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Love Israeli music? The Israel Hour plays all of your favorites each week. Listen to "The Israel Hour" online, anytime! Look for our Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store.

Love Israeli music? The Israel Hour plays all of your favorites each week. Listen to "The Israel Hour" online, anytime! Look for our Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store.
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Love Israeli music? The Israel Hour plays all of your favorites each week. Listen to "The Israel Hour" online, anytime! Look for our Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store.






The Israel Hour: August 12, 2018

What's better than listening to Israeli music on the radio? Listening to Israeli music ABOUT radio on the radio, of course! This week, it's our Chagigat Shirei Radio, featuring Josh's two favorite things: Israeli music and radio. Enjoy an hour of great songs all about radio, plus some priceless soundbites from the archives of Kol Yisrael - chronicling the history of the land of Israel as it unfolded on the air. You'll also hear Josh's very first moment on WRSU, back in 1994.


The Israel Hour: August 5, 2018

Welcome to August Chagigot 2018! Each week in August, we devote the show to a particular topic in Israeli music, and play a collection of songs related to the topic. This year, we begin with a slightly PG-13 topic, playing songs about wine, beer, drinking, bars, and getting drunk! It's our Chagigat Shirei Yayin V'bira. L'chaim!


The Israel Hour: July 29, 2018

In honor of Tu B'av, the Israeli festival of love, we proudly present a steamy collection of your favorite Israeli love songs ... the cheesier, the better! Featuring music by Eyal Golan, Rami Kleinstein, Idan Raichel, Moshe Peretz, David Broza and many others. Tune in and listen with someone you love.


The Israel Hour: July 22, 2018

Originally broadcast on the morning of Tisha B'av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, Israel Hour Radio presents a fantastic collection of songs celebrating the capital city of Jerusalem - a city very much in our thoughts on this special day. You'll also hear the fascinating story behind 'Yerushalayim Shel Zahav' - probably the most beloved song about Jerusalem ever written - courtesy of our friends at the 'Israel Story' podcast.


The Israel Hour: July 15, 2018

Who doesn't love summer? Apparently Israeli singers do, judging by the large number of Israeli summer songs out there. This week, we present the ultimate summer soundtrack...a collection of incredible Israeli songs celebrating 'kayitz' in Israel! It's the perfect episode to take along to your next trip to the beach.


The Israel Hour: July 8, 2018

Catching you up on the latest and greatest in Israeli music, including new tunes from Moshe Peretz, Eyal Golan, Shiri Maimon, Static and Ben-El Tavori, Sarit Hadad and many more! Plus - news on Amazon in Israel, Koolulam in Jerusalem, August Chagigot in New Jersey, and Netta Barzilay's 'Toy' in legal trouble. An action-packed episode...don't miss it!


The Israel Hour: July 2, 2018

Josh is back from Israel...and what a musical trip it was! This week, hear the 'Israeli music soundtrack' for his trip - including brand new songs by Rita, Omer Adam, Idan Raichel, Eden Ben-Zaken, Ivri Lider, Shlomo Artzi and many more! Plus - hear about Josh's enjoyable visit with Hadar Marks of Galgalatz radio.


The Israel Hour: June 10, 2018

Presenting Part 4 of '70 Years, 70 Songs', the conclusion of our review of the history of Israeli music. This time we cover songs released from 1994 to 2018 - all at a very rapid pace. Did your favorite songs make our list? Spend an enjoyable hour re-living the past 25 years in Israeli music, courtesy of your friends at Israel Hour Radio.


The Israel Hour: May 27, 2018

As we continue our retrospective of the history of Israeli music, we're proud to bring you part 3 of our '70 Years, 70 Songs' series. This week, we feature songs from 1975 through 1993...and there are some great ones! Enjoy this walk down memory lane in honor of Israel's 70th birthday.


The Israel Hour: May 13, 2018

NETTA! NETTA! NETTA! We did it! Israel is the winner of Eurovision 2018 - bringing the popular singing contest to Jerusalem in 2019! This week, we celebrate this huge milestone together. Plus - it's week #2 of '70 Years, 70 Songs', with one song per year, taking us from 1961 - 1974. Sing along and smile!


The Israel Hour: May 6, 2018

Welcome to week #1 of Israel Hour Radio's exclusive presentation of '50 Years, 50 Songs'! All throughout the month of May, we're continuing Israel's 70th birthday celebration by presenting a special song from each of Israel's 70 years of existence. This week: we take you from 1948 - 1960, with some great 'golden oldies' along the way. How many of these songs do you remember?


The Israel Hour: April 22, 2018

It's week #2 of our mega musical celebration of Yom Ha'atzmaut 5778! Have you seen the many new viral musical performances floating around the internet this year? If not, we've got you covered...and if so, you'll love hearing them again! Plus - your favorite patriotic Israeli music from throughout the ages, as well as YOUR Yom Ha'atzmaut greetings!


The Israel Hour: April 15, 2018

Welcome to Yom Ha'atzmaut 5778 on Israel Hour Radio! We kick off Israel's biggest birthday party ever with the first of TWO weeks of shows to mark the big day. Enjoy an incredible soundtrack of songs for Yom Ha'atzmaut - including songs from yesteryear as well as songs released just this past week. Happy birthday, Israel!


The Israel Hour: April 8, 2018

As we get closer to Israel's 70th birthday, let's begin the celebration by listening to the very best Israeli music of the 1970s! The decade of disco, bell-bottoms and Watergate also brought some of the greatest Israeli music of all time. You'll have a ball singing and dancing along to these classics, guaranteed to make you smile. Did your favorite song make our playlist?


The Israel Hour: March 25, 2018

Got Passover on the brain? Yeah, we thought so. We'll get you through the holiday with your favorite unleavened Israeli tunes for Pesach. Plus, as a special holiday gift, enjoy brand new music by Shlomo Artzi, Chanan Ben Ari, a slightly controversial cover by Sarit Hadad, and a special new duet in honor of Israel's 70th!


The Israel Hour: March 18, 2018

It's here! Our official Eurovision song has been reveled, and one thing's for's odd. Listen and judge for yourself. Also, Spotify comes to Israel, Static and Ben-El come to Capitol Records, and Israel's 70th birthday 'hora' comes to us courtesy of Yardena Arazi and Lior Narkis. Plus - how much will Israeli artists earn for a concert on Yom Ha'atzmaut? The answers may surprise you! And...a ton of amazing music, of course. Tune in!


The Israel Hour: March 11, 2018

In honor of International Women's Day, Israel Hour Radio is featuring female Israeli artists this week! All of your favorites are here, including Rita, Sarit Hadad, Miri Messika, Aya Korem, Shiri Maimon, Zehava Ben, Yehudit Ravitz and many more!


The Israel Hour: February 25, 2018

An action-packed show this week! We remember Ofra Haza, 18 years since her passing, reveal the artist that will represent Israel in Eurovision 2018, debut new songs by Rami Kleinstein, Idan Raichel and others, get you in the holiday spirit with great Purim music, tell you about Eden Ben-Zaken's latest 'scandal', and much more! Guaranteed to make you smile!


The Israel Hour: February 18, 2018

Three things to know about this week's show: 1. It (obviously) features incredible Israeli music; 2. It includes instructions on how to reach us on our new WhatsApp number; 3. It's more than an hour long, a welcome change with all of the recent sports pre-emptions we've seen lately. Ready? Set? Download!


The Israel Hour: February 11, 2018

Great news...concert announcements...listener requests...all packed into 40 short minutes! This week: Shiri Maimon, Omer Adam, Static + Ben-El Tavori, Ninet Tayeb, Rami Kleinstein and many more!