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122. How to Boost Energy In Menopause

In this episode I am diving into how to boost energy in menopause. One of the biggest struggles women have in menopause comes with fatigue and energy. Today I am giving you some of my favorite tips to help boost energy naturally. Some common recommendations include cutting down on sugars, staying hydrated, and exercise. However, especially when it comes to exercise there is a fine line to what is beneficial and what can be detrimental. I cover this and more in today's episode! If you...


121. How to Get Better Sleep in Menopause

When it comes to menopause the two biggest struggles I hear from women are weight loss, and sleep. As our hormones shift and change these symptoms are not that uncommon, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are some key things you can start doing to get a better nights rest! In this episode I am diving into why sleep becomes an issue in menopause and what you can do to change that! Get added to the 12 Week Menopause Challenge Waitlist!!...


120. Essential Oils with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner and the author of seven books: the bestselling The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook. Dr. Mariza's newest book focuses on balancing hormones with the power of essential oils, and it's called: The Essential Oils Hormone Solution. For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification. She has been featured on Dr....


119. Why is it so hard to maintain a diet change?

Why does it seem like it's so hard to maintain a result with a diet? Something comes up and we fall off the diet, or face a setback and can't seem to get back on track or stick with it. Why is this? What needs to happen in order to maintain a diet or lifestyle change? It's important to remember that it's not just you that you have to think about. Sometimes those closest to us are also going to be impacted by this change. In this episode I'm diving into why it can be hard for women to...


118. Where to Start with Weight Loss in Menopause

When we hit menopause our bodies change hormonally, and our weight loss plan needs to change to accommodate that shift. The biggest mistake most women in menopause make when trying to lose weight is starting with weight loss. I know you are thinking "this lady is nuts!" But I promise I will explain why in this episode! I am going to dive into where to start with weight loss in menopause, and why it's so important to address this key piece in order to be successful long term! Get added to...


117. Fan Girl with Jayme Buck and Callie Inman

We are the founders and daily hustling duo of Fan Girl. We are two local Minnesota girls who have been growing our friendship since the second grade. As best friends, we have always been super supportive of one another's goals and dreams. Over the years, we have both followed an endless number of educational and job opportunities. While some were just ok and some were great, we always knew we wanted to create something of our own. Early last year, we started meeting weekly for coffee to...


116. The Truth About Metabolism

In this episode I am diving into the truth about metabolism. Metabolism is a nice buzz word, but what does it REALLY mean. How do you jumpstart your metabolism, and how do you keep it going? Hint: it doesn't require cutting a bunch of things out! The exact opposite actually! I am going to cover all of this and more in this episode! I promise, it's much easier than you think! Get on the waitlist for the 12 Week Menopause...


115. Power Up Your Life with Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown powers up your leadership and life as an international keynote speaker and bestselling author who drives growth at organizations like Rodan & Fields, General Mills, Boston Scientific, Cargill, Minnesota Vikings, national associations, and many more. Named a top 20 trailblazer in the industry by Meetings Today Magazine, she uses her Master’s education and 15-years of corporate leadership and sales experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands to bring researched...


114. The Klassy Network with Natalie Rogers

Natalie Rogers is a 24 year-old entrepreneur from Orlando, FL. She started her first company at 18 years old as a senior in high school and has been in love with entrepreneurship ever since. With her first company reaching 6 figures before graduating college, Natalie understood what a life of freedom was like early on but also felt isolated and alone on her entrepreneurial journey. This feeling sparked Natalie to start a new company that would bring ambitious women together and provide...


113. Chiro for Moms with Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Dr. Jesse is a Doctor of Chiropractic, married, mama of 2 girls. She has been in the field for nearly a decade and has set out to design a clinic experience that caters to women’s unique physical needs and busy schedules. Chiro For Moms was her vision. Her life runs on coffee (always hot + fresh in the clinic 😉) She loves to dance, do yoga, play with the kids, and repurposing side-of-the-road finds (she's the one with the power tools in our family). Follow Dr Jesse...


112. Adrenal & Thyroid Health with Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia is a Western medicine trained nurse practitioner, functional nutritionist, TedX thought leader and female hormonal health expert. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, boys and two doodles. In this episode we dive into adrenal and thyroid health, why it's important and what you an do to make sure they're in tip top shape! Follow Cynthia: FB: IG: Twitter: Join the FREE 5 Day Fat...


111. Unicreamer with Lori Lefcourt

After growing up in the Midwest, Lori felt an immediate pull to the energy of New York City. She spent the first six years of her career working on Wall Street, traveling the world as an interest rate swap broker for emerging markets. In the midst of a crackdown on Wall Street regulations, she pivoted and collaborated in building an electronic side of the business, and went on to become one of the top revenue-generating female brokers in her company. After leaving Wall Street, Lori dipped...


110. 4 Steps to Losing Fat & Balancing Hormones Without Dieting or Spending Hours in the Gym

In this episode I am diving into the 4 Steps to Fat Loss & Balancing Hormones all without having to do some crazy diet, or spending hours in the gym. Most women dive into a diet without actually priming their body to be ready for it, which results in yo-yo dieting. You've probably experienced this same effect, you start off all in and confident this will be the thing to work for you. And you may be successful for a period of time, but ultimately you end up falling off, and gaining the...


109. Achieving at a High Level as a Female Athlete with Sam Barber

Sam Barber is a female athlete who has achieve a high level of success in two separate sports. We talked about what it takes to become a high level athlete, and transitioning through different sports. We also talked about the struggle a lot of girls face growing up through sport when it comes to body image. The positive and negative impact a coach can have on players. The drive that it takes to achieve high levels of success in two different sports. Sam has an amazing story,...


108. Gut Health and Hormones with Tara Thorne

Tara is a Functional Nutritionist who helps busy mums lose weight, balance their hormones, and feel great so they can go from snappy, uncomfortable, and fatigued to feeling calm, being able to play with the kids again, fit into their favourite pair of jeans once more and live their best life without having to give up wine, chocolate, or coffee forever. In this episode we dive into gut health and how that is related to hormones. We also talk about symptoms of gut health and what you might be...


107. Do you feel uncomfortable in the gym?

Have you ever started a new exercise routine in a new gym and felt super uncomfortable? Maybe you don't feel like you belong, or you aren't sure where to start, and you are all by yourself. But, while part of hitting your goals, is getting started it's important to find something you love. It's a matter of finding what works best for you. As women we are drawn to a sense of community. Which is why all of these boutique gyms or fitness centers are popping up and doing really well. It's a...


106. Hormones & Physiology with Dr. Alexandra Golden

Alex (M.D.) and Megan (Health Coach & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner) work with pre-menopausal women in an online group format. They focus on balancing hormones and supporting detoxification by teaching women to use the phases of their menstrual cycles to their advantage. The natural ebb and flow that happens to our hormones, organ systems, and bodies overall as women is there to renew and strengthen us. When we work with the natural cycles of our bodies, we allow ourselves...


105. Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

In this episode I am diving into a few key things that can really help you improve your overall health, that don't cost anything. These may seem like simple reminders, but I would bet there are a couple you aren't currently doing. All of these are on my daily list, and I think they should be added to yours! We are going to talk about hydration, how to de-stress, and sleep. If you are wanting to really take your health to the next level and work one on one with me you can fill out an...


104. Thyroid Refresh with Danna Bowman & Ginny Mahar

Ginny Mahar, founder of Hypothyroid Chef, and Danna Bowman, founder of Thyroid Nation, are two of those women, and they were brought together by the lack of resources and community available to women diagnosed with thyroid disease. Adjusting to a new lifestyle, and particularly a new diet, can be challenging - especially when you're a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and cooking instructor like Ginny or a Zumba instructor with an active lifestyle, like Danna. From joint pain to a lack of energy and...


103. Hormone Testing with Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Carrie Jones is an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and educator on the topic of women’s health and hormones. She graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), School of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon where she also completed her 2-year residency in women’s health, hormones and endocrinology. Later she graduated from Grand Canyon University’s Master of Public Health program with a goal of doing more international education. She was...