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It is an interview and discussion show that focuses on issues, particularly those just under the “radar screen” of the major news media, that are expected to profoundly impact our daily way of life in the near or distant future.

It is an interview and discussion show that focuses on issues, particularly those just under the “radar screen” of the major news media, that are expected to profoundly impact our daily way of life in the near or distant future.
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World News


It is an interview and discussion show that focuses on issues, particularly those just under the “radar screen” of the major news media, that are expected to profoundly impact our daily way of life in the near or distant future.




FQ 300 2-10-2012 300th Episode Future Quake Finale Extravaganza (www.futurequake.com)

300th Episode Future Quake Finale Extravaganza


FQ 299 2-3-2012 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Israeli City Braces for Thousands of Protestors Against Exclusion of Women, NAR Founder C. Peter Wagner Honored by Delaware Legislature, The Capitol Architect Who Wanted to Reanimate Washington's Dead Body, Gen. Boykin Claims North Carolina Terror Ring Plotted to Capture,Torture Him, Technocrats Believe Pregnancy is Unethical, Propose Bio-Hatcheries, Soldiers Reduced in Defense Budget, Big Increase in Drones, UK Paratroopers Being Trained for Domestic Riot Control


FQ 298 1-27-2012 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Psychopaths Common in Organizational Leadership, Ex-Israeli Intelligence Officer: "Pearl Harbor"-Style Attack Will Be Pretext for War on Iran, Rick Santorum - "Eradicate" Muslims, Friend: Deceased Senator Wellstone Knew 9-11 Was Staged, Rise of the State of Judea, C. Peter Wagner and Apostles' "Operation Queen's Palace" Against "Queen of Heaven" on Mount Everest, Mass Graves in Chicago, Liberian Leader Charles Taylor a CIA Asset, Vaccines Now Mandatory, Romney, Bain Capital and Death...


FQ 287 11-11-2011 Joel Veldt, President, "Twelve Baskets" Missionary Support Ministry

An Example Of God's Unique Work in Unconventional Missions


FQ 284 10-21-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Used Car Salesman as Iran Proxy Doesn't Add Up, NY Times Sues Federal Govt. To Reveal Secret Enforcement of Patriot Act, Wallnau: Don't Say Dominionism" - At Least Not In Front of the Media, Preachers Gone Wild: Criminals in the Pulpit, Assassination Plot Was Pushed by DEA Informant, Kurt Haskell Says He will Sue Feds in Underwear Bomber Case, The Science of Propaganda, Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions, Military Responsible for Cattle Mutilations, Pentagon Can't Balance Its Books


FQ 283 10-14-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Donna Garner Conservative Blog - Accuses Ron Paul Supporters of Stuffing Ballot Box, NATO Preps for New War, Al-Qaida Calls on Ahmadinejad To End 9-11 Conspiracy Theories, Shaking Up Earthquake Science (Local Ionosphere Warming Noted by NASA), The Amazing Story of Michael Brassington, Computer Viruses Now in Drones, Eighteen Examples of How Christians Are Specifically Being Targeted by Big Brother


FQ 282 10-07-2011 Tomorrow's Tremors - Recorded 1/2011 (www.futurequake.com)

Tomorrow's Tremors (recorded 1/2011)


FQ 280 9-23-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors, With Guest Commentator: Co-host Emeritus "Emmitt" (www.futurequake.com)

Todd Palin Will File From Divorce, Tell Sarah White House Dream Is Over, Singer Tony Bennett Says We Caused 911 Attacks, Joni Eareckson Tada Dismayed by Robertson's Alzheimer's Remarks, Israel Announces "Jewish News 1" Broadcast Alternative to Al-Jazeera, Holy Land Clerics Bless Palestinian UN Bid, Lloyds of London Sues Saudi Arabia for 911 Attacks, Drone Bases Around The World, Drone Wars of The Future, U.S. Government Keeps Public Cell Phone Tracking Device Secret, A Christian House...


FQ 278 9-9-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Pew Poll - Muslim Americans Show No Growing Support For Extremism, Did the Use of Psychedelics Lead To A Computer Revolution?, New "Islamic Anti-Christ" Novel Series On The Way, Report: 42 Million Dollars from Seven Foundations Helped Fuel Rise of Islamophobia, Report: 33 Million in Charity Payments Went to CEO Jay Sekulow, Family, Court Convicts Galliano in Anti-Semitism Case, One in Seven Believe American Government Staged the 9/11 Attacks in Conspiracy, California Employment at Record...


FQ 276 8-26-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Libyan Draft Constitution - Sharia is 'Principle Source' of Laws, BBC Admits Role in 1953 Iranian Coup, Temple Institute Reveals First Blueprints for Portion of the Third Temple, Republican Voters Are Losing Their Appetite For War, Britain's Islamic Emirates Project, Goldman Sachs Official Changes Name, Becomes Cong. Issa's Staffer, Qaddafi's Son Found Wandering Around Tripoli, The Monied Elite and Corporations Now Proven to Control World, Shadowhawk Helicopter to Tase and Blast Civilians...


FQ 275 8-19-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Almost All AIPAC Lobby Funds From Two "Mega Donors", Author Alan Moore Talks About Future of Religion, Science, Paypal Billionaire Building Independent Floating Cities, "Facts" of Modern Warfare, State of World Debunked, Terror Watch List - No Recourse for Mistaken Victims, Russian Youth Camp - Putin Cult, Trillions More Lost by Pentagon

FQ 274 8-12-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

A Secret War in 120 Countries - The Pentagon's New Power Elite, Explosive Jackie O Tapes Reveal Her Suspicion of LBJ in JFK Death, US Muslims More Tolerant, Opposed to Violence Than Other Faiths, Rawsome (organic food co-op in Cal) Indicted, Raided Again, US Defense Merchants Financing Both Sides of Somali War, Cheese Slave Website (organic creamsicle and other recipes), Future Quake South Africa Show Website

FQ 273 08-05-2011 Ben Carmack, Editor, The "Ben Carmack" Blog (www.bencarma

The Faith and Destiny of the New Generation in America

FQ 272 7-15-2011 Joe Bob Briggs (aka John Bloom), Author, Television Host,

The Need for "Village Idiots" and Free Thinkers in the Church

FQ 271 7-22-2011 - Tomorrow's Tremors (www.futurequake.com)

Baptist Leader Land Chides Cain on Mosque Ban Remarks, There's No Point Saving The World if We Don't Cherish What Makes The World Worth Saving, Evangelical Pastor in Iran May Face Death If He Doesn't Recant, Osiris' Body Possibly Found in Giza, USDA Doing Widespread Deregulation of GMO Food, Citizen Stands Up To Vegetable Garden Ban, Gould Ordinance

Show 270 7-15-2011 Future Quake - Josh Kelley, Calvary Chapel at Rivergate,

Observations From Face-to-Face Ministry to Local Immigrants, Refugees and the Homeless

Show 269 7-8-2011 Future Quake with Guest Panelist Emmitt - Tomorrow's Trem

Tomorrow's Tremors with Guest Panelist Emmitt - Why We Should Believe in American Exceptionalism, 20 Not So Good Categories the US Leads In, Pledge of Allegiance (Wikipedia), Bellamy Salute for Pledge (Wikipedia), Libertarian Party of Florida Calls for TSA Agents Arrests, Did The Treasury Dept. Strategically Default?, Japan's Rice and Radiation Contamination, Cars for Sterilization!