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The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends

The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends


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The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends






Man charged with attempted murder of Rushdie

Hadi Matar pleaded not guilty during an appearance in court in New York state. Also; a warning from Ukraine's President Zelensky over the nuclear plant occupied by Russia's invading forces, and, a British family's fight to get their schizophrenic son returned from Jamaica having been deported by the government who say he is a convicted criminal.


Trump house search warrant was for espionage

The warrant was unsealed after the former US president made no objection to the move. Also; the British novelist, Salman Rushdie, has been stabbed at a speaking event in New York State, and after a four year break, Belgium's Flower carpet is set for a stunning return.


Zaporizhzhia nuclear workers 'kept at gunpoint'

Ukrainian workers tell of daily threat of kidnap in Russian-occupied nuclear plant. Also: the Taliban in Afghanistan say university courses will be developed in accordance with Islamic law; and Johnson and Johnson is to stop selling its baby talcum powder.


US Attorney General personally ordered Mar-a-Lago search

The US Attorney General personally ordered the search of Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago. Also; a key agency warns that more than a million people in Somalia have been displaced by drought, and, why the world's number one snooker player thinks the next big star could come from Asia.


Ukraine: Extensive damage to Russian airbase following explosion

Eight warplanes damaged or destroyed in occupied Crimea. Also, European countries send help to France to tackle enormous wildfire and Brazilian police arrest a woman accused of using psychics to swindle her mother.


Trump pleads the 5th in tax fraud case

The former US President declines answering questions as part of a New York investigation. Also: A nationwide curfew is imposed in Sierra Leone following deadly clashes between police and protesters, and, from the brink of extinction -- why the only giant flightless parrot in the world is making a comeback in New Zealand.


Ukraine's president vows to fight until Crimea is regained

Volodymyr Zelensky says the peninsula will never be given up. Also: The BBC uncovers organized torture in Russia's prison system, and the illustrator Raymond Briggs has died at the age of 88.


Mississippi jury declines to charge Emmett Till accuser

Carolyn Bryant Donham had faced potential charges of kidnapping and manslaughter of the black teenager in 1955. Also: blasts rock Russian airbase in annexed Crimea, and Serena Williams suggests retirement from tennis after US Open.


Donald Trump says FBI agents have broken into a safe during a raid on his Florida home

He described the raid as an attempt by opponents to prevent him running for president again. Also: The UN accuses the army in Myanmar of committing crimes against humanity following last year's coup, and the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake dies, aged 84.


US announces $1bn of military aid for Ukraine

The US package to Ukraine will include rockets, ammunition and more precision missiles. Also: Fire at Cuba oil facility spreads; the actress and singer Olivia Newton-John dies aged 73.


Gaza's only power plant re-starts generating electricity

Much needed aid and fuel begin arriving after a ceasefire ends three days of conflict. Also: a report says Russia is struggling to replenish its stocks of weapons because they contain high-tech components only made in the West, and retiring at the age of 103 - the British actress bowing out from the world's longest running soap opera.


US Senate passes landmark climate and healthcare bill

The legislation includes billions of dollars to fight climate change. Also: Hopes as Gaza ceasefire comes into effect, and Carlo Bonomi - the voice of Pingu the penguin dies at the age of 85.


'Russian rockets damaged part of nuclear plant at Zaporizhzhia'

Ukraine says Russian rockets hit part of the giant nuclear plant but Russia blames Ukraine for it. Also: Gaza death toll rises as Israel targets militants, and The Seekers lead singer Judith Durham dies aged 79.


Israel strikes Gaza killing top militant

Palestinian militants from Islamic Jihad fire dozens of rockets into Israel in response. Also; Russia and Ukraine say shells have hit the site of Europe's biggest nuclear power plant, at Zaporizhzhia, and the busiest climbing season ever for K2 the savage killer mountain.


China halts co-operation with US over climate change and defence

It's in retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, as China continues its military show of force for a second day. Also: what are Russian forces up to at Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant? And the Bangladeshi man arrested for singing out of tune.


Russia jails Griner for nine years

President Biden says Washington will use all means possible to guarantee the double Olympic gold medallist basketball player's release. Also; vigilantes in a South African township have been hunting down illegal mine workers days after a gang rape in an abandoned mine, and, the pioneering Jamaican film, The Harder They Come, returns to the cinema 50 years after its debut.


Japan says Chinese missiles have landed in its territory

Beijing is conducting live fire exercises around Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi's visit. Also: temperatures in parts of Iraq have risen above fifty degrees Celsius, and tourists flock to see a volcano erupt in Iceland.


Guterres accuses energy firms of grotesque greed

Antonio Guterres urges governments to tax excessive profits made by oil and gas companies, accusing them of exploiting the poor. Also; experiments on pigs have led scientists to claim a breakthrough on organ transplants and, 90 million dollars blown as Batgirl the film based on DC comics is binned.


Nancy Pelosi leaves Taiwan after controversial visit

The US Speaker met leaders in the capital Taipei. China responded by announcing live fire exercises in Taiwanese waters. Also: the American state of Kansas votes to uphold abortion rights and the British supermarket selling carbon-neutral eggs.


Chinese fury at Pelosi's Taiwan visit

Washington urges Beijing not to turn the trip into a crisis - saying it is consistent with America's longstanding one-China policy. Also: the first shipment of grain from a Ukarinian port since the Russian invasion reaches Turkish waters; and why the Commonwealth Games is a golden opportunity for smaller countries to shine on the global stage.