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A twice-weekly podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone The Irish Times Women’s Podcast is presented by Kathy Sheridan. The podcast is produced by Róisín Ingle and Jennifer Ryan

A twice-weekly podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone The Irish Times Women’s Podcast is presented by Kathy Sheridan. The podcast is produced by Róisín Ingle and Jennifer Ryan
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A twice-weekly podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone The Irish Times Women’s Podcast is presented by Kathy Sheridan. The podcast is produced by Róisín Ingle and Jennifer Ryan






#98 RWC: Can We Beat The All Blacks? Football: Dross in Tblisi, Switzerland Preview

It’s moving week for our rugby and soccer teams – by the end of it there’s a good chance we’ll have either have moved on or moved out. Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley check in from Japan, where the Rugby World Cup has been lit up by the hosts. How did nobody see Japan coming? Where do Ireland stand ahead of the quarter-final against New Zealand? Will the fact that this could be Joe Schmidt’s last week in the job have any effect? Emmet Malone is in Geneva as Mick McCarthy’s Ireland team...


#97 Typhoon Hagibis Brings World Cup Chaos, Ireland Team News, Samoa Preview

Find your hatches, batten them down. The Rugby World Cup is descending into farce and there doesn't seem to be a thing anyone can do about it. Typhoon gonna typhoon and the Scots and Italians gonna go home sore, it seems. Proper rugby brain John O'Sullivan is in studio to co-present as we check in with our men in Japan. Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley bring us a weather report first and foremost but also the latest updates from the Ireland team hotel ahead of the game with Samoa on...


#96 Typhoon Watch, Superstar Aaron Connolly, Glorious Ciara Mageean

Fake news is alive and well and it's taking over the Rugby World Cup. Despite reports that the sky is falling in over in Japan, Gavin Cummiskey is here to reassure one and all that Ireland are not going to be typhooned out of the competition this weekend. Contingency plans are in place and the road to a glorious quarter-final exit is secure for now. Meanwhile, back this side of the globe, we have a new football superstar. Emmet Malone joins us from Abbotstown where Aaron Connolly has just...


#95 Ireland Deal With Russia, But Questions Remain

The morning after the borefest before. Ireland have dealt with Russia like a library clerk enforcing a minor fine - nothing too brutal, just a quietly bloodless transaction. And through it all, we have no real idea of where Joe Schmidt's side stand. Gavin Cummiskey and Keith Duggan are on the line from Japan. They bring us a mood of pessimistic limbo, with nobody quite sure if we're still one of the best teams in the world or if we'd be as well packing our bags and heading home early. On the...


#94 Ireland Lose to Japan: What Went Wrong? Delaney Departs, Athletics in Doha

A pall falls over a stilled nation, the last of the early autumn warmth gone from the air. Ireland have lost to Japan in the Rugby World Cup and all hope has gone. Let's get through this one as best we can, yeah? Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey call in from Kobe to pick through the entrails of the latest World Cup disaster. Was it the tactics? Was it the lack of Johnny Sextons? Where do we go from here? On a slightly cheerier note, John Delaney is finally an ex-FAI employee. Emmet Malone...


#93 Jack Carty's Moment, Ireland v Japan Preview, Fiji's Woes

Happy Jack Carty Day, everybody. The Connacht number 10, who was arguably Ireland's fifth-choice outhalf 18 months ago, will start against hosts Japan on Saturday morning. Now that's a meteroic rise. Gavin Cummiskey was at the team announcement this morning so we got him on the line to fill us in on all the news. On top of which, we learned a lot about haunted hotels, how World Rugby have screwed over Fiji and how far you have to go to get arrested in Japan. All this in your extra-special...


#92 Rugby World Cup Review, Ireland's Perfect Start, Larmour Comes of Age, Eddie v Jamie

Matchday One has come and gone and all is for the best in this best of all worlds. Ireland have tanked Scotland and the bandwagon is starting to pick up speed. Bring it on, we say. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey join us on the line from Japan after an opening weekend that couldn't have gone a lot better from an Irish point of view. We pick a few nits and try to damp the fires a little - long way to go and all that - but on the whole, the livin' is easy this fine Monday. Of course, the...


#91 Rugby World Cup: "There’s never been an opening weekend like it"

It's here! At last, it's here! If not the Rugby World Cup quite yet, at least your super special Added Time preview show. Our men in Yokohama are primed and ready and, unique among the travelling Irish press pack, they haven't written a word about Sumo all week. Purists, they are. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey walk us through Ireland's opener against Scotland on Sunday. With the rain coming in sideways, will it just be a glorified Six Nations encounter? If it becomes a risk-averse game,...


#90 Dublin Make History, Rugby Squad News

Five-in-a-row, three-in-a-row, same but different. It's all about the Dubs this mizzly Monday morning as they gathered up the men's and women's All-Irelands over the weekend, making their own bits of history align the way. Sean Moran and Keith Duggan join us to talk about Saturday night's replay in Croke Park and all that flowed from it. Dublin's most impressive final victory came after one of the best first halves of football anyone can remember. And though the futures of Jim Gavin and...


#89 Rugby: Are Ireland Ready? Football Fortune, Off-Note Camogie Music

The prep is done, the players are ready, all that's left is to gather up the passports and go. Ireland beat Wales in their last World Cup warm-up game on Saturday and head to Japan ready to rock. Gavin Cummiskey is in studio to assess where everybody stands, from Rory Best to Garry Ringrose to Jack Carty and beyond. Ireland's soccer fortunes got a boost last night in Tbilisi with Georgia holding Denmark to a draw. Ahead of Tuesday's friendly against Bulgaria in the Aviva, Emmet Malone calls...


#88 All Ireland Final: Kerry Push Dublin to A Replay; Rugby Squad News

History will have to wait. Dublin's drive for five came got halted at the last yesterday, with Kerry pushing them to a replay in the All-Ireland final. Sean Moran and Eamon Donoghue are in studio to break down a game that was as flawed as it was compelling. The Ireland squad for the World Cup has been submitted to World Rugby and predictably enough, has leaked out into the world despite the IRFU's best efforts. Gavin Cummiskey joins us with all the ins and outs. Throw in the great Irish...


#87 Can Ireland Recover from A Hiding at Twickenham? Dublin Sink Cork, Insane Cricket

It's not dark yet, but it's getting there. You know Ireland's rugby World Cup preparations are going badly when the rugby writers are quoting Dylan in their intros. Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley are in studio to pick over the entrails of Saturday's hiding in Twickenham and singularly fail to talk us down off the ledge. Dublin will meet Galway in the women's football All-Ireland final in three weeks after they came out on top in yesterday’s semi-final double-header in Croke Park. Joanne...


#86 All-Ireland Hurling Final Postmortem: Tipp Punish Kilkenny

Strike up Slievenamon. Book that AirBnB in the Golden Vale. Pop the bottle of cider. It's a Tipperary world and the rest of us just live in it today. All-Ireland champions for the third time this decade, Tipp take centre stage in today's all-hurling edition of the Added Time podcast. Keith Duggan and Sean Moran joins us to break down a final that ultimately left a lot of people cold. Not Tipp people, of course. Other people. Had the game already turned in Tipp's favour before Richie Hogan's...


#85 GAA Weekend Review, Joey Carbery's Ankle, Tales From The NFL

The Dublin threshing machine rolls on, reducing all before it to dust. Happily, we have much to discuss this Monday morning, with an All-Ireland final on the horizon, however much of a done deal we imagine it to be three weeks out. Keith Duggan and Eamon Donoghue are with us to break down the weekend in Croke Park. Indecently early though it is, there's rugby to talk about. Gavin Cummiskey is in studio to sing a sad song over Joey Carbery's ankle and lay out the detail of the three either/or...


#84 Super 8s Conclude, Premier League Returns, Paul Galvin to Manage Wexford

With the honourable exception of Mayo v Donegal, the conclusion of the Super 8s turned out to be much ado about nothing. Thankfully, the upshot is that we have been left with a cracking weekend of All-Ireland SFC semi-finals to look forward to, with Mayo v Dublin on Saturday evening and Tyrone v Kerry on Sunday. Keith Duggan and Eamon O’Donoghue join us to chat through the games and non-events of the weekend just gone, and to preview the fireworks that (hopefully) await us. We also have some...


#83 Two Hurling Classics, Tipp v Kilkenny, Test Cricket at Lords

Hurling! Hurling! Hurling! Another Tipperary v Kilkenny final then, to end the decade. Boring? Anything but. After a weekend of eye-watering tension in Croke Park, Jackie Tyrrell joins us to gorge on a pair of stone-cold All-Ireland semi-final classics. How does Cody keep doing it? Why couldn't Limerick live with Kilkenny? What made Wexford tighten up with the line in sight? Where have Tipp found a bench from all of a sudden? Another momentous occasion took place at Lord's last week when...


#82 Shane Lowry's Momentous Week, Super 8s Review

The sun is out, the sky is high and Shane Lowry is the Champion Golfer of the Year. How's your Monday going? Could it be any better? Philip Reid was in Portrush for every stroke of Lowry's momentous week and from a service station somewhere in the north, he joins us to walk us through it all. Sean Moran and Eamon Donoghue in situ as well to break down the weekend that was in the Super 8s. Are Donegal and Kerry the only teams who might hold a candle in the Dublin wind? How many days have Mayo...


#81 Big GAA Weekend Review, Anticipation Builds in Portrush, Ireland's Cricket Hero

Too. Much. Sport. That's what your Sunday was. Way too much. From Killarney to Lord's to Wimbledon to Croke Park to Ballybofey, there was just no end of it. So here we are, putting it all in a nice neat package for you on the Added Time podcast. Sean Moran is in studio to talk about the GAA weekend that was. Kilkenny put an old-style beatdown on Cork, Tipp ended the Laois fairytale, Kerry blitzed Mayo and Diarmuid Connolly is back in the Dublin fold. Much to discuss. All of it is just a...


#80 Laois Rejoice, Big Super 8s Review, Irish Open

Nothing like a good old-fashioned earth-moving shock to light up a summer weekend. Laois are through to the All-Ireland quarter-final after yesterday's seismic win over Dublin and even the most heart-broken Dubs must have a little room in their hearts for it all. Today's Added Time kicks off in celebration of Eddie Brennan's charges before hurtling headlong into an extended preview of the football Super-8s, Seán Moran and Eamon Donoghue are in studio to run the rule over the eight remaining...


#79 GAA Weekend, Sonia O'Sullivan on Caster Semenya, Women's World Cup

The BBC’s Sarah Mulkerrins has been in France this past month covering the Women’s World Cup. Settled in Lyon for Tuesday's semi-final between USA and England, the Galway native guides us through the ground-breaking tournament from Megan Rapinoe backing up her White House comments, with goals, to the misguided moral compass of Phil Neville. We are blessed by the presence of Sonia O'Sullivan in The Irish Times building to discuss the latest twist in the Caster Semenya story. Need a GAA fix?...