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The latest from Israel and Gaza and all the top stories from BBC News. Twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends and special episodes. Reports and analysis from around the world.


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The latest from Israel and Gaza and all the top stories from BBC News. Twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends and special episodes. Reports and analysis from around the world.






UN chief warns of 'humanitarian catastrophe' in Gaza

Antonio Guterres has invoked a rarely used article, urging the Security Council to act immediately to achieve a truce. Also: President Biden makes an impassioned plea to Republicans to approve funding for Ukraine's war effort. And Time Magazine names the American singer Taylor Swift its Person of the Year.


Israeli forces intensify fighting across Gaza

A journalist in Khan Younis told the BBC the ground has been shaking. The UN human rights chief Volker Türk says there's a heightened risk of atrocities. Also: the former British prime minister, Boris Johnson, says sorry to the Covid inquiry into the pandemic, and the BBC has spoken to one of the few families to escape from North Korea this year.


IDF: Fiercest day of fighting in Gaza conflict

Residents in Khan Younis have told the BBC they're scared and hungry and don't know what to do. Also: Washington is to refuse visas for extremist Israeli settlers who have attacked Palestinians, and we hear about the rise of Rolex ripping in central London.


Israel steps up military operation in Khan Younis

The World Health Organisation says the situation in Gaza is getting worse by the hour. Also: Britain and Rwanda agree a new treaty aimed at getting the British government's centrepiece asylum policy operational, and 26 years after Grand Theft Auto was first released, it has a female main character.


US says Israel's targeted evacuations in Gaza 'an improvement'

Washington says it's too early to say if Israel is heeding US advice to protect civilians as Israel's offensive in southern Gaza continues. Also: the president of the UN climate summit says he's dismayed by what he called the constant attempts to undermine his work, and fears for the future of the Commonwealth Games as Australia's Gold Coast pulls out of hosting them in 2026.


Tens of thousands more Palestinians told to leave parts of Khan Younis

The call comes as Israel presses ahead with its military operations in southern Gaza. Also, the harrowing testimony of a Ukrainian soldier on the banks of the Dnipro, and why there will be no giant pandas left in Britain.


Israeli forces pushing into southern Gaza

The head of the military says the operation will be no less powerful than in the north of the enclave. Also: Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen say they've attacked two ships in the Red Sea, and a leading figure in Hong Kong's democracy movement goes to Canada to avoid the threat of arrest.


Residents of south Gaza city say Israeli strikes heaviest so far

Civilians in parts of southern Gaza have been told to evacuate as Israel's renewed bombardment continues. Also: Russia media say police raid gay clubs in Moscow, and how does art affect our brainwaves?


The Happy Pod: India Tunnel Rescue Success

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, how hope and perseverance prevailed in the rescue of 41 workers trapped in a tunnel in India. Also: a set of earbuds that could revolutionise wheelchair mobility. And celebrating 100 years of Scottish dancing.


Hamas-run health ministry says scores killed in Gaza after fighting resumes

The Israeli military says it has struck hundreds of "terror targets" in Gaza. Also: George Santos expelled from US Congress in historic vote, and Putin's favourite conductor is to run the Bolshoi theatre.


Israel resumes airstrikes in Gaza as ceasefire ends

The IDF said the fighting resumed after it intercepted a rocket from inside the Gaza strip, while Hamas say Israel refused to accept offers to release other hostages. Also: world leaders address climate change at COP28, and author Omid Scobie denies naming two senior royals in controversial book.


Blinken warns Israel it must do more to protect civilians in Gaza

The US secretary of state says damage to hospitals and water supplies seen in the north of Gaza must not be repeated in the south. Also: surprise climate cash win for poor at COP28, and Russian court bans "LGBT movement".


Temporary ceasefire extended in Gaza into a seventh day

Three people were killed by Hamas gunmen in Jerusalem hours after the ceasefire in Gaza was extended into a seventh day. Also on the programme: the UN climate summit begins in Dubai, and the former top US diplomat Henry Kissinger dies aged 100.


More hostages released from Gaza on sixth day of truce

Thirty Palestinian prisoners are also due to be freed from Israeli jails. Also: US says it has foiled alleged plot to kill Sikh activist, and astronomers discover "the perfect solar system".


Israeli forces raid occupied West Bank refugee camp

The IDF says it has killed two Palestinian militant commanders. Also: An EU report lists who experiences the most online hate, and why there's a new dress code in Kenya's Parliament.


Trapped Indian workers freed after 17 days

Amid scenes of jubilation, the operation was finally completed despite numerous problems and setbacks. Also: Hamas releases 12 more hostages and Israel hands over 30 more Palestinian prisoners on day 5 of a temporary truce, and the wolf spider that decided to lay its eggs in a cruise ship passenger's toe.


Indian rescuers reach 41 trapped tunnel builders

An evacuation pipe has been inserted into the collapsed tunnel, where the men had been trapped for more than two weeks. Also: the truce in Gaza appears to be holding for a fifth day - after a swap deal between Israel and Hamas was extended, and the first transatlantic flight powered by an alternative fuel has taken off from London.


Israel and Hamas truce extended by two days

The Israeli army says that eleven hostages released by Hamas from Gaza are now in Israeli territory. In return, thirty-three Palestinian prisoners are being freed. Also: The government of Sierra Leone blames renegade soldiers for a series of attacks in Freetown on Sunday that left twenty people dead, and the festive video by a family-run pub in Northern Ireland that's getting rave reviews and giving big retailers a run for their money.


Pressure mounts to extend Israel-Gaza ceasefire

Israel's allies and neighbours are hopeful that the pause in fighting can be extended beyond the fourth exchange of hostages and prisoners. Also, environmental activists say they're shocked at claims the United Arab Emirates has used its role as host of UN climate talks to make oil and gas deals. And six former pupils at a school in France go on trial over their alleged links to the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in 2020.


Israel-Gaza: More prisoner and hostage exchanges

Hamas and US President Joe Biden say they'd like an extension of the current four-day truce that's seen dozens released, but Israel's Prime Minister says that after the truce, his country will return to war. Also: The government of Sierra Leone says it's back in control, after gunmen attacked a barracks and several prisons in the capital, and The Irish writer Paul Lynch wins this year's Booker prize.