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The podcast where influential feminists discuss their greatest passions. Host Katie Ward is also and actor, writer, and mom. However, she's also an intersectional feminist who's easily excitable. At the heart of every interview is the essential question, "What are you really enthusiastic about right now?"

The podcast where influential feminists discuss their greatest passions. Host Katie Ward is also and actor, writer, and mom. However, she's also an intersectional feminist who's easily excitable. At the heart of every interview is the essential question, "What are you really enthusiastic about right now?"
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The podcast where influential feminists discuss their greatest passions. Host Katie Ward is also and actor, writer, and mom. However, she's also an intersectional feminist who's easily excitable. At the heart of every interview is the essential question, "What are you really enthusiastic about right now?"






Real American, Parenting, and Allyship: With Julie Lythcott-Haims

Julie Lythcott-Haimsis a lot of things. She's a daughter. She's a mother. She's the former Dean of Freshman at Stanford University and a Ted Talk speaker. She holds several degrees including a Law Degree from Harvard. The identity that didn't come as easy to her was that of black woman. In her memoir, Real American, Julie gives us her evolution of how growing up in a mixed race household and in many all white settings meant learning about and loving herself as a black woman would take some...


Ain't No Party Like A Voting Party: With Angie Jean-Marie

The people at Vote Togetherhave spent the past couple of years studying ways to increase voter turnout. One way they've found to get people to the polls is to change the culture around voting. By making the experience more communal and celebratory, they're finding voter engagement improves. I spoke with Vote Together's Director Angie Jean-Mariewho shared with me why this cause became so important to her. When more of us vote, we get closer to the democracy upon which America was founded....


Britney Spears, Feminist Contradiction: With Jen Zaborowski

Some people are performers, and some people are cultural touchstones. Britney Spears has gone beyond singer/dancer/actor/talent judge to permanent icon status. I've had a long love affair with Britney, so I was thrilled to find the podcast We Need To Talk About Britney. Actor and writer, Jen Zaborowski hosts the show, and talks not only about Britney's work, but also how Britney's life in the public eye mirrors so much of our culture at large. Thanks to listener Mike for sharing his bit...


Racism, Sexism, and Jar Jar Binks: With Ahmed Best

On this episode, Ahmed Best and I continue our discussion about Star Wars. We talk about how the backlash Ahmed experienced is both similar and different to what Loan Tran(originally known to audiences as Kelly Marie Tran) experienced with The Last Jedi. We also talk about how excited we are for Andrew Gillum's campaignfor Governor in Florida and how we believe displaced Puerto Ricans might save us all. We love our Puerto Rican sisters and brothers! We get enthusiasm from Kristi Lee of...


Racism, Sexism, and Jar Jar Binks: With Ahmed Best

Trigger Warning: Suicide In July, my friend Ahmed Best revealed that in his darkest days he contemplated taking his own life. The pendulum of his career has been nothing short of extraordinary. He got his big break performing in the cast of Stomp The Musical which led to an offer to play a first-of-its-kind character in the Star Wars prequels. His character, Jar Jar Binks, would lead the way for the development of motion capture technology in film, but he would also become the punching...


Rise Up For Roe: With Lauren Duca, Cecile Richards, Alyssa Milano, Jess McIntosh, Meagan Hatcher-Mays, and Jess Morales Rocketto

When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, my heart dropped, and I wasn't alone. Millions of women who have marched, organized, and donated saw their civil rights being swept away from our current administration by the recommendation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Women's health is not the only issue in grave danger if Kavanaugh gets the seat. Immigration, LGTBQ rights, and almost every facet of American life will be affected. We're being told Kavanaugh is a foregone...


How To Travel For Next To Nothing: With Nina Manni

One of my favorite things is to see is when a friend keys into their passion. This has been the case with my friend and repeat guest, Nina Manni. She left her comedy career behind when she realized it wasn't making her happy. What DID make her happy was traveling all over the world for CHEAP, but doing it well. Once she figured out how to do it, she wanted to help others do it too. She's got some great tips for everyone! Here are some of the links to the other things we discuss: Nina's...


Therapy Is For Everyone: With Matt Marr

If you have ever felt like therapy was not for you, this episode is for you. I wanted to open up a little about my experience with therapy, and eliminate some of the stigma around it. It was the perfect time to give you a talk with Matt Marr. Matt is a therapist, an actor, and hosts The Dear Mattie Show. We met after he killed the competition at the Podcast Movement. Within moments, we became fast friends. He's Southern, gay, and loves Wonder Woman. This is my trifecta! I hope you'll...


Smaller Elections, Huge Impact: With Anna Eskamani

Do you know who holds office for your district in the House of Representatives for your State? If you don't, you're not alone. With the country so hyper focused on national politics, it might seem tedious to focus on local government. However, no one is having a greater impact on your daily life than your locally elected officials. Not to mention, as we are all connected, we also need to know what's happening in cities and towns across the country. This is why I wanted to talk with Anna...


Escapism, Ibiza, and Housewives: With Lauryn Kahn

Raise your hand if you need a mental health break. I know I do. If this is you too, I highly recommend checking out the Netflix film, Ibiza. It stars Gillian Jacobs (Community), Vanessa Bayer (SNL), Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens), and Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones). I loved the movie so much, I asked screenwriter Lauryn Kahnto talk with me about her career, her fave rom coms, and why you can be a feminist andlove the Real Housewives. She also shared with me her feelings on how weed an...


Authenticity As The Key To Success: With Jamie Grayson aka The Baby Guy NYC

It's Pride Month! I want to wish all of my LGTBQ+ listeners a joyful Pride! As part of the celebration, I wanted to talk with some of queer people in my life. On this episode, you'll hear from my dear friend and social media tycoon, Jamie Grayson aka The Baby Guy NYC. You may know Jamiefrom the Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, and as New York Magazine's "Best Baby Gear Expert." Not only is he a childless gay man leading conversations about breastfeeding and baby wearing, but he's...


Athletes As Activists: With Liz Loza, Celeste Bell, Scout Bassett, and Dr. Jen Welter

One of my favorite parts of the United State Of Women Summitwas attending the Athletes As Activists panel. It was organized by Dr. Kimberly Clay who created Play Like A Girl. It's a wonderful organization that supports girls in both sports and STEM. Dr. Clay and I quickly bonded over our love for Mississippi since she's from Batesville, and I went to Ole Miss a few miles down the road. The panel was informative, heartwarming, and filled me with determination to keep sports as a part of my...


More Intuitive Eating: With Jessi Haggerty and Elyse Resch

I was introduced to Intuitive Eating through listening to The BodyLove Project with Jessi Haggerty. It's been a formative influence on me, as it has been for so many others who listen to her show. I was honored when Jessi agreed to talk with me about her experience as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Health At Every Size practitioner. Jessi not only helps her clients understand and love their bodies, but she teaches personal...


Intuitive Eating: With Elyse Resch

Some women are earth shakers, and on this show, I'm grateful to speak with lots of them. In this case, there was a magnitude 5.3 earthquake while I was interviewing registered dietician and author, Elyse Resch. I think it was a sign! The earth shattering news that we're sharing with you is that it's time to stop feeling guilty about what you eat. It's time to exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. About a year ago, I started listening to We Are Still Hungryand The...


How Women Navigate Legal Cannabis

If you missed Part 1 (Moms & Weed) and Part 2 (Women Running The Cannabis Industry) of my Women & Weed series, definitely check them out. In part 3, we get down to brass tacks. What's the difference between THC and CBD? How did William Randolph Hearst ruin the cannabis industry? What does it feel like to go from being a black market seller to one who is legit? Aliza Sherman has had many incarnations in her career. From pioneering the internet to pioneering legal cannabis, she's...


Women Running The Cannabis Industry: With Leslie Siu

Millions of women experience the anguish of postpartum depression. For Leslie Siu, her burden became her inspiration. The antidote to her PPD was also the synchronistic moment she found her business. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Mother & Clone, Leslie and her team are bringing a new kind of cannabis product to the market. Their sublingual sprays are designed to be absorbed quickly in small doses to relieve, but not incapacitate, the user. The packaging is stylish and the sprays are child...


Moms & Weed: With Kim Griffin

Is weed the new "wine" for moms? As cannabis products become widely legally available across the U.S., women are finding themselves exploring everything from edibles to vapes to sublingual sprays. They're using cannabis to address their physical and emotional well-being. Women are micro-dosing in lieu of using anti-depressants. They're using CBD to treat pain. There are even suppositories to help women handle period cramps and sexual dysfunction. How do moms come out from the shadows to...


Self Care In The Digital Age: With Callie Schweitzer

Are you addicted to your phone? Do you want to sleep better? How much of your joy or pain is related to social media? These are the questions Thrive Global is aiming to help you navigate. Callie Schweitzer is the Chief Content Officer for Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's new company. I loved hearing about the behind the scenes of a company that strives to improve our lives. I also wanted to hear about how a woman who is a CCO, an award-winning journalist, and has been included on multiple...


Sex, Orgasms, & How Not To Pee Your Pants

In the 3rd and final episode in our women's health series, Dr. Sherry answers your questions about the elusive G spot, the benefits of working with a primary care physician vs. an ob/gyn, pelvic floor exercises to help prevent incontinence, and the REAL DEAL with vaginal rejuvenation! The Mona Lisa isn't just a painting in the Louvre. It is a laser that might improve sex, help juice up your vagina (especially if you're a breast cancer survivor), and make your fear of sneezing in public a...


Fertility, Pregnancy, & Postpartum: With Dr. Sherry Ross, M.D.

We still have copies of Dr. Sherry's book, She-Ology, to give away. If you'd like a signed copy of the book, please email We love seeing pictures of you listening to the show, so send those too! Dr. Sherry and I are back! If you missed Part 1 about periods, hormones, and perimenopause, definitely go back and give it a listen. This time, we're tackling fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum depression. Thank you so much to listeners from all over who have...