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Woman's Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news, with subjects ranging widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Presented by Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey.

Woman's Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news, with subjects ranging widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Presented by Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey.
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Woman's Hour brings you the big celebrity names and leading women in the news, with subjects ranging widely from politics to health, law, education, arts, parenting, relationships, work, fiction, food and fashion. Presented by Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey.




Weekend Woman's Hour: Lily Allen on highs and lows of fame, Pension and divorce, Cook the perfect flatbread

Mercury Prize nominee Lily Allen talks about the highs and lows of fame . Dementia UK have just produced an information leaflet on sex and intimacy for couples living with dementia to help people deal with the changes in their relationship. Why are health professionals reluctant to address issues around sex and intimacy and older people? We discuss the lengths some parents will go to to get their children into their preferred school. Could many divorced women be potentially losing out on...


M.I.A., Sex and dementia, Sarah Moss

When Sri Lankan Tamil-British rapper M.I.A. performed her hit Paper Planes at the Grammys three days before giving birth in 2009, she was hailed as the first truly global superstar. A few years later she was labelled a “terrorist” and sued for millions by the National Football League for showing her middle finger during a performance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl. Her journey from pop star to political activist has been a difficult one and it is documented in the film...


Lily Allen, Niki Segnit, Dr Claire Corps

Lily Allen has been making headlines since she blazed into the music industry when she was a teenager. She’s a talented singer songwriter with three Ivor Novello Awards to her name and has been nominated for this year’s Mercury Prize. But it hasn’t been easy; she’s battled addiction, lost a child and has been stalked. After the highs and lows of fame she’s now writing her own headlines with her controversial new memoir My Thoughts Exactly. Jenni talks to her about her life and career. Niki...


Parenting: Getting into the right school

What lengths will parents go to, to get their children into the 'right' school? Playwright, Alexis Zegerman and Dr Rebecca Montacute from the Sutton Trust discuss.


The Etta James Story: Vika Bull sings live

On Thursday a mother in Northern Ireland who bought abortion pills for her 15 year old daughter will appear before Belfast High Court. She is challenging a decision by the Public Prosecution Service in Northern Ireland to prosecute her. The mother – who’s remaining anonymous – faces two charges of unlawfully procuring and supplying abortion drugs. The legendary blues and soul singer Etta James, who died in 2012, is being celebrated in a show: ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’. Etta James is...


Women in TV drama, Lib Dem Party Conference, Women's Suffrage in New Zealand

The Liberal Democrat conference is underway. Deputy leader Jo Swinson joins us to discuss how plans to become a “movement for moderates” will attract women voters and help her party elect their first woman leader The current crop of TV dramas feature a plethora of strong female characters? Is this a golden age for women in TV and can it last? New Zealand is about to mark 125 years of women's suffrage. It was the first self-governing country in the world to extend this right to all women in...


'Twinning' with your children: Fun or Embarrassing?

Online blogger, Emi Ozmen frequently wears clothes that match her daughter, and her son; otherwise known as 'twinning'. Journalist, Claire Spreadbury, finds the practise embarrassing. They join Jane to discuss. Adele Parks writes international bestselling novels. Her first novel, Playing Away, was published in 2000 and since then has produced 17 more novels. Her books have been translated in twenty six languages. She talks about her stellar career, where she gets her ideas from and her...


Weekend Woman's Hour: Skaters, How funding cuts affect access to contraception, Novelist Kate Atkinson

A new film Skate Kitchen tells the story of an all girl New York skateboard collective. We hear from two of the skaters Nina Moran and Dede Lovelace and from the film's director Crystal Moselle. We discuss why women who want to use implants or the coil as a contraceptive are having trouble finding someone to fit them. Professor Helen Stokes-Lambard is the chair of the Royal College of GP's and Dr Katie Bramhall-Stainer discuss how cuts have affected the situation and Lisa Hardin tells us...


Skateboarders, Lise Davidsen, Affording a Family

Frances O’Grady, the General Secretary of the TUC, said this week that up to two million people have been put off having a family because of low pay, the high cost of living and squeezed public services. But is she right? And is the declining size of British families anything to worry about? Jenni speaks to Nicola Smith, the TUC’s Head of Equality and Strategy and Dawn Foster, a 31 year old newspaper columnist. A new film called Skate Kitchen tells the story of an introverted teenager,...


US midterms, Sally Kohn, Dr Hayaatun Sillem, Cuts to contraception

Record numbers of women are running for office in 2018 in the upcoming mid-term elections in November. in the US. What difference will that make if they win? Jenni Murray speaks to Kelly Dittmar, Assistant Research Professor from the Centre for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University in New Jersey The American author and political commentator, Sally Kohn, is in the UK to deliver this year's Forgiveness Project Lecture where she'll be talking about how we need to bridge the divide...


Parenting: A level alternatives

In England you are supposed to stay in education until you are aged 18 and 90% of 16-year-olds do so, according to the latest figures from the Department for Education, but what options are open to them? Jenni is joined by Catherine Sezen, a senior curriculum expert at the Association of Colleges and Professor Ann Hodgson Co-Director of the Centre for Post-14 Education and Work, at the Institute of Education, University College, London to discuss the very latest academic and vocational...


Wonderloopers, Harriet Harman, Periods, Violin, Apprenticeships

Harriet Harman has said that the next leader of the Labour Party has to be a woman and it was time that ambitious young men aspired to be her deputy. She talks about that and her priorities for improving the working lives of women MPs as 'Mother of the House'. Have you ever heard a bridge sing? The artist Di Mainstone has a thing about listening to bridges, she's done projects on Brooklyn Bridge and Clifton Suspension Bridge before. Now she's created fourteen 'Wonderloopers' which are unique...


Ruth Wilson in The Little Stranger

Ruth Wilson, best known for a BBC version of Jane Eyre, The Affair and Luther, stars in a new film, The Little Stranger, based on the novel by Sarah Waters. Set in a large dilapidated house in 1940s England, it's a story of repression, class envy and strange goings on -featuring an aristocratic family and a local doctor. 26-year-old Mac Miller died last Friday from an alleged overdose. The American rapper spoke openly about his ongoing addiction to drugs and alcohol. He had had a two year...


Kate Atkinson, Cricket Builds Hope, Deborah Harkness

Serena Williams is at the centre of a debate about sexism after the US Open Singles Final at the weekend. Sports writer Anna Kessell joins Jane. Kate Atkinson is the bestselling author of ten novels. She talks to Jane about her latest book Transcription about a young woman recruited during World War II into the world of espionage. Mary Maina, Rwandan cricketer, coach and programme manager at charity Cricket Build Hope, explains how the charity is using cricket as a tool for tackling gender...


Wendy and Colin Parry, Brexit and what women want, Child care costs in England

Women for a People's Vote: the women's campaign for a second EU referendum launches today. A new Yougov poll today suggests women now back staying in the EU by a margin of 12 points. So what do women want in the current Brexit debate and do they want a second referendum? Jane speaks to Caroline Criado Perez who voted Remain and is from the Women for The People's Vote Campaign and Madeline Grant who voted Leave and is Editorial Manager at the Institute for Economic Affairs. On March 20th 1993...


LGBT Rights, FA Women's Super League, Corduroy, Diversity in the Media

India's Supreme Court has ruled that gay sex is no longer a criminal offence but it is estimated that there are still over 70 countries and territories where same-sex relationships are still criminalised. This week two Malaysian women convicted of attempting to have lesbian sex were caned in a religious court. What does this mean for the LGBT community that are still denied being their equal rights and freedom around the world? Laura Carter, Researcher on sexual orientation and gender...


Migraines, 'Suffragettes in trousers', Aviva Dautch

Migraines affect afflict one in five women and half of all chronic migraines sufferers worry about losing their job. We hear about the impact they have on women's lives and the latest medical advances. "Suffragettes in trousers", we discuss the men who backed votes for women; Aviva Dautch reads her poetry, reflecting on love, loss and her late mother. And following the death of Rachael Bland, host of the podcast You, me and the Big C, we discuss how you can try to prepare your children for...


Parenting: Online safety

What are your teenagers doing up there in their bedrooms on their phones? How much are you up to date with the devices and content that your children are looking at? Jenni is joined by the Loose Women presenter and mother of two Kaye Adams and security expert Will Geddes who have written the book 'Parent Alert! How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online,' along with Nadia Sawalha, to discuss parents’ worst fears and the latest advice.


Pensions, Objectifying men, Medusa

According to a report, The Future of Retirement commissioned by HSBC more than half of working-age women in the UK fear that they won't be able to afford food and heating when they retire. It also says that women aren't as financially prepared as men for when they get older. So why do some women still find it hard to pay into a pension and what do we need to know in order to take control of our finances when we give up work? Jenni speaks to Michelle Cracknell Chief Executive at TPAS, the...



Gina Miller, an investment manager and philanthropist became a leading figure in the anti-Brexit movement after she successfully challenged the UK government's authority to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval. She joins Jane to talk about why she did what she did, her belief in how one person really can make a difference and the impact her actions have had on her. As the new school year starts and children return to school how do parents manage jobs, school and childcare? The...