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Archives for the She Breaks The Mold podcast - inspiration for entrepreneurial womern

Archives for the She Breaks The Mold podcast - inspiration for entrepreneurial womern




Archives for the She Breaks The Mold podcast - inspiration for entrepreneurial womern






How to Manage Overwhelm As An Entrepreneur - During a Pandemic or Anytime

My ultimate goal is to help you find the physical and brain energy for both your business AND your personal life. And learning to manage your feelings of overwhelm is an important step to help you get out of this cycle. The thoughts and feelings you leave unresolved will continue to take up mental space, energy and attention that you’re now not giving to either. It’s a key reason women think they can’t manage a business and have a life they love at the same time. You feel overwhelmed at...


How to Manage Your Business and Your Thoughts in Uncertain Times

So many of you are struggling to manage your businesses through this COVID-19 upheaval. And I get it. I have my own moments of feeling anxiety and even fear as I work on managing my mind and thoughts while still figuring out what the "right" way to do business is in this time. There's also a lot of judgement out there from people who aren't self-employed, and even self-judgement from some of us who are. You might be hearing (or even thinking) feedback like "It's not appropriate to sell...


Defining Success As An Entrepreneur

This week I'm talking all about success as a minimalist business owner. What we think it is, ways to think differently about it, and why it's so important to do this thought work early in our business. A few things happen when we start trying to define entrepreneurial success for ourselves: We end up not knowing how to evaluate opportunities, not being able to celebrate milestones, and feeling like a great big failure when that's not at all what's happened. Minimalist business owners...


Intro to the Minimalist Business Academy Podcast

This episode explains all the things...the changes since Season 1 (aka The She Breaks The Mold podcast), the reason I'm obsessed with helping women simplify and streamline their businesses, and what you can expect from future episodes regarding content. Simply...I want to help you minimize overwhelm, decision fatigue, doubt and confusion so you can spend more time focusing on solving your customers' problems and building a profitable business that serves you for the long term. Too many...


Future- Focused Thinking

Business planning for 2020 is a hot topic this month! So there's no better time than now for some mindset tips to help you think about your plans with a future focus. We get into trouble when we allow the part of our brain that likes safety, assurances and security to work with us on our plans ;) Today's episode is going to start you on a path to using your planning brain - your future focused mind - to move you in the direction of success. One of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly...


How To Ask Better Questions: A Book Review Episode

Most of us have grown up without a key skill - the ability to ask questions that empower either ourselves or the listener to take responsibility to solve a problem or find an answer. We think it's all about the Who, Where, Why, How and What of every situation, but there's more to this skill. So much more. If it was all about getting the facts, we'd be close. Still not perfect, given our penchant as humans to confuse our thoughts with facts, but that's a topic for another day. There's more...


How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business With Shana Recker

Shana Recker is an entrepreneur, a coach and a passionate advisor to people (especially women) who have an idea for a business, but don't know the right steps to get them moving down the startup path. Shana's business started with an idea while on a vacation in a Chicago hotel room, but ended up on a shelf at home once the vacation ended. Like most of us, she worried she didn't have what she needed to pull it off, wondered "who was she" to try to do it, and that she had to be someone other...


Permission To Pivot With Lisa Pezik

I'm welcoming my friend Lisa Pezik to the podcast this week to talk about what happened when she decided to make a 180 degree pivot in her business and completely switch her business model, her target audience and her offering all at once. Lisa has made two huge pivots in her career so far and we talk about both today: the first from ICU nurse to online health & fitness coach, and more recently, to business and content strategist for online marketers. Her story is a fantastic example of...


Consumer Research 101 for Solopreneurs with Britta Schell

Today's episode of the She Breaks The Mold podcast will help you figure out where to start, and give you a few tips and tricks so you can be well on your way to your first consumer insights project! You've probably heard advice about creating your ideal customer avatar, or buyer persona. But do you really know what that means? Or how to use this "character" you've created to help with your business? Or have you heard about interviews you should be conducting with your ideal customers to...


The Art Of Receiving – The Crucial Skill You Might Be Avoiding in Your Business

What do you think - is it better to give or receive? We present this topic to children early to help them understand the virtues of generosity and kindness without really considering the delicate balance between these two actions. Sometimes, we go so far as to suggest to kids that it's selfish to say you'd rather receive. I've only arrived at this mindset recently, but I think we do our kids a disservice by suggesting this. In fact, I think it can sometimes be exactly the opposite of...


How To Declutter Your Money Mindset

To quote Marie Kondo of the KonMari method fame, “what sparks joy” for you when you think about your business? Lots of you will answer this with perfectly wonderful thoughts like, “Serving my customers”, or “Doing what I love every day”, or “Following my passion and setting my own schedule”. But what about the financial results and impact of your business? If that part doesn’t spark joy for you, you should be asking yourself why not? And how it’s supposed to unless you give it a little love...


Money & Other Things We Never Talk About With Deep Dive Dinner Co-Creators, Elenna Mosoff and Danika Zoe

Elenna Mosoff and Danika Zoe created Deep Dive Dinners as “an opportunity to disconnect from the echo chamber of the online world and have a lively, multi-faceted conversation with people you may not ever meet. We seek not to solve or come to consensus around our topics, but rather to give them space, breath, and perspective that you might not otherwise get in your day to day existence, or in your immediate circles.” What we discuss: Links to Deep Dive Dinners and Elenna and Danika's sites...


How to communciate your brand with courage & consistency with Mai-kee Tsang

Mai-kee is a Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter for purpose driven online businesses. She helps them build their authority in business, and discover their Brand DNA so that they can thrive when they launch their signature courses. We talk a lot about what that means and how she can help you in this episode, but first we dig into the name of her podcast - The Quiet Rebel - and how it came to be. It's a story of growth, acknowledgement of purpose and authenticity that will inspire...


Values-based entrepreneurship with Amanda Munday, Founder & CEO of The Workaround and author of Day Nine: A Postpartum Depression Memoir

When you know what's most important to you, even the toughest decisions are easier to make. Not easy, but easier. For my guest this week, operating a business steeped in her values was fundamental to her definition of success. Amanda Munday is the Founder & CEO of The Workaround which is a co-working space in east Toronto offering something many other workspaces don't - quality childcare. This offering isn't just an add-on, though. It's an intentional part of Amanda's business design and...


Helping Women Entrepreneurs Build Happier, Healthier Lives And Businesses - with Natalie Colalillo

After a few business failures (we all have them!) and a run-in with burn-out, Natalie Colalillo realized something had to change in the way she ran her business, and her life. After getting what she calls "pretty cozy at rock bottom", she said to herself, "I need to surround myself with healthy, happy women!" And that was the beginning of what is now Happy Healthy Women - a collective of 19,000 women in 27 branches across Canada, and growing. Natalie has dedicated her life to being happy,...


How I learned to stop worrying and love money (and so can you)

How I learned to stop worrying and love money - is all about why women need to get comfortable with the idea of being in business to make money. It doesn't make you a bad person to say that out loud, or to have that goal. It makes you a good business person. And how can you expect money to love you if you don't love it back, anyway? I believe financially empowered women will change the world. Full stop. There is abundant evidence to prove this is true, and that we already have more...


Karen Schulman Dupuis On How Women's Careers Get Disrupted

If you're a working woman, there's a pretty good chance your career was disrupted by something outside your control once or twice along the way. There's an even better chance one of those disruptions led you to start a business or seek self-employment. This week's episode of the She Breaks The Mold podcast dives deeply into this issue as my brilliant friend Karen Schulman Dupuis - speaker, writer, designer, teacher, student, mentor, and "shift disturber" - joins me on the show. Karen and I...


FIVE Ways For Women Entrepreneurs To Leave Employee Mindsets Behind

If you're an entrepreneur or self-employed woman who was once employed by someone else, this episode is for you! You might not even realize it, but you might be bringing old employee habits and mindsets to your work and they could be holding you back from achieving everything you dream of in your business. Think about the last time you said out loud, "I'm really good at (insert skill or ability here)" or "I really wish I was better at (skill you think you suck at)". Whose voice is saying...


Three ways you might be self-sabotaging in your business

In today’s episode, I’m talking about self-sabotage – or some of the ways you might be holding yourself back in your business. We self-sabotage in all kinds of ways from hiding, to thinking too small, to waiting for permission or approval from someone else to proceed. But today I’m going to cover three of the ways I’m seeing a lot lately – or even that I’m experiencing myself. My hope is, by the end of this episode, you’ll find a little bit more courage or bravery to take a look at the...


Why you should stop trying to be nice at work

Welcome to my first solo episode! That's right - no guest today. I'll still be hosting interviews because I love meeting the amazing women I get the chance to meet - and love introducing them to you. But they'll be fewer this year as I try to align my podcast with my work, which is coaching women like you to find your CEO voice, build businesses that light you up, and giving you the support you need to be wildly successful! Today I'm talking about why women should stop striving to be "nice"...