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Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!

Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!
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New Brunswick, NJ


Keeping Israeli music on your dial! Love Israeli music? Israel Hour Radio is the official podcast of Israeli music lovers worldwide. Hear your favorite Israeli artists, your favorite Israeli songs, and your favorite Israeli memories - plus connect with others who share your passion for the music of Israel!








Episode #1030: A Perfect Israeli Music Mix

A perfect mix of old and requests and new releases...ballads and party all comes together on this week's edition of Israel Hour Radio! The details? Glad you asked. Brand new music by Elai Botner, Noa Kirel, Hatikva 6, Sarit Hadad, Shlomo Artzi, and more! Plus - Static and Ben-El's new international release, which just may be the song to jumpstart their career in the USA. Join us for a fantastic hour of Israeli entertainment! (Original air date: 1/19/20) Full playlist at...


Episode #1029: My Israeli Playlist - Rica Mendes

When you walk into Yaffa Beauty by Rica, Rica Mendes' beauty salon in Norwalk, Connecticut, you'll likely be greeted with a smile - and some really great Israeli music. Rica, a lifelong lover of all things Israeli, has been listening to music from the homeland since she was a kid, and her musical tastes run the gamut of all styles and genres. Her Jewish AND non-Jewish clients love the interesting music they hear in her salon, and this week, she's on Israel Hour Radio to present a list of...


Episode #1028: New Year, New Israeli Music

Our New Year's Resolution? To make you feel like you're Israeli, no matter where on earth you live! We do that by exposing you to the very latest in Israeli music, so that you can listen to the same songs they're hearing throughout the streets of the Holy Land. All of your favorite Israeli singers have released new songs lately, and we want to make sure you hear them! Don't speak Hebrew? No problem. Just close your eyes, listen to the words, imagine you're at a cafe in Tel Aviv, and soak...


Episode #1027: Celebrating 25 Years of Israel Hour Radio

On December 4, 1994 (the seventh day of Chanukah, 5755), Mairov Dubrovsky and Josh Shron hosted their first full episode of The Israel Hour. This week, exactly 25 years later, they're celebrating a quarter of a century of Israeli music obsession! Join them as they share Israeli songs that have been meaningful along their journey, and hear their tales of 'building a stronger Israel, one song at a time' ... for 25 years! Join in the celebration by leaving them a congratulatory voicemail at...


Episode #1026: Your Israeli Chanukah Soundtrack

Chanukah is here, and we're going to celebrate Israeli style! Enjoy 60 minutes of incredible Chanukah music, from old favorites that you've been singing for years to some brand new musical interpretations. Plus, as a special Chanukah present, you'll also hear a great new duet from Mosh Ben Ari and Ninet Tayeb...the last song ever recorded by Yigal uplifting collaboration from Netta Barzilai, Omer Adam, Moshe Peretz, Rotem Cohen and others...and, yes, 'A Gucci Chanukah'....


Episode #1025: A Year Without Yigal Bashan

It's been a year since the untimely passing of Israeli music legend Yigal Bashan. Yigal was responsible for much of the Israeli soundtrack from the 60s through the 2010s, and his death sent shockwaves throughout Israeli society. To mark the first anniversary of his passing, several well-known Israeli artists have lovingly, respectfully, and creatively covered many of his most popular songs in a new tribute album, "Im Hayiti Shar Lach" (If I Would Sing To You). It's not too often that we...


Episode #1024: My Israeli Playlist - Tammy Resnikoff

Meet Tammy Resnikoff - fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, and Israeli dance enthusiast. She also organizes popular Israeli/Jewish music Zumba classes (email tammyresnikoff [at] gmail [dot] com for details), and she's a lot of fun! She's obviously a huge fan of Israeli music, and of Israel Hour Radio. So it's only natural that she'd make her way to our studio to play an hour of her all-time favorite Israeli songs, inspired by her love of Israeli dancing! Whether or not you're a dancer,...


Episode #1023: A Journey To Israel

Come with us on a musical journey to Israel! This week, we're playing songs about travel to - and through - the land of Israel...kind of like taking a tour of the country, without having to board a plane or pack a bag! It's all in honor of our upcoming musical tour in Israel, August 4-14, 2020. We'll also chat with Geoff Winston of Keshet Educational Journeys in Israel, who will share all of the details about our exciting itinerary! Want more info? Learn more and register now at...


Episode #1022: The Latest and Greatest

Every so often, we consider it our responsibility to make sure you're very much on top of the music that's popular RIGHT NOW in Israel. You know, the music blaring in taxis, cafes, restaurants, and throughout the streets of the Holy Land. This week, we bring you up to date with the best and most popular Israeli songs of November 2019, featuring brand new music by Ishay Ribo and Nathan Goshen, Eden Ben Zaken, Idan Raichel, Noa Kirel, a cool cover by Assaf Amdursky, and more. Plus: Israel...


Episode #1021: A Boost of Positivity

With warning sirens blaring in and around Tel Aviv this week, and deadly rockets reaching central Israel, we want to let our brothers and sisters in Israel know that we love and support them. So we're starting off this week's show with some positive, upbeat Israeli music...because for us, that's the best way we can show our love. But we're also playing a bunch of (great!) brand new songs by your favorite artists, like Miri Messika, Omer Adam, A-WA, and many more. All in all, a fantastic...


Episode #1020: My Israeli Playlist - Shirley Cohen

Anyone who's spent any time on our Facebook page would undoubtedly recognize the name Shirley Rabin Cohen. She's a regular contributor, and never misses an episode of Israel Hour Radio. Clearly she's also someone who LOVES Israeli music. This week, Shirley Cohen not only shares some cool alternate versions of her favorite songs, but also tells the stories behind them. She'll also tell us about the time she (kinda) shared a stage with her musical idol, David Broza. Join us for a deep dive...


Episode #1019: Our Listeners Pick Better Songs Than We Do

One thing has become perfectly clear over the past two weeks: our listeners pick much better songs than we do. A second week of listener requests includes a perfect mix of songs by Keren Peles, Eden Ben Zaken, Shlomo Artzi, Hatikvah 6, and more! Plus, a preview of this week's Keren Peles concerts in the USA, a controversey surrounding Shlomo Artzi, brand new music by Idan Raichel, and a whole lot of fun! (Original air date: November 3, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1018: All-Request Israeli Music

We recently asked our listeners on Facebook for song requests...and boy, did we get them! We're going 'all-request' this week, with Israeli songs selected by our wonderful Israeli music community. You'll hear an all-star lineup of singers and songs, featuring Ninet Tayeb, Ofra Haza, Shlomi Shabbat, Keren Peles, Rotem Cohen, Rita, Sarit Hadad, and many more! (Original air date: October 27, 2019) Full playlist at


Episode #1017: Israeli Songs of Joy

Originally recorded on Sukkot, this week's supersized show reflects the holiday's nickname of 'Zman Simchateinu' - the time of our joy! We're playing songs of simcha (joy), with a few special Sukkot songs thrown in for good measure. We're also playing a number of brand new Israeli songs that have come out over the past few weeks, featuring Shiri Maimon, Omer Adam, Ishay Ribo, Noa Kirel, and a collaboration between 21 of Israel's top recording artists! (Original air date: October 20, 2019)...


Episode #1016: My Israeli Playlist - Barbara Pollak

Welcome to the second edition of 'My Israeli Playlist', our new monthly feature where our listeners pick the songs you hear on the show! This time, we're spending an hour with Barbara Pollak of East Brunswick, NJ, lifelong lover of Israel and its culture. Barbara joined us in our WRSU studio to play her favorite Israeli songs of all time, from oldies to contemporary hits. She's got great taste in music! Want to guest-host your own edition of My Israeli Playlist? Email us at...


Episode #1015: The Top 20 Songs of the Decade, 5770-5779

Last week, we counted down the songs of the year...this week, we're counting down the Israeli songs of the DECADE! Kan Gimmel radio recently surveyed its listeners, and asked then to vote for their favorite Hebrew songs of the past ten years 2010-2019. Today we'll feature their top 20. Not the most diverse list in our opinion, but an enjoyable listen nonetheless. Did any of your favorite songs make their list? Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our VIP Interest list for our summer 2020...


Episode #1014: The Top 14 Songs of 5779

Shana Tova! Our final show of 5779 looks back at the best Israeli music of 5779! We're counting down the top 14 songs of the year as voted by Galgalatz radio listeners in Israel. Did your favorite song make the list? We also have a VERY special announcement in honor of our 25th anniversary at WRSU Radio. We're not going to give away the secret here, but you just may find a hint on this web page: (Original air date: September 29, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1013: Happy New Year! Rosh Hashana Music and More

It's a sentimental time of year...a time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year that will be. And so, the penultimate show of 5779 is the perfect time to play those happy, sappy songs that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You'll hear some favorites for Rosh Hashana, prayers and wishes for the year ahead, an amazing retrospective of Israeli music in 5779, some great listener requests, and much more! (Original air date: September 22, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1012: Israeli Songs of the Decade

The latest hit Israeli songs. A fun mix of Israeli music. And the top songs of the decade...all packed into one hour? You'll find it all on this week's Israel Hour Radio, featuring the three most-played Israeli songs on Israeli radio over the past decade! Plus, enjoy a slew of incredible new releases by Ivri Lider, Ishay Ribo, the Shalva Band, Kobi Marimi, and many more! You'll feel just like you're sitting in a cafe in Tel Aviv! (Original air date: September 15, 2019) Full playlist at...


Episode #1011: Introducing 'My Israeli Playlist'

We're excited to introduce a new monthly feature: 'My Israeli Playlist' - in which our incredible listeners co-host the show and tell about their favorite Israeli songs of all time! We kick things off this week with listener Erika Marcus of Plainview, NY, who has very fond memories of singing and dancing to Israeli music in Young Judea's Camp Tel Yehudah in the 80s and 90s. Erika can't wait to share her Israeli musical memories with you! Want to co-host your own episode of 'My Israeli...