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The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends






Deadly West Bank clashes in Jenin

At least nine Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military raid, one of them an elderly woman. Israel said its troops went in to arrest Islamic Jihad militants. The Palestinian authorities accused them of a massacre. Also: A sharp rise in Myanmar's opium harvest, and why elephants aren’t just big and beautiful -- but vital for biodiversity too.


US joins Germany in sending tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine hails the announcements of the tanks as a turning point, while Russia says they are a provocation. Also: Lebanon's top prosecutor lays charges against the judge who is investigating the 2020 Beirut port explosion, and the Sesame Street co-creator Lloyd Morrisett dies aged 93.


German Leopard tank training for Ukrainian troops to begin soon

German Chancellor confirms his country will send battle tanks to Ukraine. Also: A BBC investigation finds evidence of alarming coronavirus death rates in rural China, and how humans share common sign language with wild chimps and bonobos.


Germany approves Leopard tanks for Ukraine - reports

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has faced weeks of pressure from Kyiv and its allies. Also: Classified documents have been found at the home of the former US vice-president Mike Pence in the latest discovery of secret papers, and we hear who's been nominated for this year's Oscars.


Ukrainian officials quit in anti-corruption drive

President Zelensky has removed five regional governors and four deputy ministers in a reshuffle. Also, the Afghan authorities say more than 120 people have died because of freezing temperatures, and instead of flowers, why one bride in the Philippines chose to have a bouquet of onions!


US court convicts far-right militia members of seditious conspiracy

The four men - who belong to the Oath Keepers group - were charged in connection with the attack on the Capitol two years ago. Also: Ukraine's foreign minister appeals to countries with Leopard tanks to make a formal request to Germany to allow them to hand the tanks over, and a four-year-old English boy with an unusual IQ.


Poland to ask Berlin's permission to send tanks to Ukraine

Germany's permission is required, because it built and sold the vehicles originally. But the Polish government has suggested it might ignore this and send the tanks anyway. Also, we head to one of the eastern Ukrainian towns retaken from Russian forces, and Japan's prime minister warns the declining birth rate is putting the future of the country at risk.


Body of main suspect in California mass shooting reportedly found

It's reported police found the body in a van as they were continuing their search for the wanted man. Also: Netanyahu sacks Israeli interior minister after court ruling, and milk may have fuelled a growth spurt in ancient Europeans.


Thousands protest against Netanyahu's justice plans

Protestors say plans to limit the powers of the Israeli judiciary are a direct attack on democracy. Also: Brazil's army chief sacked after Congress riots, and why are baguettes such an important part of French life?


Zelensky will 'keep pushing' for German tanks

The Ukrainian president spoke after a meeting of allied nations failed to agree to give Kyiv modern tanks. Also: the quest for life on Jupiter's icy moons, and why walking upright isn't that hard for baboons.


Ukraine: 'Give us tanks' says Zelensky

Kyiv's allies are meeting at a US airbase to hash out further military support. Also: A court in Romania extends police detention for the influencer, Andrew Tate, and his brother, and a giant toad weighing more than two and a half kilos has been found in a north Australian rainforest.


Alec Baldwin to be charged over fatal shooting

The actor is being charged with involuntary manslaughter over a cinematographer's death on a film set. Also: scientists say light pollution has reduced the number of stars we can see, and bringing back to life General de Gaulle's BBC war time broadcast.


Strikes in France to halt pension age rise

President Macron's plans raise retirement age from 62 to 64. Also: New Zealand's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, steps down -- she says because of burnout, and researchers say investing more in carbon capture and storage technologies is vital to limit global warming.


Ukraine: Zelensky appeals to allies to quicken the delivery of heavy weapons

Zelensky told delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos: "It was not us who started the war but it is us who will have to end it." Also: Israel's top court has blocked the appointment of an ultra-Orthodox politician as a minister in Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition government because of a recent criminal conviction and staying in Israel scientists there have created a robot that can detect smells.


Ukrainian officials killed in helicopter crash

Ukraine's interior minister is among the dead. The crash happened near a kindergarten in an eastern suburb of Kyiv. Also: The Philippines Nobel prize winner, Maria Ressa, is acquitted in a move hailed as a victory for press freedom, why seals have been attacking humans in South Africa, and international diplomacy in a sauna.


EU strikes deal with suspect in corruption scandal

Former Italian politician Pier Panzeri promises to tell investigators who else was involved. Also: aid agencies partially resume work in Afghanistan, the funeral of an LGBTQ activist in Kenya, and a BBC documentary brings fresh insight into the 2002 Gujarat riots.


China's population falls

China's population falls for the first time in 60 years. Also, the Belarussian opposition leader on trial - and counting walruses.


Italy's Mafia boss arrest hailed as 'major blow' to crime

Celebrations have continued across Sicily at the news of the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro. Also: Could Nasa technology help reduce the risks of older people falling over? And the Australian woman who's just run the entire length of her country - a marathon every day for a hundred and fifty days.


Italy's most-wanted mafia boss arrested in Sicily

Matteo Messina Denaro is captured after 30 years on the run. More than 100 members of the armed forces were involved in his arrest. Also: a British Police officer admits to multiple rapes and sexual assaults over the course of almost two decades, and conservation organisations are seeking volunteers to become 'walrus detectives'.


Nepal mourns its worst air disaster in 30 years

The Yeti Airlines flight came down near the town of Pokhara on Sunday morning. Also: a bomb attack on worshippers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushes ahead with controversial reforms, and Jordan’s plans to increase tourism.