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Looking for a new sort of talk radio? Radio designed for people who don't need to be told how to think. Balls Radio gives you a chance to hear and discuss what's going on, with humour and intelligence.

Looking for a new sort of talk radio? Radio designed for people who don't need to be told how to think. Balls Radio gives you a chance to hear and discuss what's going on, with humour and intelligence.
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Looking for a new sort of talk radio? Radio designed for people who don't need to be told how to think. Balls Radio gives you a chance to hear and discuss what's going on, with humour and intelligence.




Should we nationalise railways or wait for Hyperloop?

Jeremy Corbyn wants to renationalise the railways, along with gas, water and electricity. Not a bad idea, says Phil Dobbie in the latest Balls Radio podcast. With the help of a Thomas the Tank engine extract he explains why privatisation was a bad idea, and looks at one rail network that was never sold off – the London Underground. It is subsidised, but not by as much as you might expect. Plus, why you shouldn’t spend too long sitting on the toilet.


Men are animals; and a part time Brexit

Balls Radio tackles the two big topics of the last week – The Presidents Club and the imminent collapse of the May government over Brexit disagreements. On the Presidents Club, Phil Dobbie suggests men are animals and we have to get used to it. No excuse, he suggests, it’s just how men are. On Brexit, he asks why we haven’t considered the ultimate compromise, a part time Brexit. Perhaps we just leave at weekends.


A podcast for nobody

22 Jan 2018 - Balls Radio is back with a bright new look for 2018. I’ve cast aside any elements of professionalism or format, and replaced it with 15 minutes of rambling monologue, vaguely related to the news of the week. Bear in mind, it’s more for my satisfaction than yours – things I want to get off my chest, and it’s best to do it when nobody is listening.


Europe doesn’t need us. They’ll stick us with a Hard Brexit.

There’s a spurious argument – spread by Farage, Lawson and the like - that Europe needs us more than we need them. They don’t. We’re a fraction of their export market and most of what we sell is substitutable by products made on the continent. Then there’s the strange notion that the UK will do better at securing free trade deals than the EU, even though their economy is almost five times the size. Make no mistake, Britain will hurt and at some point the majority of people and politicians...


Has Trump unleashed the xenophobe genie?

In today’s Balls Radio Phil Dobbie asks whether President Trump is simply capitalising on a tide of xenophobia that was already entrenched in parts of the US psyche. For example, a Washington Post poll this week showed that 9 percent of the country thought it was acceptable to harbor white supremacy and neo Nazi views. He asks Richard Kazimer, Balls’ man in the US, whether the President has simply unleashed a genie that had been trapped for some time.


Fighting the war with a river of pigs blood

The West’s answer to Islamic terrorism is to ignore the root cause and put a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. Firing bullets dipped in pigs blood and making it more difficult to hire vans are just the latest examples. Phil Dobbie explores just how ludicrous these ideas are – and most other short-term fixes against the violence from ISIS and Al Qaeda.


Britain, United In our Confusion

Our approach to Brexit is showing the world what it means to be British – as one great nation of disorganised, divided people marching haphazardly towards an undefined destination, with no game plan and only an inefficient, crumbling bureaucracy to guide us.


Australians with a stamp get to vote on gay marriage

It seems Aussies will soon be able to vote on whether people of the same gender can get married. The problem is lots of religious types are opposed to the idea. As Phil Dobbie discusses, the problem is those people have been reading books that promote the obliteration of homosexuality through fire and fury like the world has never seen. At least since Sodom and Gomorrah.


The EU has nothing to do with our housing shortage

Many people seem to think that they are getting priced out of the housing market because there are too many foreigners from the EU. Phil Dobbie suggests they’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Don’t blame the Europeans, blame the banks, the Oligarchs and local councils.


How to Fix Broxit

Balls Radio is back, with a new home, somewhere in the Surrey countryside. Shorter episodes, more often, but with the same quirkiness and lack of attention to detail. In this one-off before Christmas (we’re back good and proper I the New Year) we provide an answer to the Brexit problem – and we can look to Australia and New Zealand for our inspiration.


So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

The last edition of Balls Radio from Australia. The last chance to dissect the week's news - and find out what's coming next. RUNNING ORDER O0:00 Introduction 01:56 The last episode – where next? 06:50 Hooligans – almost certainly Brexiteers 14:49 The Queen – a monarch republicans seem to love 21:33 The dark side of British imperialism 27:13 China bans interracial marriage … not 31:10 Trump capitalises on America’s worst shooting 35:07 Clinton and Warren: Two women to run America 41:15 Is...


Towards Political Armageddon

A Britain isolated. A US ridiculed. An Australia divided. Politics is taking the world to a very ugly place. Still, lots for Balls Radio to make fun of. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:57 Lies about UK’s exponential migration 10:11 That £350million figure and other lies 22:14 Ross Gittins on the money on government spending 26:00 Trump’s big win – towards the apocalypse 36:59 Obama could be sued under US toilet fixation 40:34 Australian election rebate – more painful than constipation...


Lose an election, lose your house, lose your leg

As Trump prepares to lose an election, Aussies should get ready to lose their house, as a Kiwi migrant loses a leg. That and more on this week's Balls Radio. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 02:00 The economy's new normal 08:23 EU referendum is turning nasty 13:43 Labour's racist deja-vu 16:02 Trump's imaginery invite 18:03 The Sun's minor apology 20:52 Why Spotify won't reign supreme 23:43 US elections high on negativity 34:07 Peter Dutton anti-immigration minister 36:52 NZ's Rugby 7s...


Eruptions, Eurovision, Trump and Other Disasters

The migrant who won second place at Eurovision and the latest from the man who (hopefully) will come second in the US elections. And so much more! RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:28 Devine & the heartless right wing commentators 10:04 Trump’s debt write off 18:45 Trump’s control of the press 23:05 Cameron and the Queen – talking out of turn 32:17 New rules on taking kids out of school 37:50 The world is getting hotter – let’s do something about it 39:55 Dami Im - making Australia proud...


Democracy - everyone's at it!

Britain's just done it, Australia's about to do it and the US spends their lifetime devoted to it. Democracy. But does it work? RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:56 Australian elections – we want both of them or neither 10:29 The UK elections wrap up 25:15 Transitioning to a knitting economy 29:35 Feedback on creationism 32:08 Trump’s one horse race 44:02 Did Prince die of a drug overdose – who knows 49:31 The Lu Klux Klan and Suicide 54:38 What’s the Big Idea – Moving home 1:07:27...


Submarines, Landlords, Hillsborough, Trump & Jews

What’s the definition of antisemitism, Murdoch’s war on Merseyside, the continued rise of Trump and Turnbull’s strange theory on real estate values – plus loads more. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 02:47 Some facts on negative gearing 09:37 Was Livingstone really anti-semitic? 19:28 Hillsborough - Murdoch versus Liverpool 28:26 The return of Noah's Ark - this July 33:54 Could Trump really be President? 45:49 New Zealand tourism - lost ramblers & desparate housewives 50:56 French PM returns...


Queens, Princes and ANZACs

Prince is dead. So is Shakespeare (yes), Percy Sledge, Victoria Wood and several thousand ANZACs. But the Queen lives on. Balls Radio examines who is next to go. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:40 Lest we forget Prince 05:27 Obama backs Brexit 11:31 Brexit - lies, damn lies and embezzling 17:40 Balls listeners are everywhere 19:08 ANZACs, not as big over there 27:28 Aussie drivers hate Aussie drivers 30:54 New Yorkers vote for Trump, out of lethargy 36:50 Can the US charge the Saudis...


Tax, pasta, genetics and the fall of Bronwyn

UK politicians race to reveal their tax returns, New Zealanders race to the Pastafarian altar, whilst an Aussie newspaper columnist puts education down to genetics and Bronwyn Bishop flies off into the sunset. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:32 Cameron and the Inheritance Tax 07:00 Bronwyn Bishop for Q 11:35 US Primaries – an update 22:19 The growing gender gap 26:57 McDonalds – higher wages happier staff 31:18 Cash can’t beat genetics – no excuse 38:28 The race to reveal tax returns...


Wages, Steel, Trump, Mosques, Invasion and Cuba

The keywords are in the title in this week’s Balls Radio. That should make us more searchable and boost our audiences, possibly by tens of people. 00:00 Introduction 02:03 My sore scrotums 03:40 Pricing tips for beginners 09:17 Radio jingles for the anoraks 12:12 Richard Kazimer’s scrotums 16:10 Trump will never win 26:43 New Zealand Banks harbouring bad money 31:51 Steven Keen on the UK’s new minimum wage 53:02 St Ives plans to keep house prices in check 56:21 Schools out forever - more on...


The Unkindest Cuts of All

A week after George Osbourne’s unfair budget, Balls Radio’s Phil Dobbie will undergo cuts of a different kind. Balls Radio will never be the same again. RUNNING ORDER 00:00 Introduction 01:38 Getting ready for the snip 09:44 Osborne’s Cruel Budget 24:55 UK set to rid local authorities of schools 46:13 What’s the Big Idea – saving water, sickies and surveillance 56:30 The New Zealand cat burglar 59:08 A universal basic income for New Zealand 1:01:44 Wicked campers causing offence 1:05:34...