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Life As A Ship's Agent

Today on the Women Offshore Podcast, the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno, interviews three women in Singapore who are leaders in the shipping agency sector. These three women, Hege Solstad, Jodie Reibel, and Maria Skog, share their line of work and how the industry is evolving from their point of view. Hege Solstad is from Oslo, Norway, and has 30 years’ experience in shipping and logistics. She is the former Regional Ships Agency Director for Wilhelmsen in South East Asia, and is a...


Why Women Don't Ask

In today's episode, the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno, interviews Sara Laschever, author of Women Don't Ask, The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies for Change. Through fascinating research with Dr Linda Babcock and revealing commentary from hundreds of women, learn that women don't ask both at home and at work. There are several reasons for this and ways in which both women and men can do something about it to then reduce the gender gap on the water.


UNITE Event Recap

On July 27 and 28, Women Offshore celebrated their first year by kicking off their very first event, UNITE! Listen today as Ally Cedeno interviews Amiria MacBeth, who flew from Australia to Houston to participate in UNITE. Women Offshore contributors, Erica D'Eramo and Lauren VanGenne also breakdown UNITE and the different sessions. If you didn't attend, you'll want to listen to this episode to find out how UNITE went!


She Went Back To Sea

Many of us make a living by going to sea. Sometimes life gets in the way though, requiring us to be at home, or maybe, we just need to make a change.After taking an extended break from a role offshore, how easy it is to pack up for sea and head out for several weeks or months at a time? Today, listen to the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno, interview Lieutenant Commander Fionna Boyle, a USCG Unlimited Tonnage Second Mate and Naval Reserve Officer. Fionna went back to sea after she...


The Women Before Us

In Episode 5 of the Women Offshore Podcast, meet Andrew Zimmerman, an author of historical narratives and a contributor at Women Offshore. Andrew is a published author, whose titles include, We Got Each Other Home: The Story of WWII's Legendary LST (2013) and Dreamsville: Dennison during WWII (2019). Andrew's background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Transportation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and practical maritime experience on commercial vessels all over the...


Hear from a Mom Offshore

"It all started when I got pregnant. The question on everyone’s mind was, "Are you going to go back to work once the baby comes?" In my opinion, a fair question to ask a new mom, concerning her work-related plans after having given birth to their child. Be that as it may, it was yet again, another very loaded question for me.I knew I wasn’t the type of woman to give up on my career because I was having a baby. I wanted both - a family and a career." This quote is an excerpt from "Working...


Sea Stories with Sea Sisters

On March 27th, in downtown Houston, the Offshore Energy Center (OEC) Society and the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum & Education Center hosted the Women with Energy Summit. Energy and maritime executives shared their expertise during this dynamic event. Women (and men!) connected during the networking breaks. Panels, providing professional development experiences. engaged the audience to cover what it's like being an energy leader, how to develop positive energy, the revival of...


An Aspiring Captain's Quest

On board the USNS Henson, an oceanographic research vessel stands Chief Officer Alaina Basciano. She is a licensed USCG Unlimited Tonnage Master; an impressive feat for anyone, especially for her at the age of thirty. Chief Officer Basciano was inspired to work on the water by her grandfather, a Merchant Mariner of WWII. When Basciano was just 10 years old, he introduced her to a WWII Liberty Ship, the SS John W. Brown. From that point forward, young Basciano was hooked. In 7th grade, Alaina...


Career Advancement and Job Seeking

The first episode of the Women Offshore Podcast is hosted by the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno. Ally introduces Sheila LaFleur, the Principal at Job Propeller and a 2002 alumna of the California Maritime Academy, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Sheila holds a USCG Unlimited Masters License and has 7 years of shipping experience on board tankers, tugs, break bulk, and multi-product vessels. Since coming shore-side in 2009, Sheila spent her career...