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A new podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone.

A new podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone.
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A new podcast from The Irish Times. By women, for everyone.




Ep 226 'No Country For Women': 100 Years of Irish Women's Lives

A two part documentary charting the lives of Irish women over the last century begins on RTÉ One on Tuesday (19 June) at 9.35pm. 'No Country For Women' travels through time, seeking historical answers in the journeys of a number of Irish women today, women whose lives and those of their mothers and grandmothers collided with discriminatory legislation. With contributions from the likes of former president Mary Robinson, journalist Justine McCarthy and trade union activist Mags O’Brien, this...


Ep 225 Imogen Heap on music, technology & mentoring younger artists

Imogen Heap is an Grammy-winning songwriter and performer, who has worked with everyone from Taylor Swift to Jeff Beck. An early adopter of technology in her art, Heap has been involved in designing and producing musical gloves called MiMu. This week she was in Dublin to talk about her latest venture, the Creative Passport, at the fintech spin-off of the Tech Summit, MoneyConf. Heap came into studio while she was here and spoke to Róisín Ingle all about her innovations, her early life and...


Ep 224 Meg Wolitzer: 'It's weird that #MeToo happened when my book came out'

Meg Wolitzer is the New York Times–bestselling author of several acclaimed novels, including The Interestings, The Uncoupling and The Wife. One of her first books, This Is Your Life, was made into a film and became the directorial debut of the late great Nora Ephron. On today's episode, Wolitzer speaks to Jennifer Ryan about her 12th novel, The Female Persuasion, which explores inter-generational feminism, female sexuality and touches on timely themes around the MeToo movement. She also...


Ep 223 Fair Plé to the "Lovely Girls" of Trad & Folk Music

Waking the Feminists shone a light on the representation of women in Irish theatre. Now, women in Irish traditional and folk music are trying to address the gender imbalance across their sector through the Fair Plé initiative. It began with a meeting at the Cobblestone pub in Dublin and two of the women who were there that night – harpist Una Monaghan and singer Pauline Scanlon –speak to Róisín Ingle on today's podcast and perform the song My Dearest Dear. This Saturday Fair Plé events are...


Ep 222 Book Club: Lullaby, by Leila Slimani

The book being reviewed today, a tense, deftly written novel about an apparently perfect nanny’s transition into a monster, will take your breath away. It's called Lullaby and it's an English translation of a book by the French writer Leila Slimani. Our book clubbers Roisin Ingle, Bernice Harrison and Niamh Towey were totally freaked out by Lullaby and might not recommend it to parents of young children, but all agreed it was an absorbing read and one that stays with you long after you've...


Ep 221 'I won't let fear control me. If I don’t speak, who will speak?'

Kurdish journalist Nurcan Baysal has been called a terrorist by the Turkish state. Her house, with her two young children inside, has been stormed by Turkish police armed with Kalashnikovs seeking to jail for her Tweets and she faces up to three years in prison for the crime of humiliating Turkey's security forces, by reporting on human rights abuses against the Kurdish people. Recently Baysal visited Dublin to receive an award for her work from Front Line Defenders. She spoke to Kathy...


Ep 220 Simon Harris: ‘I’m going to get this right for Irish women and doctors’

Minister for Health Simon Harris speaks to Kathy Sheridan in this episode, telling her that legislating for abortion is his “number one priority” and he will “get it done this year”. Following a landslide win for the Yes side in Friday's referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment, Minister Harris is joined by Together for Yes campaigner Ailbhe Smyth and Róisín Ingle, who told her abortion story three years ago, to mark the occasion. Also, on the line to have a word with Minister Harris,...


Ep 219 #8thRef Eve: 'It was a preemptive strike against women’s liberation'

On #8thRef Eve, with little more to do than exercise our democratic right and cast our votes tomorrow, we invited three women into studio to reflect on the campaign with Kathy Sheridan. Straight from doing her rounds at the National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street in Dublin, Master of that hospital, Rhona Mahony, joined Professor Fiona de Londras, an Irish academic and the Professor of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham, to look back on what has felt like a very long...


Ep 218 #8thRef: The Facts

As Ireland prepares to go to the polls in a once in a generation referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution this Friday, Irish Times political reporter Sarah Bardon talks to Kathy Sheridan about what exactly we'll be voting on, what happens if the Eighth is repealed and she also debunks some of the campaign myths that have been circulating for the past few weeks.


Ep 217 Canvassing on the #8thRef & Brianna Parkins

For the past couple of weeks, and even months in some cases, canvassers have been working hard on either side of next week's referendum on the Eighth Amendment, going door to door in a bid to persuade the electorate of their side of the argument. We sent our co-producer Jennifer Ryan out with groups on either side to meet some of those people who have been giving up their evenings and weekends to do so. Later on, Roisin Ingle will be talking to former Sydney Rose Brianna Parkins who you...


Ep 216 'Ordinary Women' and the 8th Referendum

As a crisis pregnancy counsellor with One Family, Marguerite McCarthy has seen and heard it all when it comes to women and pregnancy. She speaks to Kathy Sheridan about her concerns that the debate around the referendum on the Eighth Amendment is focusing too much on what we call the 'hard cases' and the voices of those 'ordinary women' who make the decision to end their pregnancies are not being heard enough. Also on today's podcast, one of those so-called 'ordinary women', Louise White,...


Ep 215 ‘I’m not finished telling Ann Lovett’s story’

“He needed to be heard, after 34 years of silence,” says Irish Times journalist Rosita Boland, of her interview in last Saturday’s paper with Richard McDonnell, the former boyfriend of Ann Lovett. On today’s episode of the Women’s Podcast, Boland talks to Kathy Sheridan about the latest chapter in the story of the young woman who died in 1984 after giving birth at a grotto in Granard, Co Longford.


Ep 214 ‘We disagree on the referendum, but we’re still friends’

79-year-old friends, Ann Ingle and Mary Fleming, are on opposite sides when it comes to the referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which recognises the equal right to life of the mother and the unborn. Mary tells Kathy Sheridan she will be voting no on May 25th because she feels abortion is killing a baby. Ann, meanwhile, will be voting yes. In a robust conversation, the women, who are in a writers group together, explain how, even though they disagree strongly on the...


Ep 213 'A strong female leader is nothing to be afraid of'

Earlier this year, Ciairín de Bush was appointed CEO of Women for Election, the not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation helping to get more women into politics. The Kerry woman was previously the director of Start Strong, an advocacy organisation campaigning to improve early childhood care and education policies in Ireland. In this episode, she talks to Kathy Sheridan about her new role, the kind of training Women for Election offer, why it’s so important to keep working on female Dáil...


Ep 212 'I See You': Amy de Bhrún & Roxanna Nic Liam on Mary Heath

Irish actor Amy de Bhrún has been in Vikings, Coronation Street and the most recent Jason Bourne film. Next week she returns to the theatre with a female-led production that she has written herself. ‘I See You’ runs from May 11-26th at Theatre Upstairs in Dublin and it tells the tale of Limerick-born Lady Mary Heath, the first female commercial pilot and all-around trailblazer. Fellow Irish actor Roxanna Nic Liam plays the role of Modern Mary, to de Bhrún’s Mary Heath. In today's podcast,...


Ep 211 Jennifer Palmieri - Hillary Clinton Advisor

Well over a year since we were shocked to our cores by Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 US Election, we still can't quite stop talking about it or trying to make sense of it. It may be even harder when you're Jennifer Palmieri, former communications director for Clinton's presidential campaign. Before stepping into that role, Palmieri served as White House Communications Director for U.S. President Barack Obama and she also worked for President Bill Clinton. She has just published her...


Ep 210 Women's Aid & Lily Pebbles

Later in this episode, co-producer Jennifer Ryan talks to lifestyle blogger Lily Pebbles about her book about female friendships, The F Word. But first, Women’s Aid warned last week that Ireland’s overstretched legal system and insufficient resources for survivors of domestic abuse, are leaving women at risk of further harm even after they leave an abusive partner. Director of the charity Margaret Martin spoke to Róisín Ingle about their 2017 annual report and about the many issues raised...


Ep 209 Women who are 'New to the Parish'

Irish Times journalist Sorcha Pollak is the writer of the weekly New to the Parish series, which focuses on migration and immigrant communities in Ireland. Sorcha’s book based on the series has just been published and to celebrate its release we hosted a special live episode of the podcast at The Dean Hotel in Dublin. Our guests on the night were Sorcha and three women she has interviewed for the series: Syrian woman Maisa Al-Hariri, a student in business and economics at UCD who came to...


Ep 208 The 1983 Abortion Referendum: Letters to the Irish Times

In today's episode, we go time travelling back to the Ireland of 1983, to the unusually hot summer and autumn of that year, in the run up to the contentious abortion referendum. You will hear letters to the editor of the Irish Times during the campaign, and in its aftermath, from the referendum that resulted in the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.


Ep 207 'I made myself visible & declared that I wanted to be CEO'

We joined forces with the Dublin Dress for Success campaign to mark the end of another successful fundraising and clothing drive, recording an episode in front of a live audience in the salubrious surroundings of the headquarters of their sponsor Eir in Dublin 8. The conversation focused on women in the workplace and how things like the gender pay gap and returning from maternity leave can be improved to help level the playing field between the sexes. Our guests in this podcast: Carolan...