided early in her career that she wanted to help other women be accountable for their financial independence, get out of debt, save for the future and learn how to build wealth. She watched too many of her mother's friends face financial ruin following divorces or losing their husbands...


#11 - Heather Barnabe, CEO, and Vandinika Shukla of G(irls)20 on Giving Young Women a Voice at Decision-Making Tables

My guests are ambitious for themselves and, quite literally, every other woman in the world, and spend their days actively working to empower women in all walks of life. I was fortunate to host TWO guests for this episode - the CEO of G(irls)20, Heather Barnabe, and Vandinika Shukla, a 2014 delegate to the G(irls)20 Summit from India who now works at UN Women's Heardquarters in New York City, and was recently named Vice-Chair of the G(irls)20 Global Steering Committee. This is an impressive...


#10 - Amy Impellizzeri - Author and "Reformed Corporate Litigator"

What do you do when you’ve always loved your job – the job you planned to have for life – but suddenly it doesn’t seem to fit you anymore? Today’s guest had just this experience after 13 years as a successful corporate litigator in New York City. Amy Impellizzeri loved the law and will never stop calling herself a lawyer (a title she earned through years of hard work and study), but the day to day work of being a corporate lawyer soon began to encroach on her family life in an unacceptable...


#9: Maggie DiStasi - Career Transition and Leadership Coach On Breaking The Glass Ceiling, Negotiating While Female And More

Maggie DiStasi spent years in the world of corporate finance and financial technology, with her last role as Vice President, Technology for a brokerage department of a major Canadian bank. Several years ago, after a medical crisis and a desire for change inspired her, she took a huge leap and become a career transition and leadership coach. And now, she brilliantly helps others navigate their own transitions – those ready for the next step in the careers, wanting to start new businesses, or...


#8: Pam Damoff, Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington, Ontario

Pam Damoff was elected to represent the riding of Oakville-North Burlington (just outside Toronto, for my non-Canadian listeners) in the House of Commons in Canada's 2015 federal election. Prior to the election, Pam served as an Oakville Town Councillor from 2010-2015. During her time on council, she served on the Oakville Public Library Board, the budget committee and the Oakville Tourism Partnership. And all of this came after a 25-year career in corporate real estate. Pam was named Vice...


#7: Karen Karbo - Author, In Praise of Difficult Women - Life Lessons from 29 Heroines Who Dared to Break the Rules

Today we’re talking about Karen Karbo's latest book which just launched yesterday (Feburary 27) called In Praise of Difficult Women – Life Lessons from 29 Heroines Who Dared To Break The Rules. The book is a series of essays about Karen’s list of women, highlighting the aspects of these women that makes them "difficult" in the way they react to societal expectations, how they cultivated unexpected careers, and generally showed up in the world ready to be themselves, regardless of who else...


#6: Komal Minhas - Founder, KoMedia Inc and Producer of Dream, Girl

Sometimes, just when you think you have the world on a string, life chooses that very moment to remind you you're not in control. What's that saying...if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? It feels unfair at the time, but if we're lucky enough to survive those moments, we can usually find what Komal Minhas refers to as collateral beauty. Otherwise known as a silver lining...the ancillary lessons we can take from a miserable experience to help us not only get through it, but...


#5: Michele Viner

Michele Viner believes in the power of words to change minds, lift up, inspire, and in short, be day or even life-changing. She started A Little Wordy after quitting her job to be at home, supporting her daughter who had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It’s an inspiring story of how sometimes, the trials of motherhood can also instigate really good ideas that are helpful beyond the scope of our own families. Yes, we need more women in science and tech – but we also need...


#4: Marie Wiese - Marketer, Author, Entrepreneur and Podcaster

Marie Wiese is the President of Marketing CoPilot (a digital marketing agency), the award winning author of a book for digital marketers called "You Can't Be Everywhere", and host of The Common Sense Marketer podcast. She also has an extensive background in sales and marketing leadership in the financial services and financial technology sectors. In this interview, we tackle many of the key issues facing women at work today, paying particular attention to the technology sector. There's no...


#3: Ann Garvin - Author, Professor, Entrepreneur

Ann Garvin is a three-time published fiction author, university professor and entrepreneur who offers great advice for women and girls about the importance of breaking some rules, doing what we love and supporting other women. Listen for her insightful perspective on making mistakes, how confidence can be learned and improved through experience, and what she's doing to fix gender-based inequality of opportunities in the publishing industry. Ann keeps it real about succeeding in a world that...


#2: Erin O'Neil, Founder of Broad Conversations - gatherings in Hamilton for feminist broads

Erin O'Neil explains why she started Broad Conversations, and how she manages depression and anxiety by turning her negative feelings about world events into productive, warm, and encouraging action that inspires other women to do the same. Erin is a great example of "being the change you want to see in the world" - there's a lot of wisdom in her outlook and actions. While Erin didn't start with a work focus in mind, her events are instructive on the importance of...


#1: Petra Kassun-Mutch, Founder Liisbeth - Field Notes for Feminists in Business

Petra Kassun-Mutch, founder of Eve-Volution, Liisbeth, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, former book publishing exec, mom and activist entrepreneur offers a Master Class in this episode on how to incorporate feminist traits and ideals into start-ups so we can grow more whole businesses and business leaders. She tells us how the current start-up investment models aren't working for most women-led companies, and why the narrative around what makes good, successful entrepreneurs needs to...


Introduction to the She Breaks The Mold podcast

Hear the story behind the She Breaks The Mold podcast, and why I want to help women redefine "ambition" for ourselves. Future episodes feature interviews with women in corporate, not for profit, government or entrepreneurial jobs and offer insights into how they express their ambition in what's still often viewed as a man's world. Subscribe for notifications of future episodes at